How to remove the old protective glass from the phone

How to remove protective glass from the phone

The smartphone screen is one of the most important elements of the device that allow the owner to consume content. Special glasses are provided for its protection, which do their job perfectly. However, with prolonged use, the protection can tightly stick to the display, which is why it can be extremely difficult to remove even in case of damage.

To understand how to handle protective glasses, you need to understand their features. Such accessories are designed to protect the smartphone screen from damage. Glass when falling takes the whole blow to itself, so that the display in almost any situation remains whole and unharmed.

Unlike protective glasses, films cannot fully protect the display from falls. They are only able to minimize the risk of scratches on the surface.

Protective glass is a multi.Level component that far from consists of a transparent and solid layer. Each similar accessory has several layers:

  • Silicone. The lower layer with sufficient softness so that the protection can tighten tightly on the surface of the smartphone. Thanks to him, the glass continues to stay in a given place even if the owner is very actively using the device.
  • Safety. Perhaps the main layer, which is a glass. This is a solid gasket that takes on a blow when the phone falls and other damage.
  • Antiflent. One of the additional layers, not found in every model of protective glass. Designed for comfortable use of a smartphone in conditions of bright sunlight.
  • Restraining. Another hard layer, the task of which is to stop the occurrence of cracks. It prevents the spread of the process, so the protective glass does not crumble into small parts.
  • Oleophobic. A special water.Repellent coating that is applied to the upper part of the glass. Designed for comfortable slipping of the finger on the screen.

Not every protective glass is ready to boast of the presence of all considered layers considered. Cheap models can offer the buyer only silicone, safety and restraining layers that perfectly protect the smartphone screen, but at the same time do not have a sufficient level of comfort when using.

There are also accessories to create a sufficient level of security display differ in different directions. For example, according to the form factor, the defense is divided into:

  • 2D. Ordinary flat glass;
  • 2.5D. Flat with curved edges for a more pleasant slipping of the fingers;
  • 3D. Completely curved. Designed for models with screens-waterfalls.

Protective glass of 4D, 5D, 6D format, and so on. This is nothing more than the seller’s marketing course and the introduction of the buyer.

The protection may also differ in the type of upper layer. This is an oleophobic coating, which was mentioned earlier, matte, private or glossy (the simplest). Finally, glass differs in terms of strength and thickness. All these indicators affect the degree of display safety during falls and other physical influences.


In order to easily replace the protective coating on the phone, it is necessary to observe a certain procedure.

Cooking tools

To correctly remove cracked glass without damage to the display, we recommend preparing in advance:

  • Napkins. It is advisable to have napkins without villi, it is better from microfiber to remove the remains of glue and glass, without adding new garbage.
  • Sucker. The usual suilicon suction cup will facilitate the removal of even a fragment broken to a state. Of course, you can do without this additional tool, but its use will greatly facilitate the process.
  • Plastic scraper. It is convenient to use a plastic card, a mediator (tool for guarding strings in musical instruments) or similar objects as a replacement. The main condition is that the subject should not spoil the touchscreen.
  • Alcohol.Containing liquid. Various colognes, windows for windows or even just alcohol. Any of the listed liquids is suitable to remove residual glue, fat traces, and other garbage.
  • Gloves. Not necessarily, but desirable. Rubber or cotton gloves will help to do without the appearance of fat spots and dust on the adhesive layer of a protective screen.
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All funds are good

Consider the easiest and most popular methods available at home.

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Pick up with a fingernail

The easiest way to remove the fingernail, starting from the angle of the smartphone, especially if the crack comes from the corner. We carefully pry the vulnerable area and slowly begin to peel off the protective screen to the end of the opposite side/angle.

Important: if the glass is badly damaged or scattered into small fragments, then this method is not recommended, t.To. You can damage both hands and display.


  • Find on the cracked coating the most preserved angle where there are no cracks in the form of web or their minimum amount.
  • It is necessary to attach the suction cup to this place and crush tightly.
  • The angle with suction pry the plastic card or a special plastic scrap.
  • Pull the glass synchronously and push it with a scraper.


  • Find the whole corner on the bursting glass.
  • Take a plastic card, packaging from tablets or a special scraper. Gently insert a plastic item under the protective screen as deeply as possible, but so as not to form new cracks.
  • After that, give the protective coating and remove from the display. It is recommended to use a plastic scrap along with the suction cup, in order to less likely damage the matrix.
remove, protective, glass, phone

You will need a tooth thread, any thin and strong sewing thread or fishing fishing line for a trimmer.

  • Tighten the thread strongly with both hands, synchronously holding the smartphone with the help of palms, and pry the glass in the very whole area.
  • Move the thread to the right and left, as if you saw something. This will allow you to independently peel off the fragments even strongly adhered.
  • Stretch the thread further until you take out the second corner, and then move to the middle until everything completely peel off from the screen.

How to remove a bunch of fragments

If the protective screen on the phone went into small cracks over the entire area and began to crumble, then the fragments are removed in stages.

  • To get started, remove the largest pieces, and then carefully push the small remnants. Use plastic or credit card scrapers.
  • In no case do not try to remove the fragments, just moving them to the edge. This can lead to scratches on the display.

Advice to facilitate the process can be slightly heated by the protective layer with a hairdryer. Or glue tape or isolets over the entire area.

We stick new glass

In order to avoid damage to the display, it is recommended to stick a new protective coating immediately after removing the old. You can read more about this here.

What you need to remove the protective glass from the phone

To remove the protective glass and not damage the display, you will need several items. It is extremely important to carefully and carefully remove the glass, since any excess movement can damage the touch screen and ultimately lead to breakdown.

