How to restore Apple ID on iPhone

Effective way to restore the IPhone factory settings without Apple ID or password

Updated Lisa OU / 03 March 2021. 16:30

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If you want to restore the old iPhone from your wife, how to start reset the iPhone without Apple ID or password? Apple ID. This is a universal account, which is used to enter all various accounts provided by Apple, such as iTunes, ICLOUD, Apple Store and others. If you do not know how to enter the iPhone without Apple ID, here are 3 most effective IPhone reset methods without the Apple ID password that you should know from the article.

Restoration of the Forgotten Apple ID

Apple ID coincides with the address of user email, which was used when registering an account in Apple. Thus, the owners of the only email will not have to guess for a long time. However, this situation is quite rare. In order not to fall into such a difficult situation, when registering the device, it is necessary to save your Apple ID identifier and password in a safe place, as well as write down all the additional data used to create a account. When treating information of this type, one should always remember its confidentiality and prevent the opportunity to familiarize yourself with unauthorized persons.

It happens that the registration is carried out by the store employees or the sale point, in view of which it is necessary to remember all the registration information (write down) and pick up with you. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that various copies, drafts, notes and other registration information does not remain with the seller (including in his garbage baskets).

How to reset the Apple ID password if the login is forgotten

Very often, the password reset is complicated by the fact that the user does not remember his Apple ID login. This is due to the fact that users use many mailboxes that constantly change.

You can find out your login from Apple ID in several ways:

  • First of all, check all the mailboxes available to you for letters from Apple. If any. Most likely this mail is a login.
  • Ask your friends with whom you talked to Imessage to check your correspondence. Very often the messenger is configured in such a way that instead of the phone indicates the sender’s post. If the assumption is confirmed and an e-mail is indicated in the correspondence, this will be your login.
  • You can open the INORGOT login recovery page.Apple.COM/Appleid. Here you need to indicate your name and surname used in the registration of Apple ID. In the third line, in turn, introduce all the e-mail you know and each time click “Continue”. If all three points match, the system will inform you about this.

Restore the password from Apple ID

The solution to the problem voiced in the heading of the article is a procedure that in most cases can be quite complicated, and in some even an unsuccessful. It is much easier to restore the password from Apple ID using the iTunes program, but through any other device from Apple. Iphone, iPad, IPOD or Mac, and it can be either personally to yours (but still not someone else’s, the powerful) User. But first things first.

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In fact, the restoration of the password from Apple ID will not be performed on iTunes, but in the browser, but to start this procedure will still be required through the branded program.

    Launch iTunes, click on the “Account” tab and select “Enter”.

Iphone, iPad, iPod, mac

The procedure for restoring the password from Apple ID through iTunes and the browser, which is the topic of our article today, cannot be called convenient and even more guaranteed effective. This problem is solved much easier if you have access to the Apple’s mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or a computer or laptop working under the control of MacOS, and it does not matter whether it belongs to you or someone else. The “Locator” function, which was previously called “find the iPhone”, and if this does not help, will need to contact the technical support service will help. In more detail about each of the indicated methods, you can learn from the article submitted below the article.

Password recovery in case of Apple ID lock

If you have not lost the password from the Apple account, but you can’t get access to it due to blocking, you need to act several differently from the algorithms discussed above. However, speaking in general terms, it comes down to the same methods. Password restoring, using an apple tree, previously related to the account, and, in the most extreme case, contacting Support. We also wrote about all this in a separate material.

How To Factory Reset/Erase iPhone iPad & iPod WithOut Apple iD Password ( Erase iPhone Latest 2021 )

View the forgotten password and/or Apple ID

In some cases, when the password from the account was forgotten or lost, it cannot be restored, but simply to find out without the reset procedure that we mean above the methods we are considering above. There is a considerable share of probability that it was saved in a browser on a computer. If the problem is not at all in the password, but in Apple ID (forgotten or lost, it doesn’t matter), it can also be viewed, for example, in the App Store, iTunes Store, iPhone settings, the locator or ITUNES program for PC. About how each of the possible options for viewing such an important information is implemented is described in the following instructions.

Password recovery via Apple Affairs

If your Apple ID is entered on your Apple device, but you do not remember the password from it to, for example, download the application to the gadget, open the password restoration window as follows:

    Launch App Store. In the “selection” tab, go down to the very end of the page and click on the point “Apple id: [your_Adress_Electron_do]”.

Restore data from iCloud Backup

Fonelab iPhone Data Restoration is a professional data recovery tool that can restore lost data from a backup file, even if the iPhone is broken / lost or in other unforeseen situations. The restored data includes contacts, photos, messages, investments, videos, music, notes, reminders, etc. D. Let’s see how it works.

Using Fonelab for iOS, you can restore the lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, video, files, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, WeChat and other data from the backup of iCloud or iTunes or devices.

  • Restore photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and other data easily.
  • Pre.Viewing data before recovery.
  • Available iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Step 1 upload and install software on your computer at the above link. Software will start automatically after its completion. Then connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cable.

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Step 2 You will receive several backup files if you have to choose after entering your account iCloud. Select the one that, in your opinion, may contain lost data and click on the scanning.

