How to remove sound from video on iPhone

How to remove sound from a video on a computer

Computer software is the most convenient option for working with video materials, as it offers more tools than online alternatives or mobile applications.

  • Slows down and closes on weak PC;
  • The result is more than the original;
  • The trial version imposes a watermark, saves ½ clip and does not allow you to work with audio.
  • Open the video editor and import the video by clicking “Add files”. When the clip loads, go to the “File Library” tab, grab the video with a cursor and pull on the mounting scale. File transfer to timline
  • In the option panel, find the icon in the form of three horizontal sticks. The “Clip Properties” window will open. Draise the volume slider to the left so that the parameter changes to a value of 0%. Decrease in volume
  • Click “Save” under the pre.Examination window. Select the format and resolution and click “Start”. Preservation of the result

VSDC is a free program for working with videos and computer screen recording, designed for advanced users. Allows you to carry out complex installation, apply layers, create animation, use masks and much more.

  • Professional editing tools are completely free;
  • There is a recording module from the screen;
  • Direct file download to social networks.
  • Not very intuitive management, difficult for beginners;
  • It is necessary to configure technical nuances that require knowledge;
  • Gives a strong load on the processor.
  • Run the editor and click on the “Improte content” button. Download the video from the hard disk and click “Accept” in the project parameters window. Download video
  • Make sure that the “Properties” panel is displayed in the column on the right. If not, highlight the desired tab at the bottom of the screen. Work with “properties”
  • Scroll through the parameter window to the very end and find the item “Break the object into video and audio”. Division of video roads
  • A new path will appear on the mounting tape above the slotting of the clip. Select it and delete DEL button. Removing audio

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is used for professional work with video files and creating projects of any complexity. In offers advanced tools for working with audio, including you can delete the rear sound and extraneous noises. Disable the original track and much more.

  • Download the video via File points. Import. Media. Capture the added file and drag it on timeline.
  • Click on the track of the video with the right mouse button and take turns open Group items. Remove from.
  • Now you can separate the audio track. Click on it to call the context menu and select Delete.

Windows Film Studio

Windows Film Studio. This is an improved version of the Windows Movie Maker default editor, available on the version 7 and Vista. The program allows you to impose effects on the clip, eliminate camera defects, remove the sound from the video or record a voice.

  • Add videos by clicking “Add videos and photos”. Adding a video
  • Select a video road and click on the yellow tab “Means for working with a video” at the top of the screen. Video
  • Click on the icon in the form of a rope and in the parameters window, reduce the volume to a minimum.

Complete shutdown of sound in the video

If the sound plays a secondary role, it is superfluous and interferes with the perception of the video, you can completely turn off the audio. This option can be useful, for example, in films with scenes of nature, landscapes, forests, or in original projects, where silence is an artistic solution.

To do this, you do not need to have special skills: download the video show on the computer and complete the standard actions during the installation: read the user agreement, specify the folder on the PC, select the type and installation parameters, create a shortcut on the desktop or consolidate the software on the task panel.

Download the video show and try to remove the audio track from the video now!

After the installation is completed, start the editor and select your way to turn off the sound accompaniment.

To quickly remove the sound from the video, just press one button in the program. Download the video clip into the application by dragging it to the time scale. Click on the “Disable sound” icon located on the toolbar (icon with a loudspeaker)

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This option is suitable for obtaining instant result and saving a file without an original audio road.

Remove the sound from the video by pressing this icon on the taskbar panel

How to turn off the sound on the video if you need to edit the visual series? Highlight the clip and use the editor of the slides

In a special menu, you can configure the scale of the frame, trim the video, apply a mask, add a picture, inscription and effects. To remove audio, you need to check the box near the “Disable sound” command.

In the slide editor, you can not only remove the sound, but also process the video

After making all changes, the result can be preserved in all popular formats

And prepare for playback on a PC or on the phone, as well as write on a DVD-disk or prepare for download on YouTube,. For this, just click on the “Create” button in the upper part of the program.

Select a suitable way to save the video file

Audio extraction using a smartphone

If you do not trust your personal data, you can do this on your smartphone. This application is called “extract audio from the video”, and it does exactly what is written in the title. He quickly extracts the sound from a video without subscription or watermarks.

  • Download to extract an audio from a video application from Google Play Store and run it.
  • He will show you all the video files saved on your phone.

Removing a certain sound interval in the video

The program allows not only to replace or extract audio from the video clip, but also partially cut the sound. It is done very simple.

By downloading the desired video file in the program, you need to do the described.

Then, you need to highlight the audio track.

After that, additional buttons will be activated. You need to click on “edit”.

Next, you need to find and highlight the fragment that needs to be cut.

As soon as the site is found. Click on a checkmark.

