How To Reset Settings On A Locked Iphone


In fact, everything is easier than it seems. The point is that the settings must be reset according to certain algorithms. But before carrying out the process, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the data. This will help, if necessary, return user information, as well as all previously set settings.

Making a copy can be done using iTunes or iCloud. In the first case, you will have to use a computer, which is not very convenient. In the second, it is proposed to go to “Settings”. “iCloud” and select “Create a backup” there.

What’s next? How to reset iPhone settings before selling? And how can you get rid of previously recorded data? To bring the idea to life is proposed in several ways.

Via iTunes

For example, use a specialized application for a mobile device called iTunes. This program greatly facilitates the work with a smartphone from Apple. The main thing. Know how to act in this or that case.

How do I reset iPhone settings if I forgot my password? To do this, you must:

Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. It is important to ensure that it is compatible with the smartphone used.

  • Turn on the iPhone and launch the corresponding application on the PC.
  • Using a special wire, connect the gadget to the computer. Wait a while. The device will be detected in iTunes.
  • Click in the program on the item “General”.
  • Select “Restore iPhone” function.
  • Confirm actions with Apple ID.
  • Now all that remains is to wait. After about 15-20 minutes, you can use a completely clean device. From now on, it is clear how you can reset iPhone settings to factory settings without a password.

    How To Reset Settings On A Locked Iphone

    About removal methods

    Which ones exactly? The possibilities of modern gadgets never cease to amaze. Therefore, most functions can be activated by more than one method. How to reset all settings on iPhone?

    To date, the following methods of solving the problem are proposed:

    • Work with the gadget (it is important to remember the iPhone password);
    • Using iTunes;
    • Hard Reset implementation.

    But if you want to get rid of the installed content, you will have to act a little differently. By the way, some settings need to be deleted manually. For example, data in browsers. Every iPhone owner should remember this. Especially if the smartphone is planned to be sold.

    Safari browser

    The next tip only applies to browsers. Most often, the corresponding program refers to Safari. The thing is that before selling the phone, it is recommended to get rid of the data and settings in the browser.

    It is proposed to do this using the standard capabilities of a mobile device. How can I reset the settings on “iPhone” without a password in relation to the browser?

    To do this, follow the instructions:

    Turn on and wait for iPhone / iPad to fully boot.

  • Go to “Preferences”. “Safari”.
  • Select the required functions there. For example, “Clear History” or “Add-ons”. “Site Data”. “Delete All”.
  • Wait for the operation to complete.
  • In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. It is recommended to act in the same way when working with any browser on a smartphone. Only when you reset Safari data, basic settings will remain intact.

    Delete with password

    Initially, it is important to understand which method most users are using. How to reset all settings on iPhone? The first and most common advice. This is the use of standard gadget capabilities. In order to use it, a person must remember or know the iPhone password. Or you will have to choose some other method of factory reset.

    The instructions for implementing the process are as follows:

    Turn on iPhone. Be sure to wait until the mobile device is fully loaded. If the phone does not turn on, you can forget about resetting the settings using this method.

  • Go to the menu “Settings”. “General”.
  • Click on “Reset”.
  • Select “Reset settings and content” in the menu that appears. You can click on “Reset all settings”. Then the saved data will remain intact.
  • Click again on “Reset all settings”. To confirm the operation, you must enter the password for accessing the mobile device.
  • From now on, it is clear how you can reset the settings on “iPhone 4” or any other. But, as already mentioned, this method is relevant only when a person has a password to the device. If not, it is proposed to act differently.

    About Hard Reset

    Any modern smartphone has the ability to force reboot and reset to factory settings. This process is usually called Hard Reset. Some people think that this option is ideal for a factory reset on an iPhone.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case. The point is that such gadgets have “Hard Reset”. It is just a way to reboot the phone. And nothing more. The method does not allow you to quickly and easily reset the settings. However, it is important to know how to make the device work again if necessary. For example, if in the process of using one of the previously listed methods of resetting parameters, a hang occurs.

    Hard Reset on iPhone is done in the following way:

    Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time.