Step 3 Pre.Viewing of the contents in details. Then check the elements that you need and click the Recover, the files obtained will be saved on your computer.

restore, apple, iphone

Forgot Apple ID Password? Top 3 Ways to Reset Apple ID Password without Phone Number

Download the free trial version of the software on your computer now, you can also use it to backup or recovery data in your device recovery mode.

Using Fonelab for iOS, you can restore the lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, video, files, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, WeChat and other data from the backup of iCloud or iTunes or devices.

How to restore the ID password for iPhone through a two.Stage authentication

Another unique, quick and fairly simple way is to use two.Stage authentication. The method is also convenient. It is also convenient in that the user initially indicates a device that will be like a trusted. That is, it will serve as a rescue tablet when there is a need to restore password.

The method has a minus that the user could initially and not tie another device to his account. For example, he could not choose a trusted device, a password for recovery. Then he will definitely not use this method of restoration.

Despite the unpopularity of this method, many users think through passwords, remember them, and also make proven devices with which they work in the future. Connect a two.Stage check. To use the method of restoration on the iPhone IDI using two.Stage authentication, you need:

  • Go to a page with a password, which was examined in other methods;
  • Now you need to enter the e-mail that the user has one, registered;
  • Choosing a method by which the password will drop. Since two.Stage protection is considered, we choose this method. We do this by pressing the finger on the corresponding button;
  • Enter the recovery key that is, as well as a trusting device. The user indicated it when introducing this method to his profile. SMS should also come to the device in the future;
  • Enter the code sent to the device into a special window. Thus, the password is reset;
  • The system requests a new password entering. As soon as the user comes up with it, we slip on the point “Substit password”.

Although this method has its large disadvantages, it is still relevant and belongs to the category of those that are perfectly preserved and protect the system. The user may not remember the answers to questions or wait for the sent letter to the postal address. It is enough to choose a trusted device in advance, unlock the password and restore everything at the required time.

The best way to find an Apple ID password on Windows and Mac

You can really reset the Apple ID password using iForgot and iCloud. But if you forgot both the Apple ID and the password, you better use Fonelab iOS Unlocker. The Apple ID account can delete the old Apple ID account and create a new Apple ID account. You can delete the previous Apple ID identifier and password without providing any personal information. After entering the lock screen, you can find out and drop the forgotten Apple ID password directly.

  • Delete and change the Apple ID and password without indicating your email address, control questions and other related information.
  • Go around the iCloud activation lock screen and directly delete your old Apple ID.
  • Complete support of the latest versions of the iPhone 13/12/11 / xs / xr / x / 8/7 / se / 6s / 6 and t. D. Under the control of iOS 15 and earlier versions.
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 /8.1 / 8/7 / XP / Vista and Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (including MacOS 10.15 Catalina).
  • Safe, clean and easy to use for beginners and experts.
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Fonelab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, delete the Apple ID or its password, remove the screen time or restriction password in seconds.

restore, apple, iphone
  • Helps you to unlock the iPhone screen.
  • Removes Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove screen time or password in seconds.

Step 1 download for free, install and run the Fonelab iOS Unlocker. Connect the iOS device to this computer using a USB cable with lightning. Select remove Apple ID on the display screen.

Step 2 Click “Trust” on your iPhone or iPad. Enter the screenshot blocking password. Now you can click on the Apple ID removal screen. The Apple ID removal tool can completely remove the Apple ID and password from your iPhone.

Step 3 If you have already turned on “Find the iPhone” earlier, follow the instructions on the screen to reset all the settings. Do not disconnect the iPhone until the Apple ID password removal process is completed.

Note. Do not wash all content and settings, as well as update or store iPhone using iTunes. Otherwise, your iPhone may be associated with the previous Apple ID and even blocked.

What to do if I forgot the password from Apple ID?

Now that you know the Apple ID, you are e-mail, you can drop the Apple ID password, choosing one of two ways:

Now you need to select the item “Get a message by e-mail” and again click on the “Continue” button. Pay attention! Be sure to look at what specific e-mail will be sent instructions to restore Apple ID password. In my case, messages are sent to a spare e-mail, and not on Apple ID.

A letter should come to your mail link to restore password. By clicking on it, you will go to the page where you will need to come up with and enter a new password.

How to restore Apple ID password, answering control questions

In this method, you also need to go to the Apple page specially created by Apple: http: // iforgot.Apple.Com/, write your Apple id t.E-mail and press, button “Continue”.

Choose the point “answer control questions” and press the “Continue” button again.

Now you need to enter the date of your birth, well, or the one you indicated when the Apple id registered.

Correctly answer two control questions, in my case it is “the name of the best friend of childhood?”And” Model of the first vehicle?”, Click” Continue “.

If you do not have access to an e-mail to which a letter is sent for resetting the Apple ID password or you do not remember the date of birth and answers to control questions, you can’t do without contacting Support.

It turned out to restore the forgotten Apple ID or password from it?

I hope this instruction helped you restore the password from Apple ID. If it helped, then shared it on social networks. If you know other ways to unlock Apple ID if you forgot the password. Be sure to write about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Undoubtedly, it is not realistic to remember all the passwords, especially if you have several dozen of them. Therefore, I have been using the 1password password manager for more than five years, I recommend that you.

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