How to restore remote contacts on the iPhone phone

How to restore lost contacts on iPhone

If you use Apple equipment, then you have the opportunity to restore the lost numbers. You can return remote contacts in several ways, which one to choose depends on whether you synchronized whether you have your device with Apple servers or not.

Iphone contacts disappeared | How to restore contacts on iPhone

Need to restore contacts arise if they were lost for some reason. For example, you accidentally deleted the numbers, or the SIM card on which the contacts were stored, was damaged. If you decide that you need to return the remote contacts, then the first thing is to turn off your phone and synchronized devices from the Internet so that information about your contact book does not update on iCloud and iTunes servers.

No.1 free software restoration of contacts iPhone. Free IPhone data recovery

Free iPhone data recovery can work as an ideal iPhone contact recovery tool for iOS users. He can easily cope with the situations of iPhone / iPad / iPod contacts due to accidental removal, jailbreak, update of iPhone software, system failure, and so on. This allows you to restore lost or deleted contact files from the iOS device, a backup file of iTunes and the icloud backup file. This iPhone software for restoration of contacts is safe, reliable and easy to use.

  • The best IOS recovery tool for restoring remote / lost data iPhone / iPad / iPod.
  • Restoration of IOS remote data, such as contacts, call logs, videos, notes, messages, etc. D.
  • Backup all types of iPhone data on PC / Mac.
  • Support iPhone 12/11 / XS Max / XS / XR / X / 8/7 / Se / 6, IPAD Pro / Air / Mini, IPOD Touch 7/6/5 and others.
  • Remove various iOS files from iPhone directly without backup iTunes / iCloud.

Iphone contact restoration actions:

Click the download button above to quickly download and install this free software to restore iPhone contacts on your computer. Connect your iPhone to it using a USB cable.

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This free restoration of iPhone contacts offers 3 recovery modes: “Restore iOS” and “Restore the ITUNES and Restore Reserve Copies of ICLOUD from the files of backups. You need to choose the one that will help you return the lost contacts iPhone. Click “Start scanning” to scan all the contents that are lost and still exists in your iPhone.

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When the scanning process is completed, click the data type (contact) on the left. Then you can view and select a specific iPhone contact on the right. After choosing all the iPhone contacts that you want to restore, click the “Restore” button to easily return them.

How to extract remote iPhone contacts from iTunes

If you ever backup iPhone data on iTunes and the backup contained the remote contacts you need, everything will become much easier. Find out how to restore the remote iPhone contacts from the backup of iTunes.

Step 1 Run the remote program to restore iPhone contacts and select “Restore from the ITUNES backup file”.

Step 2 Select the ITUNES backup, in which there are remote iPhone contacts, and click “Start scanning” to start the scanning process.

Step 3 Press the “Contacts” from the left control panel and check the details of each contact in the right viewing window. All deleted / existing contacts will be displayed in the intense, you can easily find the contacts that you want to restore.

Step 4 Select those that you want to restore back to your iPhone, and then click “Recover” restore remote contacts on the iPhone.

How to transfer contacts from SIM cards, Gmail or phone to iPhone and icloud

If you used the Contacts in Gmail service earlier, then be sure to read this material.

When the contact from the iPhone or iPad is removing when the syloud synchronization is turned on, it is automatically removed from the “cloud”.

Therefore, in no case do not delete the contacts yourself (one at a single one) in the application of the phone or application contacts.

It is necessary to remove the contacts from the device, but at the same time so that they stay in iCloud. To do this, go to the Apple ID section (the highest in the settings) and at the very bottom, click on the “Release” button.

Of the proposed options, select “Exit from ICLOUD and store” or “ICLOUD exit”.

To the question of the system about what to do with the contacts on the device answer “delete”, thereby delete contacts with the iPhone or iPad, but leave them in iCloud.

Contact restoration on Android

For Android users, there are two common methods for restoring remote contacts. If your Android device is synchronized with your Google account, you can easily restore contacts using Gmail. Or you can use the Android recovery tool to extract remote / lost contacts from Android phone or SIM-cards.

How to restore Google contacts from Gmail

With gmail, automatically adding every contact with which you communicate, it becomes very conveniently restored contacts with Gmail, if you accidentally deleted the contact.

Step 1 Go to Gmail in your browser.

Step 2 Press the Gmail in the upper left corner and select the contacts in the opening menu.

