How to remove mute on iPhone

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Features of silent operation

Please note that this silent mode on iPhone 6 and later does not affect other sounds. Accordingly, if you set the alarm clock in the “Clock” program, it will still play. The same applies to music playback or special effects in games.

Another feature is that if you make the silent mode on the iPhone as indicated above, when a headset is connected to the smartphone, then the sounds in it will still be heard. That is, the “silent” button only affects the sound reproduction through a regular speaker.

How To Disable Silence Unknown Callers On iPhone

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Finally, keep in mind that in silent mode of use, the smartphone will still automatically turn on the screen when a new message arrives or when it is necessary to show a notification. This won’t hurt if the iPhone is in your or bag, but if it’s in sight, this behavior can be distracting.

How to turn on silent mode on iPhone

Apple makes premium smartphones, but sometimes some of the functions are difficult to figure out. from the habit after Android or just at the initial stage of use. For example, how to turn on silent mode on iPhone, as well as how to customize it to suit your needs. Immediately, we note that you can get rid of unnecessary sound in two ways, differing in complexity and capabilities.

How to turn on silent mode on iPhone

An easier option is to use the silent mode button on the iPhone. Yes, yes, the developers installed a separate key for this, which is located on the left side of the smartphone, just above the volume control.

Normally, the switch directs all sounds to the speaker of the device. To turn on silent mode on iPhone, slide it as shown. If done correctly, an orange background will be visible. In this mode, the device will not sound notifications or calls. By default, the device will alert the call / notification by vibration.

Vibration setting

If you want to fine tune this mode, you need to refer to the settings. Before the 7th model, to do this, you must first go to the “Settings” item, and then open the “Sounds” section. On devices with the seventh iPhone and newer, another sub-item is used, which is called “Sounds, tactile signals”.

At the very beginning, it is indicated when the apparatus should use vibration. If you want it not to hum when activating the Silent function, move the corresponding slider to the left to disable it. An alternative is to change the vibration pattern. You can choose from preset sequences or program your own. In the latter case, use the “Create vibration” sub-item, and then draw the desired signal pattern by touching your finger in the graphic mode.

In the same section, you can get rid of other sound signals. For example, if you need not only to remove ringing / vibration, but also to disable the clicks of the virtual keyboard when typing or the signal that is given when the system is locked or unlocked. In this case, scroll through the settings to the appropriate item and deactivate it.

Do Not Disturb Mode

As you can see, there are many limitations to using a mechanical switch. Therefore, Apple has provided another way, how to turn on the silent mode on the iPhone. And even without displaying notifications and other distractions, in order to maintain the blockage state to the maximum and not once again distract the owner’s attention. for example, at an important meeting, during class, or while the owner is meditating.

How to Change an iPhone From Silent Mode to Loud : Tech Yeah!

The name of this function was given by the speaker. “Do not disturb” mode. The easiest way to activate it is using the control panel. To do this, make a swipe from the bottom up, from the bottom edge of the display (in the iPhone X, everything was slightly altered, the swipe must be done from the upper right corner).

Next, lightly touch the crescent moon icon to enable / disable. When activated, the icon will be highlighted.

Also, directly from the control panel, you can go to quick settings. To do this, you do not need to touch the icon, but press it with some effort. The system will display a menu with various options. activate for a specific time while you are in the same place or for the period of a scheduled event.

Another way how to set iPhone to silent mode is through settings. A special item is highlighted under it in the menu of the device. It is convenient in that it allows you to more accurately change the parameters of the mode.

For example, you can put the device into a permanently quiet mode. If you need to specify a specific time frame, use the “Scheduled” radio button and then specify the period. It’s so convenient to turn off notifications at night.

Additionally, you can specify a list of contacts, calls from which the phone will allow you to attract your attention. To do this, select the appropriate item and mark “favorites”.

detailed settings can be found in the official Apple help: https://support.Apple.com/ru-us/HT204321.

In addition to turning off alarms more efficiently, the Do Not Disturb mode solves the question of how to turn off the sound on the iPhone if the button does not work. after all, it is activated independently of the keys.

How to increase volume on iPhone if the button doesn’t work?

If the buttons do not change anything, go to the Settings section Sounds, then make sure the Change with buttons feature is turned on. Alternatively, you can change the volume using the Control Center by swiping up.

How to enable silent mode on iPhone 11?

The easiest way to put your iPhone on silent is with a dedicated switch on the left side of your smartphone. It is located above the volume buttons and serves to mute the iPhone. When the switch is closer to the back of the smartphone and the orange indicator is visible, the sound is muted. May 29, 2019.

