How to remove safe search on iPhone

How to remove video restriction in contact on iPhone

Safe VK search is a filter that allows you to hide all content that can contain pornography and other adult content.

This feature applies only to videos. When you start searching for something, you might come across content that is intended for adults.

If the user’s age is specified as less than 18 years old, this feature will be turned on automatically. Otherwise, you can turn it off yourself.

How to remove/eliminate restrictions in VK on iPhone?

Now let’s talk about it if you are a lucky iPhone or iPad owner. We all know that iOS usually has far fewer features than Android.

This time, there was exactly the same situation and the official application does not have the ability to disable restrictions.

remove, safe, search, iphone

Third-party clients are not helpful, because most of them simply do not have a video section. So we have to go to extreme measures.

  • Open any browser and write vk in the address, after which the mobile version will open;
  • open the left menu, scroll down and click Full Version;
  • Go to the Videos section, and type in the desired request;
  • appears on the right side of the Search Options, which we click, and then check the box next to No restrictions.

Unfortunately, this feature exists only on the full version for the computer and for devices running on the Android operating system.

The way is a little uncomfortable, but there is no other way. In the initial versions this option was present, but now we have to put up with what we have.

This is the situation with video restrictions in the social network VK, if you use such devices as iPhone or iPad.

Perhaps in the future there will be new ways to disable safe search, but for now we are using only the above option.

What content does the iPhone classify as unacceptable

If your Apple device refuses to go to a certain group on. there is also a list of topics that define unacceptable. These include:

  • Group posts that are located in an illegal field. They may contain fraudulent material;
  • There are topics in the community that chant or promote criminal activity, the world. There is content that can demonstrate how to commit certain crimes of the law;
  • Groups that call for insulting certain people or communities. A few years ago, such groups were created as a tool to influence competitors or a group of people with different views. Today, all it takes is a few complaints about such communities and they are quickly blocked;
  • Groups with prohibited material to be shown to persons under the age of majority. Although some content of erotic character moderators of groups can be placed without violating the rules of You can read more about this on the page with the rules for creating groups;
  • Do not post posts which are clearly offensive to specific categories of people or social groups. Groups with a wide range of topics may fall under this point, such as aggressive statements against political parties, social communities and so on;
  • It is forbidden to create groups or post content with topics that promote drugs in any form. This is especially true for educational content, how to make certain prohibited substances. Such topics are monitored and quickly blocked by the administration;
  • Any topics, groups that promote extremist activities, calls to form such groups, etc.
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There may be many more topics that fall under the banned material. You can familiarize yourself with all of them on our VK page. Recent events related to the posts in social networks have reduced the number of groups with explicit forbidden topics. After several users ended up in the criminal court dock for posts calling for extremist activities.

Group restrictions in

Often underage iPhone users get a message that the community contains inappropriate content. This may be because the device read the age restriction in the group description. Creators are purposely setting the limit to 18 to make their group more credible. Although there may be no relevant material in it.

How to disable safe search in ?

Wondering how to disable the safe search filter on the social networking site

If you mean search by video, you need to click on the “advanced search” button, or in the mobile version it is the unnamed tab right under the search bar. A drop-down list will open and you must uncheck the “safe search” item. The inconvenience is that you will need to do it each time (the check mark will be put again as soon as you reload the window).

If you are interested in searching for videos, you should use the advanced search button

If you use the mobile version, then activate, unnamed tab, located under the search bar. A special list of commands will appear, and you need to select the safe search item. And so, if you have to, you will have to play everything again.

is concerned about the safety and peace of mind of users, copyright compliance, and so on. So there are some limitations in the search of videos, communities, they are set by default, to remove them, you need:

  • click on search (type something in it. Click Next);
  • choose “videos” or “communities” on the right;
  • Check “no restrictions” on the right (if video) or click on search options and uncheck “safe search” (if community).

Or video. video catalog. type something in the search box and click on search. Press “search settings” in the search bar (between the cross and the magnifying glass). Check the “no restrictions” checkbox.

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For example, the keyword “cartoons for kids” shows 15,763 videos without a tick mark, and 18,040 videos with a tick mark.

Groups-search communities (right)-uncheck the “safe search” box.

All of this applies to the full version of On your phone in your browser, you can go to it in the drop-down menus (click on the top left).

How to remove messaging restrictions in ?

How to remove the restriction on messages in VK Alas, to completely remove the restriction on messages VK will not work. policy does not allow the use of prohibited methods. The only option is to bypass the sending limit.

Prevent access to inappropriate content and age restriction

  • Go to the “Settings” menu and select the “Screen time” function.
  • Click “Content & Privacy” and then “Content Restrictions”.
  • Select the settings for each feature or setting under “Allowed content store”.

How to disable safe search in VK

Removing restrictions on searching videos in the social network from a desktop PC or laptop is easy. This restriction can be removed with one mouse click.

remove, safe, search, iphone

When you search in the right corner next to the search button “magnifying glass”, there are search options where you can easily and effortlessly remove or enable safe search.

It is much more difficult to do this in the mobile version or from a phone, tablet running iOS operating system.

How to disable safe search in VK mobile version of vk

Removing the search restriction on your video recordings in the vk app on your android device, is not too difficult and the way is much easier than for the owners of apple products

In order to disable the restriction on Android you need:

  • Go to my videos.
  • Then enter in the search what you want to search.
  • In the top right corner, click on the drop down list (it looks like a tick down).
  • And just uncheck the Safe Search checkbox.

How to disable safe search in VK on iPhone

If you are a proud owner of any Apple products: phone, iPad, etc., then removing or disabling the safe search video entries in the for you a real headache. The thing is that the official version of the mobile application for iPhone doesn’t have a checkmark to remove restrictions on video and movie search.

The only way to remove the restriction is this:

  • Open the site in your browser.
  • Go from mobile to full vk.
  • Go to video recordings.
  • Enter into the search that you are going to look for
  • Then next to the search icon there are 2 sliders that are called “search options”
  • And it is already there to uncheck the “Safe Search”

This method is very uncomfortable and watching movies and various videos through it is not very comfortable, but unfortunately at the moment there is no other ways.

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If you know any other ways to remove restrictions on vk video write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Why is history not saved in Safari?

With this method, the browser does not save in the memory neither the links that the user visited, nor the information about the sites that were viewed recently. So the reason for the absence of history in the program or data Safari, is to activate the Private Mode.

To manage your history in a smart way, click the “little book” icon in the bottom bar of Safari. After this you should go to the “History” section, where you will see a list of all recently visited web pages.

How to remove censorship from the VK app on iPhone?

Go to the settings of the VK page itself. To make restrictions and annoying safe search disappear, you need to change the current age. To do this, change the year. Keep in mind that it is not a fact that the censor will disappear at once. it may take some time.

  • Connecting headphones to smartphone
  • Open the application VK
  • Turn on any track and pause it
  • Lock your smartphone
  • Start the music with the button on the headphones
  • Enjoy the background music)

On the phone

As noted above, on a smartphone, removing or installing a secure search is somewhat more difficult. It all depends on a number of conditions:

  • When using Google Chrome on your phone, there are no problematic moments. The process is the same as on the computer. With other browsers, the situation is similar, especially when browsing in the full version of the social network;
  • With the removal in third-party applications (KateMobile, ) sometimes there are glitches that do not allow the removal of restrictions. But still, it is solved by a similar algorithm, as in the case of the browser. The only difference is the location of the “Videos” menu and the location of the search icons and filter adjustments;
  • There are some problems on the iPhone that do not allow to activate/deactivate the desired mode. It happens in some applications, at the same time, through browsers.

Whether you need such a filter or not, is up to you to decide. Now you know how to disable and enable it in different modes. The main thing is to use the knowledge gained wisely.

It is always difficult to be an Apple user, because there are so many restrictions. The main one is safe search

remove, safe, search, iphone

Today let’s talk about what are the possibilities to remove it. Then, there will be what remains to be done to our client ways to disable this feature on your iPhone.

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