How to Reset Settings Without Turning on the Phone

Full reset of your phone or tablet on the Android operating system, otherwise called “hard reset” or sometimes “wipe”is an operation that mobile device users usually resort to infrequently. But in some situations, this operation can be very useful. For example, you have one of the following cases:

-You decided to sell your phone or tablet, and before that you want to bring it in its original form, so that your personal information does not accidentally get to your new owner;

-You need to hand over your device under warranty, but you performed some actions with the operating system that the official service center may regard as unauthorized interference with the software;

-Your phone or tablet began to freeze constantly, “fail” and behave inappropriately. and you suspect that this is the fault of some software you installed, but you cannot figure out the reasons;

-or even you simply forgot the password for your device or screen lock code.

In all these cases, a hard reset will help you, or resetting Android to factory settings. The developers of this operating system provided several methods for resetting the settings. In this short article, we will tell you how you can return to the initial settings of the Android OS using various methods, from the simplest to the more complex.

Dear readers, please note: resetting Android (hard reset) will destroy all your data, including contacts, messages, Google accounts, installed software on your phone or tablet.

The smartphone or tablet will return to the form in which they exit the factory. Only the information stored on the SD flash card will remain unaffected. Therefore, before making your mobile pet completely erase the memory, do not forget to save backup copies of everything that may be useful to you in the future. About how to backup. read this article on our portal.

How to reset Android settings through the device settings menu

The easiest way to make a hard reset on your mobile is to run the appropriate command from the main settings menu. This method is suitable for those users whose devices maintain normal operation (at least you can load the operating system and perform some actions with it).

In order to reset Android settings in this way, perform the following sequence of actions (in some versions of Android firmware, the name of menu items may vary slightly):

1. Go to “Settings” Your phone or tablet;

How to Reset Settings Without Turning on the Phone

How to reset Android using a service code

You may have already heard that in the Android operating system there are various service codes that must be entered from the telephone keypad. These codes allow you to receive various information about your device. In addition, knowing the correct code, you can also reset all settings of the Android OS, that is, make a hard reset.

One of them should help you.

How to reset Android settings using the Recovery menu

In the Android operating system, there is a bootloader mode, the so-called Recovery Mode. This is a system mode that, among other things, allows the user to reset Android to factory settings if the device refuses to boot. To get to the Recovery menu, you need to turn off your phone or tablet, and then when the device is turned off, press one of the combinations of hardware keys on it: volume control, turn on the device, etc. Depending on the manufacturer of your mobile gadget, this combination may differ. Usually, to enter Recovery Mode, you need to simultaneously hold down the keys for several seconds “Turning on”, “Home” and “Turn down the volume”.

Also, depending on the model, the following key combinations can serve as a way to get into Recovery Mode:

-“Turning on” and “Turn down the volume”;

-“Turning on” and “Increase volume”;

-“Turning on”, “Increase volume” and “Turn down the volume”.

In order not to sort through all the combinations in a row, it would be most logical to ask Google how to get into Recovery Mode just for your phone or tablet model, in order to make Hard reset android.

After your mobile device boots in this mode, a menu item will appear in front of you with a list of actions that the user can perform. It may also be slightly different from device to device and allow you to perform various operations, but in the context of this article we are interested in one point. “wipe data / factory reset” (sometimes it may just be an item “wipe”) Boot into Recovery Mode, you need to do the following:

-using the hardware keys to increase or decrease the volume, we move to the menu item we need “wipe data / factory reset” and confirm our desire to make hard reset a hardware power button (or, on some devices, “Home”);

-confirm your choice again by pressing the menu item “Yes wipe all user data”;

-go back to the previous menu and select “reboot system now”. The system will reboot and you will see virgin Android that the user sees when they first boot up the OS.

After resetting the operating system, you can restore your contacts, data, programs, etc. Be careful with batch recovery of user applications (those that you installed yourself). After all, if this is one of them “killed” The system forced you to resort to hard reset, after such a recovery you will get back the same problems as before. It seems to us that it would be more reasonable to restore only the most necessary from backups, for example, contacts and messages, and secondary applications can be manually installed one at a time. over, resetting to factory settings does not affect the data on the SD memory card, so you can save everything you need after resetting the settings, including apk application files, in order to immediately access them after loading the device.

As you can see, dear readers, there is nothing complicated in resetting all settings on a phone or tablet (Hard reset android) with the Android operating system. The user can do this at any time, even if his mobile device does not want to boot in normal mode. Do not forget to regularly back up important data, take care of your mobile friend, and everything will be fine with you. Good luck