How to increase the speaker volume on iPhone?

Go to Settings → Music → Equalizer and select the Late Night preset. The iPhone sound will then change and become louder. Depending on the smartphone model, this can be a gain of 5-10%.

How to turn off silent mode on Android?

How to turn off silent mode in Android

  • Run “Settings”
  • Then. “Sounds and notifications”
  • Do not disturb section
  • Deactivate the corresponding toggle switch in it

How to restore sound on iPhone 6?

  • Stop the music and go back to the main system screen.
  • Open “Settings” and select the menu item “Sounds”.
  • Around the middle, you will see the Call and Alerts option. iPhone: No Sound
  • Move the slider to the right. Now all sounds should be heard.

What to do if the silent button does not work on iPhone?

What to do if iPhone 6 silent button doesn’t work?

  • Pay attention to the settings of the gadget, which mode is currently on.
  • Restart the device if the installed application interferes with the switch.
  • As a last resort, use iOS recovery via iTunes.

How to restore sound on iPhone?

Go to the “Settings” “Sounds” (or “Settings” “Sounds, tactile signals”) and drag the “Call and alerts” slider back and forth several times.

How to turn on sound on iPhone 11?

Open the application “Settings” → “Sounds, tactile signals” on the smartphone; In the “Ringtone and message sound” section, move the slider all the way to the right to turn on the maximum volume; If you want to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the physical buttons, move the slider opposite the option “Change with buttons”.

How to turn off silent mode on iPhone without a button?

To make your phone truly quiet, you can turn off vibration in silent mode by going to Settings> Sounds. Locate the “Vibration in mute” switch and turn it to Off.

What to do if there is no sound on your iPhone?

  • if the headphone or speaker jack is dirty, clean it carefully;
  • if the program fails, update the iOS device;
  • crash after unplugging headphones. plug and unplug again;
  • in case of a breakdown that does not fix itself, contact Apple Pro Service.

How to turn on sound on iPhone?

On iPhone 7 and later, go to Settings> Sounds, Tactile Cues. On older iPhones, go to Settings and Sounds. Select the option you want, such as Ringtone or New Mail. Tap the selected alert sound.

How To Unmute An iPhone Without The Button (Tutorial)

How to mute the camera on iPhone 11?

The easiest way to completely turn off the camera sound on most iPhones is to activate silent mode using the toggle switch on the left side of the device. When the mode is turned on, the display will show an inverted bell icon labeled “Silent Mode On.”.

How to mute iPhone?

Every user of this phone should know how to mute the iPhone. There are times when you need to create silence and eliminate all sound stimuli, this is where the silent mode comes in handy, or as it is also called. “Silent mode”, which has long taken root in any mobile phone.

In order to turn on the silent mode of the iPhone, you do not need to dig into the phone’s settings and look for modes, just use the switch located on the left side of the case. At the time of this writing, all iPhone models have such a mode switch and looks about the same.

This toggle switch has two positions “Normal” and “Silent”. When the silent mode is on, a red dot or stripe (depending on the model) will be visible on the switch. As soon as you have activated silent mode, the phone stops making sounds, only vibration remains on.

IPhone mute is accompanied by a crossed-out bell pop-up notification on the phone display. After you mute your iPhone, the alarm will still go off and ring in the morning. If you play music or voice recordings in silent mode, they will also sound.

On many iPhones, when the silent mode is turned on, the sound of the camera click is turned off when taking pictures, but in some models the shutter still continues to click, why read this. here.

In addition to the above, in silent mode:

  • Disable keyboard cheeks when typing
  • The dialing sound is turned off, the same tone beeps when you touch the dial
  • Not disturbed by the sounds of incoming messages

If the phone is in normal mode, you can mute the iPhone for an incoming call by pressing the volume button or the Power button. Having applied a single press, the phone will continue to dial, but without the ringing ringtone. When you press the Power button again, the phone will drop the incoming call, and the caller will hear short beeps.

How to turn on / off blinking on iPhone on call?

If you started reading this material, then you probably saw how another iPhone owner had a flash blinking when he called. Convenient enough, isn’t it?

Such blinking can be quite useful in life, because sometimes we listen loudly to music and many other situations. Let’s figure out how you can enable and disable this function.

Flash flash on call when iPhone is ringing

But first, I would like to talk a little about this function and how exactly it will work. After all, this is quite important information before using any function. We all know that Apple takes people with disabilities quite seriously. Therefore, the iPhone has a lot of functions that help in working with this device.

One of them is just a function that allows you to turn on the flash. It starts flashing when there is an incoming call or any notification. It is also possible to set it inactive when you put your iPhone on silent mode. Everything is thought out seriously enough.

