How To Reset Samsung Tablet To Factory Settings

How to return to factory settings

Modern technology is becoming more difficult, overgrown with functions and features. From the computer to the microwave to the appliance, devices are full of all kinds of probabilities, governed by difficult multi-level menus and varied settings. Of course, the abundance of functions, a lot of settings and parameters available to the user, increase the ease of use of the technique, increase its likelihood of satisfying user requests.

However, there is also a downside to the insane progress of electronics: often an inexperienced user makes the device inoperable with absurd modifications of the settings, and, of course, does not remember the initial state of the settings. The task appears how to turn back the typical settings. Fortunately, many devices make this easy.

  • For most devices, you can easily reset the factory settings by leaving the device without a power source. Remove the batteries, turn off the power and immediately or after a short time, the device parameters will return to their initial values.
  • The situation is somewhat more difficult with modern mobile phones, which, in terms of processor power, memory size and the complexity of the tasks they perform, have more than a long time ago overtaken the models of computers that were produced by each several years ago. Most phones have a default setting correction mode. It is initiated by selecting the appropriate menu item, entering a certain sequence of characters, or holding certain keys when turning on the phone. The specific method is determined by the phone model, so you can’t do without instructions for your unit.

How to Factory Reset Android Tablet?

Android tablets are very advanced devices these days that perform many functions and store valuable information, files, applications, data, and more. If you are planning to get rid of your old tablet, have recently done a major software update or have been overly tricky with the settings, and now looking for a way to clean your device, factory reset the tablet is exactly what you need to do. In this article, we are going to show you how to reset your tablet and return to the factory settings of your device.

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If you need to reset your tablet to factory settings, you probably want to pre-save all information, including files, pictures, or other data, from your device. Start with the guide on how to back up your data found in the link above, then return to this guide to learn how to reset your Android tablet and erase all information from your device.

When you see this screen, you will need to factory reset your tablet.

Again, before we start, again, remember that resetting your tablet will erase all information, including the current version of Android. First, all information is deleted from the tablet, then the original data that you found on the tablet when you just bought it is restored, it was in this state that the tablet came from the factory, for this reason the procedure is called a factory reset. This solution, in addition to the benefits described above, will help you fix battery life and software issues after the upgrade. Resetting your tablet helps you prepare your device for sale.

Note that this guide can be used to reset Android smartphones and finally, let’s get started:

The location of the desired button in the settings menu may vary slightly from tablet to tablet, even though the common Android operating system is. The point is that tablet makers like Samsung and HTC use unique user interfaces that look great and can change the layout of options and menu settings. Do not despair, as a rule, the reset function is located in a similar way on all tablets, so you are only 4-5 clicks away from the factory settings and a clean tablet.

Go to settings, pull down the notification panel and click on the gear-shaped settings icon. Otherwise, find the Settings app in the app drawer of your tablet. Once you get into the tablet settings, scroll down, look for the section Personal or Personal (Personal), and there you should look for the section Backup and reset (Backup Reset). On some Android tablets, the reset function may be in the settings menu Safety (Security).

The Backup Reset menu on an Android 5.0 Lollipop tablet looks like this.

Once you navigate to the Backup reset section, you will see several options, including a reminder from Google to back up your data, which Google will do for you if you so desire. The backup will save your data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings or information to your Google account. This solution makes information recovery quick and easy.

Backing up important information to Google is a great idea based on the previously described data backup (link above) of your Android tablet. Once you’ve backed up any important information that needs to be kept, just scroll down and select Factory reset (Factory data reset) in the Backup reset menu.

Resetting your tablet. The last step and the last chance to remember everything.

On this screen, you will see all the accounts that appear on the tablet, it also warns that you are one step away from resetting your tablet. If your device has a MicroSD card, you will be able to check its contents or simply pull it out. This is where your photos are usually stored, so you can skip this option.

Finally, just press the tablet data reset button (or Reset tablet settings) and don’t touch the device. The tablet will reboot, delete all user data, install the latest software, and reboot your tablet. All information, contacts, passwords, messages, nothing will be left, the tablet will be just out of the box.

You did everything right. Now that you know how to reset your tablet, it’s time to restore the information you copied earlier. Of course, if you are going to use a tablet, and if you are going to sell it, you are done.


After completing the preparatory steps, you can start to factory reset Android.

What is it for

Resetting device data and settings is the erasure of all user information (, music, documents, contacts, messages, etc.), including activated accounts.

Possible reasons for the reset:

How To Reset Samsung Tablet To Factory Settings
  • Sale or transfer of a device;
  • Software-level problems (freezes, constantly reboots, etc.);
  • Failed firmware update.

Through the menu

This method is as simple as possible and is suitable for devices that function normally (at least you can turn it on and go into the settings).

  1. Go to the Settings menu → Recovery and reset.
  2. Select Reset Settings.
  3. Click Reset tablet (phone) settings.
  4. Pass the security check if necessary.
  5. Click Erase All.

Next, all information on the device will be reset, after which it will reboot.

Preparing the device

Make sure your phone or tablet has sufficient battery power. Some devices do not allow system reset if the battery is more than half discharged.

Next, make a backup copy (backup) necessary to save data that is not stored in cloud storage, music,, documents, messages, program settings, wi-fi, etc.

To make a backup:

  1. Go to Settings → Recovery and reset.

Delete your Google account. Starting in 2015, this is a prerequisite for most devices with version Android 5.1 and higher due to changes in corporate security policy.

From the Recovery menu

This method is suitable for cases when the gadget does not turn on, it is unstable, or you forgot the unlock password.

By pressing a separate button

There are some devices on which the developers have provided a separate hard reset key. It is located in a special hole labeled RESET.

To use the button, press on it with a thin object through this hole.

Hard reset Prestigio Multipad: reset to factory settings

The Korean electronics manufacturer has released several Prestigio Multipad tablets. Each of them offers interesting features, and most importantly, low cost. That is why Prestigio Multipad tablets have gained high popularity in our country.

It is quite logical that many users are interested in the question of how to hard reset Prestigio Multipad. Regardless of the reason, for example, a locked tablet, because you forgot a photographic key, errors in the operating system, or simply delete all data from the internal memory, Prestigio Multipad hard reset is a useful function.

Now let’s see how you can hard reset Prestigio Multipad.

How to hard reset Prestigio Multipad:

  1. First, make sure the tablet battery is charged. It is also recommended to remove the microSD memory card and SIM card.
  2. After that, turn off the tablet completely.
  3. Next, press and hold the two buttons Volume Up and Power on until the tablet turns on.
  4. As soon as the green Android robot appears, you need to press and hold the Power button and press the Volume Up button once.

This will take you to the Recovery Mode menu. The touch screen does not work in the recovery menu. To navigate the menu, use the volume key (Volume Up / Down) and the Power button to make a selection.

  1. In the menu presented, you need to select wipedata / factoryreset and then yes deletealluserdata.
  2. After the wiping data process is complete, select the reboot system now option.

That’s all! After booting up the tablet, you will find that the photographic key has been deleted and all settings and data have been cleared. Now you know how to hard reset Prestigio Multipad.

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