How To Reset The Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Manual for Mi Band 4 in Russian

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 sports bracelet looks almost the same as the previous generation product. The abbreviation Smart has been added to the name, which means smart. The same oval-shaped capsule on a polyurethane strap. However, if you look closely, the changes are still visible. The size of the new bracelet model has become somewhat larger, but this can only be noticed by direct comparison of the two samples.

The front side of the new product is flatter, and there is no recess on it in place of the sensor and only the button. And that’s not bad at all, because there is nothing practical about it. A circle or a horseshoe is applied to the place of the notch, depending on the modification of the fitness bracelet. The display is covered with 2.5D rounded glass, which has an oleophobic special coating. A finger slides over it easily, but prints from it appear at the same second, even after freshly washed hands.

Instructions for connecting the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to a smartphone

To control this gadget, as in its typical versions of the last generation, Mi Fit software is used. If the phone operates on the Android OS, you need to go to the Google Play service and type Mi Fit in the search bar, and then successively the “Install” and “Open” buttons. With iOS, the program will have to be downloaded through the App Store service. As soon as the application is installed, it is launched and an account is created, where the mail data or phone number is indicated. With an existing account, you can SIMply log in there.

At the first setup, enter the requested information into the system and grant the required permissions. In the event that Mi Fit is already available, you should make sure that this software is the latest version, if not, then the application will have to be updated manually.

To connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone, you need to go to the Mi Fit profile and select “Add device”, press the “Band” and “Agree” buttons in sequence. Now click Mi Smart Band 4. This is your bracelet and confirm the pairing by pressing the icon on the display. Turn off Bluetooth if necessary. These actions may differ depending on the modification of the gadget and the installed version of the application.

Instructions on how to charge the Mi band 4 bracelet

Before you start setting up your gadget, you need to charge it using the included charger. To do this, pull the capsule out of the strap and place it in the charging slot so that the contacts on the underside of the product coincide with the contacts of the slot itself, drown the bracelet. At the same time, they will remain slightly protruding from the nest. Connect the charger to the USB port of a PC, battery or other charger. The watch takes about a couple of hours to charge from native charging.

Enabling the Russian language on the bracelet

On June 25, another software update was released with the addition of the Russian language to the system. To update the bracelet, you need to update MiFit on your device, and then the bracelet itself. In the video below.

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How to reset the bracelet Mi Band 3, 4

Despite the fact that the bracelets Xiaomi “Mi Band 3” and “Mi Band 4” are of high quality, they are not immune to failures. The devices have a small amount of memory (only 512 KB). And with time of use, the memory is inevitably clogged with various garbage data. This leads to the gadget malfunctioning, slowing down, freezing and incorrect display of indicators. The solution to the problem may be to return to the factory settings, which will allow the bracelet to be “zeroed” and get its factory “clean” version. In our material, we will figure out how to reset the fitness bracelets Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. And also what we need for this.

Things to Remember When Performing a Factory Reset

On the network you can find many tips offering to reset the Mi Band 3 and 4 device, put it in the freezer for several hours, completely discharge the device, close a number of contacts in it, and perform other barbaric actions. If they are objectified, you risk losing your gadget altogether, leaving it in an unusable state. Do you need this. A rhetorical question.

The software methods described above using the bracelet menu are effective. The use of third-party questionable applications of the “Diagnostic” level is not required.

How to reset the smart bracelet Mi Band 3

The need to reset the Mi Band 3 fitness tracker to factory settings may be due to the unstable operation of the device. Or the requirement of the “Mi Fit” program, which offers to carry out a Hard Reset after a period of inactivity.

If your bracelet was previously paired with the Mi Fit program on a smartphone, it is recommended to untie it from the program, and only then reset it.

To unbind, do the following:

  • Launch the “Mi Fit” application;
  • Click on the profile tab;
  • Find your Mi Band 3;
  • Scroll the screen from bottom to top several times
  • Click the Unpair button;

After unlinking the bracelet from the program, reset it.

How to Hard Reset on Mi Band 4

If your Mi Band 4 was previously paired with the Mi Fit program on a smartphone, it is recommended to unlink it from the program. Unlinking is carried out in a SIMilar way described in the case of the Mi Band 3 bracelet.

