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How to transfer contacts (Xiaomi)

Replacing a smartphone, for a modern person who devotes work with this device so much time daily, is always fraught with some difficulties. Indeed, during the operation, and sometimes these years, a huge set of personal data accumulates in the device’s memory: photographs, videos, documents, accounts and of course contacts (phone numbers). Photos, videos and other documents is quite simple. You just need to connect the phone to the computer and unload the contents of the corresponding folders with files. The accounting data of various applications is not so difficult to remember, in extreme cases, without much difficulty they can be restored. Well, as for the contacts, everything is not so obvious here. But, having devoted a little time to reading this article, you can deal with this task. On the example of Xiaomi devices, we will show a few simple ways to transfer the phone book from one device to another.

This method has one large drawback due to a small amount of memory allocated to store contacts on the SIM card. The SIM cards of some operators are able to accommodate about 100 contacts, but there are those in which up to 250. If you know exactly how many contacts your Simka contains and this volume tires you, then you can take this opportunity. But keep in mind that when transferring contacts in this way, the names recorded by Cyrillic can be cut if the record is too long, and in addition, additional information about contacts (email address, place of work, date of birth, etc.P.). If this method is suitable for you, then the sequence of actions is further stated.

We go to the “Contacts”, then, holding the lower button on the left (for Xiaomi devices), we open the contact control menu. Then, select the menu item “Import and export”.

In the next window, click the item “Export on the SIM card”, after which we will see a message about the number of free space on the SIM card. We agree, click “OK”.

Why do not keep contacts on Xiaomi phone?

An error of saving contacts can occur due to different circumstances, but the most common causes of this phenomenon are considered:

  • Filling out memory SIM cards. When adding contact, the user chooses where to save new information. Most often, the phone becomes a storage, but sometimes the recording is made directly on the SIM card. And since the amount of memory on the SIM card is usually small, the added information may not fit there. Therefore, first of all, you need to check the remaining capacity of the SIM card. It is easy to do it. It is enough to look into the settings of the “Contacts” section and find information there on SIM card. If the indicators are “busy” and “all” have the same values, then you will need to move everything or part of the contacts directly into the phone’s memory, otherwise the conservation error will appear when each contact adds. Or, as an alternative option, you can change the place of storage of contacts by indicating as a carrier the smartphone itself or any affordable cloud service.
  • Program failure. Typically, the failure occurs with excessive workload of the smartphone’s RAM, therefore it is eliminated by standard ways. Turning off all the advanced applications and rebooting the device. Although in some cases we have to resort to other methods that we will talk about in the next section of the article.
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In other words, when an error appears, “failed to keep contact” on Xiaomi, it is necessary to first check the degree of filling in the memory of the SIM card. If there is enough space, you will need to restart the Xiaomi smartphone and try to add contact again. The probability of successful preservation is quite high. But if the error “failed to keep contact” appears again, then you will have to use other solutions indicated in the second part of the material we prepared.

How to import contacts from SIM card in Xiaomi Mi Note 10?

You want to save SIM cards in another place of memory. If you want to change the SIM card or phone, it will be profitable to import SIM cards in Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

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How to save a phone book if you want to change the SIM card?

  • Go to the Contacts app to your Xiaomi Mi Note 10.
  • Select the menu or 3 parallel rods.
  • Then select contact control
  • After that, select the import / export of contacts or imports or import / export.
  • After that, in terms of contact imports using VCARD files or your SIM card, select import.
  • Check the SIM card
  • After that, activate all contacts
  • Select OK
  • You will be asked in which area of ​​memory you want to place these contacts:
  • The internal memory of your Xiaomi Mi Note 10
  • SD Card
  • Your Google Gmail account
  • Your account of the brand of your Xiaomi Mi Note 10

TOP-3 applications for the migration of a telephone book

The transfer of contacts from the iPhone to Xiaomi can be carried out using programs for Windows, Android and MacOS. They are quite easy to use and have a Russian intese.

Myphone Explorer

The Myphone Explorer program for Windows was created by Sony Ericsson (until it is disrupted) for its smartphones. But copes with the phones of other manufacturers perfectly.

The possibility of transferring contacts is only one of many functions, the application is capable of many. Even a broadcast of the smartphone screen on a computer display is available.

The program integust is a little archaic, but it’s easy to get used to it. For migration, you can use both wired and wireless connection.


Appendix from Yandex, which will facilitate migration from iPhone on Android. Yandex is used to transfer data.Disk, so you need to have an account in Yandex.

The EVENTS application copies contacts and other data from your phone. On the second smartphone you need to install Yandex.Disk, log in in the system and download saved files in the phone memory. The operating system will automatically distribute files to the right places.

contact, xiaomi

Unfortunately, the version of Yandex.There is no move to iOS.

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SA contacts

Multiplatform application SA Contacts is an alternative contact manager. It works both on Android and iOS, so transferring data from the phone book between these two platforms is the most simple.

