How to remove the cover from a digma tablet

Digma 7 Tablet.33 how to open the back cover. Correct opening of the tablet cover

Often there are reasons why you need to disassemble your technique. Most often, this procedure is done for internal cleaning. After her, your technique begins to work more efficiently and faster, and the problems that previously piss you off disappear.

The tablet disassembly procedure can be carried out at home, if you take full responsibility for the consequences. Some service centers will not fix your tablet even under warranty after you have disassembled it. It is worth considering, and when in doubt of your abilities, it is better to contact the service center for repair of Samsung tablets.

often than not, we encounter the most ridiculous problems when it comes to disassembling a tablet. The very first is usually the removal of the tablet cover. That’s right, remove the cover. it is not always easy too. Difficulties with opening the cover are also found on Apple tablets. The cover of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet is also quite tight and tightly attached to the body, and many people wonder how to remove it without damaging the.

Disassembling Digma 8021N tablet

The first thing we disassemble the tablet by removing the back cover. We were helped by the battery itself, the cover was half-open.

When you open the cover be sure to disconnect the antenna connector

The tablet is built on the RC-LF708E motherboard (exact model LF708E.N0.V10.16.CF-V06.3166.Plane_8021N_4G)

Desolder the black and red wire from the battery.

Slip a plastic card under the battery and drop a little degreaser (alcohol) to better remove the double-sided tape.

Digma 8021N is equipped with a battery (model PL30100100) with a capacity of 3200 mAh and 3.7V, which measures 3 mm (thickness), 100 mm (width), 100 mm (length).

Choosing the size, as well as the voltage and capacity (the more the better) of the new battery,

Before gluing the battery, be sure to check it, for how long it will last.

Difficulties in removing the cover

The devices that are difficult to open, include products Apple. Tablets of this type are very difficult to disassemble, so think carefully before you do it. In some models, for extra fixation and protection against non-service, the back panel is seated on the adhesive. That’s where a heat gun comes in handy.

In the XXI century of human life is closely connected with various digital devices. Even a child can hardly imagine his life without various gadgets. Just the same, through the fault of the children most often break computers, games consoles, smartphones. Many people, for one reason or another, do not want to go to the service center for professional help.

Repairing your tech at home, of course, is possible. But not everyone knows how to disassemble the tablet, cell phone or even a mouse with their own hands. Let’s deal with the breakdowns of “tablets”, and learn how to open it and fix it.

The presented instructions will be suitable for many tablets. Although they all differ in appearance, in fact there is virtually no difference in the disassembly of the device.

The information in this article is suitable for owners of gadgets from the following manufacturers: Wexler, Wacom, PiPO, Prestigio Multipad, Digma, Huawei, Chuwi, Teclast, Cube, FNF, Onda, Colorfly, Ainol, Ramos, BQ, Irbis, Explay, Ginzzu, teXet, Vertex, Mystery, Qumo, Dexp, Oysters, Supra, No-name, and is also relevant for such brands as: Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Sony, Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The whole process consists of several steps:

  • Removing the back cover.
  • Detaching the front panel.
  • Removing the battery.
  • Works with the display.
  • Let’s consider each stage in detail.

Before proceeding to disassemble the gadget, you should remember that your unskilled intervention can permanently disable the device. Careless handling with a tool can damage the contacts, motherboard, screen or the main processor of the device.

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Necessary tool kit for disassembly

In order to open any device, you need a set of tools. In the case of tablet computer repair It looks like this.

  • Special shaped screwdriver set. There are screws of different form-factors on different devices. A similar set of screwdrivers with a variety of sections is just right for fixing.
  • Use a thin knife or plastic spatula. It will help to open the tightly adhering to each other elements of the case. You can use a guitar pick.
  • Surgical tweezers. Handle where you can’t reach with your fingers.
  • Superglue or duct tape. Many elements are fixed by manufacturer with the help of adhesive tape. Needed after the repair to return everything to its original position.
  • A blow dryer. You will need when disconnecting the sensor from the sensor, and the protective glass from the frame of the case.

Basic steps

Broken Android tablet can be a lot of things: broken glass, does not turn on, requires replacement of the charging jack, you can not remove or insert the SIM card.

Removing the cover

  • Read carefully the instruction (it comes with the device or look on the Internet).
  • Using a plastic spatula, mediator or a thin knife, find the fasteners. On different models they are located in different places. Take care not to damage them. Further on it will be difficult to assemble the device back.
  • Examine the case for screws and screws. If there are any, unscrew them with a suitable shaped screwdriver.

Opening the upper part

The front part is opened in the same way. You need to loosen all the latches. Pay attention to the screws inside the tablet when you remove the back cover. Some of them go through and hold the frame of the front panel. Be very careful not to break monitor.

Disconnect the cables

A stub is a flat strip of wire. Depending on their purpose, they have different widths. As a rule, the widest one goes from the motherboard to the display. Narrow loops connect the microphone, speakers, volume control buttons, the battery.

Once the plastic case is separated from the main iron, examine the gadget’s insides. Using tweezers carefully disconnect all cables.

Be careful! A broken cable is almost impossible to repair. You have to type into your navigation device the address of the nearest hardware store.

Remove the battery

The battery in “tablets” is built-in and connected to the device by the loop. You can not take it out like the battery from the phone. In most cases it can be attached by double sided tape, screws or glue. Use one of the tools from your set, depending on how it is attached. Remove the battery.

Work on the screen

Here as never before “straight hands” are useful. Working with a hair dryer, due to lack of experience, you can completely “kill” the most expensive parts of the tablet: the sensor, display matrix and motherboard. Further repairs in this case will cost a pretty penny. It is easier to buy a new gadget.

The screen consists of three elements: protective glass, touchscreen, monitor matrix. Heat touchscreen and matrix with a hair dryer around its edges to separate it. The temperature will melt the glue and it will be easy to separate.

Use a plastic card to separate the protective glass from the case. Use it to loosen the locks that are located on the front panel. If in the process some of them fail, in order to return the technique to its former appearance, we will help double-sided tape, or a few drops of glue.

Remove the back cover of the MediaPad 7 tablet

Now gently pushing from the bottom side of the slots from the inside out on the black inner parts of the tablet, slightly pushing the screen outside of the case. Carefully pry them off with a thin blade and go around the perimeter of the tablet, separating the screen from the body.

Removing the aluminum back cover of the Huawei MediaPad 7 tablet

The screen is held by the frame around the perimeter of the small plastic holders, so you will hear them slip out of the special grooves one by one with a click.

Fastening of the back cover of Huawei MediaPad 7 tablet

The back cover of Huawei MediaPad S7 is disconnected. Two speakers and rear camera aperture are compactly located on it.

Huawei MediaPad 7 with the back cover removed

The display on your tablet is quite fragile, try to calculate the effort when you remove the back cover of the tablet, otherwise your fingers can push it harder than necessary, and the glass will crack.

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Why open the lid of the tablet?

Frequent reason for disassembly is battery replacement. Sometimes the device needs to be cleaned, which also requires opening the lid. In other cases (when there is a suspicion that the device is broken) it is recommended to apply to specialists with the appropriate tools and experience.

The back cover fits snugly to the front one, so it is not an easy job. Owners of rare models will need to read the manual before proceeding. Information can also be found in specialized forums or on specialized websites.

To open the lid of the tablet, you will need the following tools and equipment:

  • A set of special screwdrivers. In the kit must be sure to have a hexagonal and triangular, Phillips, straight screwdriver.
  • A heat gun.
  • A plastic card, a special plastic tool. everything that will help to do the job as accurately as possible. Sometimes a guitar pick is also used for this purpose.

The order of the work to be done

The process of removing the cover from the tablet consists of several steps:

Examination of the tablet. Some models have fasteners that must be unscrewed. There are some models that also have fasteners, which must be loosened.

  • Unscrewing fasteners. Screws, screws should be unscrewed with the appropriate screwdrivers.
  • Opening the lid. You need to gently pry the lid of the tablet with a pick or other delicate tool. There are fragile components inside that cannot be damaged. The vast majority of tech opens this way, but there are some devices that are quite difficult to unscrew.

How to install a regular SIM-card in the micro-SIM and nano-SIM slot

The versatility of SIM-cards is that despite the different parameters of the plastic shell, the geometric dimensions of the chip itself does not change. Therefore, for those who like to experiment with technology, it is possible to make adjustments to the size of the slots of the device on their own. You will need the usual sharp scissors and a stencil with the dimensions.

How to insert a regular SIM card into a tablet with a micro-SIM

If the SIM-card is of a new design, the microvariant will be squeezed out according to the procedure. When there is no ready-made solution, the trimming is performed with scissors:

  • The necessary stencil is chosen.
  • The trimming area is marked out.
  • Excess plastic is carefully removed.
  • The edges are deburred.
  • Testing the working capacity of the upgraded SIM card in the device.

How to put a normal SIM-card in a tablet with Nano-SIM

If a new SIM-card is used, you need to select the right type of peorization and simply squeeze it to the right nano-size.

If you have an old type SIM without peorization, you have to do the trimming by your own forces. This procedure is more responsible, as you will have to work very close to the working pins of the chip. To do this:

  • It is better to find a stencil on the Internet or make one yourself (a rectangle 12 by 5 mm with a beveled edge).
  • The contour of the cutout is marked, taking into account the orientation.
  • Carefully cut off excess plastic.
  • Since the nano-symbols are 15% thinner, the layer of plastic on the back side is sanded with sandpaper.
  • All the edges are cleaned and the chip can be wiped clean.
  • The element is inserted into the tablet. If there are problems with installation, the dimensions are adjusted.

Very often the average user is just afraid to touch the “iron”, which in many cases is correct, but not always. How to open the back cover of your tablet. we figured it out, there’s nothing difficult. The main thing is to be attentive and act very carefully so as not to damage the filling. Basically the cover is opened to replace the battery, but we’ll touch on this topic separately. To perform more complicated actions with the tablet that require qualification, it is better to go to a certified salon, especially if your tablet is not the cheapest. The articles on the Internet are good, but you may come across a model that is not explained in a nutshell. over, you can run into an unscrupulous “writer”, who will give you advice with absolutely no knowledge of the matter.

If you have any difficulties. ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

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We all use tablets for different purposes, and usually there is no difficulty in using them. But sometimes it is necessary to replace individual components. For example, because of long use the battery is ruined, or you broke the display. In this case, to go to a specialist is quite expensive. It is also impractical if you live in a small community. So it is much easier to learn how to disassemble the tablet to make the simplest repair yourself. Of course every model is different. But in this article we will give you a generalized disassembly scheme of the tablet. After reading this you will be able to generally understand how this device is constructed.

Disassembling your tablet

Once you have removed the cover, you can proceed with further disassembly. We will tell you how to disassemble the device.

Disconnecting cables and wires

  • Carefully examine all cables and connectors on the mainboard. Pay special attention to the type of attachment, so that you do not damage the stub lines when disconnecting them.
  • Disconnect all cables from the motherboard with tweezers. The easiest way to disconnect the vibration motor, SIM card slots and flash drive, microphone, speakers, aux jack (for headphones), camera.
  • If flat cables are glued to the motherboard, you need to heat them with a soldering iron first in order not to damage them. A temperature of 60° C is sufficient. Do not heat up too much, because some components are sensitive to high temperatures.

Warning! Be sure to record the order in which you disconnect components and cables. Then you can assemble the tablet in the right order.

Disconnecting the battery

Unlike smartphones, the battery in tablets is almost always fixed. It is connected with a few wires. At the end there is usually a connector that connects to the motherboard.

  • First disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard. Only after that can you unscrew the screws fixing the battery.
  • If it is glued to a double-sided adhesive tape, you will have to peel it off by hand.
  • Do not use a soldering iron. As it is quite dangerous to heat the battery.

Removing the motherboard

When you have disconnected all components and cables, it is the turn of the main circuit, the motherboard. This is the main part, because it houses the processor, graphics gas pedal, RAM and other important microcircuits.

  • Make sure that all loops are disconnected. Then unscrew the screws that fix the board. You can now remove the motherboard.
  • The main elements are protected by special steel plates. To protect the components from electromagnetic radiation. Some of the plates have heat conducting paste on the back side. To protect against overheating.
  • Some manufacturers glue the plates. This feature greatly complicates the repair. So if you do not need to replace the processor or RAM, just leave the plates untouched.

Disconnecting the sensor and the matrix

The tablet screen is composed of the touch part, also called touchscreen, and the matrix, thanks to it you see the image. These parts need to be replaced more often. Since the fall on the floor or rough handling cause cracks in these parts. To remove the sensor and the touchpad, proceed as follows.

  • Use a blow dryer to heat the edges of the touch screen to approximately 80-90° to soften the glue.
  • After that, slip the plastic card under the touch panel and gently swipe the adhesive places. Now you can put the touch screen aside.
  • Next, turn the tablet over and heat the aluminum housing in the place where you fix the matrix.
  • Use a plastic spatula to pry the display and gently pull it out.

Attention! If your tablet is not damaged, there is no need to take it apart.

The thing is that when you peel the touchscreen, it is likely to give the crack. Plus the glue melted from the temperature will spread on the panel and you will have to clean it.

We hope that our article will help you disassemble your tablet. We wish you success and that your tablet never breaks!

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