How To Remove From Ipad

All Ways to Delete from Apple iPhone

After receiving a letter from our reader Laura, we decided to consider and tell you about all the possible ways to remove an iPad from an iPhone or tablet. The iOS operating systems in these two devices are similar, so the removal sequence looks about the same. Accordingly, the owners of the iPad will also be able to delete, however, as well as use other instructions.
Both iPhones and iPads can be stored of various origins:

  • , captured by iPhone (iPad) by the Camera app
  • , downloaded to iPhone (iPad) via iTunes
  • Filmed by third-party applications

With the help of Apple iPhone, today we will delete the downloaded to the phone and captured by the standard Camera application. We will erase in various ways, but you choose the option available for your iOS sewing.

Delete Captured by iPhone Camera
Everything captured by a standard application called Camera is stored in a standard application (or photos). Removing this will not be difficult.

We go into the application, and we are looking for among the photos taken with an iPhone, if you previously created a folder in the gallery and put your entries there, then the search is facilitated.

Files mixed with photos can be distinguished by the camera icon and time taken.

  • Once found, click on it and select the trash can icon in the lower right corner to delete.
  • A menu appears confirming the deletion from the iPhone by pressing the Delete button, the entry is erased from the phone.
  • Cleaning methods # 1
    Starting with Apple iOS 5 and above, you can delete files from the application from the iPhone or iPad itself. To determine the version read. Ios Firmware Version

    The simplest solution is to launch the standard application

  • A list with all clips, movies and cartoons will appear
  • With your finger we make a crossing movement and click on the button that appears. Delete
  • There is another way to delete from iPhone, it is more time-consuming, but still there is:

    Go to iPhone Settings, select the General section. Statistics

  • Scroll down the Statistics section until we see the section (here you can see how much memory the iPhone takes), go to it
  • We select unwanted ones from the list and delete them from the iPhone memory with a deletion gesture. Here, to delete, you can use the Change button and the red element that appears.
  • Cleaning method No. 2
    There is another way to delete from iPhone or iPad, this method will be needed by users of outdated firmware. Removal is performed using iTunes installed on the computer. To perform the uninstall, we used an old iPhone with firmware 3.1.2, where there weren’t even separate Music apps and everything was stored in the iPod app. The experimental iPhone is full, which we will now remove.

    If earlier you yourself recorded on the iPhone using your iTunes program, then to delete you need to do the following:

    We take the USB cable, connect the iPhone to the computer and launch our iTunes, with which we previously downloaded to our iPhone

  • Click on the iPhone that appears in the Devices section and select the Movies tab
  • Uncheck the “Synchronize movies” checkbox and click the Delete button in the window that appears with the following m: “Do you really want to synchronize movies? All movies on iPhone will be deleted “
  • After that, in the lower right corner, click the Apply and Synchronize button, at the end of the synchronization iTunes erases everything from the iPhone
  • If clips, movies, jokes and other things were loaded into the iPhone from iTunes unknown to you, then you can use empty iTunes to delete, although after following the procedure described below, not only was deleted, but also music:

    The actions are about the same, we hook up the iPhone to the computer, launch an empty iTunes. Select in iPhone Devices, in the window on the right, click on Movies. Unlike the previous method, we tick the “Synchronize movies” box, after which a notification appears:

    We press the buttons “Delete and sync” and “Synchronize” and again the message:

    Clicking “Erase and Sync” will remove everything from the iPhone along with other items in your library. If you want to delete something else, you can read other instructions, but if you need to delete almost all the contents of the phone, then you can do a full reset of the iPhone in Settings.

    How To Remove From Ipad


    The activated function of synchronization with iCloud assumes automatic upload to the “Media Library”, which can be viewed on the Icloud website. Here the user can also work with contacts, notes, reminders and other data from all devices on which logged in with the same account and this function is enabled.

    If syncing with iCloud is not turned on, you need to do the following:

    Go to your account, and then select the “iCloud” item.

    In the window that opens, move the toggle switch to the right opposite “iCloud”.

    After this procedure, you need to go to the “” application and wait until all files are fully downloaded to the “Media Library”. The speed depends on the available internet connection. The transfer has been successfully completed, now all that remains is to find them on the Ayclaud website.

      Open the iCloud website. Enter your Apple ID and account password.

    Go to the section “”.

    Having selected the necessary file, the user can also add it to the album, share or delete.

    Cloud storage

    You can upload photos to your PC from any device if the cloud storage application is installed on it. The user just needs to transfer them to the cloud from the tablet, and then download them on the computer. The advantage of such services is the safety of the user’s files, as well as the ability to get free disk space. The following articles will cover the main functions and tools of the most popular cloud storage.

