How to reset the settings on Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi phone reset to factory settings

Factory settings. This is the return of the phone to the initial state of the operating system. When you just bought a phone and took it out of the package, it is in perfect condition of software, t.To. Everything that was installed at this moment was repeatedly tested in the Xiaomi test department and the company guarantees that this software is 100% working and does not bear any negative impact on the operation of the apparatus. In fact, it is in this state that the phone shows its capabilities both in speed and the duration of work from one battery charge.

Remember: the more applications are installed on the phone, the more the load is on it, both in terms of using the processor and in terms of the battery life of the battery. Some applications are written by competent programmers who understand the architecture of the phone, as active programs, background tasks and the use of hardware interact at the operating system level. Such applications usually do not make serious discomfort when using a smartphone. But most of the applications are written by middle.Level specialists, and very often their applications delay significant telephone resources, which leads to a general slowdown in its work, a quick waste of battery charge and Internet traffic. Therefore, never install applications for the future or reserve, only those applications that you use should be installed on the phone.

Simple method of reset through phone settings

To reset to the factory settings Android Xiaomi, you need

  • We go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Expanded settings”.
  • Click “Reservation and reset”.
  • Next, we go to “Reset to the factory settings”.
  • Choosing whether we need to clean the video, photo and other user data.
  • Click “Reset the settings”.

This method is suitable for all Xiaomi smartphones models. You can use it only with a completely good device.

Xiaomi reset options to factory settings

The smartphone can be both working and in non.Working state at the time when the discharge was needed. You can choose a method depending on the conditions. There are 5 options in total:

  • Using a built.In data discharge function.
  • Through the original bootloader bootloader.
  • Through a third.Party recovery menu.
  • Using Mi PC Suit from the manufacturer.
  • Using the function “Find a smartphone” Google and Mi Cloud services.

Through the menu integration

You can reset the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone or another to standard settings through the integration of the device itself. To do this, go to settings and select “Restoration and Reset” item. In this section, you need to select the “Settings Reset” function, after which the phone will request confirmation of this operation. Further, the system will do everything automatically, depending on the model, the smartphone can be reloaded several times during the restoration process.

Through the stock recovery

Hard Reset Xiaomi through recovery mode is suitable in a situation where the smartphone does not turn on or it is not possible to unlock it after starting. For reset, you need to turn off the device, for additional data protection, you can remove all SIM cards and SD drives if they are installed. Next, you need to perform the following actions:

  • We clamp the power key, and as soon as the smartphone vibrates, hold the volume button of 10 seconds.
  • When the Mi logo appears, the Power button can be released, continuing to hold the volume swing.
  • A language selection screen will appear. The menu control in this mode is carried out by pressing the volume keys up and down. Confirmation of the choice. Button “Power”.
  • After that, Main Menu will appear, where you need to select the “Wipe and Reset” item (on some devices “Wipe and Recovery”).
  • Now you need to activate the Wipe User Data function and confirm the choice by clicking on “Yes”.
  • After that, it remains only to wait until the phone finises the reset and reboots.
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This reset method is applicable to all devices from Xiaomi, operating on Qualcomm processors, since the bootloader unlocked in these smartphones by default. In the rest, you will have to carry out manual unlocking (it does not work on all devices) or choose another method of reset to factory settings.

Using the TWRP recovery

The method of reset using Team Win Recovery Project is not suitable for every smartphone, although it is one of the popular caste firmware fans for their devices. This is largely due to the fact that each user sets his own option for recovery. At the same time, most of these programs work in a similar algorithm. When reset from TWRP, the procedure is as follows:

  • First you need to turn off the mobile device and start it in recovery mode using power and volume keys.
  • By default in most recovery programs, English is exhibited. But the language selection menu may appear where you need to choose it.
  • In the menu that opened after this, the “Wipe All User Data” item is selected, then you need to confirm the operation.
  • When the cleaning is performed, it will also be necessary to perform operations under the points “Wipe Cash” and “Wipe Dalvic”. One of these functions is absent in some models of smartphones, then it is not necessary to use it.
  • When everything is completed, it remains only to restart the mobile device by choosing the “Reboot System Now” item.

Via Mi PC Suite

Ways to perform hardware reset described in previous points are suitable only for Xiaomi smartphones with an unlocked bootloader. Without this unlocking, it is impossible to get into the reset menu, instead of starting it, the phone goes into firmware mode. In this case, the reset can be performed using the Mi PC Suite program, which is installed on the computer. At the same time, it is recommended to use the Chinese version of the software, since the English recognizes not all models of smartphones. The algorithm of actions for the discharge is as follows:

  • Run Mi PC Suite and connect a smartphone launched in it in firmware mode (to turn on the mode, you need to clamp the power buttons and volume increases).
  • A dialog box will open on top of the program on a computer, where you will need to choose a second point, and then. Press the button on the left (in the English version this is “yes”).
  • After the system will be reset to the Xiaomi factory settings and all the information saved on the built.In storage of the device.
  • When the cleaning is over, you need to select the last list of the list to restart the smartphone. The first load after the hardware discharge takes up to 5 minutes.

Remote discharge via Google or Mi Cloud

Remote reset can be made using Google or Mi Cloud services if the phone is tied to accounts in these systems. In Google, this is performed using the “Find the device” function:

  • Go to the Android Devicemanager website and log in from the Google account, on which the Xiaomi smartphone is executed.
  • The system will search for attached devices, after which you need to select the tab corresponding to your device.
  • On this tab you need to select the “Wipe the Data” function and confirm the choice twice, clicking first on this button, and then on the “Clean” button.
  • Cleaning will begin and the notification of “Your Device Has Been Erased” will appear. If the device is disconnected, the wipe will be produced as soon as the smartphone connects to the network.
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Hard Reset using the Mi Cloud service is possible only if the user created an account in the cloud and tied a smartphone to it. The procedure in this case is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of the Mi Cloud service and log in.
  • Go to the “Devices” section and select the phone.
  • Click the “Format device” button.
  • Reload the device when the cleaning is finished.

