How to reset Samsung phone settings to factory

Data reset on Samsung Galaxy to factory settings

Resetting of the phone data is forced deleting all the information, including the list of contacts, messages, photos and videos, music files, mail settings and instant messengers, all installed applications. The reset option is also called in some models. Reset of settings, Hard Reset, Factory Reset. Smartphone software is returned to the state of the new.

Such an operation is an extreme measure that can be resorted to in several cases.

  • In the event of a problem in the operation of the device, when other correction methods do not help, including a simple reboot.
  • Full data removal must be before selling a phone to another user.
  • When updating the firmware of the device, there is also a discharge to factory settings.

How to perform a “soft discharge” to the factory settings on the Samsung Galaxy S10

In order to make a soft reset of settings on the Samsung Galaxy S10, follow the following actions:

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Click “General Management”, and then click “Reset”.
  • Click “Database”.
  • The Factory Reset Data screen will warn you about all the data and applications that will be deleted. Scroll down and press the “reset“. You will need to enter your PIN code to continue.
  • Click “Applications” on the main screen.
  • On the application screen, draw a finger to the page on which the “Settings” icon is located (if necessary), and then click “Settings”.
  • On the settings screen, press “backup and reset”.
  • On the screen “Reserve and reset”, click “Reset to factory data”.
  • On the screen “Discharging of the factory data”, click “Detachment of the device”.
  • Click “Delete everything”.

After rebooting the device, you will see a greeting screen and you can configure the device.

Using the recovery keys

If you use the first method, there is no way. There is a way to recover through the recovery mode. To enter this mode, you need to clamp a certain combination of buttons on the shut.Off smartphone. The combination of buttons depends on the manufacturer of your device. Below are key combinations that are used to enter the recovery mode in most smartphone models.

  • Power button button “Home” button volume or
  • Power button button volume or
  • Power button button “Home” button volume and
  • Power button button volume and
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In most cases, the Recovery menu looks as follows.

Navigation is carried out using volume buttons. Choosing. A power key. To reset the settings, you must select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset“. The phone will go into reboot and return to the factory settings.

System restoration through recovery

The second way to reset the settings on the Samsung tablet is the following actions:

  • Turn off the device and simultaneously click the Home, Power and increase sound until vibration appears.
  • Release the power button-System Recovery should appear on the screen. After that, release the remaining buttons;
  • For navigation in the menu, use a volume swing, and to select the desired item. Power. We will need a string of Factory Reset or Wipe Data.

Having deployed this parameter, select the option “Delete all the data of the user” (Delete All User Data). To start it, press the power button. The discharge process to the original settings will start, after which the smartphone will restart. Sometimes you have to run the process manually using the Reboot System now command.

This method is perfect not only for tablets, but also for smartphones on the Android operating system.

What is data reset and why it is needed?

Not only on Galaxy, but on all Android smartphones, a complete reset is provided. When this function is activated, the device is pumped to the factory settings. You get the phone completely “clean” like out of the box.

Important! When activating the option, all user data is removed. These are applications, files, contacts, correspondence, system settings, additional components, etc. D.

  • Transfer all important files from phone to flash drive.
  • Make a backup. It will allow you to restore information, save the user a lot of time.
  • Go to the settings and delete Google account. Otherwise, the smartphone will ask to log in to this account after turning on.

Why might require a complete reset and return of factory settings? We list the common reasons:

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy A10. Hard Reset

  • There were problems with the phone. If they cannot be solved with standard means, then it is recommended to complete a complete discharge. Often the rollback of the system to factory settings helps users.
  • You are going to implement an old device, or give it to someone. Naturally, it is better to erase a huge amount of personal information so that third.Party people do not get access to it.
  • Before or after updating OS. Developers recommend that you carry out a “clean” installation so that errors from the old version of the operating system do not go into a new.

How to reset Samsung settings? Consider the main methods for rollback of the system on the apparatus of the Korean manufacturer.

Backap is required

After the Hard Reset is completed on Samsung, user files, applications and account information will be deleted. If you drop the parameters through the recovery, you can’t save anything if you use the “Settings” tab. Before starting the procedure, perform synchronization and backup.

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Important! On different versions of Android, the option may have different names. For example “synchronization and backup”.

