How to restore calls on the iPhone. What to do if calls are not displayed?

Simple Hacks to Recover FaceTime Call History on iPhone

Noticed I just now noticed that my FaceTime call history suddenly disappeared. Cell phone call history is in order. I use iOS 11.3, iPhone 7. I don’t have an iTunes backup, and I don’t want to try an iCloud backup because it will delete my current data. Is there any other way to get your FaceTime call history back?

Deleted I deleted the call history on my iPhone and had no idea FaceTime calls would also be deleted. How can I recover a deleted FaceTime history?

Do you like using FaceTime. ApplePopular calling app on your iOS device. It’s a free and easy way to connect with family and friends around the world on audio and video calls.

But what if you accidentally delete or lose FaceTime calls from your iPhone or iPad. These may be important calls you wanted to keep.

Since FaceTime calls are integrated into your iPhone’s Recent Calls list, once removed from the call history, the calls are also removed from the app’s history, and vice versa.

Here we cover the different methods for restoring FaceTime call history on the iPhone X, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6 and below, as well as the iPad.

Where your call history data comes from?

Depending on your backup, here are 2 options for getting your call history: iCloud and iTunes.

If you don’t already have an iTunes backup, you can generate one in a few minutes using your computer and iTunes, which is free from Apple. When you launch our software, it will tell you right away if you have an iTunes backup.

In addition, you can also back up iCloud quite easily. Go to Settings → iCloud → Backup. If “iCloud Backup” is enabled, you’ll see the date of your last backup below. Don’t click the “Backup Now” button if you don’t want to overwrite your backup.

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If you have an iCloud backup, you can get your call history back with iPhone Backup Extractor. Before you do this, make sure your iPhone doesn’t overwrite your latest backup. To do this, make sure your phone is not charging or connected via USB. Normally, iCloud backups are created automatically when the iPhone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, locked or connected to a power source.

Once you’ve determined whether to retrieve all call history (including deleted ones) from iTunes or iCloud, you can follow these steps to get your call history back:

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If you’re restoring from iCloud, click the button (or “Click here to add an iCloud account”) on the left side of the app, then enter your iCloud credentials to add your iCloud account.

If you’re restoring from an iTunes backup, you’ll see that the iPhone Backup Extractor will automatically save them to the default iTunes backup folder.

If your backup is not in the default folder (it should be until you moved it!), you need to add by clicking or “Click here to learn more”. This will help you in this process.

Adding iCloud or additional iTunes backups

Select the backup on the left side of the app and click “Extract Call History,” then select the location where you want to save the file.csv containing call history. It will only take a few seconds to extract.

After the data is extracted, open the CSV file with incoming and outgoing calls.

After introducing the features of AnyMP4 iPhone Call History Recovery, the ways to recover 3 call history with AnyMP4 iPhone Call History Recovery will be discussed step by step, namely: Restoring Call History on iPhone directly, Restoring from iTunes backup file if you previously had your iPhone synced with iTunes and contact your carrier for assistance.

Restore iPhone call history directly

Note: Do not use or work on iOS devices after losing some data. Any operation may create new data that can lead to irretrievable loss of your personal data. Here are the steps as shown below.

For the first step of iPhone Call History Recovery, you must run AnyMP4 iPhone Call History Recovery after downloading and installing. Select “Recover from iOS device” mode at the top of the window.

Note: Users of iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5 / 5s / 5c / 4s should connect their iPhone to PC using the Lightning-to-USB cable. Then run the program after installation. Your iPhone will connect to the program automatically. And for iPhone 4 / 3GS users, you are supposed to connect your iPhone to PC with Apple cable with 30-pin connector. Then run the program after installation. Follow the instructions on the interface to enter DFU mode to connect your iPhone to the program.

Scanning the remote call history on your iPhone

After successfully connecting, click “Start Scan” so that the software can find the deleted call history on your iPhone. The iPhone call history recovery software will instantly scan and collect all the call history stored in your iPhone storage before restoring iPhone call history.

Recover iPhone deleted call history

All found data will be clearly listed in different categories on the left side of the interface. You can view your deleted call history there, in the call history category, by clicking on a particular file. Select the one you want and click “Recover” to retrieve deleted call history on iPhone.