    How to Transfer from iPad to PC

    Apple tablets are famous not only for their performance, but also for the quality of the main and front cameras. This is why users often have a huge collection of photos on their device. How to transfer them to a computer for further editing or storage?

    Windows explorer

    You can download photos from iPad without using the iCloud website or special applications, just connect the device to a PC. Please note that we need the pre-installed iTunes program, since it is she who is responsible for the necessary drivers for a successful connection.

    Connect iPad to PC via USB cable. Click “Trust this computer” on the tablet screen.

  • Go to “My Computer” and find the iPad in the list of connected devices.
  • Open the “Internal Storage” section.

    Go to the “DCIM” folder.

    In the next window, the user can see several folders. Their number is always different and depends on how many files are currently stored on the device, as well as their location. The “100CLOUD” folder contains files synced from iCloud. We are interested in photos from the internal memory, so choose “102APPLE” or “103APPLE”.

    You can copy the desired file either by simply dragging it into another window or onto the desktop, or by calling the quick menu with the right mouse button and clicking “Copy”. Then select the section or folder where the copied will be saved, and click RMB. “Paste”.

    Transfer from iPad to PC

    The process of transferring photos from the tablet will not cause any difficulties for the user, because for some methods there is no need to even connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable. In addition, some applications offer additional useful functions.


    Transferring almost any files from iPad is possible without the help of iCloud. To do this, the user will need a third-party file manager, a kind of analogue of the standard iTunes program. The following article describes how to transfer from device to PC using the popular iTools manager.

    Using a computer when working with files on iPad is very convenient, especially if you enable automatic syncing with your iCloud library. However, the user can turn to newer ways of storing files, for example, to the cloud.

    How to completely delete photos from iPhone or iPad on IOS 8

    What to do with the photos from the iPhone after the very, most and not even the most of them are spread out on pages in social networks or turned into beautiful books, and all the rest are folded in the form of archives on disks or merged onto external screws?

    That’s right, it is better to remove old, unnecessary and other pictures from the iPhone. Over, this should be done more often, otherwise there will be no room for new and even more funny photos.

    And how to delete photos from iPhone or iPad on IOS 8?

    It would seem like a funny question. What is there to delete? Open the application “”, go to the “film”, tap “Select”, then. On the basket and “Delete”. If you need to delete photos in bulk, then everything is exactly the same, but first you need to mark them. And you can delete a folder or several folders with photos through “Albums”: click “Change” in the upper right corner of the screen and then tap on the red circle near the desired folder-album, except for those that are “sewn” into the IOS. In general, business. Nothing at all: select and delete.

    But in IOS 8 it is no longer possible to delete pictures just like that. Those. You seem to have deleted them, but the system still leaves them on your iPhone or iPad. And instead of, as before, generally delete pictures from the device’s memory, IOS 8 transfers all “deleted” by the user to a separate folder “Recently Deleted”, where it continues to carefully store for another 30 days.

    In fact, the option is convenient, as it allows you to quickly restore everything that was deleted “accidentally” or “by mistake”. On the other hand, you have to remember from time to time that photos from IOS 8 are deleted twice: first as usual, and then. By control deletion from the same backup daddy. Although everything is not complicated there either: they opened the folder, marked the necessary photos and deleted.

    By the way, there is another interesting point. Even two.

    Firstly, if you made a backup of your iPhone or iPad through iTunes, then the photos deleted from the device will most likely remain in fresh backups. So, if the situation is such that it is necessary to delete pictures from there, then you will have to update the backup, that is, make another.

    Secondly, those who like to save “facts” in iCloud (in Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library) have a little more work to do. Album Photo Stream, if it is on your iPhone or iPad, can be cleaned through the application “” in the usual way. Photos deleted from Photo Stream will seem to be deleted on other devices on which you use this service.

    Icloud Photo Library is still in beta and not everyone is using it. Nevertheless, many users, just to save space on their smartphones and tablets, connect to Photo Library and store their ands there. Setting up the system is simple, and you can just as easily delete photos from there. Everything follows the same principle: entered, selected, deleted. If you delete photos from Photo Library from iPhone, then later on other Apple devices they will not be available either.

    How to remove jailbreak if iTunes can’t see your device?

    The fact that iTunes does not see the connected “jailbroken” iPhone is a consequence of the “glitchiness” mentioned at the beginning of the article. Most often, owners of old iPhone models. 4 and 4S suffer from such problems; after installing the jailbreak, the “four” may even turn into a “brick” that does not show any signs of life and is not recognized by the PC.

