How to restrict access to your phone

Top 11 free parental control programs

The Internet can be an unsafe pastime for our children. There are many software packages that allow you to limit the time you spend online. And also restrict apps and content that are only acceptable to adults. We have chosen for you the top 11 free applications and programs for parental control. Let’s start the list with the best.

The parental control program from Google allows you to flexibly configure and manage your child’s device. This system is the best also because it is “embedded” in the Android system, starting from version 8. With these devices, you do not need additional applications.

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You just need to select the item “Parental Controls” in the settings of your smartphone and start setting up.

The app is available for different platforms. You can download it at this link from Play Market if you have an earlier model of smartphone.

Setup takes a few minutes. You will have the ability to track where your child is. And you will be able to find out that he uninstalled this free application.

A red rag for the bull?

There are a lot of programs to severely block unwanted content, as well as severely limit the use of your smartphone. They all have a right to exist and sometimes are the only way out of a problematic situation. But now we will not touch such methods for two reasons:

  • This is quite a time consuming process. First you need to choose the best application (which, in most cases will be paid), then you need to study it (to understand what and how it works, which settings are responsible for what), then configure everything and monitor the work of the system.
  • This can cause the opposite effect. First, your child will want to understand the reason for this behavior on your part, why his smartphone is now blocking access to the internet or YouTube (isn’t it time to talk to him “about it?). Second, bypassing the protection installed will be the main topic of interest for him in the foreseeable future (and not only his friends, but also the Internet itself will be involved in solving the problem). Thus, by stiffly and defiantly forbidding him something, you only awaken even more interest in the “forbidden fruit”.

Set control over the child on the Android phone

There is a complete parental control for the Android phone. download the VkurSe app for free. which will allow his parents to see

  • where the child is at any given moment;
  • where he went all day (route);
  • who called him (details of all received and unreceived calls);
  • with whom and what he talked about (call recording);
  • with whom and about what he corresponds (correspondence interception;)
  • what SMS he receives/sends (SMS interception);
  • which photos are stored on the phone;
  • what photos he receives/sends via the Internet, and then deletes;
  • What sites you go to (browser history);
  • what games are played (screenshots of the screen);
  • What writes in the chats of the game (keyboard hijacking);
  • And more.

In addition, by installing the child on your phone VkurSe you can remotely:

  • enable environment recording (voice recorder);
  • restart the phone;
  • block applications for a while;
  • take photos from the camera;
  • send a command to determine the current location;
  • Block your child from logging in to applications for a while;
  • and more.
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As you can see. this is a truly feature-rich child tracking on your Android phone. How to install:

  • Complete a quick registration on the site ( register ). Open your personal account.
  • Download the installation file from the “Download” page.
  • Install the application according to the manual from the page ” Manual “.
  • Hide the app, reload the phone and give it to the child.
  • Log in to the study and view information received from the app.

Install child tracking on your Android phone is very easy. there is a detailed manual in Russian on the official website of VkurSe. It is equipped with pictures for clarity. Each step is shown in the screenshot and described in words.

Is it possible to block Wi-Fi

To block Wi-Fi for your phone, you just need to set a password on it. If it’s a home connection, all you need to do is not enter the access point password on your child’s smartphone. If we are talking about public access networks, which do not have a password (for example, in public places), you can restrict its use only if the device itself does not have this option.

If changing phone settings requires entering a password, a graphic key, or using your fingerprint, you can control the activation of Wi-Fi. To do this you need to change the settings of the device or use special applications.

You can limit the use of Wi-Fi by setting a minimum amount of traffic you can use in a certain period. This will allow you to monitor your child around the clock, even when using public networks and mobile Internet. The option is available for every modern smartphone via Settings.

There are no other software ways to block the wireless connection on modern smartphones. You can either make changes to the device settings, or use the software and manual blocking of the home network via a password.

Should we notify your child about the decision to put parental controls on the phone??

It’s almost impossible to set restrictions inconspicuously. It will only work if the child is very young or doesn’t know even the basic functionality of smartphones. So it is better to honestly tell your child about the action you are doing and explain in detail why you are putting controls in place. for example, to guide your child on the path to correction (does not study well, is constantly sitting with the phone) or to protect him from accidental mistakes when using a smartphone.

In both cases it is necessary to act softly, so as not to cause offence to the child. The main thing is to show him the expediency of the control so he understands the usefulness of this step and feels care, and not the infringement of his own rights. Remember that with the proper diligence, the child can turn off parental control on his or her own. The only question is how drastic it is. Therefore, we still recommend an explanatory conversation and only then set the phone to parental control. regardless of the reason for this decision.

Is parental control on the children’s phone necessary at all??

There are still debates about this kind of control. is it necessary or not?

Some parents speculate: “Children need to develop on their own, and everyone needs to make their own bumps, step on their own rake. only then will they be good enough for the future.”.

And then there are those parents who say in all seriousness, “Is it possible to set parental controls on a phone?? After all, a child is a person, too, and it is unethical to violate his or her privacy!”.

Well, we are all individuals and we all have different points of view. But we should not forget that in today’s world, real life has long ago moved into virtual life, and there your children can meet people (note, very different people and not always adequate) from anywhere in the world. It’s not like you’re running around the streets 24 hours a day. Alas, that time is irrevocably gone and it is worth taking reality as it really is. And not to make up your own world, where children are safe to play after school in the sandbox and dolls until they are 14, if only they should be forbidden to use phones. No and no.

