How To Remove iOS 11 Update Notification

You have a smartphone with android and suddenly displays a notification about a system update. Not all updates are good. Some may adversely affect your phone, and you decide to ignore them.

However, the phone haunts you and still displays updates. How to disable it?

While for high-end smartphones, system updates are pretty well thought out (although updates such as Lollipop for Galaxy S5 are not very warmly welcomed there), in the case of phones with a low or medium range, upgrades to the new version can lead to a big slowdown of the device.

Not surprisingly, some want to ignore updates and use the current version of android. How to remove it?

  • ATTENTION: you can also disable application updates, and not just notifications about them. Details here.

Method one. Turn off update notifications without interfering with the system kernel

As a rule, in most cases, most likely, intervention in the kernel will be required to turn off notifications about updating the android system.

Nevertheless, users of some smartphones confirm that they turn off these messages in the phone without root rights (for example, in LG G3).

The solution is to turn off display for two system applications. Google Play Services and Google Services Framework.

To do this, go to “Settings” and select “Applications”. Now move your finger to the side to view all applications or click on the “application manager” (the first one on the list at the top). It depends on the version of android.

If you selected the second item, then on the top right click “Options” and select the line “show system applications”

Let’s start with the Google Services Framework. Find it and click on it.

How To Remove iOS 11 Update Notification

Now click on the “Notifications” section.

Going to it, move the slider to the left or remove the bird in front of the “notifications resolution” parameter

That’s not all. Scroll to the bottom and move the slider to the right or put a bird in front of the option “Hide notifications” or turn it off (also depends on the version of android).

Now back to the list of applications and do the same for “Software Update” and “Google Play Services”. Turn off notifications in both.

Now restart your device. If the message still remains, then the device needs to be root.

Method two. Turn off update notifications

The second solution is to disable the system service, which runs in the background and is responsible for updating the android system.

To do this, you need to obtain root rights and install the Disable Service application. Launch the application and go to “System” (on the right) to display system applications.

In the list, look for the application “Google Services Framework” and select it. Now, at the top left, we choose to show all services running within the application.

At the bottom, we should find the SystemUpdateService service. To disable it, simply remove the bird opposite it in the list. Update messages should no longer appear. Successes.