How to Return Asus Laptop to Factory Settings

How to reset your ASUS laptop to factory settings

How to Return Asus Laptop to Factory Settings

  • Note: All laptop manufacturers complete their products with the special RECOVERY utility, which in case of malfunctions is able to return the product to its original factory state, this can be done even if the operating system does not boot due to any errors. The only minus of such recovery is the deletion of all your data from the system partition (C 🙂 during the restore operation (on other disks, the data will remain untouched).
  • Also, to all my readers, I recommend immediately after buying a laptop to create a USB flash drive to restore factory settings (step-by-step and detailed article).
  • There are situations when the factory default utility for resetting the factory settings is inoperative, in this case, read see the information here.


“All your personal files and applications will be deleted.”. Further

Click on the button “Only the drive on which Windows is installed”.

We are not going to sell the laptop yet, so we press the button “Just delete my files”.

Click on the button “Reset”.

The process of resetting your ASUS computer to its original state begins

We enter the regional settings, they are set by default and you do not need to change anything, click Next.

We accept the license agreement

Enter the computer name and click Next.

Skip this step

Use default settings

How to reset your ASUS laptop to factory settings if the laptop boots normally

Friends, if the operating system installed on your laptop is unstable, you can start the recovery directly in running Windows.

Move the mouse to the right hot corner and select Options.

Change computer settings

Update and recovery

Delete all data and reinstall Windows.

Only the drive on which Windows is installed