The very same reset of the fitness tracker Mi 4 to factory settings will be performed in a SIMilar way to that described with version 3.

  • Activate your bracelet by tapping on the screen;
  • Swipe from top to bottom until the “Advanced” option appears. Tap on it;
  • Using a swipe from top to bottom, scroll through the menu to the “Settings” option and click on it;
  • In the list of options that opens, swipe up from the bottom to the “Reset settings” option. Click on it;

The following steps will help to make a Hard Reset on the Mi Band 3 tracker:

  • Activate the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet by tapping on its screen;

After performing a reset, the Chinese version of the Mi Band may switch to Chinese, as a result of which you will see hieroglyphs on the screen. To return to the Cyrillic alphabet, it is recommended to pair the bracelet with Mi Fit on your phone. As a result, the bracelet will receive the necessary data and switch to the Russian-language interface.

Above, we reviewed the steps to manually reset your Mi Band 3, 4 smart bracelet to factory settings. Early versions and firmwares of trackers did not allow Hard Reset from the menu. And users had to resort to third-party tools. Now the situation has changed radically. And you can easily delete the settings of your gadget using the tips given by us.

Discharge completely

But you can also try to roll back the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to factory settings, if you just turn it off, by completely discharging the battery. In this case, it may also be possible to restart the clock. And even if the battery lasts about 20 days, this is not such a problem. Turn on as many notifications as possible for this time and try to keep the device’s display on for as long as possible.

Using a bracelet

The new Mi Band 4 has a factory reset function directly from the display of the fitness bracelet. The instructions are very SIMple for this method and will help you reset your device without any help. To do this, activate the screen and scroll to the side to the settings item. By clicking on the item, scroll to the item “reset to factory settings”, that’s it! Mi Band 4 will reboot itself and rush to factory settings.

Using the Diagnostic program

Install the Diagnostic application. This software was developed by one of the users and is considered an amateur program, therefore you will not find it either in the Play Market or in the App Store. You can download it to your smartphone using the link.

After downloading and installing the application, you need to do the following:

  • Launch the application on your phone and let it search for your fitness bracelet;
  • Select your bracelet in the pop-up list of devices;
  • Press the “Restore to factory settings” button (the name of the button may be slightly different);
  • Confirm the action by holding down the button on the band;

This method works on the principle of replacing the MAC address with Mi Band 4. Therefore, the next time you connect to a smartphone, the device will be perceived as new.


One of the most extraordinary ways to reset the Mi Band 4 is to put it in the freezer. When the critical temperature is reached, it will reboot itself.

With Mi Fit

This application is official for Xiaomi gadgets. And, in this case, how to reset Mi Band 4? After downloading it in the appropriate market, we do the following:

  • If Mi Band 4 was previously tied to the phone, untie it in the Mi Fit menu;
  • Go to the Mi Fit app: press “profile”. “Mi Band 4” scroll to the bottom and click on “Disable” ;
  • After the connection is broken, the Mi Band data will be completely cleared, we also recommend clearing the cache of the Mi Fit application;

How to reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to factory settings

In today’s society, fitness bracelets can be seen anywhere. They are produced by all eminent companies and Xiaomi is no exception. The new generation of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is already on sale in the whole. And it happens that your favorite watch is frozen or you just need to reset the steps. But with the help of these instructions, you will have no difficulty in implementing the “Hard Reset” so that the fitness bracelet becomes as good as new again. Thus, the question disappears: how to reset the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4!

How to restart Mi Band 4 via phone

So, the first way to reset the Mi Band 4 settings is to flash the device from a smartphone. The Mi Band Master and GadgetBridge programs will help you with this. But I will be frank with you. This is the way for those who really understand device firmware. For in case of failure, you may have a non-working device on your hands.

Contact closure

And the very last method that we advise you to use is resetting the Mi Band 4 bracelet using the contact closure method. The settings are reset here by connecting current sources to the contacts of the gadget. In our case, this is a piezo element from a lighter. Detailed instructions and all its cons, you can find below

Possible side effects of such a factory reset and reboot:

  • Slightly (or not slightly) melted contacts of the device;
  • Initial “Plugging” due to an emergency reboot;
  • Extreme case. Complete incapacitation of the gadget.

