How To Reset Your Samsung Tablet To Factory Settings

Factory reset Samsung smartphones

A modern Android smartphone is a complex device both technically and programmatically. And as you know, the more complex the system, the more often problems arise in it. If hardware problems mostly require contacting a service center, then software problems can be corrected by performing a factory reset. We will talk about how this is done on Samsung phones today.

Instructions for resetting settings from the recovery menu

Power off your smartphone.

  • Hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons until the smartphone starts.
  • In the list of commands that appears, select the wipe data / factory reset line. To scroll, use the volume buttons, to confirm the action, the power button.
  • In the next window, go to the line Yes delete all user data.
  • After cleaning, press the line reboot system now, to restart and start the OS.
  • As a result, you will receive the phone in the same condition as immediately after purchase. All data will be deleted.

    Instructions on how to restore factory settings from the system settings menu

    Go to smartphone settings options.

  • Open the backup section and then Backup and reset.
  • Check the box to reset to factory settings.
  • Then confirm the action and enter the PIN code.
  • Confirm the action again and wait for the phone to reset the settings.
  • Use factory reset only when necessary. Remember to save important files and sign out of all accounts beforehand. Otherwise, after loading the smartphone, Google FRP protection is activated, and the smartphone cannot be used until the previous account is entered.

    What is a factory reset and when to apply it

    Factory reset or hard reset of any mobile gadget on Android (not only Samsung Galaxy) is to clear its permanent memory from all applications, settings and files, except for those installed by the manufacturer.

    The reset function is intended for:

    • Restoring the device to operability in case of software problems and malware infection, when the failure cannot be eliminated using milder methods.
    • Preparing a gadget for sale or transfer to another user.
    • Optimizations after firmware update.

    After a hard reset, no user data remains on the smartphone, except for those stored on the removable memory card and SIM (contacts). However, in some cases, the changes made by the user are still saved. Namely:

    • If, before the rollback, the device was root. Preinstalled apps removed with superuser rights are not restored after a reset.
    • When FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is activated, enhanced protection of the owner’s data in case of loss or theft of the phone.

    A device with FRP enabled, even after a hard reset, will ask for the user’s account password, without which access to the system is impossible. Therefore, it is completely pointless to rollback on such a device in order to delete a forgotten password.

    3 ways to factory reset your Samsung smartphone or tablet

    System Tools

    Samsung has provided users with the option to reset the device (in English hard reset) through the device settings.

    Enter Settings in any available way (via the shortcut of the menu application or by pressing the corresponding button in the curtain of the device).

    The General settings group contains the Backup and reset item. Enter this item with a single tap.

    The application will warn you about the deletion of all user information stored in memory (including accounts). At the bottom of the list is the Reset device button, which you need to click.

    • You will be presented with another warning and a Delete All button. After clicking, the process of clearing the user’s personal data stored on the device will begin. If you are using a photographic password, PIN or fingerprint sensor, or iris, you will need to unlock the option first.
    • At the end of the process, the phone will reboot and appear in front of you in a pristine state.

      Despite the simplicity, this method has a significant drawback; in order to use it, it is necessary that the phone is loaded into the system.


      To understand how to return a Lenovo laptop to factory settings, you first need to find a small OneKey Rescue button on the laptop, which is responsible for launching the recovery utility.

      Let’s deal with the second option:

      1. Go to the BIOS on the Main tab and check that the D 2 D Recovery option has the Enabled state.
      2. Press Alt F 10 at startup until the Acer Recovery Management utility window appears. On some laptops, the program can be launched through the Troubleshooting section of the boot options menu (more on this below, in Toshiba laptop recovery).
      3. Select Restore Factory Settings.
      4. Read the important information about the rollback process and click Next.
      5. Confirm your desire and wait until the end of the recovery procedure.
      6. On Windows 8.1, the interface of the recovery utility changes. Here, in the Diagnostics section, select the Reset to original state item. The rollback order is not very different, in addition, all steps are described in detail in Russian, so you will quickly figure out how to return an Eiser laptop to factory settings.


        It was the turn of the South Korean manufacturer and the answer to the question of how to return a Samsung laptop to factory settings.

        To reset an Asus laptop to factory settings:

        1. Turn on the computer and hold the F function key 9 until the Boot Manager menu opens.
        2. Run Windows Setup.
        3. Check the option Restore to first partition.
        4. Click Finish to start the system rollback.

        You do not need to press and enter anything else, the recovery utility will figure out how to return the ASUS laptop to factory settings.

        Let us continue with the story of how to reset your Acer laptop to factory settings. You can perform this procedure from a running Windows (the utility is called Acer Recovery Management) or through the recovery tools.

        To reset an HP laptop to factory settings:

        1. Press Esc immediately after power on.
        2. Select System Recovery by pressing F 11.
        3. Select Recover to original state.
        4. Check the box without making a copy.

