How to Restore a Game on Android

There are tools to help you find deleted files on Android: applications, pictures, PDF documents, and various other information. But you should always try to prevent the loss! Be careful, regularly schedule scheduled backups of your applications, games, contacts, messages, calls, settings, bookmarks, calendar entries, and so on.

I came across a harsh reality just yesterday, when in a fit of emotion, wanting to free up a small amount of memory on one of my disks, I deleted a folder with 5 GB of data: images, applications. This catalog contains all the values ​​that I have collected over the years and used daily. As you know, all documents less than one gigabyte are sent to the Recycle Bin, but if you destroy a large file, it is erased at that very moment, you will select “Yes” in the Windows system dialog. When I found out that 5 GB were permanently deleted, I was in complete despair.

How to Restore a Game on Android

Download the program to recover multimedia and other types of files deleted on a smartphone or tablet. Recuva. Instructions for the program are attached.

Run this recovery application as administrator on the PC. Insert the memory card into the card reader and connect it to the computer. Refresh the window to see the memory card disk and the data on it. Highlight it and click on the button. “Start” for scanning. Select images, thumbnails and click button “Recover” to search for deleted files on Android OS.

How to detect lost data on Android: images, music, APK apps on your phone? For example, Dumpster. An application that works like a Trash for an Android device only. The main feature of the Dumpster program and the difference from the monotonous analogues. Search for deleted files is carried out in the internal memory of the mobile device.

Recover deleted photos

If the files were deleted on the memory card or sd card of your phone, the wonderful DiskDigger utility will help you. In this tutorial, I tell you how to use this application.

DiskDigger allows you to search for files without root access. The tool mainly specializes in image recovery, although other data types are also supported.

Recover deleted files on your hard drive

Apparently, each of us faced a problem when, after a while, we scratched the back of our head: hell, the information was gone forever! However, it is not always clear under what circumstances the deletion occurred.

But the point is not how and when it happened, but how you can get it back and restore deleted files. You need to warn in advance that the main thing. Do everything on “cold hand”without panic and unnecessary haste.

So, if you are faced with this most common problem. You should go to the section “Recover Deleted Files” in the menu where we consider tools and methods for searching, scanning, analyzing information on the HDD. If you need a universal program, try this one:

How to recover deleted files on Android

To restore images, photos, erased from the gallery on the phone or sd card of any device, special programs are required, we described them in this section. However, the data recovery methods for Android are applicable not only for photos, but also help to return files on Android, Word documents and other content. We tried to list recovery methods, the best programs for these purposes and step-by-step manuals, respectively, for the described applications.

How to recover deleted files in Windows and on a memory card

To search on your computer, your first appointment. Cart: perhaps the information you need is still there. If so, then option one. Select the command to recover lost or deleted files.

If this does not help, try returning to the folder. Right-click on this folder and select “Restore previous version”. This method will only work if you have deleted one or more items or subfolders within the directory. But if you deleted a 1 GB folder, you should try the following method to get it back.

So the first step. Make sure you don’t save or download anything else. It is likely that “culprit” still hidden somewhere in the depths of that hard drive. The program for recovering files deleted accidentally that I used is called Restoration.

All you need to do. This is to launch the application to recover files deleted accidentally, then select the drive on which the data was located, the deleted item and enter its / their name (or directory).

If you use external Micro SD cards on your phone or tablet and want to recover deleted files on Android (as an example), follow these steps. Turn off the device and remove the sd card. Now insert the card into the card reader slot. Just plug it into your computer. Expand the list of programs and select the drive that displays your memory card. Follow the instructions above.

Frequently asked Questions

Samsung phone, accidentally deleted the photo folder from the camera in the gallery. Installed the Dr Fone program. When connecting, the Superuser Request does not appear. What to do in this case?

There can be 2 reasons: either your phone has already granted access rights to the application (however, this is hardly possible in automatic mode), or the Dr Fone application simply cannot detect the phone or does not respond to the connection to the PC.

You should install USB drivers for your mobile device (this is the most important tip), and use the latest version of Dr Fone available on the Wondershare website.

The folder has disappeared. Filmed on a tablet camera. All recovery applications are incomprehensible. What is simple and easy to understand?

Did you save the files to the phone’s memory card or to the internal memory? In the first case, any program will help restore files to Android, including the notorious Wondershare dr Fone for Android and CardRecovery applications, as well as Recuva.

