How to Remove Eset Antivirus Windows 7

Hello everyone. Today I will show you how to completely remove ESET NOD32 from your computer and how to clear traces after removal. In principle, there is nothing complicated, you just need to do everything carefully and not rush anywhere.

I don’t know what version you have, well, I mean NOD32, but I have SMART SECURITY 9. They will do these versions and do not really explain how they differ, but I don’t like it. If you have a simple version, that is, not Smart Security, but just an antivirus, then you can remove it almost as well. It seems that there are no special differences

There is not very pleasant info, in short, when SMART SECURITY 9 is installed, then when it is installed, the software from Yandex is also installed, the browser itself, the Browser Manager, maybe something else. It seems to be a solid company ESET, but such a joke during installation, it doesn’t

ESET NOD32. Debriefing

Here’s what this ESET NOD32 SMART SECURITY looks like for me:

How to Remove Eset Antivirus Windows 7

By the way, I forgot to write that SMART SECURITY is a type of antivirus and firewall. This screen is a type of firewall, well, that is, the component that is responsible for controlling network connections in Windows. Like if the virus goes to the network, then this firewall blocks such a connection so that the virus (or rather the trojan) could not merge any info into the network, well, there are your passwords and stuff These are the things, I hope I understood

ESET Anti-Virus sits in the tray under this icon:

And in the manager, I personally had processes like ekrn.exe and egui.exe from him:

As I understand it, the egui.exe process is responsible for the antivirus interface.

In this case, these processes are launched from this folder:

C: \ Program Files \ ESET \ ESET Smart Security

Do you know what I thought? This is how you think ESET antivirus installs its service? I will honestly say that I do not know! But it seems that all the same sets. Now we will check this, I opened the task manager and there on the Services tab I clicked on this button:

Here are the services, and what do you think? I was right, ESET really puts its ESET Service:

If you double-click on it, we will see a window like this:

That is, you see, here is the ekrn.exe process, so now it’s clear what this process is, it is the ESET Service process.

By the way, here I am looking at this process ekrn.exe and all the time it seems to me that this process is like Ekary Babai, well, from that series about truckers!

When I tried to disable the service in this window, well, select Disabled in the Startup Type menu, then of course, I was denied access to such an action:

So these are the things. Well, for fun, I also looked to see if the antivirus has an entry in the System Configuration window on the Startup tab. To do this, I clamped Win R, wrote the command there:

And so, look, there is no ESET entry in the Startup tab:

So we can conclude that ESET NOD32 antivirus is loaded using a service that cannot be disabled. This is all done for security reasons, so that viruses can not disable the startup of the antivirus.

Well, that is, as you can see, the antivirus is well implemented in the system. On the one hand, I don’t really like it, but on the other hand, security requires it. And then if the virus disables the antivirus, it will not be very good

Well, everything seems to be sorted out, now it’s time to move on to the deletion.

How to remove ESET NOD32 antivirus from a computer completely?

Well, if you want to delete, then this is it, so there is a reason. And it is possible that this reason is that the antivirus loads the computer, the processes in the dispatcher may constantly load percent. Oh guys, how familiar I am with all this, I went through all this. Only now I decided for myself this problem for a very long time, I just stopped using the antivirus and completely switched to the Outpost firewall. Since then, no glitches, no schools. There are no viruses either, but here because I do not go and do not download what is not needed. Well do you understand

Wait a minute gentlemen, attention! To remove heavy software like this antivirus, you can use a remover like Revo Uninstaller! He will delete the program and all the traces that remain in Windows, he will also delete them! In general, it’s my business to offer, but you already think for yourself

So, in order to remove ESET NOD32 antivirus, it is first logical to exit it. Well, this is logical, only I clicked on the tray icon, and there I found in the menu that there simply wasn’t such an item. That is, you cannot stupidly exit the antivirus, see for yourself, here is the tray icon menu:

Well, as you can see, here’s such a joke. But it seems that in some other antiviruses there is also no such item in the menu. Here they are, modern antiviruses

Okay, then we will delete it without leaving the antivirus.

Click the Start menu and select the Control Panel there:

If you have Windows 10, then congratulations, but there you can find this item in another menu so that it appears, hold Win X!

So, then we find the Programs and components icon:

A list of installed software opens, here are all these programs, here they all are on your computer. It is not necessary to delete everything that is horrible. Here we find ESET Smart Security, right-click on it and select Change there:

Guys, I have ESET Smart Security here, for such a version, and you may just have ESET NOD32 Antivirus or something like that! Just an antivirus and this security is a little different, in the first there is simply no firewall, well, I already wrote about it!

