How To Remove Jailbreak iOS 13

How To Remove Jailbreak iOS 13

After you jailbreak your device with iOS 13, you may need to remove it. This will remove the Cydia app with all the tweaks and the checkra1n app.

In this article, we will tell you about how to remove the jailbreak of iOS 13 from your device. This is sometimes necessary when there are any problems with the jailbreak or Cydia itself.

How to remove jailbreak iOS 13 Checkra1n

Step 1: Open the Checkra1n application on your device with iOS 13. Press the red “Restore System” button. Do not worry, all your data will remain intact. When installing the jailbreak, a snapshot of the original file system is created. The process will return the device to it.

Step 2: That’s all! Technically, you have already removed the jailbreak from your device. Although the Cydia application still remains.

Jailbreak is removed, but the interface is not updated. Perhaps future versions of the tool will do this too. In the meantime, there is another more complicated way to uninstall the Cydia application without updating the system.

For the third step, you will need to install the jailbreak on your device again, following this instruction.

Step 3: Do not install Cydia app through Checkra1n app again. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open the Terminal window. Use the following command:

Step 4: Next, use this command:

Step 5: Now open a new Terminal window and use the following command:

Step 6: Leave the Terminal window open. Hold the CMD T keys to open a new tab, and then use the command:

Note: If you did not change the password yourself, then it will be “alpine” (without quotes).

Step 7: Type yes and press Enter. Now enter the following in the Terminal window and press Enter again:

Step 8: The process will take some time, be patient. After that, you will need to respring using the following command:

Step 9: Now you can reboot your device to remove the checkra1n application. Now everything is for sure! There should be no jailbreak of iOS 13 left on your device. So far, the removal process is not the most convenient, but let’s hope that updating the checkra1n tool will fix it.

You can jailbreak iOS 13 again at any time by following our instructions.

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