Strong reset of settings. Hard Reset smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 9c

Turn off the Xiaomi Redmi 9c phone to discharge settings.

At the same time, hold the volume increase button and the Xiaomi Redmi 9c phone power button.

Let the buttons when the Mi logo appears on the phone screen. Wait for displaying the main menu on the smartphone screen.

Switching between menu items is carried out using the volume/decrease buttons buttons. The selection of the menu item is made by pressing the power button.

In the menu, select “Wipe Data” “Wipe All Data” “Confirm”. Wait for all the smartphone data is restored. Next, select “Back to Main Menu” “Reboot” “Reboot to System”. Wait for the end of downloading the phone (about one minute).

Resetting of the Xiaomi Redmi 7a phone settings

For phones with Miui below 12 versions

Then, at the bottom of the screen, click reset the settings.

Further, it may be necessary to enter a graphic key or password from the account.

For Miui 12

Open the phone settings. Next, select the settings reset. Click wipe all the data.

Hard Reset (hard to reset the settings) phone Xiaomi Redmi 7a

Turn off the Xiaomi Redmi 7a phone to discharge settings.

Press and hold the volume button at the same time and the switching button of the Xiaomi Redmi 7a smartphone.

Release the buttons after the logo appears on the phone screen. Wait for displaying the main menu on the phone screen.

Switching between menu items is carried out using the volume/decrease buttons buttons. The selection of the menu item is carried out by pressing the power button.

In the system menu, select “Wipe Data”. “Wipe All Data”- “confirm”. Wait for all the smartphone data is restored. Then select “Back to Main Menu” “Reboot” “Reboot to System”. Wait for the end of loading a smartphone (about one minute).

Factory Reset XIAOMI Redmi 4X. Erase All Content & Settings

How to make Hard Reset on the Redmi or Xiaomi phone from the menu in normal mode

The first way to make Hard Reset on Redmi is carried out when the phone is operational, t.E. You can use it as usual. However, sometimes you need to clean all the data when the phone does not work or does not turn on, for this, read the article further.

Before you dump to factory settings, make sure that you have backup copies of contacts, applications and messages if you need them. If copies are not needed, follow further instructions.

Step 1. General settings enter the general list of smartphone settings in the usual way. It is convenient for me to do this through the notification curtain. Step 2. Extended settings in the general list you need to find the menu “Extended settings” and enter it. Step 3. Reservation and Reset Score the list down, there you will see the “Reservation and Reset” item, enter it. Step 4. Hard Reset to launch a hard discharge procedure (Hard Reset) must find the menu “Reset to the factory settings” and click on it. Follow the instructions on the screen. Remember that all data from the phone will be irrevocably deleted, it can only be restored from a pre.Made backup if it is available.

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Preparation for reset to Xiaomi factory settings

Before reset the Xiaomi smartphone settings, you need to make a backup of data, since the smartphone will not only roll back the firmware to the factory, but also resumes all the information.

There are several ways to save data and files. The easiest is the built.In backup of data through system settings.

The path to data reservation using the example of Redmi Note 5. Screenshots of the author

For Miui 11, you need to go to the “Settings” “On the phone” “Reservation and Reset” “Reservation Xiaomi Cloud” / “Reservation Google”. Here you can configure auto.Cutting or make a copy of files for further transfer.

In Miui 12, the path is: “settings” “device” “backup”.

It may differ in some models, including smartphones on Android One, but in general, in all versions of the OSK, the path is similar.

You can also use Mi PC Suite. This is a branded utility from Xiaomi, a file manager for sorting different types of documents according to thematic folders. This program is installed on PC, and making a backup of data through it is also very simple:

  • Enter your Mi Account
  • Connect the Xiaomi/Redmi smartphone via USB
  • Turn on the “USB debugging” (so that this action becomes available, first click 5 times on the MIUI version in the phone data)
  • Choose in the program what you want to save
  • Do a backup

The Mi PC Suite application was previously called Mi Phone Assistant. Screenshot of the author

As you can see, there are a lot of settings of resetting, despite the fact that Xiaomi has a separate version of the Android operating system, which in terms of functionality is very different from other models and manufacturers.

Be sure to create backups, connect the “Find the phone” option, tie the cloud services and remember the passwords that you install, otherwise you will experience numerous problems with such operations.

Reset of settings, or return to the factory state, in MIUI 11 on Xiaomi (Redmi)

The MIUI 11 shell operating on the basis of the Android operating system, on Xiaomi (Redmi), during its existence, showed itself as a reliable and stable solution. In very rare cases, the user has to resort to complete discharge of settings and data deletion.

Hard Reset factory reset On MIUI 11 Any Xiaomi devices Miui 11 Hard reset On Redmi Note 5 pro

This procedure is called a return to the factory state, t.E. After pressing the treasured button, the phone will delete all the data from the memory and as a state will be exactly the same as at the moment when you first removed it from the box after buying.

This procedure is guaranteed to save Miui 11 from any software errors that led to unstable work or other failures in the existence of a smartphone.

Remember: before returning to factory settings, you need to back up data in order to be able to restore them from the cloud.

reset, settings, xiaomi, redmi

To carry out this operation, enter the settings, then click on the “On the phone” menu. Now find the line “Reservation and reset”. At the very end of the list you will see “delete all data”. This is what we are looking for. Below, the treasured button “reset the settings” is modestly located, click it. You will be asked to enter the password from the Mi account, under which you are authorized on the phone, after which the phone will reboot and you will see MIUI again in its virgin pure form.

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