Today, ordinary people also use it. After all, you can think of a lot of situations when this function is very useful.

For example, if you left your phone at the end of the room, you will be able to answer the call faster. Also when listening to music at very high volume or using headphones on another device.

How to make / remove blinking on iPhone when making a call?

Like most functions on an iPhone, this one can be turned on or off quickly enough. Setting up your smartphone becomes easier with every iOS.

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

    go to the usual Settings and find the Basic item;

then we look for Universal Access and scroll right up to the item Alert flash, which we select;

make the active item Flash alerts;

  • if desired, make active the item Flash in silent mode.
  • By taking these simple steps, you can get a great feature that will help you simplify your life a little. But do not forget also the fact that it is better not to use it at important meetings or events.

    The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only.

    Now you are the happy owner of an iPhone, which, when a call comes in, can still play blinking, in addition to the usual melody.

    Enabling this feature is very simple, which will allow you to turn it off at any time. Now you will use the flash not only as a flashlight or for photos, but also for notifications and incoming calls.

    There is no official way to get rid of iPhone camera shutter clicking. The simplest solution for a photographer is to turn off the sound on the gadget completely using a special lever.

    There is also a method that makes it possible to remove only the click of the shutter, leaving the rest of the system sounds at the same level. However, it can only be used by users of gadgets on which the jailbreak is already installed. Hacking a device to get rid of the camera sound is just silly.

    Are there iPhones on which you cannot turn off the camera sound?

    Does iPhone camera click even when the device is in silent mode? Well, we can only congratulate you. obviously, you got a smartphone intended for sales in Japan. It will be possible to turn off the shutter sound on such a “mobile phone” only after jailbreak.

    It’s all about Japanese law. One of the laws of the Land of the Rising Sun prescribes that any photographic equipment must necessarily emit a characteristic click during photographing. this applies to both professional cameras and mobile phones. The law is aimed at combating voyeurism. a sexual deviation, which consists in the desire to spy on people in intimate situations. In Japan, voyeurism has become a serious problem after everyone has the opportunity to purchase a compact smartphone with a camera and participate in a “skirt hunt”.

    When buying a Russian amateur photographer, make sure that the iPhone is not intended for the Japanese market. It’s easy to check: just pay attention to the model name of the device. Information about the model can be obtained by following the path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

    Latin letters at the end of the model name carry information about the country. In our case, the name contains the letters RU, which means that the iPhone is intended for Russia. If the name of the model is the letter J. the smartphone is “Japanese”.

    Models with the letters KH in the name should also be avoided. These gadgets are made for sales in China and South Korea. South Korea also has a Japanese-like law, although in this country the fight against voyeurism is not so fierce.

    Muting the shutter sound with Jailbreak

    You can turn off the shutter sound without affecting other elements of the system, for this you need to perform a Jailbreak. Jailbreak is a special tool for jailbreaking the iOS operating system and introducing various changes into it at the file system level.

    To jailbreak a device, you need to install special software on your computer. Now popular crackers are: unc0ver and Chimera.

    You can download one of them to your iPhone and then follow the instructions exactly (they are on the official website of the cracker developers). After installing this program, you can make changes to the settings at the file system level, but this must be done very carefully.

    How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

    Apple is notorious for making life difficult for its users. Even such a trivial operation as turning off the camera shutter sound is not easy on the iPhone. The article will tell you about several effective ways.

    When the photo is taken, the iPhone emits a loud click, imitating the sound of a camera shutter. This often becomes a hindrance for the photographer, because a characteristic click attracts the attention of others who are eager to find out which of them became the object of interest and got into the frame.

    Users trying to find a way to mute the camera make the same mistake. they look for a solution in Settings. But there is no toggle switch in iPhone Settings to disable the shutter click. You will have to resort to other methods.

    IPhone camera sound: how to turn it on or off when taking a photo

    As iPhone owners have probably noticed, when taking photos, the camera is accompanied by a characteristic sound. Many users do not pay attention to this sound, but sometimes there are situations when such “musical accompaniment” can interfere with others, for example, when you need to photograph a lot of documents in a small office space in which other people work besides you.

    There is currently no option to turn off the shutter click sound in iOS settings (but there is an option to turn off keyboard clicks and the screen lock sound), however there are a few tricks to do this.

    It should be noted that in some countries shooting with a camera without sound is prohibited at the legislative level (Japan and South Korea), therefore, it is impossible to disable the camera shutter sound in the iPhone for the markets of such countries without jailbreak.