  • Release the specified combination after the Apple logo appears.
  • Wait for the device to reboot.
  • As a rule, this option helps to reboot the phone, but it does not reset the settings. For other smartphones, using Hard Reset, it is proposed to “roll back” the operating system. Every user should remember this feature. Accordingly, “Hard Reset” will not help answer the question of how to reset all settings on “iPhone”.

    1.6. Using a special program (only after jailbreak)

    1. Download the program at https://semi-restore.com/ and install it on your computer.

    2. Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable, after a while the program will recognize it.

    3. Open the program window and click the “SemiRestore” button. You will see the process of clearing devices from data and password in the form of a green bar. Expect mobile may restart.

    4. When the runner “crawls” to the end, you can use your phone again.

    1.2. How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

    This method only works if you have the “Find iPhone” function configured and activated. If you are still wondering how to recover your iPhone password, use any of the other five methods.

    1. First of all, you need to follow the link https://www.Icloud.com/#find from any device, no matter whether it is a smartphone or a computer.
    2. If you have not logged into the site before and have not saved your password, at this stage you need to enter the data from your Apple ID profile. If you forgot your account password, go to the last section of the article on how to reset your iPhone password for Apple ID.
    3. At the top of the screen, you will see the All Devices list. Click on it and select the device you need, if there are several.

    4. Click “Erase (device name)”, this way you will erase all phone data along with its password.

    5. The phone is now available to you. You can restore it from an iTunes or iCloud backup, or re-configure it as if it were just purchased.

    Without an internet connection, most of the ways to hack an iPhone password won’t work.

    1.5. By installing a new firmware

    This method is reliable and works for the vast majority of users, but requires the selection and download of firmware, which weighs 1-2 Gigabytes.

    1.Use your computer to find and download the firmware for your iPhone model with the.Ipsw extension. This extension is the same for all models. For example, almost all official firmware can be found here.

    2. Enter Explorer and move the firmware file to the folder at C: \ Documents and Settings \ the username you are using \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates.

    3. Now connect your device to your computer via USB cable and enter iTunes. Go to your phone section (if you have multiple devices). Each model will have a full technical name and you can easily find yours.

    4. Press CTRL and “Restore iPhone”. You will be able to select the firmware file that you downloaded. Click on it and click “Open”.

    5. Now it remains to wait. Eventually, the password will be reset along with your data.

    1.1. Using iTunes on a previous sync

    If the owner forgot the iPhone password, this is the recommended method. Foresight in recovery is very important and if you are lucky enough to have a backup of your data, no problem should arise.
    This method requires a computer that was previously synchronized with the device.

    1.Using a USB cable, connect your phone to your computer and wait until it appears in the device list.

    2. Open iTunes. If at this step the phone starts asking for a password again, try connecting it to another computer or use recovery mode. In the latter case, you will have to postpone the question of how to unlock your iPhone and recover the passcode first. Learn more about it in method 4. Do not forget to check if you have the latest version of the program, if you need to update the program here. http://www.Apple.com/ru/itunes/.

    3. Now you need to wait, some time iTunes will sync the data. This process can take several hours, but it’s worth it if you need the data.

    4. When iTunes says that syncing is complete, select “Restore iTunes Backup Data”. Using backups is the easiest thing to do if you forgot your iPhone password.

    5. The program will display a list of your devices (if there are several) and backups with their creation date and size. The date of creation and size determines how much of the information will remain on the iPhone, changes made since the last backup will also be reset. So choose the most recent backup.

    If you are unlucky enough to have a pre-made backup of your phone or you don’t need the data, read on and choose another method.

    1.4. Using recovery mode

    This method will work even if you have never synced with iTunes or turned on the function to find iPhone. When using it, both the device data and its password will be deleted.

    1. Connect your iPhone via usb to any computer and open iTunes.

    2. After that, you need to hold down two buttons simultaneously: “Sleep” and “Home”. Keep them for a long time, even when the device starts to reboot. You need to wait for the recovery mode window. On iPhone 7 and 7s, hold down two buttons: Sleep and Volume Down. Keep them just as long.

    3. You will be prompted to restore or update your phone. Select recovery. The device can exit the recovery mode, if the process is delayed, then repeat all steps again 3-4 times.