Then the installation wizard appears, click Next:

Then you will need to choose what you want to remove the antivirus, that is, select this item:

Next, you will need to select some reason for the removal, well, put a checkmark somewhere and click Next:

Then the delete button will already appear, and press it:

That’s it, then the removal went:

Yes, it can take some time, but the program is rather big.

It took me about two minutes to delete But everything went away without jokes, everything is clear, there were no errors:

But then you need to reboot:

I highly recommend not postponing it, all the same it is better that the antivirus is deleted correctly, so close all your documents and programs there and do a reboot, my advice to you

Cleaning your computer from the remnants of ESET NOD32 antivirus

By the way, after the removal, my computer really began to work a little faster, so ESET still slowed down the computer a bit. But I do not know, it is possible that this is simply because he checked the computer for viruses in the background. He runs this check himself, I really did not look at the schedule.

This additional cleaning from the traces does not have to be done, this is already so, well, you can tell my jokes! It’s just that I monitor the cleanliness of Windows, I like that there would be no garbage in it, or at the very least, that I can’t delete at all! If you are the same, then it may be useful for you to find out how to remove ESET residues from Windows!

So, you deleted the ESET antivirus, I hope that you have some kind of spare antivirus there, because without it, it’s somehow dumb to sit. I’m already used to it, I know how to behave so that there are no viruses, but you better be with an antivirus! Do not misunderstand me

So, to find all the remnants of the antivirus, then first I did this. He opened the system drive and there in the search field, well, which in the right corner, wrote the word eset. but to my surprise, nothing was found there. Well, that is, ESET antivirus left no traces on the system disk. Well what can I say here, it is commendable

Now let’s look at the registry, in general, I didn’t find anything there either, I don’t even know why. Is ESET NOD32 such a cool antivirus that does not even litter.

Just in case, I will show you how to look for garbage in the registry, suddenly you will still have something there. It’s just that somehow everything is suspiciously with me, agree

So, look, hold Win R and write a command there like:

Well, click OK:

Next, the registry editor will open. Look, here you hold down the Ctrl F buttons and write a phrase there like:

And then click the Find Next button:

It’s such a phrase, because if you simply enter the word eset, then something else that does not belong to the antivirus will be found, this is a very important point! Well, I think you understand!

So you clicked the Find next button, then there will be a search. If something is found, then the search will stop and the result, well, that is found, it will be highlighted. Both keys and folders can be found, if you have them, you can delete them. But look, what exactly it would be related to ESET antivirus, usually it is immediately visible in the name!

So, once again, if something is found, then it will be highlighted. That’s why right-click and select Delete from the menu. To continue the search, press F3 and so until there is a message that the search is over! Here is the message:

How to remove ESET folder from Program Files?

There is such a trick for some users that they cannot delete a folder from Program Files, well, it sits there and does not want to leave it!

I’m just warning you that you can’t remove the antivirus in this way, this is nonsense and again nonsense! If you have already deleted the antivirus, and then you see that there is a folder in the Program Files, then yes, there is a jamb, which I will show how to fix. But in no case do not remove the antivirus. The whole joke is that ESET antivirus is a powerful program, it not only contains some processes in the manager, it also has some kind of driver in it! And it can be deleted only if you delete ESET correctly, using the wizard! Well, I hope you all understood the guys!

I highly recommend you make a restore point, it’s easy, but if anything, you can return everything as it was! I already showed how to do this in an article about uninstalling MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser!

So, here is this folder in Program Files:

To uninstall it, the Unlocker utility will help us, it’s just a wizard for deleting folders that cannot be deleted!

It is easy to install, then you just right-click on the folder and select Unlocker:

Next, select Delete from the menu and click OK:

It may be that there will be a window with some processes, which I mean in Unlocker. In this case, you can try to unlock them. well, there is an Unlock All button there, and then right-click on the ESET folder again, select Unlocker and then delete it!

Next will be a message saying that everything was deleted. But it may be such that the deletion will be performed only after a reboot. Well, then of course you do a reboot, that’s fine.

Well guys, I hope that more or less I have painted everything right for you here and everything was clear to you. Do everything carefully and do not sit without an antivirus, otherwise you never know what can happen, pick up a virus.

Good luck and good mood, all the best