Detailed instructions:

  • We take a lighter with a piezoelectric element. Disassemble it and take it out (piezoelectric element).
  • Shock the right contact of Mi Band 4.
  • Everything. You Hard Reset Mi Band 4 and it rebooted.

And if the problem of freezing can be solved, most often by rebooting the bracelet, then in case of the most unsuccessful attempt “Zero” your device, you will SIMply be left without a device.

Therefore, I recommend carefully weighing everything “behind” and “vs”. When choosing methods to reboot and reset your gadget.

Using the Diagnostic program

  • Install a Diagnostician and start it.
  • Mi Band is selected in the list of devices.
  • Press the button “Restore to factory settings”.
  • Confirm the operation.

A menu item can be phrased slightly differently. When reconnecting to the smartphone, the bracelet will be perceived as a new device, because the reset operation works like replacing the MAC address.

How to restart Xiaomi MI Band 4 via phone

To reset the fitness bracelet to factory settings, you can reflash it via your smartphone using the Gadget Bridge or Mi Band Master programs. But only people who have already performed this operation can carry out this procedure. Or you are not afraid to damage the bracelet forever as a result of the operation.

Factory reset via Mi Band 4 menu

You can reset the Mi Band 4 bracelet through the device menu as follows:

  • In the bracelet menu, find the “Additional” function.
  • Move up the display and go to “Settings”.
  • Select the “Factory Reset” item.
  • Click Ok.

The reboot will take place on its own. Then Mi Brend 4 is connected to the phone. If you select “Restart” in the “Settings”, and then confirm the action by tapping the checkmark above the menu item, some analogue of a reset will occur. After launch, all digits will be replaced with zeros. You can also unlock the tracker.

This method will not solve problems in the case of incompatible firmware or freezing. But it will help to quickly reset information about physical activity, so it can be useful. But if Mi Band is blocked or frozen, then it will not be possible to work with the display.

If the user has installed an incompatible firmware, he will have to manually re-upload files with the fw and res extensions, and then bind the bracelet to the smartphone via the application.

How to reset with a bracelet

At first, there was no reset function in the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet. It appeared in the process of use and refinement and came to replace more barbaric methods: freezing, completely discharging the battery and closing the contacts. But in the Mi Band 4 version, this option is installed initially. This should make it easier to fix connectivity issues.

Factory reset via Mi Fit

The bracelet model from Xiaomi Mi Band 4, unlike the previous version, does not work on its own at all, apart from the smartphone. Immediately after turning on the device, an offer will appear on the screen to connect it to the phone. Through the official Mi Fit application, you can reset the settings of the Mi Band 4.

If the bracelet has already been tied to the smartphone via the app, first you need to untie it:

  • Open the “Profile” tab in the application.
  • Choosing a bracelet.
  • Below, under all the options, find the “Disable” button and press it.
  • Confirm the action with the “disable” option.
  • Waiting for the shutdown process to complete.
  • Reconnect the bracelet to the APP.

Once turned on again, all old settings, including the self-installed watch face, will disappear and must be reinstalled. In order not to search for a long time, they make a backup in advance.

It is advisable, after resetting the settings, to clear the cache of the application itself. Thus, all unnecessary information accumulated over the previous period will be deleted. To do this, go to “Settings” look for “Mi Fit Application” and select the “Clear cache” option.

Why do you need a factory reset

A factory reset can often help you troubleshoot your device. The easiest way to do this is on a smartphone using an option in the menu. But now more and more people use smart watches or fitness bracelets. And a factory reset may be necessary. This can be done if the smartphone is frozen, or you just need to reset the physical activity information, but a reboot is usually enough here.

With frequent changing of images on the tracker screen, over time, the watch no longer quickly responds to commands. Factory reset will help here too.

Sometimes, when you try to bind the bracelet to the application on the smartphone, the following message appears on the screen: “Connection error. Please reset the wristband and try again. ” Not everyone knows how to factory reset a fitness bracelet. There is not one, but several ways to reset.

Factory reset on iOS

For users with iOS phones, you can use this method:

  • Install Mi Fit app.
  • Try to connect the tracker.

An error message will appear on the smartphone screen. Immediately after that, the system will prompt you to perform a factory reset. Confirm the action and wait for the operation to complete.

