How to Roll Iphone to Factory Settings

No user can be insured and 100% sure of the quality of his mobile phone, and even more so, the reliability of the operating system and other installed applications. It may be that smartphones have become smarter, more convenient, but the problems in many cases have remained the same. a complete failure of the phone, the appearance of non-standard errors, glitches and freezes, mute, and much more. As a rule, in the Android operating system, most of the problems can be solved independently, and it is not necessary to carry the phone to the nearest service center, having paid several thousand rubles for actions that you can perform yourself without much effort.

In this article, we will tell you how to reset the settings on Android to factory settings, why this is necessary, what consequences will be after a reset.

Why resort to this procedure?

  1. One of the reasons this option is used is the deletion of confidential information, for example, if you are selling your phone to another person and do not want any information to remain about you. In case of theft, this method will not work, however you can use the remote control option for your device to erase data immediately after turning on the phone.
  2. Another reason why the settings are reset is the appearance of errors and problems of a system and program nature.

What will the user lose from his device?

If you do not want to lose data, then back up to restore it later in full or in part. We also recommend that you copy some photos ands with a certain period of time to a PC or other phone.

How to reset to factory settings on Android

There are three methods in total, and they differ significantly from each other. We will analyze each of them in detail:

  1. Reset in phone settings
  2. Service code reset
  3. Key Reset

Method 1. How to reset the Android phone to factory settings using the menu

All operations will be carried out from the main menu of the Android OS. You need to go to the “Settings” item, select the tab there called “Confidentiality”, and then click on the “Reset Settings” tab.

How to Roll Iphone to Factory Settings

As you can see in the photo above, here you can activate the following items:

  • “Archiving data” (“Copying data”). The system will automatically save copies of all applications installed on your device, settings from Google services, as well as data on each Wi-Fi network previously stored on the phone.
  • “Auto Restore”. All programs will be automatically restored with all settings.

Click “Reset Settings” and confirm your desire to erase the data. You will see a window with a list of data that is deleted after a reset. As soon as the phone restarts, you can reinstall any programs, add accounts.

Method 2. Reset with service codes

The Android system, like any other (Java, Symbian), has special codes with which you can activate the restore operation to factory settings.

Attention! Codes may change, not suitable for your model or version of Android, so do all the operations carefully! We are not responsible for all actions, and we provide information with codes for review.

Here are some codes. You will need to go into dialing mode and enter one of them:

Method 3. Reset with keys (using Recovery)

For each Android smartphone, special keys are provided with which you can start the reset process to the factory settings. Since most phones are currently provided with a touch screen, the volume keys, the Home button, and the power key are mainly used for resetting.

Here is a sample list of buttons that will allow you to reset:

  • “Volume down” “Turn on the device”. This is one of the most common combinations used on many phones. Try it first. If this does not work, then see the list further.
  • “Volume up” “Volume down”.
  • “Turning on the device” “Home” key “Volume up”.
  • “Volume up” “Volume down” “Turn on the device”.
  • “Volume up” the “Home” key.

Hold and press the keys at the same time. The approximate retention time is 2-5 seconds. As soon as the system goes into a special mode. Recovery, a menu will be displayed on your screen.

To move through the list, use the volume keys up and down, because the devices are mostly touch!

Find the wipe data / factory reset item and click on it. Sometimes this item is not in the list, but instead of it there will be one of them: Clear eMMC, Clear Flash! As soon as you click on the selected tab, the system will ask for confirmation.

Select the Yes item, and at the end click the Reboot System menu item. this is a restart of the operating system.

In some versions of Android, the presented items may vary, depending on the version, however, the same type of menu is mainly used. We also strongly recommend that you review the instructions for your mobile device before calling up the menu or using the codes. Sometimes there are already registered service codes and keys for resetting settings.