How to remove PIN code from Samsung phone

How to remove a PIN code from the phone

If you accidentally forgot the installed password or graphic key to the Android smartphone, then this is not a reason to panic. Access to the mobile device can be restored, while there are several ways to remove the lock. Let us consider in detail all these methods.

The screen lock helps to prevent unauthorized penetration of outsiders “inside” the gadget. Smartphones and tablets always contain many documents and personal photographs. In addition, there are usually many accounts here, access to which outsiders can lead to serious consequences, including financial. If the mobile device is stolen, then it will not be possible to use it immediately.

In addition, blocking helps to protect the smartphone from children. Kids will not be able to accidentally delete important data from a blocked phone.

Some models of smartphones, especially Chinese manufacturers, immediately after buying or updating the system, give out a notification “To launch Android, enter a PIN code”. By default there is a simple password, which is recommended to change as soon as possible, as written in the instructions. There should also be an instruction, how to do it right.

The main reasons for removing the password from the Samsung phone

The reasons to find out how to remove the password on the old Samsung can be several:

  • You constantly forget PIN;
  • You gave the smartphone to relatives who are difficult to enter the key;
  • They gave you a smartphone or you bought it with your hands;
  • The key was installed by chance and absolutely not needed;
  • The smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen reacts poorly to touch.

Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already developed a sufficient period, and the touchscreen reacts with failures. The introduction of a password in such a situation becomes a true torment.

Samsung unlock codes of various models

Some Samsung phones have special unlock codes that allow you to open the phone even without a password. The most popular passwords include:

The code must be entered after the user includes the phone in the number of the number. In the menu that opens after entering the code, you need to enter the value #7337 #. This is a universal value to unlock the device.

Samsung unlock codes of various models

Some Samsung brand smartphones have special codes, the use of which leads to restoring access to the functions of a blocked device. Next, we give a few passwords that can help in this situation:

  • SGH-E400 (2767688#).
  • SGH-X100 (#99983323#).
  • SGH-2100 (27673855#).
  • SGH-P207 (27673855#).
  • SGH-A800 (2767637#).
  • SGH-V200 (27677822573738#).
  • SGH-A400 (2767637#).
  • SGH-E500 (2767688#).

The indicated codes are introduced after turning on the smartphone through the number of the number. In the menu that opens, click the “Exit” button, and after rebooting, enter the value # (the same for all models).

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If you cannot unlock the phone with the code, it is recommended to use it first with the SIM card, and then without it.

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The main reasons for the blocking of the Samsung phone

The phones of old models were button and practically did not contain confidential information. The current generation of smartphones is another matter. Therefore, the developers came up with a graphic key carrying password functions. But many users forget the key and cannot use the device. Consider the main reasons for the “Samsung” blocking:

The touch screen is blocked to prevent chaotic presses and irreversible changes in the account. This is a reasonable measure, so do not be angry with manufacturers. Some smartphones are equipped with dactyloscopic sensors. They are used as an alternative to the key. In other devices, such a functionality is absent. If Android does not let you into the phone, start with the following actions:

  • Repeat the attempt to enter after half a minute.
  • Take care of the remote unlock (for this there is a Find My Mobile service).
  • Try to act through a Google account.
  • Reset the settings.

If the mentioned methods are ineffective, you will have to restore access through third.Party applications. We will tell you how to remove the password from Samsung even in the most hopeless cases. Choose a solution to taste.

Through Google

This technique will not work if your firmware is updated to the fifth version of Android Lollipop. Only the Android version below 4 will arrange you.4. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Five times to “make a mistake” with a graphic key.
  • Now you need to introduce the “accounting” of Google or the pin of the backup
  • Enjoy the unlocked device.

Using user recovery

You can’t do without a SD card here. The technology is used by advanced users of Androids, for which the concept of “Rooting” is not an empty phrase. We are talking about individual restoration, and this only works on card slots. Figure in transfer to a smartphone of a zip file downloaded to a memory card. The card is inserted into the slot, after which the recovery process starts. The downside is that modern phones (especially flagships) are gradually taking out maps of use. The algorithm is this:

  • Download the Pattern Password Disable (ZIP archive) to PC, and then transfer to the SD card.
  • Disconnect the card from the computer and insert into the phone slot.
  • The file developers know how to remove the password from the “Samsung” phone- now you need to reload the device.
  • The archive is unpacked, the file will start working.
  • Final touch. Re.Resettlement.

If you did everything right, no code is required. Password or brutal lock is installed? Do not worry. Enter any gesture (password) and enjoy the result.

Password restoring using third.Party applications

There is an interesting resource “Find my mobile”. The technology will work only if before blocking you managed to register the Samsung account. The tool looks as follows.

Move to the site from PC or tablet. Log in to the system and look for your phone. It will be located on the left side. The side panel with the “Unlock screen” option is also localized there. Click and calmly wait for the result. On this you will spend a few seconds. There will be a notification of the successful completion of the process. You don’t even have to install anything.

Hard Reset (resetting)

If the smartphone was not connected to the network, you will have to resort to hardware reset. To do this, turn on the device and squeeze the three keys synchronously. Decreasing volume, power, return to the main display. You still do not know how to remove the lock from the “Samsung” phone, using a hard reboot? Act through the engineering menu. Click on Wipe Data/Factory Reset, activate the process, and after its end, click “Reboot System Now”.