Alternative ways to factory reset

You can still use alternative methods to reset to factory settings:

  • Freezing
  • By discharging the battery
  • Closing contacts

A drop in temperature may cause the system to reboot. This is achieved by placing the capsule removed from the bracelet for 5 hours in the refrigerator or for 2 hours in the freezer. Then removed and placed in the strap. All unnecessary information is erased without performing any additional procedures. This method is not considered dangerous for the tracker itself.

If all of the methods described above do not help to reset the system, you can use a more radical method. A complete discharge. When the battery is fully charged, a factory reset may occur. The problem can be that the charge lasts a very long time, up to 20 days. To make it finish faster, you need to load the device as much as possible. His screen should light up as long as possible.

You can use the contact closure method. It, like the previous one, is used if it is not possible to use the official program, and the reset on the Mi Band 4 tracker itself does not work. At the same time, current sources are connected to the contacts of the fitness bracelet, for example, elements from a piezo lighter.

  • Take out the piezoelectric element from the lighter
  • Connect to the right pin and shock
  • Look at the result

As a result, such undesirable consequences can occur:

  • The contacts of the device melt
  • The gadget is a little “buggy” due to hard reboot
  • The bracelet will deteriorate completely

The factory reset operation improves the performance of the fitness bracelet. But experts do not advise often resorting to this method of repair. If the user has reset Mi Band 4 to factory settings, and problems with fast battery discharge or incorrect operation often occur, they advise looking for the real reason. And most importantly. Choose an update method that is affordable for yourself and as safe as possible for the bracelet.

How to factory reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The manufacturer does not provide for the function of resetting to factory settings and zeroing the Band’s indicators. This need may arise when a user loses access to an account, phone or synchronized devices are slow. With the help of third-party applications and “folk methods”, the owner can decide how to reset the Mi Band 4.

There are two groups of ways to carry out a hard reset for a gang:

  • Software;
  • Physical impact.

The methods differ not only in the essence of the reset, but also in the results:

  • Full reset;
  • Resetting indicators.

How to reset steps

You can reset the steps on the device in any way through hard reset. In such a situation, the device data will be reset to zero, but will be saved in the account. To start using the bracelet from scratch, you need to create a new Mi account and synchronize Mi Band 4 with it.

Step-by-step instruction

Experts in Xiaomi technology highlight the following options on how to reset Mi Band 4:

  • Through the third-party program “Diagnost”;
  • By changing the linked smartphone;
  • Complete discharge of the Band;
  • Freezing.

With the help of the “Diagnostic” there is a complete reset of the factory settings. When you change your smartphone, the data is cleared only on the devices, and they are saved in the personal account. The methods of full discharge and freezing of the Banda are extreme and do not give a full guarantee of the safety of the device and achieving the desired result.

Synchronization of Mi Band 4 with a smartphone is carried out through the Mi Fit application, which is tied to a Mi account. A full Mi Band 4 hard reset procedure is not possible, but the user can reset the settings as follows:

  • Open Mi Fit app profile.
  • Select a bracelet and untie the device from the smartphone.
  • Link Band to another phone.

After that, the statistics are calculated again on devices, and the previous account will be continued in the account.

How to hard reset on Mi Band 4

Often, technical devices can be restored by returning to their factory settings. For computers and smartphones, such an action is not common, but it is still quite common. The situation is more complicated with accompanying devices that are tied to others.

Despite the complexity, for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelets, a hard reset can be carried out in several ways. Each one differs in the degree of impact on the device and can be software or physical, prompting the user to choose a way to carry out a hard reset depending on the situation.

How to reset firmware

Firmware reset is possible when using the “Diagnostic” program, which must be downloaded from the Internet, because it is not available on Google Play. The program does not work with iOS system. The application has been partially translated from Chinese into Russian, and you need to perform the following steps in it:

  • Connect Gang to phone via Bluetooth.
  • Run “Diagnostic”.
  • Wait for the application beep. This is a sign that the hard reset has taken place.

It is important when the program is running to exclude the possibility of getting into the range of several bracelets, otherwise the desired device will not be found and reset to factory settings will not take place.

Is it possible to do this without a phone?

The most difficult and risky way to reset Mi Band 4 is without your phone. The known methods belong to the category of “folk”, their result is confirmed only by comments on the network. Among them are two of the most effective:

  • Complete discharge;
  • Freezing.

