How To Remove Jailbreak iOS 7

How To Remove Jailbreak iOS 7

If you jailbreak your iPhone out of curiOSity and now want to remove it, there are several solutions: you can restore the device in iTunes with a forced update to the current version of iOS 8.4.1, which is especially painful for iPhone 4s and earlier models. On these devices, the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system quickly drains the battery, causes communication problems and slows down a lot. Therefore, today I will tell you how to remove jailbreak without automatically updating iOS.

Can I remove the jailbreak?

Until recently, there were no tools to remove a jailbreak from an iPhone without flashing it. I had to restore the device to the computer through iTunes. If at the time of recovery the version of iOS on your device was different from the current one, the flashing was accompanied by an automatic update. For owners of the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (or future iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the presentation of which we are expecting tomorrow) with a large reserve of performance. This is not a problem. IPhone 4s users with a firmware update received a terribly slow iOS device.


To remove a jailbreak from an iPhone without recovery on a computer:

  1. Create a backup via iTunes, iCloud or Mac FoneTrans;
  2. Connect the device to the Internet (optimally via Wi-Fi);
  3. Charge the device by at least 20%;
  4. Insert a SIM card;
  5. Make sure that the device is tied to your Apple ID with the Find iPhone feature (if enabled);

How to remove jailbreak

  1. Go to Cydia;

In the BigBoss repository (added by default), find the Cydia Impactor utility and install it;

Launch Cydia Impactor;

At the bottom of the screen, click on the button “delete all data and unjailbreak device” (delete all data and jailbreak);

Click the “Delete all” button. After that, a command line will appear on the device’s screen, in which actions to remove the jailbreak will begin. Do not press anything and wait 10 minutes until the process is complete;

  • After finishing your iPhone / iPad will reboot, activate it again.
  • Finally

    As you can see, you can remove the jailbreak from an iPhone and it’s not at all difficult to do this. To restore data, you can use the standard tools of iTunes and iCloud, or resort to using Mac FoneLab, iBackupBot or iPhone Backup Extractor.

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