How to restart the phone if the button does not work

restart, phone, button, does, work

How to restart the phone if the button does not work

The Android operating system is regularly updated and improved, which positively affects the work of smartphones. However, there are various malfunctions that lead to slow operation of the device, and sometimes to freezing. It is possible to solve this problem with a simple shutdown and turning on the phone. But let’s figure out how to restart Android if it depends in more detail.

After conducting a number of tests, experts identified the main reasons for freezing phones. Below are the most popular of them:

  • Lack of free space.
  • Filled up the RAM.
  • There is an installation or update of applications.
  • Mechanical damage to the device.
  • System error.
  • A sharp temperature difference.
restart, phone, button, does, work

It is difficult to determine the cause of glitches and freezing of a smartphone yourself. Therefore, the principle of correction of failures is general, that is, any of the following methods is suitable for solving the problem.

The reasons for the breakdown

First you need to determine what caused the breakdown. If the mobile phone is wet and the button does not respond to pressing, you should immediately disassemble the gadget and dry it with a hairdryer.

If the device is unexpectedly turned off, you can reanimate it with a long press of the Power button.

Perhaps the system failure and the phone turned off the operation of the OS. If the key was damaged after falling from any height or simply due to frequent use of the gadget, then you should not immediately run behind a new device or look for the nearest service repair center. We will give several ways to restore the operation of the device without using this button.

Turn on Android Phone Without Power Button

How to work with a smartphone on Android with a broken button using applications

In the case of Android, you can not always count on the solutions built into the system. The Google Play store has many applications that can compensate for the non.Working launch button. Gravity Screen is considered the best.

On the screen of the screen. One of the functions of the power button. The application uses the telephone sensors to determine the orientation, and when it discovers that the user holds the phone, it automatically turns on the screen. If you put the phone on a flat surface or back into your. Its screen will turn off.

Although in most cases the application works normally, the accuracy can vary from one phone to another. Some devices have high.Quality orientation and approximation sensors, others can be less sensitive.

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It is advisable to make some changes to the application settings in order to get the best results. You can increase or decrease the sensitivity levels of sensors. Angles at which the screen turns off or turns on can also be changed.

According to the developer, a serious battery discharge with Gravity Screen does not occur, but this will still have some impact on the time of autonomous work. Application configuration can also affect the amount of energy consumed.

Power Menu utility

The difference between this program and many others is that it does not need a Root-right. The icon of this program during the usual touch allows us to enter the system menu from which you can restart the device. If you make a long.Term touch, then it becomes possible to block the screen, or turn it off.

As soon as you install this utility, you will need to configure it at the following steps:

This application functions on a wide variety of versions of Android, including new.

Bonus Council: From time to time, make a hard reset of the settings of the Android device

There are times when the power button stops working due to failures in the software operation. To solve this problem, you can make a hard discharge of Android smartphone. This will help eliminate all possible errors and malfunctions associated with the software. Remember that hard discharge of the phone can lead to data loss. Therefore, be sure to create a backup copy of files and folders stored on the device, and follow the method below:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press and hold the power buttons and volume increases until the recovery mode appears on the screen.
  • Using the volume button, scroll the option list and select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option.

Now that you know how to restart the Android phone without a power button, you can easily use all the possibilities of your device without faced with unwanted situations.

In what cases is the reloading of the phone is shown

Making a power button

Squeeze and hold the button on/off for 1-3 seconds, until the corresponding menu appears. If the device supports rebooting, click on such a button and phone will reboot. Otherwise, select the option. “Determination of power”. The device will turn off, then hold the “power” button again to turn on the device. So you reload Android by turning off and turning on the phone.

Reloading by extracting the battery

If the phone is hung or an emergency reboot is required. Remove the battery, provided that the battery of a removable type. It is not recommended to use on an ongoing basis, but only in an emergency situation.

Rebooting with a combination of keys

Tablets and most modern Android smartphones are produced in variations with a built.In battery. Since the extraction of the battery is accompanied by disassembly of the case, for such a case there is an emergency reloading of the phone by a combination of keys. Squeeze the power button and both volume buttons, hold 10-15 seconds until the reboot occurs.

What to do if the phone hangs on the screensaver when turning on

There are situations when the device freezes without even turning on. This can happen when the Android logo is loaded or the phone company (for example, Xiaomi is Mi logo). There are two exit here: remove the battery or turn off the smartphone using buttons.

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In the first version, just disconnect the battery, of course, if such an opportunity is available. In the second case, clamp the power key until the screen is extinguished. Typically, this action requires 5-7 seconds. Then repeat the launch of the device again.

