How to Remove Password With HTC One M7

HTC smartphones have always stood somewhat apart in the Android world. Such a problem as unlocking the HTC phone from the owners of the devices of this company also occurs. However, the developers have provided special tools to make our lives easier.

How to unlock HTC phone if you forgot your password

Graphic lock codes are now becoming more popular. After all, they are simply entered, with one stroke, and picking them up to an outsider is much more difficult than a regular PIN code. But you yourself can accidentally forget what you need to enter. If you have HTC locked up so seriously. what should I do? To panic and run to the workshop? No, there are more effective ways.

How to Remove Password With HTC One M7

How to unlock HTC if I forgot the graphic password? To get started, try to recall it at least approximately. You have five attempts. If the lock screen accepts at least one of them. congratulations, dance.

If not, then 30 seconds after the fifth erroneous gesture, the system will prompt you to log in using your Google username and password. Just, in the name of the green man, do not say that you do not remember them!

If you still don’t remember, then you should not immediately look for how to reset HTC to factory settings. You can get by with less blood if you run HTC Sync on your computer. She will automatically offer you to enter at least a login, which will be displayed in the program window. And when you see it, you can remember the password. If not, the Google recovery service will help you.

After restoration, do not forget to go into settings and disable the graphic key. If unlocking HTC with a gesture fails you, it’s better to use the good old PIN code.

How to unlock HTC One X

Very often they say about unlocking the popular One X smartphone as something special. In fact, this is only partially true. It’s not about unlocking a smartphone with a forgotten password, but about unlocking its bootloader. HTC developers blocked BootLoader, a smartphone loader that does not allow installing third-party firmware.

Unlocking HTC One X in case you just forgot the pattern key is no different from the same procedure with other HTC models.

Web utility to unlock HTC

Not so long ago, the Internet was shocked by the news that HTC has published a web-based utility for unlocking. It’s true, the utility can be found on a special site created by the company, at the link.

However, here again we have the double meaning of the word. If you are not lucky and you have forgotten your password or pattern, the utility will not help you. Its real purpose is to unlock the smartphone bootloader.

Unlocking the bootloader is necessary before updating Android on the HTC phone not via Wi-Fi, but through the computer (or, for example, install third-party firmware). This is a very useful utility, and it’s good that HTC decided to publish it. But it is not intended to gain access to a phone with a forgotten password.

How to unlock screen pattern on HTC

If you fail to use the methods from the first paragraph, then you have to use the most radical solution. How to unlock HTC if I forgot the password for my Google account along with my pattern key? Only one way: a hard reset.

If you thought about a normal reboot, then, alas, it will not work.

  • restarting the smartphone forcibly, you will again encounter the same pattern.
  • smartphones with a non-removable battery, you can’t force a reboot at all.

HTC smartphones have a standard hard reset method. Hold down the volume down key and the power key. Hold them until the phone starts to reboot. A sort of menu should soon appear on the screen.

The touch screen does not work in this mode. You need to navigate through the menu items using the same volume buttons, and confirm the selection with the power button.

Find the item called Reset and confirm it with the power button. Everything, after that, your smartphone will begin the reset procedure to the factory settings. Now we have two news for you.

  • Bad: all your applications and personal data will die.
  • Good: your smartphone will be as good as new, and you can use it again.

What should be done to avoid losses in this situation?

  • Enable cloud synchronization with Google and other services. So you can quickly return your phone book, mail, calendar, SMS correspondence and other personal data.
  • Set up automatic backups using special applications (for example, Titanium Backup) and save copies to a cloud account. say, Dropbox.
  • Keep a copy of your music library on your computer.
  • Try to remember your password this time.