For migration, you can use a memory card (VCARD file), as well as the cloud services of Google Drive, Box or Dropbox. You can place data in a large.Format table, you can also assign contact for multiple groups. You can delete all the iPhone or group records. The application supports more than 10,000 records.

Redmi 9 prime import export contact | contact number import export kaise karen

How to export all Android contacts?

How to transfer contacts to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 phone

To do this, you need to go to the phone settings. There will be the item “System applications”, in it open the “Contacts” section. Next, click on “Import and export”. Then you can select the necessary SIM card for import or export of contacts.

How to throw contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi directly?

There are several ways to directly transfer contacts. Both using the system capabilities of telephones and by using specialized applications. In this section, we will consider the simplest decisions.

Important: we do not set the goal of publishing all the methods with which you can throw contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi. Firstly, many methods are the same, because their consideration, in fact, will become duplicating information. Secondly, many methods are difficult to implement, because in their view there is also no special sense (why apply complex solutions if there are simple solutions?). Therefore, we focused on various and easy ways focused on the reader with an average level of understanding of the issue.

So, in order to transfer the contacts between Xiaomi phones, we recommend using the following ways:

  • System function “Send contacts”. It is necessary to go to the Contact transfer menu (where export and import options are presented) in accordance with the instructions from the previous section, and then find and activate the “Send contacts” function (located at the bottom of the screen). Next, you will need to choose a transmission method (we recommend choosing MI Drop or Bluetooth methods) and wait for the action.
  • Using applications. You need to download any utility designed for transfer and edit contacts. First you need to install the software on both phones (between which contacts are transferred), and then start it and follow the tips of the system. In most cases, the integration in this is intuitively understood, therefore, with the transfer of contacts of difficulties, does not arise.
  • Application of the QR code. To use the method, you need to enable the Mi Mover application (usually on Xiaomi it is installed by default, if not. You need to download and install separately), and then install the connection between the two phones. After that, it will be possible to send any data between the devices, including contacts. To gain access to the application, you need to go into the advanced settings of the smartphone and find the point “Mi Mover” there. Then you will need to choose the role of a specific phone (“recipient” or “sender”) and, following the instructions of the system, install a wireless connection between smartphones (before that you need to connect smartphones to Wi-Fi). After synchronization, it remains only to select the necessary data and wait for their transfer.
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All these methods allow you to transfer contacts to Xiaomi (Redmi) without any problems. Therefore, with methods, choose the option you like and use it for its intended purpose. The solutions are simple, and therefore (with the exact follow.Up of the algorithm) difficulties during the transfer will probably not arise.

How to copy and save Xiaomi Redmi contacts on a SIM card

What to transfer contacts to the SIM card and save there in Redmi 9, Redmi 8, Redmi 4x (you will need to install the application.

Although there are many such applications in the market, but only one. The rest either tolerate parts, or even play in the silence. The application is called “Copy to Sim Card”. It is in the Google Market.

Although the application only in English is very simple to use it. After installation, at the first launch, provide him with all the permits that will request.

Then click on the right (above) on three points. Vertical. You cannot make a mistake since there are no others there.

Now you need to click on only one line: “Copy Sll Phone Contacts”

It’s all. Then all your contacts will automatically transfer to your phone memory card. The process takes a few seconds. Success.

How to export contacts from your Xiaomi Redmi 9 to a SIM card?

You can export your contacts to the SIM card, SD card or VCARD file. This allows you to be able to import contacts from your Xiaomi Redmi 9 to a new mobile phone using your SIM card or VCARD file. Thus, in order to save your contacts, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Go to the Contacts app to your Xiaomi Redmi 9.
  • Click the menu line or 3 parallel lines.
  • Then click contact control.
  • Secondly, press the import / export of contacts.
  • Then click on export, you will be asked what place you want to save your contacts:
  • SIM card
  • SD Card
  • Inner memory
  • To the VCF or VCARD file

How to Import Contacts From Your SIM Card iPhone

How to create a backup copy of all your contacts from your Xiaomi Redmi 9c on PC?

Indeed, you can save your contacts from your Xiaomi Redmi 9c on PC. To do this, it is useful to download software, such as DR.Fone, as well as special software for the brand of your Xiaomi Redmi 9c. Thus, you can create backup copies of information (messages, photos, contacts, etc. D.).

You can restore the restoration of your contacts from your PC, from the VCARD file, with SD or SIM card, or even with your Google disk.

Restoration of contacts stored on the disk

  • Open the settings application of your phone Xiaomi Redmi 9c.
  • Touch Google
  • In the “Service” section, click “Configure and restore”.
  • Then click on a smartphone containing contacts that need to be copy.
  • Then click restore contacts
  • After that, press a backup to restore the current device, perhaps Xiaomi Redmi 9c.
  • After that, check the possibility of importing contacts from the SIM card.
  • Finally, choose to restore

Contact recovery from the SIM card of your Xiaomi Redmi 9c

Importing contacts from a SIM card or SD card will be easy. You can take the following steps:

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