How To Return A Tab On An Iphone

How to return a tab via keyboard shortcut

The easiest way to open a site that was accidentally closed is to press Ctrl ⇑Shift T.

How To Return A Tab On An Iphone

These hotkeys will restore the last web page. If you need to return another site, press Ctrl ⇑Shift T again.

Instead of a keyboard shortcut, you can use the right mouse button:

Hover over the top of the browser.

  • Right click.
  • Select the “Open closed tab” item from the list.
  • Google chrome

    All tabs that you previously opened in Google Chrome can be restored after closing. They are safely stored in a special compartment called “History”. Over, there are not only the addresses that you viewed today or yesterday, but also a week ago.

    You can enter the History of Chrome through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl H or through the settings button. Three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the program.

    History shows all the sites that have recently opened in Google Chrome. The list is sorted by day, hour and minute. To go to a page, just click on it.

    If you cannot find the site you need, then to restore the tab, use the search.

    For example, a few days ago I opened the instructions for logging into email. But I forgot exactly when it was. In this case, I just type the defining word in the “Search History” line. Better yet, not the whole word, but its main part. In my case, this is “mail”.

    In addition, you can search here and at the site address. It is enough to type only part of the address and Google Chrome will show all the matches.

    How to get a tab back: learning to open accidentally closed sites

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to get a closed tab back. We will learn how to restore viewed pages using keyboard shortcuts and through browser history.

    Opera and other browsers

    Opera. All pages that you previously opened in the Opera are stored in History. You can go to it through the Menu button in the upper left corner of the program.

    A list of visited sites will open in a new tab. To go to the required address, click on the link.

    To search for a page, use the “Search in history” field above the list of sites. Type a keyword there, and Opera will show all pages in the title of which it occurs.

    You can search in History not only by the title of the article, but also by the address of the site. To do this, type part of the address, and the program will show all suitable options.

    Internet Explorer. In Explorer, use the Journal to restore old tabs. It is located under the button with an asterisk in the upper right corner.

    The Journal stores all sites that you have previously opened in IE. For convenience, they are sorted by day. But this sorting can be changed by choosing a different order from the top drop-down list (example).

    Safari. In the Safari Browser on Mac, to display recently closed sites, right-click on the button that opens new tabs. That is, by the icon with a plus sign in the upper right corner of the program.

    You can also use the key combination Cmd Shift T or Cmd Z to return to the last pages.

    Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla has the ability to return the last tab even after a crash and restart of the computer. To do this, click the button with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and select “Restore previous session”.

    Other previously closed pages can be returned via the Journal: → Library → Journal (example 1, example 2).

    The window will display a list of pages that you have recently opened. Here you can return any of them. Just click on it.

    And to view all recently closed sites, click on “Show entire log” at the bottom of the list.

    A new window will open with a list of addresses. On the left side you can select the date. And at the top there is a convenient search in the magazine.

    How to restore a page through History

    The previous method is suitable if you urgently need to return just inadvertently closed pages. And what to do if you need to restore old tabs?

    For this, the browser has a special place where the sites viewed on the computer are stored. It is called History or Journal. There are all deleted pages not only from the last session, but also for the previous days and even weeks.

    The site may not be saved in History for only two reasons: either History was cleared, or the page was opened in incognito mode.

    Now I will show you how to open sites from History. But since each browser has its own characteristics, I wrote separate instructions for them. Click on the name of your program to quickly jump to the information you need.

    How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone (from Backup, from iCloud, from Windows Contacts and Mac OS X)

    How to recover contacts on iPhone if you deleted them by accident or by mistake? Recovering deleted contacts is quite simple and does not require any special skills. Today we will describe 4 ways to restore iPhone contacts: from backup, via iTunes and iCloud.

    We have already talked about how to create a contact on iPhone and how to import them into the iOS address book, and you can see that it is not so easy to permanently delete a contact. In most cases, with proper iPhone and iCloud setup, deleted contact can be recovered effortlessly.

    Export contacts from iPhone backup using iPhone Backup Extractor

    Another extremely useful “software” for working with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad backups is iPhone Backup Extractor. Just like iBackupBot, it allows you to extract absolutely all the contents of the backup, but unfortunately the trial version is very limited.

    The free version will not be enough to fully restore contacts and other backup content. Trial version of iPhone Backup Extractor allows you to download only the first 4 contacts from the address book.

    Download iPhone Backup Extractor [link]

    Download, install and run iPhone Backup Extractor. The program will automatically open the latest backup of their iTunes storage.

    If the backup from which you need to extract the contact is located in a different location, in the “Select backup” list, select “Select another backup folder”.

    In the “Available data” section, in the list opposite “Contacts”, click on “Extract number of contacts” and select a location to save the extracted contacts.

    The program will save all contacts from the backup in the specified location to a common vcf file, a common csv file and to separate files for each contact in vcf format.

  • If you want to export all records to only one specific format in the main menu “Extract” select one of the items: Contacts as VCards (Contacts in separate vcf files), Contacts as VCard (Contacts in one vcf file), Contacts as CSV (Contacts to CSV file). The latter can be downloaded to Business Contact Manager in Gmail and from there imported to iPhone.
  • As you can see, there are enough ways to recover deleted contacts to reduce the likelihood of irreversible loss of the phone book in your iPhone to a minimum.

    Ways to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone

    restore from iTunes backup;

  • Recovery from Windows Contacts, Mac OS X or Microsoft Outlook (depending on how you sync contacts in iTunes);
  • Re-syncing with iCloud;
  • Extract iPhone contacts from backup using iBackupBot and iPhone Backup Extractor.