It remains only to maintain the result of the work.

How to remove sound from a video on the phone? We use the Inshot application

Hey! It was necessary to remove the sound from the video on the phone recently, and I took advantage of the option that is in the Inshot application. This application can be used on Android and iPhone. He has a free version.

I recorded a small lesson for you, how to do it. Delete the sound in the video on the smartphone via Inshot:

If you do not have Inshot applications yet, then install it on a smartphone from Play Market or App Store.

We load the video from the gallery on the phone.

We go to the “Music” section (click on the appropriate icon).

Click on it. Break the paths into audio and video.

We highlight the upper audio track, slipping on it with a finger. And click on the basket icon. Remove.

Next, in order to properly save the video, click on the “size” icon and select the size for the social network where we plan to lay out the video.

Then we remove the Inshot watermark on the right on the right. Click on the cross.

Choose “Remove for free”. Perhaps it will be necessary to see the advertisement or just wait 10-15 seconds. After which the logo will disappear.

Next, we save the processed video. Click on the arrow at the top right.

remove, sound, video, iphone

Choose a video and format resolution, packed (shifting your finger to the right/right) appropriate setting.

Video processing occurs. In the process, an advertisement is possible (this is a fee for free use of the application).

Processed video is stored in the gallery of your smartphone.

And from the Inshot application you can remove it.

If desired, on this video, in which you deleted the original sound, you can apply voice acting, or music in the same INSHOT application (section “Music”).

Either directly on the social network where you plan to download it. To Storis VK, Instagram or YouTube Shorts.

The best way to delete sound from video

The first thing you need to do is download the application to your computer. Click the available free download buttons below, corresponding to the operating system of your computer. Install and run the program.

remove, sound, video, iphone

After starting the program, click on plus the signature button in the main integration for importing video. Then he will upload the video to the application integer.

You should see two lines called video file. Click the opening list of sound track. Then select between the audio roads disabled and also add the audio track option. The choice of the first option will turn off the sound in the video, and the second allows you to choose the sound and replace the existing sound in the video.

Export and save the final file.

How to remove audio from an iPhone video

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Before the export of the file, you can choose the output format. Just open the profile of the tray and select the output format for the video. Finally, click the Convert everything to process and save the output file.

Windows Live Movie Maker.

You can also use Windows Live Movie Maker to delete sound from video. In the same way, this program allows you to effectively replace sound paths video. In addition, it allows you to add music locally and online through music exchange sites, such as Vimeo, Audio Micro and Free Music Archive. Follow the instructions below to find out how to delete the sound from the video tutorial.

Launch Windows Live Movie Maker and add the video to the application, clicking the icon Add video and photo button.

Forward the tab and click on the volume of the video option in the upper left corner of the panel. After that, drag the slider to the extreme left position to remove the original sound.

At this stage, insert the desired audio file. Return to the main tab and click Add music Opening button.

Finally, press the button to save the film to confirm the changes and save them on the local disk.

We remove the sound on the iPhone video

If you shot a cool video, but the sounds of obsceneity do not allow you to share the video with parents, children or your beloved, there is a way to remove the sound from the video.

  • We go to the “Photo” application on the iPhone, we find the necessary video.
  • We run into the file and in the opening screen, in the upper right corner, click “edit”.
  • If there is a sound in the video, the dynamics icon will display in the upper left corner of the screen. To turn it off sufficient press on the icon.

This button does not just turn on or disables the sound during playback as in Android, but completely deleted the audio row from the video.

The fact that the sound in the video can be understood by an inactive icon of the dynamics. Now such a video can be shared with anyone without worrying about how the viewer will respond to sound accompaniment.

Remove the background noise and echo from the record of the iPhone voice.

Apple introduced the Enhanced Recording function in the Voice Memos application on iOS 14 and iPad OS 14. So, if you recorded any sound using a built.In voice recorder on your iPhone, that is, Voice Memos applications, you can easily delete background noise. And echo with several simple presses.

remove, sound, video, iphone

All you need to make sure that your iPhone / iPad has the latest version of iOS 14 or iPad OS 14. If not, go to “Settings” “Basic” “software update” and update your iPhone to the latest version. After that, you can perform the following actions to remove the background noise from the record of the iPhone voice.

Steps to use the improvement of voice recording in voice notes on iOS 14

  • Open voice notes on your iPhone. You can’t find it? Find it in the application library.
  • Spend your finger to the left by the record you want to edit.
  • Click on three points to open the menu.
  • Now select editing from available options.
  • On the edit screen, click the icon strengthen (similar to a magic wand) button in the upper left corner.
  • Now you can listen to the record to notice the difference, since the effect is used in real time.
  • Then click on ready in the lower right corner to save the record.

