How To Remove On Huawei Bottom Buttons

How to remove the circle on the screen of Huawei? If the control panel suggested by the settings interferes with the display of the smartphone, you can turn it off. These circles are the way to control and adjust multitasking. As of 2020, the service is in smartphones, but in some this function is hidden, and you can activate it through the settings. And in others, everything is pre-displayed on the screen. But far from every user the second option is practical, because extra icons often interfere and distract attention.

What kind of circle on the screen of Android Huawei

The circles at the bottom of the screen are Honor or Huawei. the control panel of a multitasking gadget. There are three main Android commands there:

Although they are small and small in size, they take up a certain part of the display space, which is not always convenient. In all the latest models of Huawei and Honor, such active sites can be removed from the phone, and, if necessary, returned again.

How to customize the bottom buttons

Navigation buttons allow you to quickly carry out actions:

  • the Back action is tantamount to a quick press;
  • “Home” takes the user to the main display, the same action as a long hold;
  • hold and shift the icon to the side. the panel of running tasks will be called up.

In the menu of the gadget, the developer provided the ability to swap the buttons on the Honor. That is, if initially the “Home” zone is located in the center. you can make it left or right.

How to remove the on-screen buttons from the Honor / Huawei screen

If a circle (round button) appears on the screen of your Honor / Huawei phone, but want to delete, use the following algorithm:

How To Remove On Huawei Bottom Buttons
  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to the “System” section.
  3. Select the item “System Navigation”.
  4. Next, in the list that appears, look for the line “Navigation button” and go to it.
  5. Click on.
  6. Next, the settings window appears, there the button position is changed using the switch near the above item.

After that, the circle on the main desktop of the device disappears. To return again. turn on in the settings.

If any option whose notification is displayed on the desktop or in the status bar does not fit, you should deactivate it. After that, the symbol responsible for it disappears from the panel. It happens that even after turning off, extra characters continue to be displayed. It may well be a bug, restart the phone.