How to reset an android dexp

Factory Reset. 3 Ways to Reset Android Tablets, If You Forgot Your Password

Hard Reset, aka Hard Reset, is done in two main ways. Regardless of the method you choose, take care to back up your personal information, and take out your memory card and SIM card, if any, from your tablet just in case.

Unload all data

Before formatting your device, you must save your data (videos, photos, contacts, notes, etc.).д). There are several ways to do it: to save it on your SD card, copy it to the cloud or transfer it to your PC.

For iOS it will be one algorithm, for Android another!

Making a Backup

You can make a backup of all information in the settings. To do this, find the item “Backup” and in the submenu check the boxes that you need to save, ticking the inscription. If you do not find the appropriate icon, do not worry, Google play has a special application Google Drive, which allows you to make a backup to the Google cloud.

Remove the memory card

The easiest way to save your data is to transfer it to your memory card. It is necessary to pull out before clearing the system! If you do not have a flash card, you can reset what you need via USB cable directly to your PC.

Why do I need to reset Android to factory settings

Of course you can spend money on a new smartphone, but the sense of paying when you can fix it yourself.

Reset to factory settings Dexp through buttons

In some cases, it is more convenient to reset all the settings, using the buttons of the device. What you need to do:

  • Turn off your gadget;
  • Press the power and volume buttons at the same time and hold them down for a while until the black menu appears;
  • Use the Volume button to move the cursor to the Recovery mode item and select it by pressing the Power button;
  • Then select wipe data / factory reset in the same way;
  • Confirm your choice by placing the cursor next to Yes;
  • After deleting all data select reboot.
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It may take a little longer than usual for the device to reboot. All user data will be deleted after this procedure.

Factory reset through the menu

The easiest way to return your Android smartphone to its pre-sale condition is to perform a factory reset from the appropriate menu item. This option is relevant for devices that do not have critical problems navigating through the system menu items.

Open “Menu”. “Settings” and select the “Restore and reset” item.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap on “Reset Settings” (the name of this item on different smartphones may look different: “Reset phone settings”, “General reset“, “Erase all data”, etc.). п.).

The system will warn you that all personal information, settings, apps, and data will be erased during the reset.

Confirm the reset operation by selecting the “Erase all” option.

How to erase data from your phone using “Find Device” service

Google has developed a special service “Find your device”, with which you can not only track your phone, but also reset its settings. Your device must be connected to the Internet.

Google will find devices that are linked to your account. Click “Erase Data.

Next, select “Erase data” again.

The result will be cleared on your smartphone or tablet internal memory.

How to reset the Android to factory settings. All the ways and why you need it

So we got to the Recovery mode. It can be implemented in completely different ways by different manufacturers. But certain items are present in absolutely all versions of Recovery Menu. Including those needed to reset to factory settings. Use the volume up and down buttons to scroll through the items in this menu. To click on the selected item the power button is applied. Now you need to perform the following simple steps:

  • Select and tap on “Wipe data / factory reset”.
  • You will be warned that all user data will be deleted next. Agree to this by pressing the power key again.
  • The process of removing all third-party applications and other user data will start. Once it’s finished, you should select and tap on “Reboot System”. This will restart the device.

That’s it, this completes your action. The smartphone will now function steadily. Of course now you will have to reinstall all applications and games. And try not to download suspicious software this time!

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Hidden codes and number combinations

Almost any smartphone supports a lot of commands, triggered by numerical combinations. Including in this way you can run the process and reset to factory settings. To do this, go to the “Phone” application, where you usually enter the caller’s number. Here you must enter one of the following codes (different manufacturers support different combinations, again):

You may additionally need to press the green Call button.

What to do after the factory reset?

So you did a factory reset. What now? Your further actions will be similar to the ones that you made after purchasing the device. For example, it is necessary to download and install the main applications. social networking clients, messengers, weather widget and many others. Modern versions of the Android operating system can help you with this. often the “green robot” offers to automatically download all those programs that were installed in this account before. However do not forget that the cause of the problems with your smartphone could be an application. So we advise you to install programs manually this time, refusing from suspicious applications.

If even after the factory reset the operating system refuses to work properly, then the cause of the problem lies somewhere very deep. In this case we recommend you to contact an authorized service center. they will do their best to help you. If the warranty period has expired and you do not want to spend the money, you can try to solve the problem yourself by reflashing it. But this is an emergency method. during the reflashing something can go wrong and your device will turn into a “brick”.

To summarize

Now you know how to perform a Hard Reset on the Android operating system. We hope that you have found this knowledge useful. Although it is better not to encounter such problems that force a reset to factory settings. A perfectly working gadget will not waste your nerves, and this is more important.

How to reset the TV to factory settings?

Enter the TV menu: Depending on the remote control, either press or “Menu” button. Or press the “Home” button and select “Settings” on the TV screen. Select “Support”. Select “Self-diagnosis”. Select “Reset”.

If you have a TV TCL Roku, you can reset the TV without the remote. You need to press and hold the “Reset” button on the back for 20 seconds and the TV will reboot itself.

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Select “Menu” (if your tablet is on)

If the tablet is fully functional, has no locked Pattern Lock, and you are able to get into settings. be sure to use this method to do a Hard Reset (hard reset) and remove the user (user) settings to the factory (factory).

All you need to do is get into settings, and find the Restore and reset.

Then you must select Reset Settings.

Next, read the warning that all data from the tablet will be erased. Select Reset tablet PC.

At the end, Android will give you the last warning that you want to demolish everything and you can not restore anything. If you haven’t changed your mind, choose Erase Everything.

The tablet will reboot and to show you the depth of the process, you will see a splash screen of atoms and molecules spinning around in the belly of the robot Android.

This is normal, in a couple of minutes the screen saver will disappear, your tablet will run with the factory settings and applications as if you just brought it from the store.

Using the menu (if the tablet is turned on)

If your tablet is fully functional, has no locked Pattern Lock and you are able to get into settings. be sure to use this method to perform a Hard Reset and reset the user to factory settings.

All you have to do is get to Settings, and find Restore and Reset.

Then you need to select Reset Settings.

Then read the warning that all data on the tablet will be erased. Choose Reset tablet PC.

Eventually Android will give you a final warning that you want to reset everything, and you won’t be able to restore anything anymore. If you haven’t changed your mind, go to Erase Everything.

The tablet will reboot and to show you the depth of the process, you will see the splash screen, as in the belly of the robot Android spinning atoms and molecules.

This is normal, after a couple of minutes the screen saver will disappear, the tablet will run with the factory settings and applications as if you just brought it from the store.

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