How To Remove Subtitles On Sony Tv

Channel setup

On Sony SmartTV, you can watch TV through an antenna or via the Internet.

Smart TV setup

After setting up the Internet connection, it is recommended to update the TV receiver’s firmware first. This is necessary, since in new versions of the software, developers eliminate the detected errors, add new functions and technologies, in other words, improve and modify the “smart” functionality of the smart device.


Wifi connection can be done in two ways:

  • Using WPS technology, designed to simplify the wireless connection to the router and does not require entering a password from the local network;
  • In the classic way, in which you need to know the name of the home WiFi network and the password to it.

Connection via WPS is possible only if both the TV receiver and the router support this technology. It is also carried out in two ways: the first. Using a button, the second. By entering a code. In the first case, you need to press “HOME”, then select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “WPS (button)” on the screen. After that, you need to follow the instructions on the screen, where you will be asked to press the WPS button on the router and hold it until the connection is established. In the second case, you need to open the TV receiver menu from the remote control using the HOME key, select Settings. Network settings. Wireless settings. Wps (PIN). Then you should also act according to the instructions on the TV screen. But with such a connection, you need to open the router’s web interface from the computer and add a new device (TV), specifying the PIN from the TV receiver screen as confirmation. After that the connection will be established.

To connect in the standard way. Using a password from the WiFi network. You must press “HOME”, and then select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “Scan”. Next, in the list of found networks, you must specify the home and enter the password to establish a connection.

For a detailed description of connecting to a WiFi network for a particular TV receiver model, it is recommended to look in the instructions for it, since on different devices this process may differ depending on the type of menu and the name of the sections.

Public channels

Watching free TV channels on Sony equipment is possible when connected to an terrestrial antenna or cable TV. To do this, you need to connect the antenna cable to the appropriate socket, and then press the “HOME” key on the remote control, then select “Settings”. “Channel settings”. “Digital tuning”. “Automatic digital channel tuning”. Then you need to confirm the action by clicking “Yes”.

Next, you need to specify which antenna will be used: “Ether” or “Cable”. If you select the first option, auto search for channels will start. If a cable is indicated, you need to select a service provider from the list that appears, and if it is unknown or not presented in the list, click “Other”. Here you can manually specify “Scan Type”, “Frequency” and “Network ID”, having received these data from the provider. If the required information is not available, in the first field you need to select “Quick scan”, and in the second and third. “Automatic”, and then start the search.

Instructions for setting up SMART TV on Sony TVs

Sony Smart TV panels not only traditionally broadcast TV channels. They open up the opportunity for the user to watch a variety of online content, including IPTV, chat with friends via social networks or Skype, play games on a big screen, surf the World Wide Web and performing other activities of an entertainment nature related to the Internet. However, in order to take advantage of all this, you need to connect the TV receiver to the Network, and then set up SMART TV on the Sony TV.

Installing Applications

In addition to Google Play, you can install applications on Android TV using a flash drive, having previously downloaded the apk file of the desired game or program downloaded from the Internet to it.

However, on Sony’s Linux smart TVs, you can use existing applications that provide access to a large amount of content and music.

How to set up a Sony TV. Sony TV remote control.

Sony TV manual

The Sony TV manual contains all the information you need to connect external sources. Sony TVs have the following plug connections for connecting devices:
1) DC IN 19.5v
Connecting the supplied AC-to-DC power adapter.
For the best sound quality, connect your home theater to your TV using a fiber optic cable through this output.

This input can be used as a composite or component input according to the instructions for your Sony TV. When using a monaural device, connect it to the L (MONO) audio jack. For composite connection, use AV2 for the signals, and connect the audio cords to the (L / R) / COMPONENT IN for audio signals. For use as component input, use Y, PB, PR connection for signal transmission. To transmit audio signals, connect the cable to the (L / R) channels. The TV will automatically detect the connection type.
4) AV1
SCART cable connection.
Five) LAN
Ethernet LAN connection.
6) CAM
Connecting the module of limited access to Pay TV services.