In the first case, the included notifications can help reduce the charge, but even with them you will have to wait more than a month. After the device has turned itself off, it is necessary to hold it in a completely discharged state for some time. The Band then connects to power and the user makes sure that the Mi Band 4 is back to factory settings.

The most extreme option is to place the bracelet in the freezer for several hours. According to Internet commentators who performed this action, the Band retained its functionality and lost all settings, returning to the original.

How to choose the right strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

We have formulated 3 SIMple rules to help you choose the right accessory for your tracker:

  • Ensure compatibility. The worst thing that can happen when buying a new strap is the wrong size of the capsule in which the tracker is attached. When buying, make sure that the model of the device and the selected bracelet match each other.
  • Decide on the material. As mentioned above, not all straps are suitable for sports or for a certain wardrobe, so before buying, decide on how you want to use the accessory.
  • Make sure of the quality of workmanship and materials used.

What are the straps for Mi Band 4?

Xiaomi offers an original strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 made of silicone. The material is elastic and durable with a smooth, pleasant to the touch surface. The product has a sufficient number of divisions, so it easily adjusts to the desired wrist circumference. With a strap on your hand, it’s comfortable to train and even swim, the silicone is water resistant. The capsule in the bracelet is held firmly and will not fall out during intense movements.

Despite the high quality, using the accessory every day, it will wear out or just get bored. However, the assortment is not limited to factory straps, but offers a lot of alternatives from third-party manufacturers, no less high quality and more exotic. In our catalog you will find classic perforated silicone straps for sports and all sorts of designer products. Consider what other materials, besides silicone, you can find straps for Mi Band 4:

  • Nylon;
  • Metal;
  • Leather.

The nylon strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can be called the most SIMilar in properties to the original. It is also flexible, lightweight and at the same time durable, due to the properties of nylon fabric. Putting the strap on your hand, you will forget about its presence in a few minutes and remember when you want to take it off. These properties will allow you, leaving the bracelet on your wrist, to monitor your heart rate and sleep quality around the clock without discomfort. Stylistically, the accessory is organically combined with sports and streetwear style. There are elegant models made in the manner of the Milanese loop.

Fashion accessories are metal bracelets for Mi Band 4. They have a solid appearance and perfectly complement a business suit, however, it will be less convenient to work with them during training or monitor sleep phases than with silicone and fabric counterparts. As a rule, metal bracelets are made using the weaving method: classic or Milanese. Milanese loop for Mi Bend 4, in addition to looking very elegant, has no divisions, but is fixed on a magnetic clasp, so the bracelet is very easy to adjust to the girth you need.

The leather strap for Mi Band 4 is also a stylish fashion accessory. It goes well with both a business suit and casual wear. However, playing sports, swimming in the pool or jogging in the rain can ruin the leather product, so it is not recommended to use it with the tracker solely for tracking physical activity.

Mi Band 4 straps and glass

The fitness bracelet accompanies the owner throughout the day and even in a dream, so it is important that the device does not cause discomfort. The strap that stays on the wrist all the time plays a critical role in wearing comfort. Below we will leave a few useful recommendations for choosing a strap for Mi Band 4 and tell you how effectively the installed film on Mi Band 4 can protect the screen.

Mi Band 4 screen protector

Sports activities involve close contact with the environment, and in life, no one is immune from accidental blows. In order to avoid wearing out the central part of the device, it is better to install a protective glass on the Mi Band 4. The protector has a 9H strength, which makes it resistant to impacts, scratches and chips. The tread has an optimal thickness and is absolutely transparent, so it will not interfere with the functionality of the gadget.

An alternative is a more modest film on the Mi Bend 4. It effectively resists abrasions, dirt and various cosmetic defects, but the protector is unlikely to save the screen upon impact. The advantage of this type of protection is invisibility and a more affordable price.

Unbind in the application

The Mi Band 4 developers have changed the way the device works. Without connecting to Mi Fit, the device is completely useless. An icon will be displayed on the start screen with a request to connect the gadget to a smartphone. Xiaomi’s logic in this matter is only outrageous. They have the right to close authorization for third-party programs, but why do this if the functionality of third-party utilities is more impressive. There is no need to use custom software if Mi Fit will cover all the needs of wearable device owners. But this is unlikely to ever happen.

