How to remove the battery from the tablet

How to change the battery on your tablet by yourself

It is no secret that over time, the battery level of many gadgets decreases. So every owner will want to know how to replace the battery in the tablet with their own hands. Of course, you can not think much about it and use the services of the repair service. But if you want to learn something on your own, it never hurts to try. Acquiring specific simple skills will not only help you understand how to replace the battery in the tablet, but also usefully spend time saving your own budget.

In Chinese tablets battery life is limited. Basically it is 2. 3 years, after which the battery fails and you need to repair the battery tablet. The main reason why the battery fails is the bloating of the battery. It literally bloats and thus can squeeze the tablet screen, or damage its motherboard, shell, latch or just burst, which can lead to total failure of the device.

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Let’s look at the reasons why the battery may fail:

  • improper use of the device: frequent recharging of the device, not charging the battery fully, using the tablet while charging;
  • Voltage fluctuations: Voltage fluctuations can negatively affect the performance of the battery;
  • battery capacity reduction: the life of any battery is limited and over time it loses its power;
  • Using the wrong charger;

If you use a more powerful charger, the battery can overheat and thereby become unusable.

Problems with battery detection

The battery is not always the problem. There are cases where the tablet just does not see the battery and thus can not charge. Such situations may include:

Before replacing the battery, you must rule out this possibility. For example use another charger or connect your charger to another piece of equipment. If all is well with the ports and the charger, then you can proceed directly to replacing the battery.

How to choose the desired battery?

Putting a new battery

Let’s hope that postal workers do not eat their loaf for nothing, and your package arrived to you safely. Now you can change the battery of your favorite tablet. The most important thing is not to make a mistake when connecting the wire. However, everything is quite simple: often the red wire. “plus”, black (some models are white). “ground”, green or blue usually goes to the connector charger. Carefully solder wires if you are good with soldering iron, if not we connect them by twists, carefully insulate joints with whatever you have (shrink tubing is better, but duct tape or duct tape will do).

Install the battery in place and fasten the way the manufacturer used. If it was held on by double-sided tape, it is better to take a fresh one, not the one that was originally.

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After that you can assemble the device and try to turn it on. If at each stage, you have shown the utmost care and caution, then your tablet should show the loading screen of the operating system as nothing has happened and continue to please you with their work.

We hope that now the question of how to change the battery on your tablet does not cause you sweating, nervous smiles and tremors in the hands. It’s always nice to bring your favorite device back to life on your own, while possibly improving its battery life as well.

How to take the battery out of the tablet

Get the battery out of the tablet is not often more difficult than to replace it. The “indestructible” devices are trending now, but it is not difficult to cope with them either. But you have to spend more time.

Replacing the battery on a Chinese tablet

As a rule, in Chinese devices the access to the joints of the two panels is located under the front panel. The screws can be hidden under the film or protective glass.

Sometimes? The case is connected simply by snaps, sometimes paired with screws. In each device the latches are located unique, so you will have to search at random.

As you can see the back cover can be removed very easily. In the picture below you can also see the swollen battery. Fixing the battery on these tablets is simply a double-sided adhesive tape or hot melt.

Before disassembling, unsolder the wires from the motherboard, if the developers did not provide for daisy-chain connections. On the example of this tablet you can see that you can install a bigger battery or two at once, increasing the battery life of the device.

How to change the battery in your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet.

  • With this device, everything is simple. The back cover is only held by the latches. It is necessary to pull up only one row and pull the cover in the opposite direction from the latches.
  • Disconnect the battery cable
  • Now you need to unscrew all the screws around the perimeter
  • That’s all, the battery can be removed.

How to remove the battery from your Book A10 tablet

  • As with Samsung, you need to pry one side of the back cover. On the book, it’s best to pry the corner and pull away from you.
  • Although the battery is visible, you need to unclip the back frame, passing the latches already all around the perimeter.
  • As you can see, the n.2 was needed to get to the battery connector. Disconnect it, then you can remove the battery. It is also glued for safety.

How to replace the battery on the tablet Acer Iconia Tab

  • Remove the narrow white back panel.
  • Now you need to unscrew the screws that fix the display
  • Turn the device over and gently pry open the display.
  • Lift the display and disconnect the cable.
  • Although the display can be completely detached, we only need the battery. So just unfold the device like a book.
  • Remains to disconnect the battery cable and remove it. In some ACER models you have to remove the whole board to get to the battery tray. Sometimes the connector is in an accessible location, but the cable itself is routed under the motherboard.

How to Change the Battery in a BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

BlackBerry doesn’t have any special tricks. The only special difference can be considered the fact that when you remove the latches you need to go all the way around, also the power connector is screwed on with two screws.

