How to Remove Jailbreak iOS 12 4

Last update date: 06/11/2019

What is jailbreak?

How to Remove Jailbreak iOS 12 4

Jailbreak iOS. unauthorized access to the file system iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV, possible due to exploits that exploit Apple security vulnerabilities. Access to system files and folders allows the user to manage their contents and install applications from third-party sources, ignoring the official source of iOS content on the App Store. Hacked iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad users still have access to the App Store, iTunes, and basic device features such as a phone call.

The main function of the jailbreak is to modify (simplify or expand) iOS settings and to personalize the device interface. In order to download jailbreak on an i-device, you must install a utility compatible with the iOS version.

Origin of the term

Literally, “jailbreak” (Eng. Jailbreak. “jailbreak”) means the “exit” of the device beyond its “cell”. Initially, the metaphor of the cell, or jail, refers to the UNIX operating system, in particular to the FreeBSD jail. stand-alone virtual “cells” within the same FreeBSD operating system.

Many manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, game consoles use technical means of copyright protection (born DRM. Digital rights management) on their devices. DRM monitoring systems limit the user to managing software, primarily for security purposes. Jailbreak is a “hack” of devices that allows you to avoid the limitations of DRM and modify the operating system of your device.

For the first time, the term “jailbreak” iPhone-hackers used in relation to iTunes and the possibility of avoiding its control. Since then, the meaning of the concept has expanded and is now applicable to the process of hacking android platforms, also known as rooting.

What is jailbreak for?

Apple’s core principle is centralization. The iOS file system is closed to the user, and application developers must adhere to Apple’s strict guidelines to enter the App Store. To some extent, these restrictions exist to enhance security and maintain the overall quality of applications. On the other hand, they give rise to a desire to try the hidden features of the operating system of your device or to individualize it according to your own requests.

What does jailbreak do?

The founder of the jailbreak is considered the American developer Jay Freeman (Jay Freeman), also known as saurik. the father of the most popular alternative App Store content source Cydia. Thanks to Cydia, you can install software on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad that isn’t in the App Store, download a paid app for free, or an app that isn’t approved or removed from the App Store.

The Cydia icon appears on the screen of the device immediately after the jailbreak. Cydia is so common in jailbreaking communities that most of the tools you use to jailbreak it install it automatically. There are many possibilities that jailbreak tweaks open: from changing the design (status bar, font, skin, icons) to installing additional options and managing built-in functionality (disabling background processes, cleaning RAM, reading changing system files and folders, etc.) d.).

  • Copy, move, rename files.
  • Change directories for storing applications.
  • Allow applications to access the file system.
  • Change file attributes and user rights.
  • View and edit text documents.

Apple devices are not always easy to use. For example, without the corresponding application, you cannot open archived files or edit text documents in the txt, doc, docx, rtf, pdf format. The iFile file manager on a “hacked” device allows you to view and sometimes edit files of various formats: txt, doc, docx, rtf, xml, xls, ppt, html, audio and formats, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, etc.

Many Chinese iOS owners jailbreak mobile devices to install simpler than Chinese input methods for Chinese characters.

For example, you can see how to transform your iPhone using these setups: