How to remove profile on Instagram through a computer

How to delete an account on Instagram

Despite the huge popularity of social networks, sometimes I want to get rid of all profiles and accounts. Such a desire can be caused by a variety of reasons: from a banal need to concentrate on real life to the need to tear out a page from the hands of scammers.

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In the article we share in several ways how to delete or temporarily block the Instagram account, and we tell you whether it is possible to save photos when deleting.

How to hide your Instagram account account

First, let’s figure out what a privatized profile is and why it is needed on Instagram. First of all, such a item in the settings allows you to close the viewing of all your posts, in addition to the avatar, for those users who are not subscribed to your account. Thus, anyone who accidentally finds you in the search or from friends in subscriptions will not be able to view content until they subscribe.

However, such a move is used not only to hide their posts from prying eyes, but also by SMM managers in case they need to attract people. It is worth remembering that this works only if you have already gained popularity and you want to see the real picture and the numbers of the audience that watches you. After all, some prefer to leave their favorite profiles in bookmarks, instead of subscribing to them.

This often happens with instagram stores, because most users do not want to clog their tape with the next products from China, but they want to buy them from time to time. In this case, the access restriction will allow you to get a larger number of subscribers and really evaluate the audience of your customers.

Here you want to block your profile for third.Party spectators, but here there is a problem, how to do it with PC if there is no access to the phone at the moment? This is possible, and is done almost similarly to how you would privatize the profile from the smartphone, the only difference is that instead of the switch here you will need to put a check in the checkbox and save the settings.

So, let’s look at the easiest way to privatize the account using the Instagram online version. To do this, you will be enough:

  • Log in your account on the official website.
  • Go to the profile and go to the settings by clicking on the appropriate icon and selecting, for example, a change in password.
  • Then it remains to go to the point “Profile editing”.
  • There you will need to find the “Private Profile” section and put a checkmark, and then save the changes.

The whole process takes no more than a couple of minutes, and you get the opportunity to hide any publications from those who are not signed on you. Having entered your profile, a person who is not signed on him will only see a white spot with the inscription that he needs to join your audience to see the last photos.

Here lies the nuance of a private profile. All users signing you, you must personally approve. If we are talking about a small account where only your close friends are located, then this trifle will not become a problem, but if you sign a thousand users per day, you will have to look for a way out of the situation. And he is.

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How to delete a page on Instagram through a computer

Now delete Instagram page through a stationary computer or laptop. For example, if you accidentally registered the profile for the “left” data. All actions will also be described in the format of step.By.Step instructions.

At the first stage, follow the link https: // www.Instagram.COM/Accounts/Remove/Request/Permanent/. It will reduce a lot of time.

As you can see, in the browser the page “Delete the account” will immediately open.

remove, profile, instagram, computer

If you are not included in the profile on the computer, then enter your username and password. Only after that you will be able to switch to this page.

Select the reason from the list, and then. Enter the password and click on the red button.

Is it possible to remove Instagram

For those who decided to delete their profile on the social network, Instagram provided two options:

Having blocked the account, you can restore it, all posts, messages and photos, if you later change your mind.

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If you delete the account, then restore the account and its contents will not work. In addition, you can never use the same name and email address to create a new Instagram profile.

Answers to frequent questions

How to delete your old page if you forgot the password

First you need to restore data. To do this, click on the point “Get help with the entrance to the system”.

Then print the data on which the account was recorded. It can be a phone or email address.

Next, select one of the proposed actions and follow the restoration instructions. After the password is changed, we enter the system and delete the page in one of the ways (see. Higher).

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Can a page delete without my participation?

The profile can block the administration for violation of the rules of the social network. Here are a few examples of violations:

  • Entrance from different IP addresses. If you actively use VPN services and change the location in them, Instagram can suspect an attempt to hack and block the profile.
  • Mass entry into communities and likes. If you subscribe to everyone in a row and like it, the page will be blocked.
  • Photos of a dubious nature. For loading images with naked parts of the body, you can also get a ban from the service.

In such cases, there is usually a chance to restore. The page can irrevocably for more serious violations:

  • Insulting users.
  • Using someone else’s confidential material.
  • Committing illegal, misleading actions.

First you need to change it for personal. This is done in the profile settings in the “Account” section.

Next, we act according to standard instructions (see. Higher).

When leaving the profile, the page will still remain in the system. You just remove it from the application. To do this, click on the “little man” icon, and then on “three dotted ones”.

  • In the phone menu, open “Settings”.
  • Select “Program” or “Applications”.
  • Find and open Instagram in the list.
  • Click on “Delete” and follow the instructions.

On the iPhone. Click on the application icon and hold it for a few seconds. From the list, select “Delete the application”.

Temporary blocking of the account

Before removing Instagram forever, most likely they looked for a way to do it. Consider several options that will help save all your profile data.

The first way to protect yourself from annoying users is to limit access to your page. To use the free service closed profile. This service is available to absolutely everyone. Your publications, Storis will only be able to view the subscribers approved by you.

