How to remove the keyboard sound on the iPhone

How to remove the sound from the keyboard. How to mute keyboard clicks on iPhone or iPad

The sound that accompanies typing on the keyboard is an attempt to compensate for the sensation of working with the physical keys, a kind of “feedback”. Some people like it, some people don’t. To be honest, we’re leaning toward the latter version. when you’re typing fast, the cute typewriter sound already seems like an annoying noise! Right now we’re going to tell you two ways to turn off the annoying noise.

There are two ways to do this. What’s the level of difficulty? “Elementary, Watson.”. Just choose the one you like and the one that’s right for your situation.

How to properly set notifications for WhatsApp, VK and Telegram on iPhone.

How to turn on the keyboard sound on your phone?

First, go to Settings Sounds, Haptic Signals and check that you have the “System Haptic” option enabled: After that, go to Settings Universal Access Face ID and Attention and enable the “If Authentication is successful” option.

How to enable silent mode on your iPhone

Your iPhone can not only alert you to an incoming call with a ringtone, but also with vibration. When someone calls you, you won’t hear a ringtone, but you will feel it vibrate.

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You can set the vibration in Settings Sounds and Vibration Patterns (or Sounds).


How to add sound to your phone’s keypad?

The easiest way is to swipe your finger on the screen from bottom to top, bringing up “Control Point,” and tap the crescent-shaped icon. You can also go to “Settings” → “Do not disturb” and move the switch to “Do not disturb”.

  • On an iOS device, open Gboard.
  • Touch Keyboard settings.
  • Select an option, such as Continuous or Voice Input.

Other ways

Depending on the specifics of your particular computer and its keyboard, you can use keyboard shortcuts to mute your laptop:

Important! You can also disable the sound effects in Punto Switcher, if you use it.

Every child likes to understand everything by experience, and the laptop will be no exception. he will definitely with interest and enthusiasm click different buttons, figuring out what the result is. If from time to time your PC is used by your progressive child who wants to watch cartoons or an interesting video clip on Youtube then in order to prevent him from deleting your important data while watching this you can just lock the whole keyboard for a while.

This can be done through standard “Windows” features through the control panel menu, but it is easier and faster to use special applications. One of the best in this regard is Kid Key Lock. The interfaces are clear and accessible and you can disable them in 2 clicks.

Important! You don’t have to download the program and it’s free.

Another option of special software is KeyFreeze. True, you’ll have to download and install the app on your laptop.

To mute the keyboard on a Lenovo tablet or smartphone can be literally a few steps. However, an inexperienced user may spend a long time browsing through the settings sections and not find the right item. We decided to create a useful instruction that will help to solve this issue. So, it is necessary:

  • Go to settings and select “Personal information”. “Language and input.
  • Select the settings icon located to the right of “Google/Android Keyboard“.
  • Uncheck the box in the item “Keyboard sound“.
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Go to the “Sound” section of the settings and uncheck the “Sound of tapping the screen.

In applications the sound will still remain, in order to turn it off you can use the volume rocker.

After completing all steps, keyboard sound will be turned off on the tablet.

How to turn off the dial tone on your iPhone?

There are a few different ways to mute the sound effects when you type in a phone number on your iPhone. We’ll look at the two easiest methods to silence keyboard tones; using the mute switch and using headphones.

Quick note: Disabling keyboard taps and keyboard sound effects on the iPhone and iPad will not currently disable dialing sound effects, as phone dialing sounds are not technically a keyboard sound effect.

How to silence keyboard clicks using the mute button

The easiest way to quickly mute keyboard clicks on your iPhone or iPad is to use the “Mute” slider on the side of your device.

The mute button is a toggle switch located on the left side of the iPhone, just above the volume control.

Using the Mute switch on your iPhone is the quickest and easiest way to stop keyboard noise; unfortunately, it’s not a perfect solution.

The mute switch removes all sound from your iPhone, including any music you might be playing, sound in a game, and ringtone alerts. So if you do this, you’ll have to turn the mute slider back on when you’re done with the keyboard.

This technique also works with some iPads like. Most iPads have a mute switch like the iPhone (it’s to the right above the volume buttons), but this switch actually serves a dual function: the user sets it to either mute and unmute, or to lock and unlock the screen orientation (t. е. it allows you to stop the screen spinning when you turn the device on).

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If your iPad switch is set to lock/unlock screen orientation, you’ll need to do the following:

You might want to use the mute button if you’re taking screenshots on the train. or people might think you’re taking their picture.

How to change the sound when you dial?

How to set up automatic switching of all calls to speakerphone on iPhone

How to disconnect wireless headphones from your iPhone?

Go to the “Settings” Bluetooth menu and tap the “i” icon next to the Airpods headphones. Then tap “Forget this device” and tap again to confirm.

To do this, swipe down from the upper right corner of your iPhone (or swipe up from the bottom if you have an iPhone with a home button). The volume slider in the Control Center shows the headphone icon when your iPhone thinks the headphones are connected.

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