It’s less likely that the captured on the camera was stored in the internal memory of the Android mobile device. Undeleter mobile application is suitable for searching Android data, missing files.

I decided to hide the photo. Entered a password. They could not be deciphered. And when you click on “encrypt” disappeared unknown where. How can I make sure they are NOT?

What you described is basically impossible. Something is missing in the description. The fact is that after encryption, all folders remain in place and are available on the same device where the encryption was performed. If the folder is missing, then this happened, most likely, by accident by your own mistake. Try to find the files in the phone’s memory manually, using any manager, in the search by setting the condition: only image files.

I can not find the “Cart” on the smartphone. How can I restore Android without it?

By default, in Android there is no staging area in which files marked as deleted are stored. However, you can install a third-party Android application called Dumpster. It adds to your phone the very Trash you need.

I tried to free up space, instead I deleted the photo on the internal external memory. Is it possible to recover data? They are very necessary!

The problem is standard. We can’t suggest anything new in this regard. Read the instructions on our website. You did not specify where the files were deleted. In the internal memory of the phone or on the sd card. Depending on this, various techniques are used.

Regarding recovery programs in Russian, refer to Recuva. This program is simple and easy to understand for a beginner.

If the user uninstalled the application on Android, then how to restore it as quickly and easily as possible? There are only two main ways to restore games and applications on Android, if you deleted them:

Reinstall using Google Play.
Using backup (if it was made earlier).

The first method is most preferred, because does not take much time, completely restores the program that was deleted. Using the second method is relevant only in cases where there is no access to the Internet, or the program contained important settings and saves that did not appear after reinstallation.

Using Google Play to restore

If you uninstalled the application on Android, you can restore it using Google Play. And this is done in just a few simple steps (given that you have an Internet connection):

1. We find Google Play on our device (it can be either on the main page or in the main menu).
2. Open the program, click on the button consisting of three horizontal lines (it is located in the upper left part of the interface).
3. We find in the menu that opens the item “My applications and games”.
4. Next, click on the tab “All”.

After that, you will see a list of programs that were once installed on your device running Android OS. If the “Update” or “Installed” items are indicated in front of the name, this means that the program was not deleted from the device, therefore, it will not be possible to restore it. It has already been installed.

If you deleted the application from Android and want to restore it, then opposite the name you will see marks: “Free” or an offer to purchase if the program was bought for a certain amount of money. Therefore, before restoring deleted applications to Android, make sure that you really deleted them from the device’s memory, and not just moved the shortcut.

To make it easier to navigate, all the programs downloaded and installed once that are related to the user’s record on Google Play will be sorted by the date they were installed. Recently installed ones will be at the top of the list. And it doesn’t matter if you deleted the application from Android or not.

Looking through the list, we find the game or program that needs to be restored, and, accordingly, we restore it if necessary.

Therefore, you can safely remove unnecessary applications from Android, if there is not enough memory, and then restore them in a few minutes.

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If the list on Google Play didn’t help

In those cases when it is not possible to find the necessary in the proposed list, then most likely you are using the wrong account that was on Google Play at the time of downloading and installing the application you were deleting from Android and want to restore.

Often, the reason for the lack of an application from the download and installation history may be its removal from Google Play for each user. Recovery in such a situation is possible only by downloading the apk file from third-party specialized resources. The principle of this method of restoring programs that you deleted from Android is to search and reinstall.

Using Android Backup Service

Using the Android Backup Service, you can back up your Google accounts. If you used this functionality, then recovering files and their data that were deleted will not be difficult.

To do this, do the following:

1. Go to the “Settings” menu on your device.
2. Select the “Personal data” section and click on the “Restore and reset” item there.
3. After that, select and enable the option “Auto Restore”.

Android Backup Service is not used by all programs, so for some of them you can save and later restore, if they were deleted, only a certain part of the data.

How to recover and transfer Whatspp correspondence. We will tell in detail:

Using Dumpster

Using Dumpster, you can easily recover any deleted files from a device running Android. So that you have such an opportunity, everything needs to be done in the following sequence:

The recovery process itself looks like this:

1. If any files from the memory of your device are erased, they will automatically appear in the Dumpster trash. This can be seen by going to the appropriate menu.
2. If you need to restore files, you just need to find them in the recycle bin and click on the “Recovery” button.
3. After that, they will be deleted from the Dumpster basket, but will again appear in the memory of your device.