How To Reset Xiaomi Airdots Headphones

Many owners of Xiaomi AirDots earphones are familiar with the problem when one earphone does not work. This problem can be easily fixed by yourself. How to do this, we will tell further.

How do wireless headphones work?

The operation of the wireless headset is based on receiving data from the device through various methods of data transfer. It can be a radio connection, an infrared receiver, a Bluetooth connection. Xiaomi wireless headphones use the latter method, due to the simplicity and reliability of the connection and ease of use.

To connect xiaomi bluetooth headset, you must turn it on and connect to the gadget. The process usually takes a few seconds, after which the headphones are ready to use.

Why can only one earphone play?

Why can xiaomi headphones start working one at a time? The cause of the malfunction is that they cannot synchronize. The connection between the right and left earphone and smartphone stops working.

This is caused by various reasons, for example, the complete discharge of one AirDots. In addition to the complete lack of connection between the headphones, they may not connect correctly. This can cause sound out of sync, making listening to music impossible. Therefore, the arisen problem will have to be addressed immediately.

How to solve this problem?

The problem is solved very simply. you need to synchronize the headset by conducting a complete reset of the headset.

To reset Xiaomi wireless headphones, you need to turn them off. Hold the touch panels and hold them until the lights turn red. Press the panels again and hold for 30-50 seconds. AirDots should turn on (you will see by a blinking white indicator), after 10-20 seconds the bulbs will turn red-white and blink twice. Keep the buttons pressed until the lights go out and then flash a few more times. This is a signal indicating the successful completion of the repair.

Place the discarded headset in the case for 5 seconds and remove it. Sync starts. When the left earphone can find the right one and connect, try connecting to the phone. If the headset is working, you will hear stereo sound.

This method works with both Mi AirDots and Redmi AirDots. In the case of wireless headphones of the Redmi line, you need to wait until they emit a sound twice, all other points of the instruction remain unchanged.

How To Reset Xiaomi Airdots Headphones

After a complete reset, a situation may arise when the phone sees both headphones as two separate devices. In this case, connect the right earphone, wait for it to start working, and press the button on the left. Both headphones should sync.

There is another way to get both AirDots connected. This procedure is also very simple and does not take much time. The main thing is not to rush and follow the sequence of actions:

  • remove the headset case, close and make sure that it is charged;
  • if the battery is charged, remove one earphone;
  • wait for the headphone to turn on automatically and turn it off forcibly with a long press;
  • hold the panel and hold it until the red indicator turns on;
  • pull out the second earphone and do the same actions with it in the same sequence;
  • put the headset with the red lights on in the case.

After carrying out these manipulations, the headphones should synchronize and work in stereo mode.

If you failed the first time, repeat the procedure. Clearing the Bluetooth application data on a smartphone can also help.