In principle, if the smartphone hangs on the Android logo, then to solve this problem you can use any of the above method. But there are situations when nothing happens after holding the inclusion key. Then you can try to restart the gadget through the Recovery menu.

  • You can go to the recovery mode simultaneously by holding the volume button up and turning on.
  • An unusual user must appear on the screen. Here you need to select “Wipe Data. Factory Reset”. Who does not know, then the navigation in sections occurs using the volume control keys, and the inclusion button is responsible for the choice.

How to restart the phone without a button

How to restart Android without a power button, if it is turned on:

If the smartphone is turned on, reload Android without a power button is not a problem. A similar first method in the case of a smartphone turned off, you can connect the device to the power source. If this does not give any result, ask a friend to call you on the phone. It sounds funny, but sometimes it works.

You can use the physical button to wake your smartphone.

As soon as the Android smartphone is turned on, you must download the application. Power Button to Volume Button is a good application that replaces the main functions of the power button for the volume control button. Please note that the application works only when the smartphone has a physical volume button.

And the last but most reliable way to restart Android without a power button, take the smartphone for repair. Thus, you will get rid of this problem once and for all.

Methods of rebooting

You can restart the mobile device in several ways. The choice of a specific option depends on the serviceability of the gadget, as well as on the circumstances of the problem arose. Sometimes a sufficiently soft reboot, but sometimes the phone has to be transferred to a rebot, and this is a more difficult process, which we will also definitely talk about.

Soft reboot

The first thing is to try a soft reboot, as this action does not require the user to have serious knowledge in the field of technology, and the operation takes just a couple of minutes. For soft restart, you will need:

  • For 2-3 seconds, clamp the power button with which the screen is blocked.
  • In the window that appears, select the “Reload” option, slipping a finger on it.
  • Confirm your action.

If everything is done correctly, the smartphone will close each application and restart. If nothing happens after clicking the “Reload” button, or this element of the intense is simply absent, try to turn off the gadget first, and then turn it over again. If it is impossible to perform the operation, you will need an emergency (forced) reboot, which is performed according to a slightly different scenario.

Forced reboot (universal method)

There is also a forced restart of the smartphone, which is performed in the situation if it depends. In this case, you do not need to use virtual buttons displaying on the touch screen. Only physical keys that can translate the gadget into Reboot are used.

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To reload the phone for a compulsory basis, you need to clamp the keys of “Volume up”/“Volume Down” “Power” “Home”. Then the device will turn off, and then turn on again, despite any problems. Please note that far from every modern smartphone there is a “Home” button.

In this case, the forced restart is performed by long.Term retention of the Power key or a combination of power buttons and volume adjustment. To obtain more accurate information, it is recommended to visit the website of the phone manufacturer.

Close two buttons

This method of rebooting the phone is slightly similar to the previous option, but has a number of distinctive features. So, for the restart, you will still need to use the button, selecting the “Turning” option after pressing the “Power” key. As soon as the work of the smartphone is completed, you will need to go to Recovery Mode (recovery mode):

  • Pick up the “Volume Down” “Power” keys.
  • Hold the buttons until the logo appears on the screen, as well as vibration.
  • Confirm the transition to the recovery by pressing the power button.
  • Select the Reboot System Now option and confirm the operation.

On a note. When you find in Recovery Mode, the movement between the menu items is carried out using the swing of the volume adjustment, and the action confirmation is performed by pressing the power button.

Fix Any iPhone Frozen/Stuck/Loop Screen (How to Force Restart!)

Unfortunately, the “Volume Down” combination “Power” is not universal. Some manufacturers demand to press other buttons to go to the recovery mode, namely:

As in the case of forced restart, accurate information must be sought on the site of the manufacturer of the smartphone. And regarding the use of Recovery Mode, it is also necessary to note that the recovery mode allows you to reset to factory settings through the option “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. True, after confirming the action from the mobile device, all data will be deleted.

Complete discharge with soft rebooting

This option will require the owner of the device more time to perform the operation. However, if none of the previously considered methods (for example, using buttons) helped, there will be no choice:

restart, phone, button, does, work
  • Wait for a complete discharge of the phone, waiting for it to turn off.
  • Connect the gadget to the power source.
  • Squeeze the Power button until you fully turn on.

If you try to start the gadget before connecting to the power source, then it may not turn on, since its battery will not have enough energy.

Pull the battery

The final option that allows you to completely restart the smartphone is suitable only for the owners of old devices. If your device has a removable battery, then remove it, and then insert it again and hold the power button until you fully turn on the phone. Please note that after such a restart, the date and time can be lost, so you will need to re.Configure these parameters.

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