    Music app

    Few people know, but the iPhone can be tricked using the “Music” application. Run any melody in it and turn the volume down to zero, and then go to the Camera application and start shooting. When you take photos, you will not hear the click you are used to. But if you turn up the volume, you will hear it.

    Switch to silent mode

    Few people know that in order to turn off the shutter sound on the camera, it is not necessary to jailbreak or resort to other serious manipulations with the mobile device. Everything is much simpler here, the camera sound will turn off automatically as soon as you put the iPhone into silent mode. This can be done using settings or a physical switch located on the side of the iPhone.

    The owner of the smartphone just needs to remember about this feature and before taking photos, put the device into silent mode. For some users, this approach may seem extremely inconvenient, but there is nothing you can do about it on the iOS operating system, this is the easiest way to turn off the shutter sound.

    We use a headset

    If you have headphones from a smartphone and need to stay quiet, just plug them into the iPhone jack and continue shooting with the camera. The click from the photos will not be heard by others, but you will hear it in the headphones.

    Another nice thing about the headset is the ability to create images with the volume key. If you open the Camera application and press the volume button, the system will automatically take pictures.

    Silent mode is off, but there is no sound?

    Controlling silent mode on an iPhone is simple in theory. with a toggle switch. However, in reality, everything is a little more complicated. Silent mode is disabled on iPhone, but you still can’t hear the sound of an incoming call? There may be several reasons for this.

    You may be in Do Not Disturb mode. You may have blocked the number calling you, so you cannot hear the sound. First, check everything, and then review the settings again.

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    The Ring / Silent switch is on the left of the iPhone. It can be used to control the sounds played through the iPhone speaker.

    Change ringtone and vibration mode

    By default, the volume for ringtones and notifications matches the volume configured for audio playback. To control the ringtone and notification volume separately from other programs, turn off Change with Buttons. If Change with Buttons is disabled, you must manually adjust the ringtone and notification volume in the Settings Sounds, Tactile or Settings Sounds menu.

    About this article

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    Features of silent operation

    Please note that this silent mode on iPhone 6 and later does not affect other sounds. Accordingly, if you set the alarm clock in the “Clock” program, it will still play. The same applies to music playback or special effects in games.

    Another feature is that if you make the silent mode on the iPhone as indicated above, when a headset is connected to the smartphone, then the sounds in it will still be heard. That is, the “silent” button only affects the sound reproduction through a regular speaker.

    Finally, keep in mind that in silent mode of use, the smartphone will still automatically turn on the screen when a new message arrives or when it is necessary to show a notification. This won’t hurt if the iPhone is in your or bag, but if it’s in sight, this behavior can be distracting.

    Silent mode

    To put iPhone in Silent mode, slide the switch to the position where the orange mark is visible.