    4. At the end of the recovery, the password will be reset.

    1.3. By resetting the bad attempt counter

    If your gadget is blocked after the sixth attempt to enter the password, and you hope to remember the password, try resetting the counter of incorrect attempts.

    1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and turn on iTunes. It is important that Wi-Fi or mobile Internet is turned on on the mobile.

    2. Wait a little while the program “sees” the phone and select the “Devices” menu item. Then click “Synchronize with (your iPhone’s name)”.

    3. Immediately after the start of synchronization, the counter will reset to zero. You can keep trying to enter the correct password.

    Remember that the counter cannot be reset by simply rebooting the device.

    How to reset iPhone to factory settings?

    Unfortunately, novice iPhone users do not always prudently approach downloading applications to their device. Many, admiring the abundance of free software in the AppStore, install everything without thinking about the usefulness of programs. It is the lack of free memory that is usually the reason why the iPhone starts to work worse: for example, it freezes or spontaneously reboots. If such “symptoms” appear, then it’s time to “clean” the device’s memory. You can do this by resetting the iPhone to factory settings.

    How to reset iPhone via iTunes?

    If you need to reset the settings via iTunes, the first step is to turn off Find My iPhone (if activated). To deactivate on the device, follow the path “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Find iPhone” and turn the toggle switch to the “OFF” state. Then connect the gadget with a USB cable to your PC and follow these simple instructions:

    Step 1. Click on the “Device” icon, and you will find yourself in the “Overview” section.

    Step 2. Click the “Restore iPhone.” button.

    Step 3. In the window that appears, click “Restore” again. This way you confirm the request.

    After that, iTunes itself will download the software to the gadget and return the original iPhone settings. When you reset the settings in this way, contacts, SMS, calendars, alarms and notes will not be affected, but you will have to say goodbye to multimedia files.

    Completely reset the settings via Hard Reset

    Reset via Hard Reset is needed in such a situation: the user has forgotten the security password and cannot deactivate Find iPhone. The enabled function, in turn, prevents restoring settings via iTunes in a softer way.

    Such an operation is called “Hard” for a reason. A reset can lead to the fact that all personal data will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to contact Hard Reset only after other options have already been tried and have not been crowned with success.

    Recovery via Hard Reset is done as follows:

    Step 1. Connect your gadget to your PC and launch iTunes as usual.

    Step 2. Enter your smartphone in DFU mode in the following way: simultaneously hold down the Home button and the power button and count to 10. Then release the Power button and continue holding the Home button until the characteristic connection sound in iTunes. After entering the gadget in DFU mode, it makes no sense to look at its screen. It will just be black, without icons and images.

    Step 3. Turn to iTunes, and you will see that the window has changed and there is only one button available. “Restore iPhone.”. It also needs to be pressed.

    It will take a long time to wait until the initial settings are restored. About 10 minutes. When the reset is completed, the user will have to choose one of two options: reactivate the gadget or try to return the deleted data through a backup in iTunes. To implement the second option, you need to go to the “Browse” section of the device and click the “Restore from a copy” button.

    Next, in a special window, you need to select the copy that suits you best and click “Restore”.

    Creating a backup. Is it necessary?

    Before you reset your iPhone to factory settings, you should make a backup copy of the data stored on your phone using iTunes. Then, if necessary, you can restore important information. There are two ways to create a backup:

    Step 1. In the context menu of the AppStore, go to the path “File”. “Devices”. “Create a backup copy”.

    Step 2. Click the device icon in the top panel and in the “Overview” section click “Create a copy now”.

    It will not be possible to “resurrect” all data using a backup copy. Only the following will be available:

      Contacts. Content of the Notes application. Photos. Messages and call history. Phone settings and network settings.

    Games, apps and music won’t be restored.

    Resetting the iPhone via “Settings”

    You can reset the settings on the iPhone without connecting the gadget to the computer at all. You need to proceed as follows:

    Step 1. Go to “Settings” and select the “General” section.

    Step 2. Scroll to the end and select the “Reset” subsection.

