How To Remove Kids Mode On A Huawei Tablet

On the LG screen, everything is visible as in a negative, everything turned bright red or discolored and you don’t know how to fix it? In this article we will see how to get out of negative mode on Algie and other similar smartphones and tablets running on the Android operating system. Below you will find information where in the Android settings the negative mode is turned on and off.

How To Remove Kids Mode On A Huawei Tablet

Many users of LG smartphones, seeing how images are displayed on the screen and everything else in the negative, think that there are problems with the screen. Some, not knowing what to do, are reset to the factory settings or run off under warranty, contact a service center or take the nearest workshop for repair. Not everyone activates this inversion mode themselves, sometimes by chance in the settings they turned it on and forgot exactly where, sometimes children rummaged and turned it on. It also happens that the negative mode is activated when you turn on the camera to take photos. In any case, for starters, try to find and disable negative or color inversion through the settings yourself.

And so that exit negative mode on android LG do the following:
Open on Lji or another device “Settings”.
Find and go to point “Special abilities”.
Next we find the item “Color inversion” and choose “disconnect”.
On some devices, instead of “Color inversion” it happens “Negative mode” opposite which you need to check.