        Now you know how to reset your HP laptop to factory settings. It remains only to wait until the factory reset procedure is completed, and start working with the laptop again.

        Wondering how to reset your MSI laptop to factory settings?

        Factory Reset Samsung Laptop:

        1. Press the F 4 key while turning on the computer.
        2. Accept the license agreement and go to the Recovery section.
        3. Run Full Recovery.
        4. Specify breakpoint (earliest by date, with factory settings).
        5. Start the rollback procedure and wait for it to finish.

        You figured out how to reset a Samsung laptop to factory settings, so you can forget about the need to reinstall the system.

        The turn of the next manufacturer has come: let’s see how to return an HP laptop to factory settings.

        8) Ainol

      • Press two buttons at the same time: power and volume rocker
      • See the green robot on the display the button can be released
      • After that, the Recovery menu should appear. If the miracle does not happen, press the power button once, or “Home”
      • Further, everything is according to the standard.

      How to reset your tablet to factory settings

      Hard Reset, aka Hard Reset, is done in two main ways. Regardless of the method chosen, take care of backing up your personal information, and also remove the memory card from the tablet and, just in case, the SIM card, if any.

      1) Samsung

      • We simultaneously hold down the buttons: “Home” center button, volume key “”, and the power key.
      • We are waiting for a couple of seconds when the Samsung logo appears, then we wait until Recovery mode starts.
      • Letting go of the previously held keys.
      • Using the volume keys /. Go to the wipe datafactory reset line. To select an item, we make a short press on the power key. Then we do everything according to the preparation.

      Method number 2, if there is no button “Home”, either when the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work

      • Hold down two keys: volume down “-”, and nutrition
      • As soon as you see the Samsung logo, you can release the power key. At the same time, hold the volume button. When a recumbent Android appears with an exclamation mark, you can release the button
      • We do Hard reset (hard reset) according to the standard procedure

      2. Through the Recovery menu (if the tablet does not turn on)

      If a software failure occurs in the tablet, it stops starting, goes “eternal loading”, or the device is locked with a photographic key, you have only one way out to get into Recovery mode, i.E. Recovery mode. The Recovery menu can only be accessed when the tablet is turned off. To do this, use a special combination of simultaneously or sequentially pressed physical buttons on the tablet, which are located on the body of the device. This is usually the volume rocker /., power buttons, and / or key. “Home”. The general procedure is as follows:

      1. Turn off the tablet. The battery must be fully charged. If you are not sure of a full charge, or a weak battery, it is better to carry out all the manipulations by connecting the tablet to the network

      2. We hold down the key combination (examples of such combinations for your device model will be below), and wait until the Recovery mode opens

      3. Move through the menu using the volume rocker (in some tablets, touch control is possible). We select the wipe data / factory reset command (translation: erase the base / reset the settings to factory settings). To do this, you need to press with your finger, if the control is touch, or with the power key, which in this case serves as an OK button.

      4. Next, we see the question confirm wipe of all user data, agree. In this case, select the item Yes delete all user data (translation: Yes, delete the entire user base)

      5. After that, you need to give the reboot command. To do this, select the reboot system now item (translation: reboot the system now)

      6. The tablet will think a little, all data and settings will be erased, and it will turn on itself.

      It is worth noting that each tablet manufacturer sets up its own set of keys to access the Recovery menu, so only general methods were collected that are relevant for different brands of devices.

      Attention! In the descriptions of the options for how to get into Recovery, I will mention that the reset is carried out according to the standard, general procedure, or according to the blank. This means that you will need to use the template described above.

      6) Sony

      • Press the power and volume up keys simultaneously
      • As soon as the screen turns on, release the power button while simultaneously holding down the entire volume key
      • After the menu appears, the button can be released, and then the standard procedure

      Method number 2 (for tablets with a Reset button)

      • Connect the tablet through the charger to the mains, and wait until the green power indicator, which is located near the power button of the device, turns on
      • On the case, we find a hole with a Reset button, and presses there with a thin object, such as a paper clip
      • When the screen is off, hold down and hold Power for a couple of seconds
      • Before the tablet starts to turn on, press the volume up button several times in a row
      • When the recovery menu appears, do a standard reset

      3) Lenovo

      • It is necessary to hold down two more volume controls simultaneously with the power key (i.E. Press the rocker in the middle), and hold for a few seconds
      • Then just release these buttons, and make a single press on the volume down or up rocker
      • We are looking for the Wipe data / Factory reset item, select it with the power key, and wait until the reset process is over.
      How To Reset Your Samsung Tablet To Factory Settings
      • Press the power key and hold until you feel a slight vibration
      • Immediately after that, you need to quickly press the volume up key several times (it may not work the first time)
      • The Recovery menu will appear, then we reset using the standard procedure
      • We hold down the volume and power keys at the same time
      • Letting go only when the Lenovo logo appears
      • When you wait for the recovery menu to load, follow the standard procedure using the template
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