    You will see that the device offers several reset options, including:

    • Reset settings on iPhone. With such an operation, all personal information that the user stored on the gadget will remain in place. But, say, alarms and standard application settings will be reset. This short-term operation (reset lasts no more than 1 minute) can help with periodic iPhone freezes.
    • Erase content and settings. This type of reset is useful when an Apple user wants to gift or sell a used iPhone. The buyer receives a completely “clean” gadget without traces of preliminary use. Including de-authorization of the Apple ID. This operation is longer and takes about a couple of minutes (depending on how cluttered the memory is).
    • Reset network settings. This operation helps if, after replacing the SIM, the gadget cannot find the network of the new service provider and access the Internet via 3G. Personal information will definitely not suffer from such a reset.

    Before you reset iPhone settings, pay attention to these “safety rules”:

    • Before resetting (especially the second, longest type), recharge the gadget at least to 25-30%. If the iPhone “sits down” during the erasing of data, most likely, it will have to be restored via iTunes and a cable.
    • Jailbroken iPhones (eg Pangu) will end up in eternal apple mode by erasing content. Again, you will need to restore via iTunes with the preliminary introduction of the gadget into DFU mode or Recovery Mode.


    Alas, the problems of smartphone users are not limited to gadgets freezing. Quite often the owners of even such protected devices as the iPhone become victims of fraud: attackers learn the security password, change it remotely and start blackmailing and extortion. Your humble servant also found himself in such a situation. Transferring money is out of the question. Blackmail will never end. But a simple reset to factory settings via iTunes will help keep cybercriminals off the hook. The main thing is not to neglect such an opportunity as creating backups: then even after a “hard” reset, you can restore important data.

    How to reset iPhone if you forgot your password?

    It is worth saying right away: if you did not have a backup copy of your data before you forgot your password, then you will not be able to restore anything.

    Connect your smartphone to your computer. Go to iTunes. (Password will not be prompted if you have already signed in from this computer)

  • Wait for the copy to be created and saved in iTunes.
  • After everything is done, click on “Restore”.
  • During this process, you will see a dialog box in which you need to click on “Restore from a copy of iTunes”.
  • Choose your device. Click on the backup that suits you best by date. The iPhone will delete all its settings and you can set a new password.
  • Factory reset via iTunes

    Before starting the procedure, take a look and make sure that you have a new version of the program installed. Click on “Settings”, click on “iCloud” and turn off iPhone search. To complete the operation, you need:

    Open the program on your PC.

  • Using the cord that came with the purchase of the phone, connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • After asking for a password, follow the further instructions that will be visible on the screen.
  • Click on the “iPhone” device when it is highlighted in the iTunes application.
  • Go to the “Overview” tab, find the name of your smartphone on the right (Example: iPhone 7).
  • Click on “Restore iPhone”, then click this button again.
  • The device will reboot and the latest operating system will be installed.
  • How to avoid losing important data when performing a factory reset?

    There are two ways to preserve your data using backups. It’s using iCloud and iTunes. For the first method, you need a whole Wi-Fi network, and for the second, you need to connect to a computer. Let’s examine each method in more detail. Icloud copy.

    Turn on Wi-Fi on your phone.

  • Go to the “Settings” section and click on the “iCloud” tab.
  • Click on “Backup” so that your slider is green.
  • Then click “Create a backup” and wait for the download to complete. After that, it will be created in your iCloud (Time and date will be written).
  • Itunes backup.

    Connect your phone to your computer.

  • Launch iTunes on your PC, but make sure you have the latest version. If not, then be sure to update!
  • If you are asked for a password, follow the instructions.
  • Click on your device in iTunes when it appears.
  • Click on “Create a copy now”.
  • Instructions for resetting an iPhone to factory settings

    After reading the instructions on the Internet, you can easily do everything yourself without using the help of a wizard. Follow these guidelines and you will learn how to factory reset your iPhone without harming your smartphone.

    Go to the “Settings” section on your phone.

  • Find the “Basic” tab, scroll to the bottom.
  • Click on the “Reset” tab once and select “All Settings”.
  • Confirm your action.
  • The reset takes about a minute or two. After completing the procedure, you can use your smartphone, your data, music, games, applications will not be deleted. Your Safari bookmarks will not be touched. This procedure can speed up your phone.
    Find iPhone and reset all settings.