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Removing a password through reinstalling firmware using PC

If you connect the tablet to the laptop and reinstall the firmware, you can solve the problem that has arisen. The method is used in cases where a series of unsuccessful unlocks has led to damage to the bootloader. For the operation you will need:

Decoding the device or memory card

Almost always the culprit of the inability to remove the lock from the screen is the manipulation in the field of security. So, the cause of the problem may be built.In encryption algorithms. In an effort to protect the set settings and personal data from hacking, you are forced to put the password on the gadget, but for the subsequent shutdown, PIN should first refuse encryption:

For the successful completion of the changes, we open the “lock screen” and tap “no”. After the encryption is turned off, the key will be removed.

How to remove password from Samsung phone

How to disable the lock on the Samsung smartphone? A simple, seemingly task, sometimes becomes impossible. There are several effective ways that, regardless of the reason, allow you to successfully solve the problem.

Using Google account

If the smartphone works properly, and the owner simply forgot the password, you can restore it using the Google account. The method is applicable only to devices running OS Android below 5.0. On phones with version 5.0 and above it does not work due to more advanced protection.

To get around the lock and get access code, you should perform the following:

Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Remove Forgotten PIN / Password on Lock Screen

  • On the smartphone screen, enter an incorrect PIN code, password or graphic key at least five times in a row;
  • In the request-notification on the blocking of the device, select the option “Forgot the password/pattern”;
  • On the next page, enter the personal data of Google’s account or backup pin.

After that, the device will be unlocked, and the user will only have to set a new password (or disconnect this option).

Through the Android Device Manager

This option implies the use of Service and Google Service, similar for all Android devices. To bypass the blocking on the Samsung phone, you need to act according to the instructions:

  • From any smartphone, tablet, PC Open Google page.Com/Android/Devicemanager, and enter your account.
  • In the menu on the left, select a smartphone that needs to be unlocked (if it was not expected automatically), and click on the “block the device” key.
  • The service will offer to add a message or phone number, and then confirm the lock again.
  • The new page will need to enter a new password, which is confirmed by repeated input. Click on the “block” key again.

Now, using new data, you can easily unlock samsung.

Forgot Samsung Lock Screen Password? Unlock it without Data Loss

Using the function “Find my mobile”

Another way to remove protection from the phone is to use the internal account Samsung. It can be used if the owner of the device connected in advance to the profile. To successfully solve the problem, you should activate the Internet connection, since during the recovery process the system will request a check of the company’s data data. The algorithm of actions is as follows.

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With the correct execution of the procedure, the lock screen will be removed and the device is activated.

We use the DR program.Fone

It is quickly and convenient to unlock the Samsung phone allows the functionality of such a tool as DR.Fone. To complete the procedure, you will need to download and install the program on PC.

  • Connect the Samsung smartphone to a computer using a USB cable.
  • At the first launch, enter the unlock section (“unlock”).
  • On the next page of two options, select “Unlock Android Screen”.
  • Next, specify the phone model and wait for the conjugation.

Now go directly to the smartphone itself.

  • To move to the download mode, you need:
  • Turn off the gadget first.
  • Then simultaneously press and hold the keys “Nutrition”, “Home” and “Tolves down”.

This method allows access to the functionality of the phone while maintaining all the information.

Special unlock programs

There are many third.Party programs that use to unlock phones. Each of them has the features of use.

Using ADB

To implement this method, you need a computer and the Adb Run program pre.Installed on it. Its main function is to ensure the interaction of two devices. With its help, you can drop the settings to factory or just remove the password from the blocked samsung.

On a note!

When downloading according to the model and a type of smartphone, since each device has a unique version of the utility.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Using the official Samsung Find My Mobile service, password reset without loss of personal data. But this method is suitable for those users who were previously activated in the Samsung service and have their own account.

  • On the official page of the application indicate the email address, which is tied to the account.
  • From the proposed list, choose their smartphone.
  • In the list of possible operations, they find “more”, in the list that opens, click on the line “Unlock my device”.
  • To launch unlock confirm the selected action.

After opening access, the user sets new protection.


A special program that helps to unlock the smartphone on the Android platform if the user forgot the password from Samsung. Download the product on the official website of the application. After installation, simple actions are performed.

  • Connect the phone to the computer.
  • Open the application.
  • Choose the item “Management of the Android Lock”.
  • In the section that is responsible for data restoration, select the “Password Reset” procedure.

If the procedure is performed correctly, then besides the PIN-code or graphic key, nothing will be removed. All personal data will remain intact.

On a note!

Incorrect manipulations lead to the fact that, instead of resetting a password, users choose recovery to factory settings, and this leads to complete cleaning of internal memory.

What else to try

If none of the following methods helped to solve the problem, contact specialized forums where the owners of your gadget model are present.

Contacting the service is usually considered the last means of solving problems with unlocking. But few users know that upon presentation of documents on the phone and checks from the outlet that sold it, they can count on quick professional assistance. In certain cases, the work is done free of charge.

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