How to restore Viber’s remote messages on iPhone

Is it possible to restore remote viber messages to PC

Imagine the situation. Messages accidentally retired from Viber. What to do? Consider whether it is possible to restore remote viber messages to PC.

The data will recover if the backup was previously made, or the backup was created manually. Otherwise, messages may not recover. Read more how to create a backup copy in the article: “How to save the correspondence in Viber RS”.

Restore Weiber on the phone or tablet after removal is a simple task, the account is stored on Viber servers and is restored without problems. In just a couple of minutes, you can re.Install the application and continue to use it. Link for Google Play. Https: // play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Viber.Voiphl = ru.

The easiest option is Viber’s return to the old phone immediately after deletion. This will need to take a minimum of actions. You need to go to the Play Market, call the application menu and slip the link “My applications and games”.

Now we need to go to the Library tab and find Viber in the list of applications.

Next, click on the “Install” button and wait for the end to the end of the application. After the Vaiber icon appears on the phone’s desktop, you need to start the application. Most often, the program automatically sets the phone number, but if this does not happen, then it will be necessary to enter it manually. After that, wait for a secret code and activate the application.

If the account was tuned on the account, then after entering the registration data, the possibility of restoring the history of correspondence from a backup copy will become possible. To start the process, you need to slip the link “Restore now”.

At the last step, Waiber will request permission to access the camera, microphone and files on the device. Depending on the goals and objectives, the user may allow these actions or reject the request.

After that, Viber is ready for use, it will be restored to the same state as before removal. All contacts will recover on a smartphone or tablet, the history of correspondence with interlocutors will be available.

Recovery from the file of the backup iTunes

Step 1 Select the recovery from the ITUNES backup file then you will receive several backup files if you have created. Select the latter, which probably contains lost data and click start scanning.

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Step 2 Pre.Viewing of the contents in details. Then check the elements that you need and click the Recover, the files obtained will be saved on your computer.

Specialized software

Download and install the Super Backup application. Feature. Creation of Backups of messages and all Viber. Save the data on the SD card, Google disc, email. In the Utility menu, select: Install a checkbox opposite Viber, click the “Save” button.

We examined how messages are restored in Viber. Learned to create a backup copy. Make backup in advance. This will relieve problems in loss of information. If the data is erased from the memory card or PC, the Hetman Partition Recovery program will help.

How to create a backup

Saving data in the messenger must be adjusted manually. Creating backups is possible only for Android and iPhone devices.

For Android

To save the data available in Viber, you need to click on the “more” icon on the lower screen panel. Then select “Settings”, “Account” and “backup”.

At the very bottom of the screen, you need to click on the link “here”. It will be proposed to select an account from the available email options for which the history of correspondence will be maintained.

It should be noted that when creating a backup, only text messages will be saved.

In the “Create backup” section, you can choose how often this needs to be done: daily, weekly or monthly. Immediately you can disable the creation of a copy.

Section “Create a copy” is necessary if you save data right now.

If the user does not turn on the backup, the application will periodically request a permit for this action. If there is no desire to create copies, then at the bottom of the screen you can turn it off by clicking on “no longer ask”.

Google backup is the only option available in Viber.

To allow copying data, you need to go to the Google disk settings in the “Reserve Applications” section. Then you need to turn on auto.Reservation and configure it.

Select the item “Reservation Objects”, “Selection of Appendices” and mark Viber chick.

After removing the chat, the backup is saved. The main thing, then turn off the automatic creation of copies so as not to lose data.

How can you combine a link to Weiber with other messengers

With the help of the Holitink service, you can easily combine links to Weiber, WhatsApp, Instagram and other profiles in a single multi.Lifter. It is created so that your subscribers have access to other pages.

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With the help of a constructor, Holitink is easy to create an online store and add convenient ways of paying for goods, tools for feedback, to control visitors. Holitink also has a number of built.In services that help to bring the site to the top search engines, which increases more visits to the site.

Restore data

You have launched the backup process? Now you need to wait a bit. The waiting time depends on the “capacity” of your correspondence. Not only the history of messages, but also account information, participation in groups and communities, purchased stickers, tariffs and subscriptions of Viber Out are stored in the backup.

