How to remove forwarding on Samsung duos

How to remove forwarding on your Samsung Galaxy phone?

This code disables any kind of forwarding (if the line for the trimmer is busy, if there is no answer, if the phone is off, unconditional forwarding) for all carriers. How to turn off the conditional call forwarding? Enter ##004# and press “Call”. To disable unconditional. 004Number#.

  • To turn off the unconditional call forwarding (for all calls), you need to send USSD request #21#;
  • To turn off the forwarding “no answer”, you need to send USSD request #61#;
  • To disable “not available” call forwarding, you need to send USSD request #62#;

Call Forwarding with Apps

If you don’t want to dig in the settings of Android or you need to change frequently the numbers, for which the call forwarding is performed, you can use the third-party application. There are a lot of applications for call forwarding settings available in the Play Market app store.

For example, you can use Simple Call Forwarding application. The given application allows to adjust redirection and then enable or disable it with the help of widget on the desktop.

There are also other similar applications. You can find them in Play Market by searching for “call forwarding” or “call forwarding

When the service is necessary?

Pay attention! An unconditional type of service, in most cases will be useful in an international roaming state, or when the main number is blocked.

The inclusion of conditional call forwarding may be necessary in the following cases:

Low battery

Even the most responsible subscriber can be in a situation when you should receive a call from someone important and your phone charge is zero. Turning on the function will allow you to receive a call on another cellular device. And it can be a second cell phone, as well as a friend’s phone or a working device.

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First line for trimmer is busy

When the subscriber is already communicating on the first line, the calling party will be redirected to an available number. This feature will be quite handy in the conditions of the working process. For example, if an executive is having an important conversation, the person calling him or her will be redirected to the phone of a trusted employee, through whom he or she can resolve his or her issue.

Insufficient network coverage (no network)

Today, mobile coverage exists even in the most remote corners of Russia. Even now, however, white spots can be found on the map of Russian telecommunications systems. Places with insufficient coverage can be called remote regions of the country, some northern areas

However, you don’t have to travel to the edge of geography to be out of range. Communication can be interrupted in the subway, on air travel, or in underpasses. In such cases, too, the calling party will be redirected to another, available telephone trimmer line.

No response

If it is not possible to answer an incoming call, after a prescribed period of time (by the standards of many telecommunications systems, after 30 seconds), the caller is redirected to an available phone trimmer line.

How to turn off call forwarding on Samsung j2?

In order to disable call forwarding on this model of phone go to the Call Log (Calls List). then press the touch-sensitive button further. select the call forwarding settings and disable call forwarding. then reboot your phone.

Call forwarding can be unconditional, when all calls are forwarded to the given number, and conditional, when the caller is busy, unavailable or does not answer. Call forwarding helps to organize a virtual office, accept customer requests after hours, or transfer them to voice mail.

How to block a number on Xiaomi

Open the application called “Security” and go to the “Blacklist” tab. Then click on the button “Settings”, which is located in the top corner on the right side, and activate the item called “Enable blocking”. Choose “Blacklist numbers”, enter subscribers who bother you.

Keep in mind that all the methods we’ve described above for adding numbers to the blacklist on Android can be slightly different. Varies depending on the version of the operating system.

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How to set up call forwarding on your Samsung phone?

Call forwarding can be activated from subscriber’s personal profile or by calling operator. Or you can dial the combination 110031# and press the call button at the end. Or call the number: 06709031. To enable call forwarding for all incoming calls, dial the combination: 21[your phone number]# and the call button.

The call forwarding feature saves time and helps you get connected quickly. It combines the contacts of one organization as a set of mobile and landline phones for incoming calls. In this case the customers are not aware of it, they call to one number and do not incur additional costs.

When calling your number, other callers will always hear a “busy” signal. It is possible to set the “Phone is off” mode when the device is active. This sound message will be played for the caller, thus at any time you can make a call. If you do not answer the call, for example, during three rings, the call is redirected to the defined number. Full redirection of all calls to a certain number.

On the basis of the above, this service is really necessary. For example, you have left your cell phone at work and are expecting crucial calls. It is possible to call your MTS operator and remotely set call forwarding to another telephone which is close to you. This service is paid based on the billing on your tariff plan. From your number goes to another, in ordinary words, it’s your phone calling the number to which it is installed.

Call forwarding is a feature that appeared in smartphones many years ago. It allows redirecting a call from one number to another. There are various ways to implement this function:

What is call forwarding on your phone?

Call forwarding is a service that is available on any mobile operator. Thanks to this service a call which has not been received on the main number will be forwarded to another number of this subscriber. It allows not to worry about not received calls and to be always in touch.

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It can be useful in any situations, for example, when working calls or when it’s necessary that only your relatives can reach you.

So, if to say more correctly, call forwarding is a redirection of call from one telephone to another, which is made automatically.

You can connect the service through operator, exactly you can learn required USSD-command or call to technical support, there you will be surely helped to connect the service. It is also important to specify the number for which calls will be redirected, and it is necessary to specify the conditions when call forwarding will be activated.

Also in any case if the first telephone is switched off or the SIM-card is out of order this call will be automatically redirected to the second number. You can set call forwarding to both mobile and landline phone. Mobile operator sets its own price for the service, and it can also depend on the tariff, as in some tariffs forwarding is included and then it will be free.

Call forwarding price

You’re probably wondering about the cost of forwarding from home to cell phone or from an office phone to SIP numbers. We have developed transparent and advantageous tariff plans, according to which any forwarding of incoming calls, including calls from landline to cell phone, is very, very cheap! The reason is that SIPBOX is a loyal customer-centric company whose strategic goal is long-term cooperation.

Call forwarding service is friendly to set up. Management of the option is made through an intuitive program interface. Even if you have any difficulties with call forwarding settings to another number or with using this service for communication in roaming, SIPBOX specialists will help you free of charge.

Rest assured: with SIPBOX every call will reach its destination. The one you install.

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