    There is a way to get out of such a difficult situation. You should act like this:

    Step 1. Enter your smartphone into DFU mode. Having connected the gadget to the PC, hold down “Home” and “Power” for 10 seconds, then release “Power” while continuing to hold “Home” (in more detail about what DFU-Mode is, we talked in the article “DFU-mode on iPhone 4 and 5 “).

    Step 2. Itunes will display a message of the following nature:

    Click OK, then Restore iPhone. You will get an iPhone without jailbreak, but again you will lose some valuable data.

    How to remove jailbreak from iPhone?

    Hacking an iPhone is a reversible procedure. The Apple user can remove the jailbreak and regain the right to warranty service in different ways. Both through the iTunes media combine and using a special tweak from Cydia.

    Iphone and iPad users are very often frustrated with jailbreak. As a result of the “hacking”, they expect to get open gadgets, which have all the restrictions of Apple “on the side”. But in fact become the owners of “buggy” mobile devices that work extremely unstable. It is logical that they want to remove the jailbreak. If only their iPhones become comfortable and fast again.

    Another common reason for not jailbreaking is to seek warranty support from Apple. It is known that the manufacturer does not repair devices that have been “hacked”, therefore, before asking for help, the user must thoroughly cover up all traces of the “criminal” procedure. How to remove jailbreak from iPhone without leaving a trace, we will tell you in this article.

    How to break a Jailbreak using iTunes?

    This jailbreak removal method is the simplest and safest: you just need to restore your iPhone from a backup by pressing the corresponding button in iTunes.

    It makes no sense to fully describe the procedure here. There is a detailed article on our website on how to restore an iPhone from a backup.

    Although the user will bring the device in unjailbreaked state for repair, experts will quickly find out that the iPhone has been subjected to a forbidden procedure. In this case, the current state of the gadget will not matter. The repair will still be refused. Therefore, if the owner of the iPhone intends to transfer his gadget to the service, it is better for him to demolish the Jailbreak in another way. Through the button “Restore iPhone.”.

    When iTunes prompts you to create a backup, you must refuse. Select the option “Do not create a backup”.

    With this method of recovery, iTunes will independently download the current version of the operating system and install it on your mobile device. Naturally, in this case, the owner of the gadget will lose part of the data, but will receive a “clean” smartphone, without traces of jailbreak.

    Before restoring the device via iTunes with the deletion of all data, the user is advised to create a backup in iCloud in order to find important data in the cloud in the future. On our site you can learn how to restore iPhone from iCloud backup.

    How to remove jailbreak without flashing?

    Another way to remove a jailbreak and reset your Apple device is to use the “self-destruct” tweak Cydia Eraser (formerly Cydia Impactor) developed by Cydia creator Jay Freeman. This method has a number of significant advantages:

      The gadget is not flashed. The iPhone continues to work on the same iOS version. No traces of jailbreak remain. No computer needed, Jailbreak removal is carried out directly from your mobile device.

    The method also has disadvantages:

    If you still consider yourself a pro in the field of mobile technologies, try to demolish the jailbreak via Cydia Eraser. This is done like this:

    Step 2. Select the “Utilities” section.

    Step 3. Find the Cydia Eraser tweak in the list of utilities and install it.

    Step 4. Launch the tweak. At the bottom of the main screen you will see a button “Erase All Data, Unjailbreak Device“. Click this button.

    Step 5. You will be asked to confirm deletion of all data contained on the iPhone:

    Select the “Delete All” option. After that, on the screen you will see a command line listing the operations associated with removing the jailbreak.

    You don’t need to press anything else. Just wait 5-10 minutes for the process to complete!

    When Cydia Eraser does its job, the iPhone will restart and the screen will display the same welcome message that you probably saw when you first activated the gadget.

    Activate iPhone again from scratch. You will make sure that the device is “clean” and the version of the operating system is the same as before using Cydia Eraser.


    Removing a jailbreak from an Apple device almost always results in the loss of all user data. Whatever method is used. Therefore, if valuable information is stored on your iPhone, it is better to think seven times about the advisability of “jailbreaking” the file system, before cutting off once. Installing a jailbreak.

    If, through imprudence, you have already jailbroken the device and are faced with the need to return the gadget to its normal, “closed” state, be sure to make a backup before proceeding with the procedure for removing the jailbreak. From the backup, you can then “get” the necessary information using one of the file managers.

    How to remove from iPad in different ways

    Some tablet users are forced to take a lot of photos due to their work. For example, app developers have to save a lot of screenshots from their iPad every day. This tends to clutter up albums as screenshots are saved in the same location as personal photos. Fortunately, extra pictures are pretty easy to erase.