    Recover from Contacts to iCloud, Windows, Mac OS X or Microsoft Outlook

    Contacts applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Microsoft Outlook allow you to download (export) entries from the address book saved on your computer or on the iCloud server to the vCard format that is fully supported by the iPhone. So, having a contact in vCard (file with the.Vcf extension), you can download (import) it to Contacts on iPhone.

    In the instruction “iPhone Contacts: Create, Import, Synchronize and Delete Contacts on iPhone” we have already talked about how to download the address book from Windows Contacts to iPhone and today we will restore a contact deleted from iPhone from the Windows Contacts application.

    On a Windows-based computer in Explorer or any other file manager, go to the path: \ Users \ (username) \ Contacts \ and select the contact you want to restore.
    In the navigation menu, click on “Export” and select the format “Business cards (folder with.Vcf files)” and click “Export”.
    Select the folder where you want to save the contact in vCard format and click “OK”. The entry from the Windows Contacts address book will be extracted to the folder you specified.
    Email the exported file to your iPhone.
    On iPhone, open the.Vcf file received in the letter and tap on “Create new contact”.

    The entry exported from Windows Contacts will be written to your iPhone’s phone book. For Contacts applications in Mac OS X, the procedure is completely identical and there is no point in describing it again.

    If the synchronization of contacts in iTunes is configured with Microsoft Outlook, the procedure for exporting a contact differs only in the location of the “Export” item in the main program menu. “File”. Export records in vCard format.

    Recall if on your iPhone in Settings. Icloud synchronization of contacts with Apple cloud storage is enabled, every time you connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, the iPhone content is synchronized with your Apple ID account in iCloud.

    How to Recover Contacts from iTunes Backup?

    If you regularly sync your iPhone with your computer via iTunes and create backups, it is almost impossible to permanently delete one, several, or all contacts from your iPhone. They can be safely restored from a backup at any time.

    Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes.
    From the Devices menu, select your device model and go to the Overview tab.
    Click on the “Recover from a copy” button.
    If Find My iPhone is turned on on iPhone, you must turn it off before restoring it.
    Select the backup device for which you want to restore and click on “Restore”.
    Wait for the end of the restore from the backup.

    After restoring iPhone from backup, all changes since its creation will be canceled. Iphone contacts and call history will be restored.

    Export contacts from iCloud

    On a computer in any Internet browser, go to the site and enter the Apple ID and password for the account for which iCloud is configured on the iPhone.
    Go to the Contacts web app.
    Select the contact removed from the iPhone and in the lower left corner click on the gear image “Show action menu”.
    On the action menu, click on “Export vCard”. The selected contact will be exported to a file and will be available in the downloads folder on your computer’s hard drive.

    The downloaded file can be sent by email (as an attachment to the letter) to the iPhone, open it from the device and create a new contact instead of the deleted one.

    Method 1: Recover Deleted iPhone Notes from iTunes Backup

    Find Deleted Notes in iTunes.

    Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes to find iDevice location.

    Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone iTunes.

    Select Restore Backup from the Manual Backup and Restore menu. And now you can restore iPhone with latest iTunes backup to keep track of deleted notes.

    Note: All previous iTunes files will be deleted.


    To recreate notes on iPhone and iPad, you need to use the option to recover deleted notes to trash within the last month. If they have expired in the shopping cart, they cannot be returned.

    Method 2: Recover Notes on iPhone with iCloud Backup

    You can transfer this Tipard iOS Data Recovery, iCloud Recovery to iPhone.

    Get the iCloud backup file.

    Find and select “Recover from the iCloud Backup File menu” to select specific iCloud backups to recover.

    Restore iCloud Backup to Delete iPhone Notes Again.

    Click “Recover” in the corner to retrieve iPhone notes again.

    And this representative has 3 deleted iPhone notes, as well as 5 exact ways, with iPhone recovery software, iTunes and iCloud backup files. Just choose the method to recover deleted notes on iPhone with or without backup files according to your own needs.

    If you’ve backed up your files to iCloud, you might have to restore iPhone data from iCloud backup. When you need to download iCloud backups to your computer, you can learn more about the procedure from the article.

    Take it easy and follow the step by step guide below to recover deleted photos on iPhone without backing up directly, or through pass-through and iCloud iTunes backups in full 5-methods.

    When you search for text messages from your friends or save an entry, you first need to download SMS content from iPhone to CSV. Just find the detail from the article.

    The article explains different cases of transferring movies to iPad in several ways. Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate. Best Way to Transfer to iPad Easily.

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    How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone with / without Backup Files

    Taking notes on your smartphone is an effective way to remember information. Sometimes they are removed by accident or intentionally, and later their content suddenly becomes necessary. This article will show you how to recover notes on iPhone.

    Deleted note on iPhone how to get it back

    “I deleted notes on iPhone by mistake. ”, These are frequent circumstances for people who have a habit of writing down their daily life and throwing them around. Like Notes app on iPhone used for lighting, like built-in Apple app. Many iPhone users prefer to write down their daily schedule or shopping list in the Notes app. The premise of iPhone notes recording is a good habit of organizing and making important data backups to avoid incidents or imminent damage (such as water damage or failure to update) and recover deleted notes on iPhone. Or look for the perfect iPhone music recovery solutions from professionals to keep the backup files important.

    How to Recover Notes on iPhone

    The issue of recovering notes is also important. After all, it happens that important information is lost, which is needed right here right now.

    Method 1: Access Deleted iPhone Notes with iCloud Backup

    Get the latest iCloud backup file.

    Go to Settings “Device” “iCloud” “Storage” “Manage storage” click on a specific device backup with a clearly marked date and size.

    Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone with iCloud.

    Open Settings General Reset Erase All Content and Settings. Later, select Restore from iCloud Backup on the Apps Data screen to sign in to iCloud later. Finally, go to “Select Backup” and restore a specific iCloud backup to iPhone.