How to Remove Contact from Lenovo Phone

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How to Remove Contact from Lenovo Phone

The easiest way to delete a contact

It’s faster and more convenient to delete contacts using basic functions. To do this, visit the phone book, and then click on the desired line. When the contact is checked, you need to go higher and click on the corresponding function. This can ensure that everything marked with a checkmark is deleted.

In some cases, this procedure is possible using the context menu, which depends on the installed program, which is responsible for the operation of calls and contacts. It is necessary to go to the application settings, point to the settings for displaying the list of contacts (sometimes it says “Show contact”). When you click on this item, the user will see a list in which they will have to select the required source. In this case, we are talking about deleting contacts, so you should point to Sim 1 or Sim 2, and you can also click on “All contacts” (if you need to delete all contacts) or “Device” (if contacts are stored on the internal memory of the smartphone). Further, the removal process is similar to the previous method. It is enough to indicate the required contact and click on the appropriate item.

Using third-party programs

There are special programs that will help remove the contact on Android devices. You can choose the best option among the full list of utilities in the Playmarket application. It is enough to enter the word “contacts” in the search line, as this list appears on the screen. The most powerful are PixPhope and ExDialer. Programs have a Russian interface, easy to use.

How to remove duplicate contacts?

Sometimes the question arises: how to delete a contact on Lenovo if it is duplicated? If similar entries are in your Google account and phone memory, it’s enough to specify the display of contacts from only one source. Alternatively, you can select the source that is not needed, and then delete all contacts from it.

In addition, duplicate contacts are conveniently deleted using special applications. These are Duplicate Contacts from the manufacturer alex accaci and Contacts Optimizer from the developer Compelson Labs. It is enough to select the application you like, install it on your smartphone, and then use it for its intended purpose.

So, how to remove a contact on Lenovo, it became clear. Now it’s worthwhile to figure out how to recover what was deleted by mistake. If the contacts are synchronized with Google Contacts, just use the restore function. To do this, you will have to visit the service, and then click on the “” link, which is located on the left. After that, you need to click on “Restore contacts” and select until what point recovery is required. Again, click on “Restore”. Sometimes the service offers to return the old interface in order to be able to use this function.

Thus, modern features make it easy to delete contacts on smartphones, as well as successfully restore them.