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As the director of one clinic, where they treat children for real addictions that directly threaten the health of children. including addiction to the phone (!), yes, such already exists: “Giving a child a smartphone is like giving him a gram of cocaine. The attachment is instant and lifelong.”. But we give it to them and they get attached.

How to set parental controls on your child’s phone?

We will look at one of the best parental control apps. VkurSe. It belongs to the third category, which will let you know absolutely everything your child “lives and breathes” on your phone and when you’re not there.

This is a hidden parental control. The icon can be hidden from the desktop. Works in the background. Nothing shows its activity. Transfers data and recording files discreetly to your child (even if he or she is already 16).

The most interesting features (from the parent’s point of view) are described in the article “Full parental control of the phone of a child “. There you will see that absolutely nothing escapes your attention. Location, routing, social networking correspondence, photos, calls, voice recorder, and camera.

And for a discussion of what locking features can help you control your teenage children’s behavior, see ” Parental Controls: Locking Your Phone and Apps “.

Simple Kidslox parental controls

Convenient and easy control of children through an Android phone.

  • Blocking unwanted Internet content;
  • Ensuring safe internet searches;
  • app usage control;
  • Time limit on phone use;
  • remote control of the device;
  • location tracking;
  • locking the camera of the device;
  • program crashes;
  • Permission is required to locate your child;
  • A child over the age of 6 can easily bypass or disable the program;
  • application blocking function works intermittently.

How to Disable Controls

Now to the question of how you can remove parental controls from a smart phone based on Android, if there is no need to track actions.

The procedure for disabling it depends largely on where and how it was previously enabled. So here we should consider several different options at once.

Play Market

First about how to disable the lock, which was previously activated in the app store for devices running the Android mobile platform.

Here you need to act in this sequence:

  • open the application store;
  • click on the main menu button in the upper left corner;
  • click on the section with the settings;
  • tap on the line of parental control;
  • move the slider to the “Off” position;
  • confirm the action with the PIN-code, which is used to activate the function.

Here it is desirable not to forget the PIN-code, which parents come up with to restrict access to the application store.

But even if for some reason the PIN has been forgotten, you can reset via standard tools all the data of the installed app, and all the settings are simply reset.

Safe Kids

Sophisticated, multifunctional and serious program that allows you to remotely monitor the actions of children through a parent’s configured smartphone or the official website of the developer.

In this case, disabling the previously activated parental control function on the Android device will still have to be a bit tricky. This is done largely to ensure that the child does not have the opportunity to accidentally or intentionally turn off this option.

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If you don’t know exactly how to remove the previously installed parental control when the Android phone has the Safe Kids program in question, then follow the instructions.

First, about what you can do on your child’s phone:

  • Open the system settings and go to “Personal Data”;
  • from there to the “Security” section;
  • Then to the “Device Administrators” line in the section called “Administration”;
  • The list will open, where select “Safe Kids” and uncheck it;
  • wait until the window appears where you need to specify the password for the account;
  • type in the password and log in to the account;
  • close the app and return to the settings;
  • Click on “Safe Kids” again and click on the “Disable” button;
  • confirm that you want to disable the app;
  • go back to the main settings, go to the section with installed applications;
  • Find “Safe Kids” in the list and delete it.

Since the app will be removed from the device, any monitoring options will be removed.

Or you can make settings and deactivate it on the parent’s phone.

  • launch the application and log in to your account;
  • Open the home page of the Safe Kids app, but on the parent’s smartphone;
  • Tap Browse;
  • Select the desired profile of your child;
  • In the panel at the bottom of the display, locate the “Using Devices” section;
  • click on the gear icon;
  • select the model of the controlled children’s device, and tap on the name;
  • A new window will open, where you can move the slider across from the caption “Control the device” to the “Off” position.

That’s it, you’ve disabled the control. But, unlike the method with deleting the app on the child’s smartphone, with this method the control can always be quickly re-enabled.

Family Link

This official app from the developer Google appeared a couple of years ago. In fact, this is the first full-fledged standard tool from Google, which has largely solved the problem of the once missing parental control.

Unlike the previous app, here you can only deactivate control using the parent’s smartphone. This requires deleting the account. Accordingly, it is first created and added to the parent’s phone through the Family Link app.

The sequence of procedures will look something like this if you need to turn off parental controls and leave your child’s Android without them:

  • Run the mobile app on the parent’s phone;
  • press the main menu button in the upper left corner;
  • Open the family group;
  • select the desired profile of the child, if there is more than one;
  • then click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner;
  • click on the line “Account information”;
  • Scroll down the page to “Delete account”;
  • tick all 3 checkboxes to confirm the procedure;
  • Click the “Delete” button.

After that, the changes on the child’s phone will automatically take full effect and any restrictions previously set by the parents will disappear.


To reset previously activated parental controls on a child’s Android device, sometimes you have to go to extreme measures.

This is especially true if you purchased a used device where the previous owner forgot to disable all settings and functions. Since the new owner may not know passwords, PINs and account names, the easiest way to undo all restrictions and exit parent apps is to do a memory reset.

Reset can be performed through the Recovery Menu. To do this, run the appropriate mode by pressing a combination of keys, and then select the option Factory Reset.

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