How To Remove Phone Screen Safe Mode

Let’s look at an example of how to load an Android phone in safe mode and how to remove the inscription “Safe mode” from the screen. The article is not only textual, but there is also a of the process.

Safe mode allows you to download your phone or tablet without downloading the applications you have installed.

Those. Only applications installed by the manufacturer will work. over, all contacts, photos,s and other information will not disappear.

We follow the steps:

  • Turn off the phone completely
  • Turn it on
  • When Samsung appears, hold down the volume key and hold until Android is fully loaded
  • The corresponding inscription “Safe mode” should appear on the bottom left of the screen
How To Remove Phone Screen Safe Mode

To remove the Safe Mode from the phone’s screen, just reboot the device and after loading the inscription “Safe Mode” will disappear and your installed applications will reappear.

how to enable Samsung in safe mode

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article: in safe mode, the applications you installed do not load.

  • Check which applications interfere with Android (freezes, glitches, reboots, etc.). You can then understand whether you need to remove applications or this problem is hardware in nature and you need to contact a service center.
  • The battery on your smartphone runs out quickly due to some installed application, which is “gluttonous”.
  • When you need to remove a virus application that can block Android and require money or access from you.

Hello. My samsung j1 phone after a flashing began to reboot itself, and then it completely stopped turning on only the logo appears and the red exclamation mark (!) In the left corner of the second flashing ended the same. What could be the problem?

Samsung j3 2016 the new battery in standby mode keeps everything

It’s hard to say, because many factors influence this: mobile communication quality, background processes, original or not battery. Definitely no one will give you an answer.

Hello, I would like to get advice on how to act in my situation. There is a Nomi Corsa tablet. Recently, it began to turn off by itself. When standing on charge, it does so much less often. I tried various antiviruses, but they do not help. If possible, please tell me how to solve this problem.

I have android 7 dexp. There is one problem, it starts to hum and spontaneously shuts down.

Samsung Galaxy S6:
After calling any application
goes to reboot even in protected mode!
The battery is normal.
What to do?

Most likely you will need a flashing to start to check. Do not forget about backup.
There is a chance of damage to the internal modules or memory. Here only after diagnosis. Remember whether there was shock, moisture, or thermal shock.

Help me please.
I tried to establish the root of the right to Samsung, in the middle of the procedure an error occurred and the phone does not start, writes in Chinese letters and does not enter recovery.

Hello, I have such a problem, sms came, I opened it and thereby received a virus. how can I get rid of it; the antivirus does not work for me now and I can’t enter the settings and can’t delete the message itself. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega 19200 phone model. How can I be

Good afternoon.
Through the Recovery menu, we reset all settings to the factory settings and format the memory.
In this case, all data will be deleted. If you do not save to the cloud, then connect to the computer and save.
If you yourself can not, then contact the specialists in the service.

The Samsung Galaxy J-3 microphone does not work. 2017

Samsung Galaxy J-3 2017 smartphone. fur. damage and other undesirable effects were not. Installed AB Dr. WEB. Made a reset to factory settings. Tried in safe mode. PROBLEM. THE MICROPHONE DOES NOT WORK. I tried both through vatsap and through a normal network. I hear myself. There is a sort of voice return. So the microfinance is working.?

Hello, I recently dropped the phone and nothing serious happened, but after a couple of hours it rebooted by itself. Does this crash relate to a reboot?

Good day. Tel SM-G7102 after a reset to the factory ones began to reboot itself, not often, 2-3 times a day, the installed applications are the same as they were before the reset. Tell me what the problem is. Thanks.

Hello, you have written:
“Safe mode allows you to download a phone or tablet without downloading the applications you have installed.”
I downloaded it in the safe, I see the corresponding inscription in the lower left corner. But nevertheless, the applications installed by me are downloaded without problems, for example, double-gis, whatsup, etc. It works with Wi-Fi. Is it something I didn’t understand or is there some kind of problem with me saying that the inscription “Safe mode” is displayed, but the phone is not actually located in it?
Model: Lenovo A316i
Believe Android. 4.2.2
The initial problems are two:
– Suddenly turns off (even if after turning on it shows 60% of the battery charge)
– Sharp drops in the battery discharge graph (immediately by 20-25% approximately)
Both problems began to appear immediately. I did the battery calibration. nothing has changed.
I decided to try it in safe mode. The behavior is the same, but I doubt that safe mode is actually activated

I have a samsung j8 microphone in the headphones, but as soon as I remove the headphones the external micoron does not work. During the call, I can not hear and voice messages are also not heard. What should I do?

The interlocutor does not hear me in LG G7, when talking, in call mode, only when switching to speakerphone, he hears me, while I hear him. What to do, is it possible to fix the microphone yourself, thanks.

The ORRO A3s smartphone began to constantly reboot a month after the purchase, and then turned off altogether. The service did a reset to the factory settings, updated the software. They gave it away. A month later, it began to reboot again, then turned off. The service again did the same thing. No “heavy” applications have been downloaded, in general everything is to a minimum, I clean the cache and memory. Again, it began to reboot, even when entering the OK or VK social network. What is wrong with him? They write in the service. no technical malfunction has been identified. thanks

Indicate the model of the device and what signs of breakage it has.
Then we can help you.

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