How to reset your phone to factory settings

Resetting Android to factory settings

The mobile operating system has features that ordinary users may not be aware of. For example, how to reset your Android phone to the factory settings, without resorting to the services of service centers. System reset. this is what this article will talk about.

Resetting your device data and settings means erasing all the user’s information (photos, music, videos, documents, contacts, messages, etc.). д.), including activated accounts.

  • sale or transfer of the device;
  • software level problems (freezes, constantly reboots, etc.).д.);
  • Failed firmware update.

Take care of your Google account

The only way to recover your phone’s previous settings like wallpapers, ringtones, and so on, is to use your Google Account. As strange as it may sound, remember your username and password. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu, click on the account and see the username there. You’ll be asked to enter your password right away. If you don’t remember it, restore it. Fortunately, the restore button is in the same section.

Just keep in mind: if you did recover a forgotten password, you may want to wait 24 hours before resetting your device, as Google may not immediately “remember” your new identity.

How to make a Hard Reset through settings

Open the “Recovery and Reset” item. Don’t forget to perform a backup.

settings menu

Then press “Reset phone (tablet PC) settings”.

If there is a graphical key or password, you must enter it.

After that will reset all the data from the internal memory of the device.

On Android 8.0 Oreo and higher

The menu “Settings” in Android 8.0 has undergone major changes. The “Reset to factory settings” feature is now under “System” → “Reset“.

On Meizu

In Flyme OS the way to the function is different from the stock Android: Go to “Settings” → “About phone” → “Memory” → “Reset settings“.

Check “Delete data” and click “Restore”.

On Xiaomi

In MIUI, the Factory Reset function has been hidden by the developers in “Advanced Settings“. see the video tutorial:

On Xiaomi smartphones also clears the USB drive, so take care to create a backup in advance if you want to save photos, audio and other files.

How to reset your Android

Before carrying out this procedure, it is strongly recommended to copy important files, information (photos, videos, music) through the cord to the computer. It is better to make a full system backup (copy) so that in case of unsuccessful zeroing you can get your device back up and running. There are 3 main options on how to reset Android back to factory settings:

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Reset in your phone‘s settings

The easiest way to reset your Android to factory settings is through the gadget menu. To do this, your device must be working and be able to go to the main system section. For all smartphones with Android 4 versions.0 or older the procedure is as follows:

  • Navigate to the main menu.
  • Tap on the “Settings” section.
  • Locate the “Repair & Reset” section.
  • Scroll down the page and find the “Reset Settings” section.
  • The system will inform you that the data will be deleted from your smartphone. Press the line “Reset phone settings” and confirm the wish “Erase all”. Items may differ slightly in different phone models, but the names are always similar.

Using service combinations

This method also requires that the device is turned on and it is possible to dial the number. Each manufacturer programs their devices with special combinations that help to return to the factory state. This applies to both global brands (Samsung, HTC, Sony) and Chinese inexpensive models. Codes can change over time, they need to clarify the manufacturer’s website, sometimes can be found in the manual to the smartphone. Below are examples of such combinations for your reference:

Reset by keys with Recovery

The most radical method of resetting Android to the factory settings is the Recovery menu (recovery). This is the best way to get your smartphone back to its original state, if it hangs on the splash screen with the company logo, does not turn on. Each model of the device has a standard combination of buttons which switches it to the Recovery menu. Sometimes you have to use the recovery if:

You have to power the phone off first. Wait until the buttons go out, the screen. Next, you must find the right combination for your model (HTC and Samsung combinations are bound to be different). You can use one of the variants:

  • The “volume down” “power” or “power” button (the most common combination);
  • On some LG phones, you need to press the above keys, wait for the logo, release “power on” and then press it again;
  • “Your phone’s “volume up” “volume down” “power on
  • “power” “home”.

Hold down one of the combinations until it takes you to the recovery mode to reset the device to the factory state. The menu is controlled by the volume up and down buttons. If the Recovery version is touch sensitive, you can also reboot in the standard way (by touching the screen). To confirm the choice you need to press “Power” or “Context Menu. Next, to reset your phone to its original state, you need to:

How to reset Android to factory settings in Recovery mode

Phone becomes too slow, freezes on startup or does not turn on at all? You need to restore the system to factory settings. To enter the Recovery mode you need to turn off the phone, and then press the combination of keys. These combinations are individual for each manufacturing company.

