How to Remove Everything from an Apple Airport Tablet

Beginners and those who recently got the iPad in their hands often worry about uploading and deleting photos, as well as how to take a photo on ipad. It turns out that this is not so simple as, for example, with Android. However, everything is not so sad and quite comprehensible. It would be a desire. It’s important to understand the algorithm, and there are no problems with deleting photos, nor with how to upload photos to ipad, you will not arise.

Before you erase a photo, think: maybe it’s better to transfer it to a PC. This applies to both photos from personal albums and images that were uploaded using iTunes. There are also screenshots and iCloud photo trays.

How to remove screenshot from iPad

How to Remove Everything from an Apple Airport Tablet

So, how to delete photos from iPad. Screenshots that were taken on the iPad are located in the Photos folder. To delete them, you can connect the device to a PC. Everything is very simple. You connect the tablet according to the same principle as a regular USB flash drive, then in the usual way go to the folder where the photos that you want to delete are stored. After that, delete everything unnecessary, as is the case with an ordinary memory card.

The second way is to delete photos without using a PC. After you have entered the “Photos” section, go to the “Saved photos”. Select the screenshots and click the button, which is located in the upper right corner. Unnecessary files will be deleted after you confirm your action. On devices of iOs 7 and younger, deletion is irrevocable. If you are deleting with iOs 8, the photos will be moved to the trash from which you can restore them. If you may need photos, it is advisable not just to delete them, but to transfer them to a PC.

Other ways to delete photos from iPad

Consider another way, which again will require connecting to a PC and pre-installing Aityuns. Go to iTunes and look at the contents of the tablet folder. The method is to synchronize data between the computer and the iPad. Highlight the desired folders and press sync. Now only the files you need will be left on the iPad. Everything else will be deleted. If you downloaded photos from a PC to iPad, then you can only delete them using iTunes.

Upload photos to iPad

Using the functionality of iTunes, you can not only delete unwanted photos, but also upload photos to the iPad. Create a folder on your PC and drop the images that you intend to upload onto the iPad. Subsequent loading algorithm photo on ipad that is.

Connect your iPad to iTunes.

Select iPad in it.

Turn on the function “synchronize photos from.”.

Select a folder in Explorer.

Click the Apply button.

Now you can disconnect the iPad from the computer. How to drop a photo from your computer on iPad, you know. Open the photo folder, go to the “Albums” section, where you will find the folder with the pictures transferred from the computer.