How to reset in the program:

  • Open the “Profile” tab.
  • Select tracker.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the “Disable” button.
  • Agree with the action and wait for the unbind to complete.
  • Reconnect the gadget.

During the re-binding process, the settings will be restored. If there was a custom watch face, you will have to reload it from your personal library. In case of hard reset, it is better to make a backup copy of the watchface in advance.

Reset Mi band 4 settings

Any devices with a software shell (firmware) need a function to return to factory settings. In terminology, this is called a hard reset or hard reboot. The option starts data cleaning and returns the device to the out-of-box state. It is especially used for Android smartphones. Ios works more stable, but the ability to rollback is also there.

Xiaomi has heard requests from fans or began to carefully read the bug reports in Mi Fit. Feedback is still in need of improvement, as it is not very convenient to send emails through applications. It is hardly worth hoping for a service with the addition of custom ideas, but the opinions of users are definitely worth listening to.

At the end of last year, the troika had the opportunity to reset the tracker. Another item appeared in the additional menu, which activated the function of deleting data and parameters. Owners of Mi band 4 won’t have to wait. The option is provided by default firmware. This means that in case of problems, it will be possible to correct the situation in a few steps. But there are a few nuances, which we will discuss below.

3 working options for resetting the bracelet

A return to the factory state can now be done without freezing, discharging and closing contacts. These ancient methods, which have been used since the second generation of trackers, are a thing of the past.

Hard reset in the menu

Resetting Mi band 4 settings can be done through the built-in widgets. There is no need to install third-party programs, everything is available “out of the box”.

  • Open the additional menu.
  • Go to configuration.
  • Select the appropriate item.
  • Click on the checkmark.
  • Wait for reboot.
  • Connect your device to the official app.

Rolling back the bracelet to its default settings is an easy way to deal with software errors, but it won’t help if the user has installed incompatible firmware. In this case, you need to reload the.Fw and.Res files manually and bind the device to Mi Fit.


If the task is to reset steps and other statistics for the day, the reboot option will help. It will not solve the problem with freezing or installing incompatible firmware, but it fixes minor bugs at once.

  • Open the additional menu on the tracker.
  • Scroll down to “Settings”.
  • Click on reboot.
  • Tap the checkmark above to reboot.

After a few seconds, the bracelet will start and all numbers will be at zero. Personally, I used the function infrequently, as there is no need for it. When hovering, the gadget does not respond to touch and you need to use other options.


We’ve covered how to do a hard reset, but don’t use this feature too often. If the tracker sits down too quickly or does not read the distance correctly, you need to establish the real reason. Discharge can be caused by a custom dial, and an error in aLGorithms often occurs due to defective parts or mechanical damage.

For 1.5 months of using Mi Band 4, I use the reset once for testing. The option works great, but the obligatory synchronization with Mi Fit strains. The manufacturer deprives users of the opportunity to use advanced functionality. The standard application has special features like setting a password, but users often install third-party programs to access advanced functionality.

Version with integrated NFC

The NFC model is distinguished not only by its NFC support. This model has added artificial intelligence, which allows you to control both the bracelet and the smartphone and smart home devices (turn on the light, activate your smart vacuum cleaner, etc.).

NFC is not recommended to be turned on unnecessarily.

Gesture control system

With the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, you can pay for purchases (provided only in the version with NFC). You just need to turn your wrist to the left side and you will activate the payment option in the Mi Band 4 bracelet via a QR code, which will be displayed on the device screen.

Want to activate your voice assistant? It is very easy. Just quickly turn your wrist to the right side and the voice assistant is at your service (provided only in the NFC version).

In addition, the device supports the ability to customize the gesture control system. For example, raising your hand up, music playback is automatically activated.

A treasure trove of innovations

The Mi Band 4 fitness tracker is a treasure trove of innovation. The developers of this compact device have equipped it with a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope, as well as implemented functionality that allows you to monitor the health status (including heart rate) of the user while swimming and performing other physical exercises.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Black

0.95 ” display with oleophobic coating

The bracelet has an AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 0.95 inches (120×240 pixels) with an oleophobic coating, superior to the previous generation (which had a diagonal of 0.78 inches). Over, the manufacturer claims that the display brightness is increased.

