How to Remove Bluetooth Delay in Headphones

You are glad that you have purchased bluetooth headphones., But the joy disappears when there are problems with the headphones. Almost everyone faces such a problem over time. Someone breaks the sound, someone has no sound at all. What to do?

How to Remove Bluetooth Delay in Headphones

Bad sound in bluetooth headphones

When connecting to a laptop, problems can also occur. The sound may be dull, some kind of hum is heard. And on the phone, everything is fine. In this case, in the HKLM / Software / Microsoft / Bluetooth / A2DP / Settings registry, on / off, you need to change UseJointStereo 0 to 1. The BitPool value also changes the sound.

It starts from a minimum value of 30 and ends with a maximum value of 58. The number 48 (high quality) is fine. Or you can download bluesoiel and disconnect the headset, everything will work fine.

The sound in the bluetooth headphones is delayed

There is such a nuisance when the sound lags when watching a movie, or listening to music. Sound delay can be small, but noticeable, which can ruin the entire viewing. Many owners of bluetooth headphones complain about this. Specifically for sound delay.

  1. To solve this problem, you can climb in the system settings for audio and in the media player, too, and turn off all possible effects, improvements, filters.
  2. In some cases, enabling the “Direct Mode” (in English Immediate mode) greatly helps.
  3. In the media player itself, you can try to adjust the synchronization of sound and player. It will improve by a few hundred milliseconds. But at least something.

Sound interruption

A Bluetooth headset is undoubtedly widespread, fast, modern and comfortable, without the old 3.5mm audio jack. Still, there are problems with the quality of playback, broadcasting which is either low or medium, but certainly not high. Maybe the manufacturers are to blame or the problem is different? If when playback is in progress, but the quality is poor, you can still listen and reconcile somehow, then when it is interrupted it is more difficult to stay. Agree, I sometimes want to throw them out and take normal wired ones. You can do this, or you can try to get a smartphone out of your jacket pocket, maybe the effect will significantly improve the synchronization frequency. Because if Wi-Fi can be transmitted through the wall, then the jacket can interfere with the Bluetooth signal.

Broadcasting (or stuttering) may be interrupted with a nearby telephone. Then we can talk about the low compatibility of the bluetooth headset and the phone module. The smartphone module may have an incompatible codec, and digital sound is transmitted through the air. So, if the power of the headphones is small, then there may be pauses during playback.

IMPORTANT. When buying Bluetooth headphones, you need to look at their characteristics. Models that support phone profiles should be selected.

  1. You can make the BT mode on the device “Visible to all”, so the process will receive less load.
  2. You can try installing the Droidwall program, which will allow you to control the Internet access of each application, so it will not allow the processor to reboot.
  3. Or you can go the decisive way: remove the headphone cover housing, solder the serpentine path with a piece of 4 mm copper wire. They say it helps.

It is worth noting that it is highly desirable that the version of the headphones and the phone match, in order to avoid problems.

Bad sound

The quality may be affected by some parameters, for the most part the version of Bluetooth, which is all updated. Take, for example, the latest mobile devices and a wireless headset, they all improve over time and switch to the HD codec, which transmits sound almost in CD format. If a modern smartphone, then you need to select a compatible headset model.

Sound transmission is also affected by music playback files. The file with the set parameters of 320 Kbps will have the best sound. Anyone who likes to listen to music can switch to a more compressed format. FLAC. In this case, minimal micro-pauses are not excluded.

Great headphones will sound great. Not just some “Chinese” and cheap ones, even less than 500 rubles, in which there are unfinished designs. A trusted manufacturer and a well-known company will make quality headphones.

How to solve the problem if broadcasting in the bluetooth headphones lags

It is possible to solve such a lag problem (by half a second, 2 seconds), and it’s very simple:

  • Cool smartphone processor.
  • In a laptop, you can turn off the bluetooth transmitter to save power, you can remove the bluetooth transmitter driver and restart it.
  • Set default audio output.
  • In the settings (properties) change the quality of the CD to DVD or vice versa. Here you can move the checkmarks of monopoly sound. To restart a computer.
  • Go to the devices and printers on the computer, find the device. headset, find “wireless telephone service” uncheck and restart the computer.

If no advice helped, and the problem remained unresolved, then, alas, you need to change either the headphones or the phone. There is only one conclusion: when buying wireless headphones, saving nothing can be saved.