How To Reset Video From Computer To iPhone

True connoisseurs of Apple products should not have difficulty transferring video files (and films in particular) from a computer to an iPhone. Another thing is if a person first bought an iOS device for himself and now asks a sacramental question: “How now to drop a movie on your phone / tablet?”. This manual is intended for such happy owners of mobile devices of the brand company.

It is worth mentioning right away that any "apple" device accepts video files exclusively in MP4 format. This should be taken into account when you try to put the Avishnik (AVI) into it, and if you don’t get the desired result, you will begin to recall the relatives of the founder of the company, Steve Jobs. Therefore, let’s divide our instruction into two semantic blocks:
1. Convert video files to a format suitable for iOS devices;
2. Download video to iPhone using iTunes.

Convert video to a suitable format for iPhone

There are a lot of converters offered on the network that do their job perfectly well. This is Freemake Video Converter, and HDconvert, and even the most simple and familiar to many Format Factory. We will focus on the popular Any Video Converter (AVC). You can download the converter for free on the official website of the developer.

How To Reset Video From Computer To iPhone

What is remarkable for this software for converting various formats is that it already contains all the necessary settings for any type of device. Simply select "Apple iPhone" in the drop-down list of gadgets in the upper right, add the desired video file and click the "Convert!" Button. That’s it, let’s go drink tea with buns. Although you may not have time to enjoy a fragrant drink, because thanks to the latest NVIDIA CUDA technology, the converter will cope with the task 6 (!) Times faster than its analogues.

There is one recommendation: make sure that the size of the final video file is no more than 3 GB, otherwise the video will “slow down” on your iPhone.
Now everything, you can go to the second section of our manual.

Transfer videos to iPhone using iTunes

First of all, you need to take care of downloading the iTunes application for your computer, if you do not already have one. You can find it on the official Apple website. iTunes download. Download, install and run the program.

We open the “Films” section in the Media Library and transfer the video we prepared earlier to it. You can drag it with the mouse cursor, or you can use the context menu: File.> Add a video file to your music library. You may also need to download and install QuickTime from the same Apple site.

After that, we connect the iPhone to the computer via the USB port. The device should appear in the "Devices" section. We click on it and go to the “Overview” tab to select “Synchronize only marked songs and videos” and “Process music and video manually” (if any). Done.

Now you need to go to the “Movies” tab and check the box next to “Sync movies”, as well as confirm your choice of video files that you want to sync (throw off) on the iPhone.

Check the selected parameters again and click on the “Apply” button. iTunes began to “upload” your video to the phone. It is done.