Also, according to the manufacturer, the built-in battery with a capacity of 135 mAh (for a model with NFC. 125 mAh) should be enough for about 20 days (in the version with NFC up to 15 days) without recharging.

Waterproof construction

Mi Band 4 is a fitness bracelet with a waterproof design, with which you can safely swim in fresh water. The device is equipped with durable 2.5D glass, which can withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres and provides reliable protection for the color display.

Fast sync via Bluetooth 5.0

The Mi Band 4 gadget is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and supports work with smartphones and tablets that operate on platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 and newer versions.


NFC currently only works in China.

The fourth generation of the Mi Band bracelet with improved functionality

Mi Band 4. Fitness bracelet equipped with a color display with a diagonal of 0.95 inches, which in addition is protected by 2.5D tempered glass.

Screen personalization has been taken to a qualitatively new level. Since the device has 77 different dials, from now on, users will be able to choose a theme to their liking.

A function has appeared that allows you to use the bracelet to control music playback: using Mi Band 4, you can pause, rewind and play songs from your smartphone.

The fourth generation of the Mi Band fitness bracelet is presented in three versions: a standard version, a version with NFC and a limited edition dedicated to the Avengers superhero saga. Avengers limited edition.

User reviews

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Review

Reviews of fitness bracelets are always very popular (precisely because of the popularity of the fitness bracelets themselves), even more so. Reviews of such “popular” models as Xiaomi Mi Band and Honor Band. I recently reviewed the fourth model Honor Band, and now the fourth model from Xiaomi has appeared on the market. Mi Band 4, which replaced Xiaomi Mi Band 3. As in the case of the Honor Band, the fourth model of Xiaomi, unlike the previous modification, has a color display.

I studied this fitness bracelet, so in this review, let’s see what it is and how it differs from Xiaomi Mi Band 3. And, of course, let’s compare it with its main competitor. Honor band 4.


Display: 0.95 “, 240 x 120, AMOLED, color, touch, 2.5D tempered glass
Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, no NFC / with NFC (only works with AliPay and MiPay)
Battery: 135./125 mAh (no NFC / c NFC)
Dimensions: 45 x 18 x 11mm
Weight: 23g
Bracelet length: 155-216 mm
Speaker / Microphone: No
Determination of coordinates: no
Water resistance: 5 ATM
Sensors: six-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, heart rate sensor
Monitoring: steps, heart rate, sleep, sport modes, notifications, incoming call
Supported operating systems: Android, iOS
, on Aliexpress. From 2054 rubles and there are options with additional straps and a protective film

There is a version with NFC, there is a version without NFC, but for the Russian market, the version with NFC does not make sense. It only supports AliPay and MiPay systems.

If we compare the characteristics of this fitness bracelet with the Honor Band 4, they are just practically twins and brothers: both in terms of performance and price. But there are still certain differences, we will talk about them in the review.

Contents of delivery

A cardboard box that has withstood all the horrors of Chinese and Spanish mail.

The delivery set is extremely SIMple: a fitness bracelet in a strap, a cradle for charging, instructions.

Appearance and features

There were very few changes in the appearance of the bracelet, except that the upper part became flatter and not as rounded as in the third model. Which, in my opinion, is good.

Heart rate sensors and charging contacts are visible on the bottom.

The polyurethane straps of the Mi Band 3 had two projections for the holes in the strap, there is now one projection here. But it attaches securely: it’s hard for me to imagine under what circumstances this strap can unfasten.

One strap changes to another in the same way as in the previous model: the strap is slightly stretched, the bracelet is pulled out. I also had a gray strap in the kit. Here he is with this bracelet.

This bracelet next to the Amazfit Bip watch.

In the third model, the bracelet was inserted into the charging cradle, but here it is SIMply magnetized with contacts. You just need to put the bracelet in the cradle.

With a strap, the bracelet seems to be able to sit in the cradle, but there will be no normal contact, so for charging. Just pull out.

Bracelet work

The fitness bracelet works through the Mi Fit application, there are no problems with synchronization: just launch the application, it will automatically detect Mi Band 4 and offer to connect it. If some other device was already connected there (I have an Amazfit Bip there), then it will be offered to disconnect it while saving the settings.