    In programs

    Not all images can be erased easily. It also happens that after the above instructions are completed, they are still not deleted from the iPad. However, this is also quite fixable. How is this explained?

    Removing images from saved photos or Photo Stream, for example, has certain specifics. Some pictures, namely those that you copy from the email page or any site, are automatically loaded under the tag “Saved Photos” (original iPad menu).

    Just click on the image to open it and then. To the Delete icon that appears in the upper right corner when you try to display the Picture Control. To finish the job, click on the big red “Delete Photo” button. Or press lightly anywhere on the screen if you decide to save the image to your iPad in a different folder.

    So, how to remove from iPad?

    First, go to your Photos app. You can also access images through iPad camera controls by touching the icon next to the options button or by swiping from left to right across the screen.

    Next, select the photos tab, displaying the albums you want. If you have many images saved, you can also delete a single image. Click on the photo you want to erase. This will open it in full screen mode. From here, you can simply click on the trash can in the upper right corner of the screen. If you don’t see this button, click in the middle of the display to open the title bar. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

    Deleting multiple files

    Do you know how to uninstall from iPad in bulk? This can be very useful if you take dozens of pictures every day trying to get one perfect shot. It’s also a great time-saver if you need to clear up a lot of space on your iPad and has hundreds of images saved at different times.

    After launching the photos application, simply select the album containing the pictures you want to delete. If you are not sure if the files you want are in a particular directory, the tab at the top of the screen contains all the images saved on the iPad.

    Then click the Submit button in the upper right corner of the screen. It looks like a square with an arrow coming out of it. On the home screen, the edit button will put your iPad into multi-selection mode.

    After you click Submit, you are ready to select the photos you want to delete. A simple click on the image will bring up a blue circle with a check mark on it. Continue until you have selected all the photos you want to delete. When done, press the red button at the top of the screen. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to erase the selected items and the images will be removed from the iPad. At this point, the instruction on how to remove from the iPad can be considered complete. It’s much easier than searching for each image individually to get rid of it.

    Photo Stream

    If you are using programs for the iPad. And services, you should also consider their specifics. So, when your images are in Photo Stream, they will be erased from this application on all devices. How to remove from iPad in this case?

    Open the album, click Action in the upper right corner, and a red Delete button will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Now click on each photo you want to get rid of. A check mark will appear on each of them. When you have identified the pictures to delete, click “Delete Selected Photos”. If you change your mind, you can choose the Cancel button instead.

    How to remove. Learn to delete photos from your iPad

    There are several ways to delete unwanted photos from iPad:

  • Directly from the iPad via the “” application;
  • Via iTunes;
  • Via a personal computer.
  • Detailed instructions on how to remove from a tablet computer from Apple

    Method number 2

    We connect the iPad to a computer or laptop via a data cable. Launch iTunes and go to iPad:

    We select the section “”:

    In the upper field, mark the item “Selected folders”, and in the “Folders” field, select with a “tick” those folders that should remain on the iPad:

    In the lower right corner of the screen, click the “Apply” button:

    Method number 1

    We go to the application “” on the iPad:

    Select the album from which we will delete photos:

    In the upper right corner of the screen, click “Change”:

    Mark unnecessary photos and click the “Delete” button:

    In the menu that appears, select “Remove from album”:

    Method number 3

    Opening the internal memory of the iPad:

    We get into the folder with files:

    We go into the folder with photos:

    Select the photos you want to delete:

    Right-click on the selected ones and select “Delete” in the menu that appears:

    Now you know several ways to delete unwanted photos from your iPad.

    How to remove from iPhone: instructions for beginners

    Today I will tell you how to remove from your iPhone. This operation on Apple devices has specific features. For example, some photos downloaded from a computer cannot be deleted via the phone itself. Perhaps, to many users, such limited actions may seem absurd. But it is not for us to judge the actions of the developers. The article will describe in detail how to remove from an iPhone.

    Training. Any phone from Apple has a built-in program called “photos”. It has a sunflower icon. When you open this application, you will see two folders. One called “film”, the other “archive”. The first folder stores files taken with the built-in camera of the iPhone 4s (or other version). The second stores are downloaded via a computer using iTunes. The following will describe instructions for each of these situations.

    Film. There are three types of deleting photos that were taken with your phone camera. You can delete all files one at a time. To do this, open the photo you are interested in and click on the trash can icon. If you need to delete several files at once, then you need to go to the “tape” (to the initial screen) and select the “Edit” function. Then just select the pictures you don’t need and click on “Delete”. Finally, the most ambitious method. It is formatting all files at once. This operation can be done by connecting the phone to a PC. Here we simply open the iPhone in file storage mode (then the device is recognized as a device) and select the “Format” function by right-clicking.