Configuration failed on connection

Modern Smart TVs easily connect to the network in automatic mode, without any additional settings, you just need to select the type of connection Wired / Wireless, the name of your home network from the proposed list and enter the password.
The lack of connectivity may be due to:
– with a low Wi-Fi signal at the location of the TV.
-It is also recommended to update the TV software to the latest version from the manufacturer’s official website.
Indeed, the blocking of IP addresses of Sony, like many other sites, has been carried out by order of Roskomnadzor in recent months. If the official support of the manufacturer declares this, then it is so.
The sellers told you correctly. The TV is good, the problem is in the locks of Roskomnadzor. A proxy server is an intermediate network element that acts as an intermediary, which is not blocked. It can be used to connect normally to the Sony server.

Sony TV remote control

The Sony TV remote control is designed to set up and adjust all functions. Remote control buttons assignment:

In button. Selection of connected source.
I button. Turning the TV on and off.
Button.. Turn subtitles on and off.
Audio button. Enable stereo sound mode.
Sync MENU button remote control for your Sony TV. Displaying the Bravia Sync menu.

Related SEARCH button. Internet browsing while TV is on.
Title LIST button. Title list playback.
Rec button. Recording the current program.
Social VIEW button. Watching TV with friends from social networks.
Football button. Live soccer mode.

Discover button. Content search.
Sen / APPS button. Home Menu Application Categories.
Guide button. Digital TV guide display.
Return button. Return to the previous menu.
Options button. List of handy functions and shortcuts.

Home button. Display the TV top menu.
Digital / ANALOG button remote control for the TV. Switching between digital and analogue mode.
Exit button. Exiting the Menu.
Button ?– information display.
I-MANUAL button. Displaying the user manual.

Button 1.9. Channel selection.
Tv / RADIO button. Switch between TV and radio modes.
3d button. 3d display mode selection.
Colored buttons
On our website you can download the TV Remote
location and designation of remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Setting up a Sony Bravia TV to the image

Setting up the Sony Bravia TV to select the picture mode according to your preferences is carried out by successively pressing [Settings] / [Picture] / [Picture Mode] on the remote control. The choice is made from the available parameters: Bright. Increasing the contrast and sharpness of the image;
Standard. Setting the Sony Bravia TV to a standard picture for normal home use;
Individual. Saving pre-configured preferred values;
Cinema 1. Play movies in a cinema-like setting;
Cinema 2. Playing films at home;
Sport. Improved image quality for watching sports programs;
Game standard. Standard picture suitable for games;
The original game. Changing the image in the game in accordance with preferences;
photography. Improving image quality for viewing photographs;
-Bright. Improving the contrast, clarity and color quality of photos;
-Standard. Optimization of image quality for viewing photos;
-original. Increasing the color temperature of photos;.Individual. Change detailed settings for viewing photos and store preferred settings;
Animation. Tune your Sony Bravia TV for optimal viewing of cartoons.

Tv does not turn on

Hello, my Sony 21cfr TV does not turn on from the remote control and not from the buttons. I turn it off from the network, then turn it on, the blue indicator turns on, it turns off and turns red. The remotes do not respond to it, I cannot even turn it on from the universal remote control. Krasnoyarsk.

Your TV is defective and needs repair. A working device can be turned on from the buttons on the case, the remote control is not necessary for this.

How to remove YouTube subtitles on your phone

Most of all, subtitles interfere with viewing on a smartphone, which is understandable. On the phone there is already a small screen, and the appearance of text does not allow you to fully see the row. You can turn off tracking in two clicks:

In the Youtube application or in the browser on the player, click on the settings icon (it looks like three vertical dots).

  • Enter the subtitle menu.
  • Click on the line “Disable”.
  • Now it is in this that the author’s or automatic text accompaniments will be disabled, if necessary, using the same algorithm, they can be turned back on or the language can be changed. To remove them permanently on all content that you plan to view on your mobile phone, go to your profile and then to settings. In the section we are looking for “Subtitles”, click and uncheck the corresponding line, which is responsible for the appearance of captions in the.