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How to remove the battery from the iPad Mini tablet

  • The last thing left is the hardest part. Apple products are the hardest to disassemble. To get to the battery will not be easy. First, you need to heat the display with a hair dryer. The temperature should not exceed 220 degrees.
  • Now you need to pick up the sensor, but with extreme care in the lower right corner. There is the sensor flat cable.
  • Gently lift the sensor up and fix it with some object. Be careful not to tear the cable.
  • Next, remove the display gasket.
  • Next, lift the display and put it carefully against the sensor.
  • Now you need to remove the metal frame, screwed with many screws.
  • Here is the cherished battery. But before you take it off you need to remove the connector screen.
  • Now you can disconnect the battery connector and remove the battery.
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Replacing the battery on the Samsung Galaxy Tab GT

The process of replacing the battery on devices from Samsung is almost always very simple. Let’s describe it step by step:

  • First we need to get to the battery itself. To do this on our device will be incredibly easy: using a spatula to remove and open the display.
  • Using tweezers remove small stickers that protect access to the loop. After that, using the same tweezers, remove the cables from the latches and disconnect them.
  • After disconnecting the cable, you need to unscrew the eight small screws that are located around the perimeter of the battery. A small Phillips screwdriver is needed for this.
  • After that, using tweezers or a similar object, carefully remove the battery itself.
  • After that, you need to put in its place the new battery, fix it with screws, and also snap the loop back.

Replacing the battery of the Asus MeMo Pad HD7 tablet

The back cover of the tablet, installed on the latches, is picked up with a plastic tool and separated from the body.

  • On the upper left side of the battery is a ZIF connector for data transfer. Carefully detach it by pulling down.
  • Carefully disconnect the battery connector on the right side of the battery.
  • Use a plastic spatula to carefully lift the battery so as not to damage its soft shell.
  • In reverse order perform the assembly of the tablet.

Problems with battery availability

It is often the case that the battery is not to blame for the tablet’s inoperability. Sometimes the gadget does not “see” the battery. This issue is particularly relevant for the Nexus line under the Android platform, although “Apple” devices also sometimes suffer from this defect.

This happens for one simple reason: the device has switched to sleep mode, and the battery charge of the tablet slowly melts while it is “asleep. And no matter how long you charge the gadget, it will not be able to turn on. This symptom is sometimes indicated by blinking pixels or the entire screen when the device is connected to the charger.

How to replace the battery on the tablet?

One of the most common causes of malfunction of your tablet is the failure of its battery. Repair work in this case is not required. If the device has stopped charging due to the failure of its battery, then the part is simply replaced with a new one. Particular attention should be paid to the proper selection of battery.

It must be chosen in strict accordance with the markings indicated in the instructions or on the tablet itself. If you have a question, how to replace the battery on the tablet, do not think that it is too complicated procedure, to cope with which it is impossible without some knowledge. In fact, to do it is very simple.

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All you need for this is a new battery and a suitable screwdriver if necessary.

A brief instruction on how to replace the battery

First carefully open the back cover of the tablet. Then remove the old battery and put the new part in its place. Note that all the connectors should match. In tablet computers, the batteries are usually connected to the main device with wires.

Connect them in accordance with the colors. The last step in the replacement process is to close the cover and put all the bolts back in place.

Speaking about how to replace the battery on the tablet, it should be noted that in some cases this procedure should be performed even before the device stops charging or will do so with interruptions. The fact that quality batteries, as a rule, are quite expensive.

That is why cheap tablets often have not very powerful batteries, which do not last for a long time. In this case it is better to buy a quality part and install it on the tablet immediately.

Particular attention should be paid to the type of battery. In this case it is better not to experiment and pick up only those options that are specified on the old battery. If you replace the lithium-ion battery with a lithium-polymer one, the device may malfunction.

The tablet will turn on and off, regardless of your commands. The data is usually written on the battery, so there is no difficulty in determining the type of battery. When ordering a new battery, it is important to consider all the nuances. Compare even the specified battery sizes.

If the battery will differ in its parameters, you may have a lot of problems with its installation.

If you have a question, how to replace the battery on your tablet, then you can do it in three steps. First, choose the right battery model on our website and place your order. If necessary, get advice from a specialist by phone or online. After receiving your order simply replace the old battery with the new part.

What’s under the lid

In almost all tablets the display controller is built into the battery itself, with rare exceptions it may be located on the device itself (in older models of gadgets). It is almost impossible to mix up the wires: black/white is the “minus” and red is the “plus”. The branch in blue or green is for going to the connector. In very rare cases, the device is equipped with two “pluses”, and this was noticed only in the exclusive products from Apple and “Sony”.

Be that as it may, all the details of the distribution of poles are indicated in the technical manual, which, as mentioned above, can be easily found on the official website of the manufacturer of your device, if that was not in the kit.

As for the removal of the cover itself, in most cases, both parts of the gadget are attached with double-sided adhesive tape, and only rare flagship models are equipped with ornate fasteners or special strips for disassembly.

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