How to Replace a Sony Vaio Vpcf2 Laptop Battery

Modifications Asus A6r: A6500R, A6500U, A6B00L, A6B00Ne, A6B00R, A6B00U, A6B00Vc, A6Q00Ja, A6Q00Jc, A6Q00Je, A6Q00K, A6Q00Km, A6Q00Kt, A6Q00M, A6Q00R, A6Q00Rp, A6Q00T, A6Q00Tc, A6Q00Va, A6Q00Vc, A6Q00Vm, A6S00K, A6W00M, A6W00Rp

Before disassembling any laptop computer, remove the battery. The battery is removed easily and almost all laptops are the same. you need to put one latch into open mode (drawn near the latch), and keep the 2 latch in the open position and simultaneously disconnect the battery.

We unscrew the 5 bolts indicated in the image below. It is advisable to put these bolts into a small box. for example from under matches and sign that the screws are off the cover. The fact is that later, when disassembling the laptop, bolts of different diameters and lengths will occur, so it is important to accurately sign, because An improperly screwed screw can damage the appearance or performance of the equipment.

How to Replace a Sony Vaio Vpcf2 Laptop Battery

Next, remove the cover. The figure shows:

2) RAM

4) cooling system. cooler

5) Wi-fi (there is no wi fi in this modification of the laptop). Wi-fi is removed as well as RAM, only before removal it is necessary to disconnect 2 wiring and sign which wiring where it was.

Removing a hard drive, replacing

In order to replace the hard drive or remove it with a view to further disassembly, it is necessary to remove the rubber pad and pull along the arrow. In order to clean the cooling system of the Asus A6r laptop from dust or to replace thermal grease, it is not necessary to remove the hard drive.

If you only need to replace the hard drive, then the steps below to disassemble the Asus A6r laptop can be skipped.

Removing RAM, Replacing

The replacement of RAM or removal occurs on almost all laptop computers the same way, Asus A6r is no exception. It is necessary to push aside 2 latches at the edges that hold the RAM and gently remove the memory by moving up as shown in the picture.

If you need to replace only the RAM, then the steps below to disassemble the Asus A6r laptop can be avoided

Dismantling, replacing the optical drive

In order to replace the optical drive or remove it for further disassembly, it is necessary to turn on 3 screws and pull out the optical drive as shown in the figure.

Removing the Asus A6r cooling system

We remove 6 bolts indicated in the image for dismantling the cooling system and further cleaning. It is advisable to unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver with a magnetized tip, so that the screws do not fall out and do not get into hard to reach places.

Next, disconnect the power cord of the laptop cooler. You can detach using small pliers. In some cases, you can disconnect the contact with your fingers, but this may not always work out this way.

Carefully take out the laptop cooling system. in this case, it consists of two parts. The Asus A6r cooler can be disassembled further so that it can be better cleaned. For disassembly. unscrew 2 screws. Some laptops have bolts instead. riveting, so the cooler does not understand completely.

Cleaning the cooling system and replacing thermal grease

If the fan is not completely disassembled, it can be cleaned with a cotton swab through existing holes. In our case, the cooler of the cooling system is disassembled, so it’s easier to clean. In order to avoid liquid getting on the cooler contacts, it is advisable to clean it with cotton wool soaked in alcohol or vodka. In this case, even if alcohol gets on the contacts of the fan rotation mechanism, it will dry quickly.

Next, clean the ventilation holes of the grill. The best thing. rinse the grate under running water, and then blow dry with a hairdryer or wait until it dries. You can also blow the ventilation hole.

Thermal Paste Replacement

Now it is necessary to remove the old thermal grease from the processor, the card (if it was there, in most cases the thermal grease is not applied to the card), the cooling system in order to apply a new one later. If this is not done then the cooling will be worse. In order to remove the old layer, it is better to use plastic or cotton buds moistened with alcohol or a special solvent, as Iron devices can scratch the cooling and, moreover, the cooling element of the processor.

It should look something like this:

We perform the same procedure with the Asus A6r processor:

Now we apply thermal grease to the processor, it is important to apply it with a thin layer so that the heat sink is more efficient and the cooling system works more efficiently and longer without repeated cleaning. You can apply thermal grease with a plastic card, or other device. for example as shown in the image. Layer thickness. approximately 0.5 mm. It is only necessary to apply a heat-conducting layer to the processor; paste is not applied to the plate of the cooling system itself. Done: the thermal paste has been replaced and the laptop cleaned of dust, then you can assemble it in the reverse order, unless, of course, you need to do it, further disassembly, which is given below:

Further disassembly

In case you need a complete disassembly of the Asus A6r laptop, the following is a photo and description. First, remove the screws indicated by the arrows and carefully mark in which place and what length. It is convenient to lay the bolts in numbered matchboxes and write on paper in which box and where the screws are from.

Next, remove the keyboard, for this we pick up the plastic locks as shown in the photo and gently pick up the keyboard with a flat screwdriver. It is important not to make sudden movements, so as not to damage the cable that comes from the keyboard.

Then disconnect the keyboard. For these purposes, you can use a small flat screwdriver. Move the fastening tips as shown in the figure. On other models, the mount may be removed differently.

We take out the loop located nearby.

Unscrew the screw under the keyboard.

We expand the laptop 180 degrees, untwist 2 screws on the rear panel and disconnect the socket.

We take out the matrix contacts from the socket and unscrew the screws that secure the matrix under the caps.

Now we pry the lid and gradually, passing along the perimeter, disconnect the mount. Done. You can remove the top cover and the screen itself.

Performing a non-tricky procedure. get access to the motherboard.

In order to assemble Asus. we do everything described in reverse order. If you have not previously had experience in disassembling or cleaning the cooling system, we recommend that you contact us for these services, as There is a risk of damage to important components when disassembling your Asus A6r laptop.