    Archive. Now that you know how to delete the ones made by the device itself from the iPhone, let’s take a look at the way to format the files uploaded through iTunes. As mentioned earlier, photos uploaded in this way cannot be erased using standard phone tools. Therefore, you need to connect your device to your computer and turn on iTunes. And then do the following steps.

    Create an empty folder on your desktop. Choose any name.

  • In iTunes, go to the “”.
  • Check the box next to “Sync photos from:”.
  • Click on the button labeled “Select folder”. In the new window, you need to specify the directory of the folder that you previously created in step 1.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking the “Ok” button. In the iTunes app choose “Apply”.
  • The final action is to click on the “Replace photos” button, which will be active after the window with the question “Replace the synced photos on the iPhone?”

    Conclusion. The question “how to remove from an iPhone” is asked most often by new users of this device. But even some even experienced iPhone owners do not know how to carry out this operation. I hope you understood from this article how to properly delete files from your phone.

    Simplest way to delete all images

    On iPhone 4 and above, when you delete images from the album, the pictures remain in the “film”. To get rid of files completely, you need to connect your mobile device to your computer via a USB cable. During connection, a warning message will appear. To continue you need to click on the “Trust” button.

    After about 3 seconds, the autorun form will appear. To continue working, select “Open device to view files”. After that, the iPhone memory card will be opened.

    To remove unwanted images, go to the “DCIM” folder. There will be 2 more directories inside. Select the pictures to be deleted. If you need to delete all photos, press the key combination CtrlA. When all files are selected, press Delete on your keyboard.

    Remember that a deleted file can no longer be recovered. Therefore, carefully choose the pictures so that later you do not have to contact specialists.

    Erase the album

    If you need to delete an album with all its contents, follow these steps:

    • Run the application “”;
    • Go to the Albums section (in the English version of Albums). The link is located at the bottom of the screen;
    • Click on the “Change” link, which is located in the upper right corner;
    • Check the albums to be deleted. To do this, click on the little button next to the directory;
    • Click on the “Delete” button.
    • To delete the entire album, you must confirm the operation. To do this, click “Delete Album”. Since it is not difficult to delete everything from the albums, even an inexperienced person corrects with the procedure.

      Instruction: How to delete a photo from iPhone. Using iTunes

      In addition to the usual ways of working with pictures, it will be useful for you to find out how else you can remove from your iPhone. In the event that an error or refusal occurs when trying to uninstall, it is recommended to use the iTunes program installed on your computer.

      In order to delete a folder from, you need to follow a simple instruction:

      • Connect your mobile device to your computer via a cable;
      • Launch iTunes and then go to “Settings”;
      • Find the item “”;
      • Check the box opposite the “Synchronize” field;
      • In the window that appears, click on “Delete photos”;
      • Click on the “Apply” button and then “Synchronize”.

      Through iTunes, you can even delete photos downloaded from your computer. This functionality is available on iPhone 4 and higher.

      Quick bulk delete

      Sometimes there are situations when you need to delete a huge amount from iPhone. To do this, start the application “”. As soon as the program with photos starts, click on the “Photos” button, which is located on the panel at the bottom of the screen.

      In the next step, click on the “Moments” category (in the English version “Moments”). You may not have noticed, but all the photos from the “” application are arranged in chronological order:


    • Collections.
    • Moments.

      If you need to navigate through the sections, you should click on the “Back” button. So, once in the “Moments” section, click on the “Select” button, and then select the pictures that will be deleted from the mobile device. Now all that remains is to click on the “Delete” icon.

      Using the file manager

      There is an opinion that it is possible to connect to the iPhone through a computer only through the iTunes program. This is not a correct judgment, since there are a dozen file managers that allow you to work with documents located on a mobile device.

      You can download a utility like iMazing. If you wish, you can use an alternative software. You can download the program from the official resource. To permanently erase images, you need:

      • Connect a mobile device to a PC via a cable;
      • Launch the iMazing program;
      • Select the connected phone in the “Available devices” section;
      • Go to the “File system” section (no need to enter);
      • Open the “Media” directory;
      • Go to the “DCIM” directory;
      • Select one of the folders;
      • Highlight unwanted photos. To select certain images, you need to hold down the Ctrl button, and then click on the images;
      • Click on the trash can icon located at the bottom of the screen.
      • Remember that an erased file cannot be returned. When the removal procedure is completed, you can disconnect your iPhone from the PC.