The selected watch face is displayed on the main screen of the bracelet.

The dials can be changed through the application, and here even among the pre-installed ones. Forty-five pieces (Honor Band 4 has only five), you can also add other watch faces using third-party applications.

Among the pre-installed ones there are cute ones. For example, this one.

Swipe left and right. Control of the player on the smartphone. (A new feature, this was not the case before.)

Swipe up or down. Go to applications (first or last): status, heart rate, workout, weather, notifications, optional.

Status. Pedometer data.

How To Reset The Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Pulse. Last measured or measurement.

Workout. Six types are supported (before there were four): running on the street, treadmill, bicycle, walking, strength training, swimming.

For a running workout, you can scroll through the windows and watch various data.

Weather (current and for several days).

Notifications from selected apps. At the time of the arrival of that notification that an incoming call, the screen turns on and a corresponding message appears on the screen. An incoming call from the bracelet can be dropped.

Additionally: do not disturb (there is also an automatic activation of this mode during sleep), alarm clock, music, stopwatch, timer, find a smartphone, mute, display, settings.

There is almost nothing in the settings. Only brightness, reboot and reset.

Well, we note that the functionality here is noticeably better than that of the previous model and that of the Honor Band 4.

Now let’s see how it all looks in the application. Mi Fit.

Connected bracelet with settings.

By default, only incoming calls and SMS are shown from notifications, notifications from other required applications must be enabled in the “Notifications” settings (otherwise you never know what you need). And it’s so strange to read something like in reviews of seemingly very reputable publications, I quote:

The biggest problem that I encountered in a short period of time using Mi Smart Band 4 was the lack of notifications from instant messengers, and the bracelet reacted stably to calls.

And really, why doesn’t it show notifications from instant messengers? Straight riddle! Bad Chinese, bad, fu fu fu!

Preset watch faces. As I said, there are forty-five of them.

Notification settings. To connect new ones, you need to click on the “Application Management” icon below.

Here, mark any applications from which you need to receive notifications on the bracelet.

Adjusts the speed of response to raising the wrist. This is also a new option.

Heart rate measurement. You can turn on vibration when the maximum value is reached. Useful option when playing sports.

Status report: sleep, pulse,

Heart rate graph and statistics.

Sleep measurement history.

Detailed layout step by step.

Step statistics.

There is a night mode (turn off notifications).

Observations at work and conclusions

The screen, like the Honor Band 4, is much better here than on the previous model. First, the color, and the color is bright and rich. Nice to see. Still a monochrome screen. He’s very boring. Secondly, this is a new generation of AMOLED-matrix, which does not fade too much in direct sunlight, so that the information remains distinguishable. It is very valuable.

Unfortunately, the bracelet does not support the Always On function (always-on display), although the matrix itself allows it. Why such a useful function is still not done in bracelets. A big mystery to me. This will affect autonomy very slightly, and users can be given the opportunity to choose. Personally, I really miss the always-on display from the bracelet. Accustomed to a clock on a transflective display, where the screen is always on and you can always see the time and other information.

About the battery life. The manufacturer promised that even with a color display and enhanced capabilities compared to the Mi Band 3, the autonomy will remain the same. About 20 days.

At the same time, I note that Honor Band 3, with constant heart rate monitoring turned on for 20 days, did not live in any way, but lived for about 12-14 days.

Here. In general, it is really the same. With heart rate monitoring enabled. About 12-13 days, without it. 18-20. This is very good.

The bracelet works well, it does all the measurements correctly, pulse, sleep. Measures quite accurately.

Compared to the previous version. A noticeable step forward, so I would not hesitate to change Mi Band 3 to Mi Band 4, especially considering the minimum cost of such a replacement, but also in comparison with Honor Band 4. Despite the fact that their technical characteristics are almost the same. Mi Band 4 won on almost all fronts: functionality is more interesting (controlling the player on a smartphone), information on the screen looks better (to my taste), autonomy is almost twice as good.

Well, Xiaomi has got a very good new model. A clear step forward. Well, in comparison with the closest competitor, in my opinion, it wins. (Although I note that the Honor Band 4 is also quite good, I will not throw a stone at it even once. Here, rather, there is a competition in the details.)