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Step 3 click “Additionally” in the opening list from the list of contacts.

Step 4 Select Restore contacts.

How to restore contacts with Android Data Recovery

To easily and safely restore remote or formatted contacts on the Android phone, we suggest that you use the Android Contact Restoration Use. Here you can consider the most professional Android data recovery.

  • Restore lost / remote / formatted contacts on Android in just a few clicks.
  • Get contacts from Android phone or SIM-cards phone.
  • Save remote contacts from Android as a VCF, CSV or HTML file for printing.
  • Pre.View all the information about the contacts, including the name, phone number, email address, company address, etc. D., Before restoring.
  • It is compatible with almost all brands of smartphones, including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, LG, Huawei and so on.

Now download this Android Contact Restoration Program for free and follow the following actions to restore contacts on the Android phone.

Step 1 connect Android to a computer

Connect your Android phone to a computer via a USB cable. The phone will be automatically detected by a computer.

Step 2 Open USB debugging mode

A pop.Up message will appear to allow the USB debugging on the Android phone / tablet to access the connected device.

For Android 2.3 and previous versions: Click the “Settings” of the Appendix Appendix “Development” “Debugging by USB”. For Android 3.0. 4.1: Go to the “Settings” “Developer Parameters” “USB debugging”. For Android 4.2 and later versions, select “Settings” “On the phone”. Select the “assembly number” several times until the message “you are in the developer mode” appears “. Return to the “Settings” “Developer Parameters” “Wrounding by USB”.

Step 3 Select the contact for scanning the device

When you manage to connect Android to the computer, you will be invited to choose types of files for recovery. The program allows you to restore contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, audio, documents, etc. D. Press the contacts, then press the “Next” button to scan the device.

Step 4 Restore contacts

Within a few seconds, the scanning process will be completed. Click Contacts on the left list, and you can view all the contacts on your phone. The remote are marked in red. Check the necessary contacts and press Recover, soon you will save remote contacts on your computer.

How to restore remote contacts on iPhone

Go to the computer from the computer icloud.Com.

Select the web application “Settings”.

restore, remote, contacts, iphone, phone

At the very bottom of the page, click “Restore contacts”.

Click “Restore” opposite the date, as of which the contacts you need have not yet been deleted.

Confirm the beginning of the operation. Important! The selected contact archive will replace current contacts on all devices that are tied to your iCloud account. Current contacts will not be completely deleted. They will be placed in an archive on which it will be possible to recover the way presented in the article.

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Wait for the restoration of contacts.

Why is this happening

The problem with the disappearance of contacts was noticed by many Apple technicians, but the company officially does not recognize the presence of such a bug and, accordingly, do not try to find a solution.

Some believe that the data is lost due to the dampness of the icloud service. He is relatively young and has its own narrow places. When working with one or two devices, everything is smooth, and when additional gadgets and synchronization appear, errors and glitches appear that lead to data loss.

Others believe that such problems began after combining the standard iPhone contacts with contact data from other applications and instant messengers. Not all programs work correctly with the phone book and may cause contacts of contacts.

The function of storing a wide list of rooms in the phone book. One of the very first and basic. Therefore, the information that we will share today in the article will be relevant for all iPhone models, which are currently in active use, that is:

  • Iphone 5
  • Iphone 6/6 Plus
  • Iphone 7/7 Plus
  • Iphone 8/8 Plus
  • Iphone x/xs/xr/xs max
  • Iphone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max
  • Iphone 12/12mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max.

How to Restore lost iPhone Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Files

How to restore contacts on iPhone

A detailed article on the restoration of contacts on the iPhone can be found here.

Below are the main recommendations for the storage and synchronization of contacts:

  • Always use the synchronization of contacts with iCloud. You can turn it on along the settings path → Apple ID (at the very top, where your name and surname are indicated) → icloud → Contacts;
  • Do not use the iPhone synchronization of contacts with Gmail and other services (in detail);
  • Do not delete the contacts from the application on the iPhone when transmitting the device to another person if ICLUD is entered. With this action you will delete contacts in the cloud. To delete contacts from the device, it is necessary to get out of the iCloud account on the device (in detail), and not delete the contacts one at a time;
  • Do not transfer the iPhone to a third person without a preliminary exit from the Apple ID account in the icloud section.
  • Do not transmit the data of the Apple ID account to third parties.

About how to correctly synchronize contacts on the iPhone, we talked in detail in this material.

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