That’s all. Now you have successfully removed the background noise and echo from the recorded sound. We tested this function, and it works great to remove minor noise and hiss throughout the clip. He also kills Echo, making the sound more clear.

remove, sound, video, iphone

As already noted, the function of improved voice recording is available on all iPhone under the control of iOS 14. This includes the iPhone of the 12th series, the 11th series iPhone, iPhone XS and XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (2020 g.), and iPhone se (2016.).

Note: by default, voice notes rewrite the source file when you use an improved recording effect and save. If you want the starting record to remain untouched, be sure to create a copy before editing.

Third.Party applications for removing background noise on iOS

There are many third.Party applications that help reduce sound noise on iOS. Some of the popular include Denoise ( 2.49), Mauvio, Audiofix, edidi Lexis editor, and more. You can try them to see if they work better for you.

These applications can be useful if you use the older IOS version or outdated iPhone, on which there was no iOS 14 update. However, if the results are not the same as you expect, you can always use professional tools such as Audacy or Adobe Audition on a computer to edit sound.

Best sound advice on iPhone

The tips below will help you better write down the sound from your iPhone, whether it is a recording of podcasts, a scenes or audio for any projects and tasks.

  • Voice Notes settings are open and change the sound quality to without losses.
  • Make sure the object you shoot is located near your iPhone. Come closer if you can, especially during a public recording.
  • Make sure the microphones are not blocked by fingers, case or any other accessories. Usually they are located in the lower part of the phone and near the rear chamber.
  • Pay attention to the environment in which you record. If you record a sunbathing voice, try to do it in a closed, well.Insulated room.
  • Before starting the recording, transfer the iPhone into a soundless mode. So you do not spoil the recording of notifications and irritating vibration.
  • Try to use external microphones. They will significantly improve sound quality.
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We edit the video on the iPhone using Movavi Clips

Having launched the application on your iPhone, you are immediately ready to start installation. By pressing plus at the bottom of the screen, choose what type of media are you going to use. After all, you can mount a bright collage from ordinary photos!

Immediately indicate what form the factor of the video at the output interests you. The default is a square instagram just what is most in demand now.

After choosing a video/photo from the iPhone photoible, you immediately get to the “installation kitchen”. The main actions will be the cut and the location of pieces of video of the series in order.

Remove Sound From Video on iPhone/ iPad! �� [iOS 13 METHOD!]

To do this, move along the temporary line and “click” with scissors, if you need to cut a separate video fragment into parts, and then, possibly, delete or move some of them.

Here as in the good old days: there are film and scissors. Just cut and glue. You can’t think of it easier.

Also, a whole toolbar is provided to help you (watch the picture below), which includes the main functions for working with a video.

The main functions allow: add music, turn individual fragments of the video, add filters, text or stickers, cut/grind the video in the frame, accelerate/slow down, and also choose transitions between different videos by fragments. H

DEC is the button to delete the selected fragment of the video. Without frills, but this set with the head is enough for the average user. Do not forget, we are mounting the video on the iPhone!

I want to tell you separately about some functions so that you have a more complete picture.

Adding music. How can you do without it you can choose from both your media text and from the extensive list of tracks structured by topics (travel, adventure, action, romance, etc.P.).

Of course, most tracks are provided for a fee, but, again, no one limits you to add music already saved to your media. Please note that the volume of the video and the volume of music are adjusted separately from each other.

Musical timline can also be cut into pieces, drag and add new fragments.

Adding stickers and text. For connoisseurs of decorations and all sorts of emoji there, there is a whole page stickers. The choice is still small, but, it seems, they are working on it. Inserted objects (text, stickers, etc.D.) you can zumi and move gestures usual for us.

Adding special effects. The set of special effects did not particularly impress me, but from useful for myself I found two sliders of brightness and saturation adjustment (setting tab).

Functions turn, cut, speed is also indispensable, but I will not say anything about them separately here everything is clear.

Otherwise, the editing of the video on the iPhone is a creative process, and here a lot depends on your imagination. Fortunately, Movavi Clips makes this process easy and relaxed You will not sit and scratch the back of the head, asking yourself “how it is done here.?”.

After finishing the video, save it directly to the iPhone media. To do this, click the corresponding icon in the upper right corner. Actually, after this video you can immediately download on Instagram or just share with friends.

Of the minuses, only a small number of available special effects and transitions can be mentioned. Well, probably, a small MOVAVI logo in the lower right corner, which can be removed if you purchase a full version, which I actually did.

I hope the manufacturer will finalize the application and we will see advanced functionality in the near future.

In the meantime, I can confidently say that this is one of the simplest and most really working solutions for editing and editing video on iPhone. I advise everyone to try and make sure.

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