    If your smartphone is at a distance from you, and you need to erase data, then this can be easily done using the “Find iPhone” function. To do this, you need to go to the website www.Icloud.com. Then you choose your phone and enter the login and password from the account. As soon as you have entered the data and confirmed them. Click “Erase”. The deletion of all data that is on the phone will begin when the phone is online, i.E. Connected to the internet. But remember that you can delete data only if you have previously connected this function. After erasing all data, the function will be disabled Reminder: you can restore all your data using a backup that is created in iCloud or iTunes!

    When you can’t do without a factory reset?

    There are a number of reasons why you need to do this operation before carrying the phone to the service:

    As mentioned earlier, this is the sale of a phone, especially when it comes to a stranger, so that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.

  • Spontaneous switching on and off the smartphone.
  • Freezing your phone (Doesn’t respond to anything, just a white or black screen).
  • If the phone does not turn on in any way.
  • Why reset iPhone settings is dangerous?

    Reset all settings on iPhone, what will happen and how to fix it?
    You risk losing important personal information, photos, phone contacts. To avoid this, you need a copy of all your files in the iTunes app. This does not require professional knowledge.

    The second option is to copy all your files using iCloud through your personal computer.

    These two options will help you save all your data, which you can restore at any time to your smartphone.

    How to reset cellular and wifi network settings on an iPhone

    It can be frustrating when your iPhone does not catch the mobile network well, appears to be connected to the internet but no data is flowing. Safari won’t load sites, email won’t send emails, messaging apps won’t work, but your Wi-Fi and your phone’s signal bars indicate a network connection.

    Network settings determine how your iPhone connects to Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks. When you reset the network settings on your iPhone, the configurations for all Wi-Fi and cellular networks return to their default settings. A reset also clears the virtual private network (VPN) configurations. After the reset, your iPhone should automatically connect to your carrier, but you’ll have to manually configure your Wi-Fi and VPN settings.

    Other settings to make before resetting network settings

    Before restarting your network settings, first try the following three steps if you have a network connection problem on your iPhone.

    1. First, turn on airplane mode on your phone and wait a minute or two after; hit Settings on your iPhone, then move the slider next to Airplane Mode to the right to turn off Airplane Mode, you will see a green color by moving the slider. (This means airplane mode is disabled).

    2. Wait a minute or so, then move the slider next to airplane mode to the left to turn off airplane mode.

    3. Check if your connections are working.

    Turn off the power, then turn on

    If turning airplane mode on or off doesn’t work, turn your iPhone off and back on.

    1. Hold the power button for a few seconds.

    2. Move the slider to the left to turn off the iPhone and check that it turns off.

    3. Wait for your phone to turn off, then press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears to turn your phone back on. You will probably need to enter your login password when your device starts up.

    Forget and get connected to Wi-Fi

    If you still can’t connect, please remove and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

    1. Open Settings Wi-Fi. The name of the network your device is connected to is displayed right below the Wi-Fi setting.

    2. Tap the circle around i to the right of the network name.

    3. Tap Forget This Network, then tap Forget. This forces your iPhone to disconnect from the network and takes you back to a screen showing available wireless networks.

    4. Tap the name of the network you want to rejoin. If prompted, enter your network password, then click Connect. Check if your connections are working.

    How to reset network settings

    If network connection problems persist, follow these steps to reset network settings on your iPhone.

    1. On your iPhone, open “Settings”.

    2. Click “General”.

    3. Click “Reset”.

    4. Click “Reset Network Settings”.

    5. When prompted, enter your password.

    6. Click “Reset Network Settings“.

    7. Your iPhone will reset network settings and then reboot. It may take a minute or two.

    8. When you can use your phone again, enter your password.

    9. Your phone should automatically connect to your cellular provider. If your iPhone doesn’t automatically connect to your mobile network, contact your carrier or Apple for support (Workshop).

    10. You also need to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Tap Settings Wi-Fi, then tap the name of the network you want to join. When prompted, enter your network password, then click Connect.

    11. Check if your connections are working.

    Note. If you are using a VPN, get and follow the instructions of your VPN provider to reconfigure their app and / or settings on your device.

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