    How to turn off subtitles on YouTube

    How to turn off subtitles in YouTube. This question is of interest to users who are prevented from viewing content by the author’s or automatically generated text. It is quite simple to do this, but the algorithm will differ on different devices.

    How to turn off YouTube subtitles on a computer

    If subtitles interfere with viewing content on a laptop or stationary computer, you can turn them off in a specific one in two clicks:

    Move the cursor over the playing to display the duration of the and the player menu.

  • Click on the subtitle icon (in different countries it looks like “CC” or text symbol).
  • Click “Disable Subtitles”.
  • Another way to remove subtitles in YouTube: click on the gear icon and go to the player settings. Here we select the “Subtitles” field and turn them off.

    After that, playback will continue without interfering with the text. It should be noted that the above manipulation helps to get rid of captions only for a specific: when you open the next clip, you may encounter the same problems. To avoid them, it’s best to permanently disable this feature in your account.

    You can remove all accompanying texts in Russian in Youtube in the profile settings on the hosting by clicking on the “Playback” line and unchecking the boxes related to the appearance of author’s or automatic inscriptions.

    How to turn off subtitles on TV on YouTube

    Disabling annoying subtitles is possible on TVs, media devices and consoles that support Youtube. This follows a simple algorithm:

    Start playing the.

  • Open the control panel in the player.
  • Click on ” options”.
  • Select “Subtitles”.
  • Set the switch to turn off the display of captions.
  • In the settings of your YouTube account, you can completely turn off subtitles on all content, after which annoying captions will not interfere with watchings.

    How to turn off YouTube subtitles on a tablet

    The algorithm for turning off subtitles in YouTube for a tablet is no different from the scheme describing this manipulation for a phone:

    In the application or browser, when playing with titles, you need to enter the player settings by clicking on the corresponding icon. Three vertical dots.

  • Select “Subtitles” and in the window that opens, click “Disable”.
  • The will start playing without any inscriptions. To turn off this feature on all clips and films on YouTube, go to your account settings and uncheck the boxes for the appearance of titles in the “Play” section.

    These methods do not always help to get rid of annoying titles. Many users complain that the above manipulations do not work, and the player continues to display labels. In such cases, you should try to clear the cookies in the browser or on the device and start the again, checking if the display of inscriptions is prohibited. This method is only available on android, since iOS does not allow digging into the system.

    In addition, disabling the text will only help if the credits were added by the author after uploading the to the hosting or generated automatically by YouTube. If the text was overlaid during the production of content, you cannot remove it.

    How To Remove Subtitles On Sony Tv

    How to remove subtitles on LG TV screen

    To resolve the need, also adhere to the below described order:

    • First, just as in the previous story, you need to arm yourself with a remote control.
    • Then click on the button located in the very center of the device screen. There should be an arrow.
    • After that, the section will be available to you. A distinctive feature is the title, which will suggest showing additional controls.
    • This is where you can turn off these settings.

    However, one must be prepared for the fact that such a plan may not work. This fact will indicate that the software for your unit is either outdated, or it has been captured by a virus. In this case, you will have to contact directly the specialists in their field.

    How to turn off subtitles on your TV

    There are many people who prefer not only to view various records, but also read the content of the text in parallel. Thus, information is absorbed better. And for some, such a method is a necessity, since a person may not have hearing or, in principle, perceive the material exclusively by a visual method. Accordingly, humanity came up with the idea of ​​creating subtitles. However, not everyone knows exactly how they turn on and off on the device. That is why in this article we will try to get acquainted with all possible options.