    Method 2 of 2: Do Not Disturb Mode

    • “SmallUrl”: “https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/a/a8/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-6-Version-2.jpg/v4-460px-Put-an.iPhone-on-Silent-Step-6-Version-2.jpg “,” bigUrl “:” https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/a/a8/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent.Step-6-Version-2.jpg / v4-760px-Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-6-Version-2.jpg “,” smallWidth “: 460,” smallHeight “: 345,” bigWidth “: 760,” bigHeight “: 5701 Check out Do Not Disturb. Do not disturb mode temporarily blocks all sounds, vibrations and light alerts to completely eliminate various distractions. When your phone is in this mode, it will receive calls and messages, but it will not ring, vibrate or light up.
    • Note: The alarm set in the Clock app will ring even in Do Not Disturb mode.
    • Many people put their phones in this mode at night to avoid being woken up by sudden vibrations, ringing or phone backlighting. [five]
    • “SmallUrl”: “https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/7/7b/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-7-Version-3.jpg/v4-460px-Put-an.iPhone-on-Silent-Step-7-Version-3.jpg “,” bigUrl “:” https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/7/7b/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent.Step-7-Version-3.jpg / v4-760px-Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-7-Version-3.jpg “,” smallWidth “: 460,” smallHeight “: 345,” bigWidth “: 760,” bigHeight “: 5702 Swipe down from the bottom of the screen. This will open the phone control panel.
    • “SmallUrl”: “https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/e/ef/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-8-Version-2.jpg/v4-460px-Put-an.iPhone-on-Silent-Step-8-Version-2.jpg “,” bigUrl “:” https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/e/ef/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent.Step-8-Version-2.jpg / v4-760px-Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-8-Version-2.jpg “,” smallWidth “: 460,” smallHeight “: 345,” bigWidth “: 760,” bigHeight “: 5703 Press the crescent-shaped button. Located at the top of the control panel, this button enables Do Not Disturb mode. If this button is white, then the mode is on. Click on it again (so that it turns gray) if you want to turn off the “do not disturb” mode.
    • You can also enable this mode by going to “Settings” “Do not disturb mode”. Place the radio button next to the Manual option from white to green. [6]
    • On the control panel, there is another similar icon of a crescent moon inside the sun. This button enables a function called “NightShift”.
    • “SmallUrl”: “https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/4/42/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-9-Version-2.jpg/v4-460px-Put-an.iPhone-on-Silent-Step-9-Version-2.jpg “,” bigUrl “:” https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/4/42/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent.Step-9-Version-2.jpg / v4-760px-Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-9-Version-2.jpg “,” smallWidth “: 460,” smallHeight “: 345,” bigWidth “: 760,” bigHeight “: 5704 Turn this mode on and off at a specific time every day. If you use Do Not Disturb mode every day, then program your phone to turn it on and off automatically at certain times of the day. Go to “Settings” “Do not disturb mode”. Set the radio button next to the “Scheduled” option from white to green, and then manually set the times “From” and “To”. [7]
    • For example, you can set working hours (from 9 am to 5 pm) so that the phone does not distract you at work.
    • “SmallUrl”: “https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/0/09/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-10-Version-2.jpg/v4-460px-Put-an.iPhone-on-Silent-Step-10-Version-2.jpg “,” bigUrl “:” https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/0/09/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent.Step-10-Version-2.jpg / v4-760px-Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-10-Version-2.jpg “,” smallWidth “: 460,” smallHeight “: 345,” bigWidth “: 760,” bigHeight “: 5705 Allow certain phone numbers to disturb you when do not disturb mode is on. By default, the contacts that you have defined as “Favorites” will be able to call you in this mode. You can change these settings in the “Settings” “Do not disturb mode” “Allow calls from”.
    • Select “Everyone”, “No one”, “Favorites” or “All contacts”. [eight]
    • “SmallUrl”: “https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/c/c2/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-11-Version-2.jpg/v4-460px-Put-an.iPhone-on-Silent-Step-11-Version-2.jpg “,” bigUrl “:” https://www.wikihow.com/images_en/thumb/c/c2/Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent.Step-11-Version-2.jpg / v4-760px-Put-an-iPhone-on-Silent-Step-11-Version-2.jpg “,” smallWidth “: 460,” smallHeight “: 345,” bigWidth “: 760,” bigHeight “: 5706 Let me call you. By default, do not disturb mode allows people who call at intervals of up to 3 minutes to dial. This option provides for emergencies, but you can turn it off.
    • Go to “Settings” “Do not disturb”.
    • Find the radio button next to the Repeat Calls option. Leave it green to enable the feature, or toggle it to white to disable it. [nine]

    Disabling camera sound on iPhone 5S

    Apple smartphones are renowned for the quality of their main and front cameras. But sometimes the user needs to silently take a photo. To do this, you can switch to a special mode or delve into the iPhone settings.

    Camera app

      Download and install the app on your phone.

    Open Microsoft Pix and click on the icon in the upper right corner.

    Tap on the icon shown in the screenshot in the right left corner.

    In the menu that opens, select the “Settings” section.

    The user will automatically go to the application settings, where you need to turn off the “Shutter sound” by moving the slider to the left.

    Mute the sound

    To get rid of the camera clicking when shooting, you can not only use the switch, but also using small iPhone tricks. In addition, there are certain models on which you can remove the sound only by jailbreak.

    Alternative options

    If the first two methods are not suitable, you can use the so-called “life hacks”, which are advised by the owners of iPhones. They do not involve downloading third-party applications, but only use some of the phone’s functions.

      Launch the Music or Podcasts application. After playing the song, turn down the volume to 0. Then minimize the application by pressing the “Home” button and go to “Camera”. Now there will be no sound when photographing;

    When shooting a video, you can also take a photo using a special button. This keeps the shutter sound quiet. However, the quality will be the same as the video;

  • Using headphones when shooting. The sound of the camera clicking will go into them. In addition, you can take a photo through the volume control on the headphones themselves, which is very convenient;
  • Using jailbreak and file replacement.
  • Turn on silent mode

    The easiest and fastest way to remove the sound of the camera shutter when shooting. However, it has a significant disadvantage: the user will not hear calls and message notifications. Therefore, this function should be activated only for the duration of the photo, and then turn it off.

    You can also activate the “Silent” mode with the switch on the side panel. To do this, slide it down. At the same time, the screen will display that the iPhone has entered silent mode.

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