How to see how much memory is left on the iPhone

How to see how much memory is on iPhone

What to do if you need to download any files or applications to your iPhone, and there is not enough memory? Or, for example, you are asked what version of the device is in terms of volume, but you cannot answer? In this article, we will tell you how to see the memory on the iPhone, both with the help of standard operating system capabilities and applications, including for the computer.

In general, it is important to know how much memory is on your iPhone to understand how much data it can store, how many photos on average you can “hold” inside the device without fear that the message “memory is missing” will get out ”. There are actually many options, so read the article to the end.

How to see how much memory is occupied in iCloud

It will also be no less important to know how much memory in the cloud storage icloud.

How to look at the iPhone amount of occupied memory iCloud:

As in iTunes, you will see a multi-colored strip-spark with file types of their fullness in the cloud storage.

How to see the number of busy memory in the cloud storage icloud:

In this section, you will see the completeness of the ICLOUD cloud storage in the color-strip, which will show how much and what data is busy with the memory.

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We use the settings menu

Each owner of Apple gadgets has iTunes. Thanks to him, you can easily recognize the parameters of the device. Information about him is displayed on the main tab in the upper left corner. Look where to find how much memory is in the iPhone:

Going to the first section, “review”, you will see the state of the container. On the left, the total number of GB for the model, on the right, their affordable amount.

The owners of the smartphone from the Apple are concerned not only to the question of how to check the memory on the iPhone 7, but whether their device is original. He is relevant, t. To. China today produces accurate fakes that differ in minor details. To solve the problem, read the article, how to check the iPhone for authenticity. It describes in detail the sequence of actions that you need to perform.

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3 method

Connect the smartphone to a computer or laptop and start the iTunes program for Windows. In the program, click on the phone icon at the top.

In the lower part of the window, where the synchronization button is a multi.Colored panel where information about the phone memory is shown. Pull the mouse cursor on it to find out how much space is free and what data occupies it.

Interesting! If the iPhone does not work, just look at this information on the box or check. There she is always written.

How to see how much memory is occupied in icloud

As for the cloud storage service of the iCloud user data, it is much more convenient to do this through the settings of the phone itself than to go to the application. To do this, go to “Settings”, select “User Name” and accounting in the icloud service. A scale will be formed, which will clearly display the degree of fullness of internal memory and divide the files by the main types.

Unlike physical memory, which is installed in the device, the size of the cloud storage can be increased for a certain amount. It is inexpensive. You can find out about the tariffs on the official website of Apple by the link https: // Support.Apple.COM/RU-RU/ht201318.

Memory can be viewed through icloud

Why Apple Hides iPhone RAM, Battery Size, Clock Speed, and Specs

Thus, the question of how to find out what maximum amount of storage is available for use on iPhones of various models is resolved. You can do this through the integrated application settings of the gadget, the iCloud cloud storage service, the iTunes program and even just looking at the box from the smartphone. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to find out the volume of RAM. You can leave this on the conscience of manufacturers and developers of the operating system.

We use the settings menu

  • Follow the path of “Settings” = “Basic” = “IPhone storage”. In the IPhone storage bookmark, you can see how much space the program itself and its data occupy. You will see a complete list of all installed applications and the volume of the storage occupied by them. On the upper lines will be located applications that use the largest amount of memory, which helps to make a decision from which you need to free oneself. Here you can also remove any of the programs. To do this, click on the drain with the application. Information about the memory volume occupied by the program, and the tab with the proposal of “unload” or “delete the program” will open.
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How to make room on the phone without deleting anything?

How to free the memory of a smartphone, without deleting anything

  • Peel the cache Safari. For your convenience, the browser retains copies of the sites that you come to so that when you repeatedly visit it, load it faster
  • Download the movie sounds strange, we kind of wanted to release the phone memory?.
  • Turn off the “photo flow”.
  • Reinstall the applications.
  • Remove long “conversations” in messengers

How to see how much memory is occupied in icloud

You can check the condition of the ICLOUD memory using the device settings.

  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Click on the device.
  • Next, select the ICLOUD item.
  • After that, at the top of the opening window, the usual color scale will be displayed, which shows how many places or other files (backups, photos and documents) take places. Music files and films purchased in iTunes are not displayed here.

You can also check the volume of occupied memory in the cloud service iCloud as follows:

How To Check Storage On iPhone

  • Enter the website www.Icloud.Com and enter their account (enter Apple ID).
  • Further go to “Settings”.
  • Here information will be presented about the size and degree of filling the cloud storage of iCloud in the form of a color strip. It allows you to understand how much and what files the gadget is filled.

If the place in iCloud is not enough, then the volume of the vault can be expanded. This requires the following:

  • Open the settings of the gadget.
  • Click in the name of iPhone.
  • Next, click the ICLOD tab.
  • Then select “Manage the repository” or “ICLOD storage”.
  • Under the scale you need to select the item “Change the storage plan”. In older versions of the iOS system, this item is called “buy more space”.
  • Then you need to familiarize yourself with and choose a more suitable tariff for yourself.
  • Next, click “Buy”. In the process of payment, it is necessary to act in accordance with the proposed instruction system.

How to free memory in iPhone

One of the frequent questions when working with the RAM. In what ways you can free up space. There is no such opportunity. Even in the latest models. For example, the 9th version offers only 113 GB of 128 GB for use. After the updated IOS 10 installation, the possibility of increased to 122 GB. A good increase in an increase of 8 %, but this is not always enough.

  • In offline mode. Connect the smartphone to the computer and transfer most of the photos, videos, films to the local storage. All unused games, applications simply delete. Do not forget about investments from the same messengers who are no longer needed;
  • Online. ICLOUD cloud storages provide good help when IPhone is not enough for memory. Apple makes it possible to listen to musical records, watch films, photos, documents without downloading to the phone. To do this, there should be constant access to the Internet, as well as Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE. This is not the only service with similar functions. There are others: dropbox, Google disk or Flickr. Apple Music or Yandex is recommended for music.Music “, and for photos Google photo.
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The updated iOS and MacOS have the ability to download absolutely any storage files in iCloud. Viewing is possible from many devices. Those who are actively fond of photography will be especially useful for the possibility of preserving pictures in online mode while preserving local copies of less better quality.

Note! A significant part of free memory goes to music. Files can be stored in iCloud media.

much, memory, left, iphone

However, if you need to read the book that is stored in the cloud service, it must first be saved on the device. The same is the same with the series, music. There should always be a free space in a few gigabytes to load content. To have access to files, you need to connect to the Internet. If you need access offline cloud files, you should first download.

So, RAM on any smartphone, including Apple 7 and other models, is one of the important and essential characteristics. The cost of the iPhone, the speed of its work, the amount of information that can be stored in the gadget depend on it. In the “apple” phone you can not add memory by acquiring a memory card. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth clearly understanding for what purposes the device will be used, how much data will be stored on it, given also the long.Term acquisition of the acquisition. In general, for the average user, the volume of 128 GB will be sufficient. Enough for photos, and for video, and to download applications.

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