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If you still decide to delete the page, then the developers will offer to use the temporary blocking of the page. This is a great way to take a break from the use of content and spend the freed time on your hobby, self.Education. You can temporarily delete your page only by entering your account through the browser. There is no such function in the mobile application itself.

The most important thing when choosing this action, you can be calm for your publications of photos and videos, chats in direct. All your subscribers will not go anywhere, perhaps they will not even notice that your profile has disappeared until they want to visit it or write a message to direct.

Using this action, you can temporarily delete an additional Instagram account.

To activate temporary blocking, go to your Instagram through Brazour, so that it is convenient to use the computer better. In the upper right corner, click on the image of the human silhouette. Choose to edit the profile. In the window that opens, select, temporarily block, be sure to choose the reason. We enter the password again and press again, temporarily block the profile.

remove, profile, instagram, computer

Is it possible to remove your profile on Instagram through a computer

First you should figure out that the account can not only be deleted, but also blocked. If you are interested in how to remove the page on Instagram from a computer, then in the application it is impossible to do this. In the mobile version of Instagram, you can only block your profile for an indefinite or certain period. The difference in this case is obvious:

  • A blocked account is not available for viewing, when trying to cross the same address of its location, a standard message will come out that it is impossible to display a page. However, you can unlock the account at any time, both from the PC and from the mobile application, without loss of posts or stories, as well as dialogues with friends. This option is suitable if you need to relax or you suspect that the attackers have reached your profile. After all, it can only be restored with the help of the phone number on which Instagram is registered.
  • Removing is a irrevocable step. All your posts, likes and steris with subscribers will be removed. It is impossible to restore the account, and the name under which it was registered becomes accessible to create new profiles. Therefore, removal of Instagram is an extremely responsible step, and it is worth considering several times if you want this. After all, if you simply block it, all your activity and the audience signed on you will remain, and if necessary, you can always continue activities from the place where you stopped.

It turns out that it is possible to delete Instagram only with a PC or from the site in a mobile browser, but not from the application. The application allows only to temporarily block access to the profile.

Removing an account on a computer

Let’s tell you how to remove profile on Instagram through a computer. To do this, you will need any browser convenient for work, as well as account data: Login and password. They can be saved in the memory of the observer. Then they will not have to enter them manually.

Attention! After complete removal of the account, you will not be able to create a new one with exactly the same name. Sometimes it is better to clear a list of friends and publications than to be left without an account developed for years.

  • Go to the website of the social network Instagram.Com, entering the address in the browser and confirming the transition.
  • Log in, introducing your username and password.
  • Sprinkle the profile page down and click on the link “Help” located in the lower row.
  • The social network will ask you on the new page to indicate the reason for the deletion of the account. You can choose any of the options proposed in the drop.Down list, leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев. In the text field under the drop.Down menu, you need to enter a password from the profile. The same with which you have passed the authorization on the site. Click on the “Excessively Delete my account” button “.
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After you confirm the decision to remove the Instagram account, the profile will be completely and irrevocably bastards. The method affects all the data you posted in social networks: from photos to Комментарии и мнения владельцев and personal correspondence. There will be no list of subscribers. The process is irreversible: in order not to regret a hastily adopted decision, we recommend that instead of washing the freezing of the page. When the operation is performed, you can close the browser. Or immediately start creating a new accounting.

Why it is not possible to remove the account through PC

What problems can we encounter by trying to delete Instagram account account? Perhaps only with one. Forgotten password. How could you notice that in temporary deactivation of the page, that in deactivation you need a password forever to confirm that this installation belongs to you. You must also be authorized, so the data for the entrance will be very useful.

And now about the ways of returning. If you irrevocably erased the AKK from the photo network, then, as it is clear by the name, it will not work to restore it. Your data erased from the servers of the social network, and it is simply impossible to return it. But in the case of temporary disposal of the profile, everything is easier. To get your Instance back, just get back through it. If you forgot the data for the entrance, use the form under the button “Need help with the entrance?””.

Sometimes I want to get rid of the profile in one of the many social networks. The reasons can be different: someone wants to arrange detox, and someone simply does not want to conduct AKK on this service anymore. In any case, when it comes to Instagram, we can deactivate the page both for a while and forever, and now you know how to do it with PC.

Nothing, because they will not be able to go to her. Over, even the owner will not be able to access information and content-for this you will have to log in, and this, firstly, is available only for temporarily deactivated pages, and secondly, will restore AKK.

Take advantage of the browser. Unfortunately, there is no such function in the application-even if you find the corresponding button, you will transfer you to a web version, where you will have to log in again.

You can do this only if you hack. If this someone else’s account is a corrugated eye and infuriates you, you can throw complaints against it to be blocked. The method is not one hundred percent, you have to find violations that the user committed.

Typically, this requires a period of two weeks. After. You can re.Register or assign the old nickname already created.

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