    How to turn off subtitles on a Samsung TV

    Indeed, for each manufacturer of the structure, the sequence and principle of action is slightly, but different. Therefore, you will have to analyze the topic separately. The owners of the presented company should first refer to the supplied remote control. On it you will also need to find a button marked with the inscription “subtitle”. With its presence, the whole process is greatly simplified, since in the future it is necessary to click on it and all manipulations are completed. If it is absent, it is recommended to follow the following step-by-step plan:

    • The first step is to find the “menu” and go to the section called “system”.
    • Then you will have the opportunity to move to the “subtitles” section, where you, in fact, can turn off the function.

    How to enable subtitles

    It is clear that the need to eliminate a function is not always inherent in a person. Hence, there are those who do not know about the activation method. This will also require a special remote control. With the help of it you will need to click on a certain button, most often it appears under the name “show additional elements”.

    In the “sub” section you can select any parameters you are interested in. To complete the procedure, click on the required mode and language, respectively. If you are the owner of the old version of the design, then all actions are identical with the above. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.


    Calculate the darkest part of the grayscale bar in the previously downloaded chart. Adjust the brightness so that the black area (on the left) is as dark as possible. Are there any differences between the left and right sides of the screen? Brightness adjusted correctly.

    Extra options

    Connect the antenna cable to the appropriate connector. Select the signal source “Antenna”. Disable additional devices. Tv is now ready to search for TV channels.

    How to connect a TV to a router? This option is available only to owners of TVs with support for Smart TV. Synchronization is carried out via a Wi-Fi router or by connecting a cable to the LAN connector.

    Automatic channel search

    There are two ways to tune TV channels, let’s start with automatic search. Take your remote control and open the main menu. Select the “Auto Channel Search” command. In a few minutes, TV will independently find and save available TV channels.

    While searching, the Sony TV screen will constantly change. Interference will periodically begin to appear. After finishing the setup, the device will start working in standard mode.

    Use the manual search function to tune all the channels on your Sony Bravia TV or find new ones. It is also included through the main menu.

    Saturation of the color palette

    The colors will be saturated when all transitions are viewed in the calibration chart. Take a look at the center of the scale for natural tones.


    Increased sharpness is the cause of unnatural images. To avoid this, adjust the sharpness. There should be no light outline along the intersecting lines in the calibration chart. Reduce the sharpness until the outline is completely lost.

    Setting up Sony Bravia TVs: step by step instructions

    How to set up a Sony TV? First, adjust the picture and sound parameters. Then go to find and store TV channels. Users are offered two modes. Automatic and manual.

    Modern TV models from a famous Japanese brand support all digital signal standards. The search for TV channels is carried out through the built-in receiver. You don’t have to buy an additional receiver and connect it to the TV.

    Especially for users who have not previously used Sony TV equipment, step-by-step instructions for setting up channels have been developed. We will also consider the features of adjusting the image, sound and other important parameters.

    Sony Bravia auto-tuning

    If you have connected Sony Bravia for the first time, then after performing the above steps, you will automatically enter the TV auto-tuning mode. If this is not the first time, then after turning on the Sony you will need to press the “Nome” or “Menu” button on the remote control. After that, you will need to go to the “Parameters” section, select “Auto tuning of digital channels” and confirm your decision.

    When you complete all the above steps, you will be prompted to select the type of broadcast. If you want the TV to search only digital channels, click on the “Digital TV” item. If you click “Digital and Analog TV”, then it will search for both.

    After that, in the connection type tab, you will need to select “Cable”. You will see a window in which the following settings will be specified: “Frequency”, “Scan type” and “Network ID”. Initially, they have default values ​​and can be left unchanged. You can also choose an operator from the proposed list or leave “Other”. After everything is selected, you just have to click “Start” and wait until Sony Bravia displays all the available TV channels and radio stations.

    Sony TV set up

    If you just connected Sony Bravia and turn it on for the first time, then you will need to first select a language from the proposed list. Next, you must set Russia as the country and come up with a pin code. You will need it to manage programs under parental control. Having entered the pin code, it will need to be confirmed by re-entering and saved in the device’s memory.