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Note: The scan result includes deleted data and existing data on your iPhone. If you just need to restore the deleted items, refine the result of the scan with the slider at the top: show only deleted items.

Restore call history from iTunes Backup

If you synced your iPhone with iTunes before deleting important call history on your iPhone, you can selectively restore these iPhone call histories from your iTunes backup file.

select and scan the iTunes backup file

You want to trim your FLAC file? Trim a FLAC clip, or adjust the volume, or merge FLAC clips together? Click “Trim” button to open the “Trim” window, here you can trim audio clips by dragging the slider to change the start and end time, and click “Effect” button to enter the “Effect” column to adjust the sound volume Then you can click “OK” to save the settings. In the main interface, you can select multiple FLAC audio clips and click “Merge” to combine them.

Retrieve iPhone call history

You can check the entire contents of the backup file. Preview your call log under the “Call History” option. Select the ones you want and click “Restore“. You can then retrieve the iPhone call history.

Once the above steps are successfully completed, the program will automatically scan the deleted files for your iOS device. And you can easily retrieve deleted call history and Facetime history.

Ask your carrier for help

I think many of you prefer to seek help from professionals such as iPhone repair stores or carriers. Some carriers store user call history records on their servers. So, contact the service provider you use to get the call history. However, whether you can get your call history this way depends on whether your carrier offers this service.

How to restore call history in WhatsApp?

To do this, click on “File” “Devices” in iTunes. Then tap on “Restore from Backup. After the operation it will take a few minutes for iTunes to restore the deleted SMS-messages to the iPhone.

How to enhance the call history of your iPhone?

To view the history of recent calls on your iPhone, you need to open the Phone Dialer app, which has options at the bottom of its screen, namely “Recent”, “Favorites”, “Contacts”, “Keyboard” and “Voicemail”. Recent is the option you should select, which looks like a clock icon.

Open iPhone Backup Extractor and select backup from the left menu of iPhone Backup Extractor. Tap → Preview → Messages. Deleted messages will appear in Unknown. Tap ” Extract at the bottom left to retrieve deleted messages.

Is it possible to restore the call history?

Step 1Run Android deleted call log recovery tool on PC / Mac and connect your Android to it After that, you can click “Call Logs” to check the details of call history. Then all you have to do is select the deleted calls and click the “Restore” button.

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First of all, you should open the “Settings” app using the “Settings” icon. Now you must scroll down and select the “FaceTime” option from the list. Under the “FaceTime” option, you should enable “Calls” from iPhone “. This option will view all calls made by the iPhone device.

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How to view the history of recent iPhone calls

To view the history of recent calls on your iPhone, you need to open the Phone Dialer app, which has options at the bottom of its screen, namely “Recent”, “Favorites”, “Contacts”, “Keyboard” and “Voice Mail”.

Recent is the option you should select, which looks like a clock icon. Here you can view your entire call history, including missed, outgoing, and incoming calls.

By default, the iPhone can store no more than 1,000 calls in the log, but the problem is only displaying the details of the 100 most recent calls in the logs.

To see more than 100 call logs, you must delete the newest ones.

Instead of deleting previous call logs, you can increase the number of call records up to 250 on your iPhone or iPad device.

I also recently wrote an article on How to view iPhone call history it will also help you.

To achieve this, your device must have updated firmware or must have the minimum firmware version 1.1.3.

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How can I see my WhatsApp call history after deleting?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to restoring your WhatsApp call history:

  • Download and install FoneDog
  • Perform USB debugging on your Android device
  • Choose the type of file to scan
  • Allow Superuser
  • Preview and restore deleted WhatsApp call history.

You can get a printout of phone calls?

It is impossible to make a call detail report of someone else’s number without access to the phone by yourself. The only way to get a free text and call printout is to take someone else’s phone and flip through the menu. It is possible that the information is not deleted and you will read someone else’s SMS-messages.

Go to the “Overview” page in the “Expenses” section, click on the “Full Report” link and select the period you want. You can send a report to an email or view it in an application. This is a complete detail of calls with phone numbers, charges, bonuses credited and cancelled.

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