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Сбой проверки обновления. Что это?

Copy is completed? We proceed to the next step! Finally, we’ll figure out how to see remote messages from another person in Viber and its outgoing.

  • Close the messenger completely and delete it in a standard way;
  • Go to the Google Play Play or Epstor Appendix store and find the program through the search, then download it to the device;
  • Encomes in the application. Log in using the mobile number (which was used earlier);
  • Click on the “” button on the lower panel;
  • Open the settings and go to the section “Account”;
  • Enter the “Reserve Copy” tab.
  • Here is the answer to the question of how to read remote messages in Viber! If you did everything right, the “Restore” icon will appear on the screen indicating the date, time and weight.

The recovery process will take some time. After it is completed, you will return to the point when the last reserve copy was made!

I figured out how to read the remote message in Viber from another user and when you can do it. We advise everyone to connect the backup option. This will save you from unpleasant situations, protect the history of correspondence and not only! Do not neglect this opportunity.

How to create a backup copy of chats (correspondence) in Viber on iPhone and iPad

Launch the Viber application and go to the “” tab.

Open the “Settings” section and select “Account“”.

restore, viber, remote, messages, iphone

Go to the “Reserve Copy” menu.

Click on the point “Create automatically” and indicate the period of creation of backups. Daily, weekly or monthly.

To create a backup right now, click on the “Create now” button. It can take a few minutes. At the end of the process, a message will appear above the “Create now” button about the latest reserve copy in the “cloud”.

How to return correspondence to Viber on iOS

Again, the backup function comes to the rescue. It is easy to make a copy in the messenger itself, but many owners of Apple gadgets are used to using a branded utility to manage data on the device. Itunes. Is it possible to restore correspondence with its help (if you make a backup in advance). Yes. Procedure:

  • Connect the smartphone to PC, open itunes.
  • Wait until the utility determines the gadget. An icon will appear in the left corner of the menu, click on it.
  • In the “Summary” section, scroll through to “Backups”.
  • Click “Restore Backup” and select the file saved in advance.

Another way to create a backup on the iPhone is to use the cloud service of Apple icloud. This will require a stable Internet connection. Procedure:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to icloud.
  • Select “backup”.
  • Include ICLOD backup and click “Create a backup now”.
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After these actions, the backup is automatically loaded into the company server. This method has only one drawback for free, the user gets no more than 5 GB of free space, and there may be much more files on the phone. Those who are interested in how to restore only remote correspondence in Weiber memory will be enough. Of course, the storage is expanded, but this is a paid service.

Is it possible to restore messages if there is neither iCloud nor iTunes? Yes, using the Easeus Mobimover application. How to work with him:

  • Connect the smartphone to PC, select “Trust this device” on the screen “.
  • Launch Easeus Mobimover, click “Phone on PC” and “Next”.
  • Indicate the files for export, the path of their saving on the computer. How to find them, if nothing indicated. They duplicate the Mobimover utility on the desktop allows you to copy contacts, images, videos, music, books and other media files.
  • Confirm the action and wait until the backup becomes.
  • Disconnect the smartphone.

Now that there is a backup copy, it will be possible to return it in the future and read remote messages.

Another IOS user program is Ultdata. With its help, you can extract messages from Vaiber, then to view them in reading mode, that is, open on PC in text format. How to read. Open a file in a notebook or any other text editor. How to restore history through Ultdata utility:

  • Download and install the program on the link https: // download.Tenorshare.Ru/go/ultdata-ioos_1178.Exe (for windows), open.
  • Connect the phone to the computer. A notification of type “Enjoy whether to this device will appear on the screen?”. Confirm.
  • The main menu of the program will display all types of files available for recovery.
  • Mark the necessary points and click “scan”.
  • Restore the remote chat in Viber or other files of interest.

How to Backup,Restore Viber Messages on iPhone|Transfer Viber from iPhone to iPhone

This utility is designed specifically for those who are interested in how to restore lost data on the phone. She works with iCloud and iTunes.

A way to restore messages if you have not deleted them, but simply removed the application from the smartphone. Download Weiber again from the AppStore. On the contrary, there will be an icon in the form of a cloud with an arrow, this means that the messenger is stored in the cloud storage.

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