    The next stage is the choice of the operating mode and location. In the first option, select “Home”, and in the second, indicate how the TV is located: on a tabletop or on a floor stand. Sound quality will depend on this.

    Tuning digital channels on Sony Bravia

    Many of us have heard more than once that digital TV differs in many ways from analog TV, which is quite similar to it. The first thing that catches your eye when comparing these two types of broadcasting is the picture quality. With a digital TV connected, the picture is clearer and practically has no interference, since the signal quality does not depend on the environment and other factors.

    In addition, digital TV differs in that it has a program guide, which can be viewed by pressing a certain button on the remote control. Also on some channels you can customize audio tracks and connect subtitles on your own.

    A few years ago, it was possible to connect such a television exclusively with the help of special attachments. Today, modern TVs of the Sony Bravia model do not need additional devices and can receive a signal directly. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to set up digital TV.

    Sony Bravia manual tuning

    If during auto tuning the channels were not found or very few of them were found, you can try to connect the TV in another way. To do this, after you get into the “Parameters” section, you will need to select the “Settings” item or, as it may also be called, “System Settings”. Then select “Channel Setting” and the “Digital” item. Then you should repeat all the above points until you get to the choice of parameters. Here you will need to enter manually the values, which can be clarified with the operator.

    Scan typeComplete
    FrequencyThe value recommended by the operator for your region
    Network IDThe value recommended by the operator for your region
    OperatorOperator company name

    After entering all the necessary values, start the search, but note that it can take an hour or more.

    How to turn off subtitles on Sony

    On a Sony TV, the text function is disabled and enabled using a dedicated button on the TV remote control. It looks like this:

    This button may not work if played from a flash drive. In such a situation, you should pause playback, select the desired content in the Title List and re-enable it. When watching on Smart TV in online cinemas or YouTube, turn off Subtitle through the menu of the application you are using.

    How to turn off subtitles on LG

    On LG devices, the accompanying text display option can be operated from the remote control or the smart TV menu.

    To turn off subtitles on LG TV when watching a movie, you need to click on the “←” button (located in the center of the screen on the right side). A section with additional controls will appear on the screen. In it, go to the “SUB” item. Through the menu that opens, you can not only turn off subtitles, but also configure, if necessary, the parameters of this option: synchronization, encoding, color, size, language.

    How to turn off subtitles on Samsung

    To disable subtitles on your Samsung TV, we recommend you follow the following algorithm.

    Using the remote control (“Menu” button) open the control window on the screen.

  • Go to the “System” menu section. Transitions are made using the remote control buttons marked with arrow signs of the corresponding direction.
  • Open the corresponding option in the submenu and set the trigger to the “OFF” position.
  • If the TV remote control has a dedicated “Subtitle” key, then with its help it is even easier to remove titles. A simple press on this button activates / deactivates the display of text information.

    Controlling subtitles on your TV

    The subtitle and teletext functions are widely used in modern television. Duplicate text at the bottom of the screen accompanies programs and films that are broadcast in the original language, for example. It also reflects the name of the current content, information about the next program.

    Not all TV viewers understand how to control the display of text information on a large screen when watching films and shows, broadcast on the air or recorded on a USB flash drive. After all, there are many models of TV receivers and brands that produce them on the market. And each TV has its own menu, different from the rest. How to remove subtitles on the TV screen or turn off teletext. We will consider further on the example of the most popular TV brands.

    How to enable and configure subtitles

    Most models of TV panels of different models, including the Philips TV, have a “Subtitle” mode. To activate the option, there is a button of the same name on the remote control, it can be called differently. It should be specified in the documentation for a specific TV model.

    The mentioned “Subtitle” mode allows the option to enable, disable or set to automatic application mode for content broadcast in a foreign language. Here you can also configure the main and additional languages ​​for displaying text accompaniment.

    Smart TV through the menu “Show additional controls” allow you to customize text information not only in terms of choosing preferred languages. Available settings such as text color and character size, position, encoding and other parameters.