  • Go to the device option, then open the “Cloud and Accounts” tab.
  • Click on Samsung Cloud. The cloud.Storage control menu opens. Here you can see the date and time of the last synchronization and an affordable volume in the cloud.
  • Tap “backup options”.
  • If, opposite the “Automatic Archival” point, the switch is activated, then your information is regularly loaded on Samsung Cloud.
  • Click “Arch the now” if copying on the schedule is disabled.
  • Usually loading on a virtual disc takes a few minutes.
  • After resetting the settings, open the “Cloud and Accounts” again. Go to the Samsung cloud and slip “Restore”. After entering a personal account, information, contacts and media files will be downloaded to the phone again.

Backup via Titanium Backup

Important! The method works only if there is a ROOT-right.

Samsung Smartphones Format |Hard Reset & Complete Setup ,How To Factory Reset Samsung Phones

The Titanium Backup application allows you to create backup copies of applications that cannot be downloaded to cloud storages.

  • After downloading the utility, grant her the rights to record and reading using Root-right. The procedure is performed at the first launch.
  • Open the “Package Action” tab. Slide on the option “Copy all user software”. The current number of set games and programs is displayed to the right of the option.
  • Note with ticks only those programs that you want to save. Keep in mind that the backup file can occupy a very large space. Up to several GB.
  • Slide on a green checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen for start. Reserve copies will be ready within 10-15 minutes. Time can vary the larger or lesser direction, depending on the performance of the device and the number of applications.
  • All files with copies of programs are saved in the Titanium Backup folder on the memory card. Before performing Hard Reset on Samsung, move the backup to PC or a removable memory card.

Backup with Easeus

Important! To use the application, you will need a computer with Internet access.

reset, samsung, phone, settings, factory

A popular backup application works with the latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo and allows you to save backups on a computer or external memory card.

  • Download the utility from the official website and install on the PC, as well as on the phone itself.
  • Connect the gadget to the computer using USB cable. Open the program and click “Device Fast Scan (USB Hub)”.
  • As soon as the device is determined by the system, the list of programs and files will open. Note by shackles the information that you want to save after Hard Reset.
  • Click Backup Start and select the final folder. It is advisable to first save everything on the computer, since sometimes the utility incorrectly copies the application data on the SD card.
  • The process usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes. Copying time depends on the quantity and volume of your programs and games.
  • After returning to the factory parameters, download the backup back to the device by clicking on the Backup Load to Device button.
reset, samsung, phone, settings, factory

How to make a reset to factory settings and preparation step by step

So, in order to perform this action on a mobile phone, Android must be charged at least 75 % or just be connected during the discharge.

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In addition to this, you need to make a backup before starting, since this process delements all personal information from the Android device.

As you can see, this process is simple, but very delicate. It must be noted that it can take an hour or more, since each device is slightly different.

How to reset the phone to the Samsung A10 factory settings

How to reset the Samsung phone settings A 10:

  • Draw two fingers down from the upper edge of the screen.
  • Select the settings icon.
  • Select “General Administration”.
  • Select “Reset”.
  • Click “Restore default settings”.

How to reset the phone to the Samsung A15 factory settings

The steps that need to be performed to format the Samsung mobile phone:

  • On the main screen, draw a finger up or down to go to the “Appendix” screen.
  • Click the settings.
  • Go to the lower part to find additional parameters.
  • Enter the “General Administration” and click “Reset”. Then click “Restore default values”.
  • Scroll down.
  • Press “reset”. If there is a Samsung account or a screen lock is activated, you must enter your accounting data.
  • Select “Delete everything” and wait for the end of the process to return to the factory settings.

How to reset the phone to the Samsung A51 factory settings

This will erase all the data on the device and restore factory settings.

To reset the factory data on the device, you need to carry out down the notifications panel, then select the “General Management” settings “Reset” “Reset of the factory data”.


How to reset the settings on Android to the factory on Samsung smartphones, it is quite easy to understand. Reloading everywhere is carried out in a similar way. To reset and configure everything again any user.

There are also applications that will help when performing this process. Many of them simplify the task of formatting the turned off or blocked phone and offer different recovery options.

If you have questions or you want to offer your way to reset the settings on Samsung, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article.


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