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The most common is to simultaneously press one. or two. buttons that control the volume level and the “Power” key. The most popular companies use the following combinations:

  • “LG”. “Power on” “Volume up”; after the logo appears, release and press this combination again;
  • HTC, Nexus, Xiaomi-“Power on” “Volume down”;
  • Lenovo and Motorola. both buttons responsible for the volume “Power”.

After loading the Recovery mode, the user will see system strings with different names. Select “wipe_data/factory_reset” and confirm the action. The phone will perform the operation of resetting new and restoring old settings for a while. When the operation is completed, you only need to press the “Reboot_System_Now” line. The phone will shut down first and then reboot with the restored Android system.

Why do you need to reset the smartphone to factory settings

Many users really think that resetting the phone is something that has to be done only before selling it to a new user, but everything is a bit more complicated and sometimes you have to do the reset much more often than before buying a new smartphone and selling the old one.

For example, resetting your smartphone might come in handy when your smartphone just started to perform poorly and you don’t like that it started to slow down. At this point, it’s a good idea to just save all the data you need, including photos and videos, and do a full reset. After that configure your smartphone as new (not restore from a copy), and you can safely enjoy all the benefits of a clean system with no unnecessary system garbage and remnants of old applications.

Even if you have deleted apps, they can still leave a lot behind.

In some cases, resetting your smartphone can help if you have forgotten your password. True, it won’t save you from having to log in using your account. Otherwise nothing will work and you’ll end up with a half-activated device.

And, of course, you must reset the phone before you sell it. Why give someone a device with your personal data? So how to properly reset your phone? There are three ways, we will start with the simplest one.

With the help of service codes

For each Android smartphone there is a certain code you can enter to reset the data on your device.

You will only need to enter the dialing menu, write there the desired code and the system will perform the recovery. Please note that these combinations may change over time, as well as for different models this or that code may be suitable. Which of them is necessary for your model can be found on the net.

Using Recovery keys

This method is suitable for devices which freeze on the stage of switching on and do not respond to touching the screen. It is also relevant for users who have forgotten their login passwords.

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To reset, you should press a certain key combination, go to the Recovery mode (factory software) and from there start the system recovery.

Resetting Android via “Recovery” on the turned off gadget goes like this:

  • Pressing the combination of buttons (it differs for each model).
  • Go to Recovery Recovery Mode.
  • Go to Wipe data. factory reset.
  • Agree if repeatedly asked.
  • Wait for the operation to complete.
  • Perform a reboot of the gadget by pressing Reboot System.

Each company that makes electronic gadgets assigns its own hardware key combinations that help users solve the problem.

The device models and their hardware keys are listed below:

  • Lenovo, Aser, Asus, Huawei: “Reset volume”.
  • LG: “Volume Down Power”. Press for 10 seconds, wait till logo appears, release keys for 1 second and press again to enter Recovery mode.
  • Samsung: “Home Power up Volume up”.
  • Sony: “Home Volume Up Power.

If your device is not responsive to touching the screen, you should use the volume keys and the Power or Home key to select menu items.

What kind of resets

You have probably noticed that there are as many as three options under “Reset”:

Resetting all settings doesn’t erase the data, but simply rolls the device back to the settings that were set when you activated it. Useful if you made some changes there and now don’t know how to change it all back. Performing this procedure will save all installed applications and the data at their disposal.

Resetting network settings, respectively, rolls back all network settings to the factory settings. In this case, your operator’s Internet profile will also be deleted and the DNS will be rolled back to the original. As for the apps and other data that were there before the reset, they will remain on the device as before, not going anywhere.

Restoring factory settings is the harshest method of deleting data and restoring to its original state. Oddly enough, it does not contain the word “reset” in its name at all. After it, your device will not show any signs that someone has used it. You’ll have to set it up again, selecting the same settings you chose when you originally activated it.

Decide which method to choose, according to the situation. If nothing critical happened to your device and you just changed some add-on and now don’t know how to turn it all back on, choose reset. If you’re having internet problems, reset your network data. that usually helps. Well, if the device is for sale or there is something completely wrong with it, only a full recovery will help.

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