First, make sure that you have the following items (or at least some of them):

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Thanks to these items, you can safely remove any plastic or glass protective film from your device.

Useful tips

As useful tips, it will be relevant to pay attention to the model, manufacturer and properties. If you have already tested matte protection and it does not suit you. Get a glossy or mirror version. You can protect the display from scratches using an armored film comparable to protective glass in density and strength.

Private cases

If the film removal on the phone requires only accuracy so as not to tear off the sensor with it, then in the case of protective glass, more complex problems may arise. In particular, it will be necessary to remove the screen, given the degree of damage, configuration and many other conditions.

How to remove broken protective glass from the phone

If the protective glass is not just cracked or covered with a web, and damage is much deeper. It will be necessary to carry out the procedure for removing in stages. First remove the largest fragments, and then remove small particles. To remove, you need to use only soft materials. Scraper, plastic card or similar items. Do not stretch the fragments of glass along the display. This can lead to the appearance of scratches.

How to remove protective glass on iPhone

For the iPhone, most of the manufacturers include a set of tools that facilitate its installation and replacement in case of damage. Removing protective glass should be carried out from the top of the display. So you do not damage the button at the bottom of the smartphone. As a rule, protective screens on iPhones have high strength, and the reaction to the blow will not lead to the appearance of fragments. Due to this, you can carry out the procedure without additional actions to clean the small particles.

What you need to remove the gadget display?

First you need to determine how to remove the old protective glass from the phone. To do this, you need to stock up on several accessories that will facilitate the replacement process.

Some of these items can be delivered with an anti.Guided display coating. If you bought a recreescaster without such a set, you should not fall in despair. You can use improvised means.

  • Napkins. They should be a homogeneous and smooth structure without pile. For example, microfiber napkins. Wipe the screen with such napkins to clean the phone and remove all microscopic remnants of fragments and glue. If you take more villous fabric napkins, they will only add to the garbage screen.
  • Solia from silicone. This accessory will largely facilitate the removal of a broken coating with significant damage. But you can do without it.
  • Plastic scraper. If it is not at home, find some alternative option from a safe material for touchscreen. For this, small cardboard, plastic cards, shoulder blades or mediators are suitable for this.
  • Alcohol.Based. For example, alcohol, vodka or alcohol.Containing Payum (triple cologne). Each of these liquids safely erases the remnants of glue and effectively cleans the screen. In addition to alcohol, you can use a means from scale “Bosch”.
  • Gloves. It is also optional to use them, but so you will save your hands from cuts. When replacing the glass between the main screen and the armestek, there will be no extraneous garbage with them, which may be naked with your bare hands.

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How to remove worn glass

The method is relevant if the glass is worn out, but does not contain crack.


If possible, use the rubber suction cup to catch on the edge of the glass. If there are no suitable tools, use a wooden toothpick. Spend the edge of the toothpick in one of the angles of the glass.

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As soon as it turns out to remove the glass, fix the angle with a toothpick or a plastic card so that the glass does not apply to the screen surface again.

Gradually make your way to the center of the glass, and then to the other edge. It is important to remove the glass from the base or vertex.

After disconnecting the edge, you should delve into the protective glass with a plastic card or other thin plastic device.

Then gradually disconnect the glass from the bottom up or from top to bottom. In this case, it is not necessary to make excessive efforts that they can damage the glass or screen of the mobile device. The main task is not to bend the glass, it is easy to bring to the break.

In the process of dismantling, it is not recommended to use metal objects, otherwise it is easy to scratch the main surface of the mobile apparatus.

How to remove a protective screen without tools

If for any reason you do not have a credit card or toothpick at hand, then you can try to remove the glass with your fingers. Usually the nail is able to “climb” between the protective film and the device display. However, when using this method, even greater care should be shown, especially with glass.

  • Start by running a fingernail in the corners of a protective film.
  • Select the angle that adjacent to the display is least of all, and move your fingernail.
  • As soon as the protective film begins to disconnect from the display, draw a fingernail along the edge.
  • Since air falls under the glass, raise it slowly, carefully and with the same force along the entire length.
remove, protective, glass, phone

Thus, you already had to remove the glass. If there are some pieces on the screen, perform the actions described above once again.

Remove the old protective glass from the phone and put a new

Everyone who wants to save their phone throughout the entire period of use should think about protecting the screen.

Modern mobile phones mainly use sensory screens and are prone to scratches or cracks.

Until now, the most popular way of protection was an armored sensory glass, but some time ago, it became possible to put a glass of glass. The so.Called hybrid.

This is a film and the same hardened glass combined together to get a double effect.

remove, protective, glass, phone

Hybrid glass has a thickness of only 0.3 mm, due to which it provides ease of use.

The level of hardness of the hybrid glass is 6h, so you do not need to worry about the fact that the next time the phone falls, you will see a very sad look or a cracked screen.

The first and generally the most important plus of hybrid glass, which gives you an advantage over the hardened, is that it does not break.

Ordinary hardened often breaks, so it must often be changed. In the case of hybrid, it lasts a very long time.

How to remove stuck tempered glass screen protector on a smart phone

Due to increased flexibility and very low thickness, it is almost impossible to notice it and feel it.

The solution that is a hybrid glass exceeds all covers for phones, so you can save the original design.

By purchasing a gadget with hybrid glass, you can be sure that your phone service life will be much more (at least outside), and you will not need to spend meaningless expenses on a new hardened glass or, in the worst case, replacing a broken screen. Success.

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