How To Remove Buttons On Honor 10

Over time, the appearance of smartphones changes. The case is increasingly monolithic, an external SIM card tray appears, several cameras, a large screen, and instead of physical keys, users observe the on-screen buttons.

About the navigation virtual panel

Honor understands how the size of the screen is important for smartphone owners, so it increases the display with a similar solution, removing the usual buttons on the virtual navigation panel. Thus, users of honor 10 control the smartphone by touching the screen itself. For many owners, this interface is uncomfortable and unusual, especially after using ordinary physical buttons. By default, the navigation panel includes 3 buttons: “Back”, “Home” and “Menu”. These keys are located at the very bottom of the screen, occupying part of the workspace.

It really takes time to understand why you need a triangle, circle and square at the bottom of the screen. If the triangle somehow resembles the Back button, then there are problems with the other two. Only 3 buttons, but at first a lot of difficulties can arise.

The navigation bar looks like this:

Fortunately, you can edit the navigation bar or completely remove the on-screen buttons in honor 10.

Configure a virtual navigation bar

There are owners who want to leave virtual on-screen buttons, but cannot get used to them in any way, and also want to change something in them. Especially for this, the developers of Honor 10 took into account all the nuances, allowing users to customize the navigation bar to their taste.

To configure the panel, go to “Settings”. “System”. “System Navigation”. “Virtual Navigation Panel”. “Settings”.

The following menu will be here:

Thus, you can easily customize the navigation bar, focusing on personal preferences. For example, using the settings, you can hide the buttons, add the number of keys, and also change their order as you wish.

Disabling the on-screen buttons in Honor 10

Steps to disable the virtual navigation bar:

  1. Go to smartphone settings.
  2. Select “System”.
  3. Click “System Navigation”.

Here, users are invited to make a choice:

  • physical navigation button;
  • on-screen navigation button;
  • virtual navigation bar;
  • navigation button.

When choosing a physical navigation button, you will be returned back by pressing the center of the button, you can get to the desktop with a long press. Recent tasks are opened with a swipe left / right. At the same time, Google will open if you hold it from the bottom up¸ and the virtual navigation panel itself will disappear, its functions will be performed by the fingerprint scanner.

The on-screen navigation button looks like this on the Honor 10 display:

With this choice, you can go back just by clicking on the navigation button. To open the desktop, press and hold the navigation button, and to view recent tasks, swipe left / right. Google service, as in the previous paragraph, opens by swiping from the bottom of the screen up. In addition, the button can be hidden by enabling auto-hide.

In this case, to display the navigation button, you just need to swipe up from the bottom of the smartphone display.

The virtual navigation bar is an on-screen button that you can customize to your taste.

The navigation button does not remove the virtual panel / physical button / screen button (depending on what is currently enabled). It “hangs” on the screen, but you can drag it by moving it to the desired and free place. Back. short press on the button, long press. view the desktop. To open recent tasks, you need to click on the button and swipe to the side.

How To Remove Buttons On Honor 10

Disabling the navigation button is as easy as turning it on. This action is carried out in the settings (“System”. “System Navigation”. “Navigation Button”).

Thus, following the instructions, you can easily set up the navigation panel, as is preferred by the Honor 10 user himself. At the same time, you can remove any on-screen buttons using only one fingerprint scanner.
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