How to remove advertising in Safari on iPad

remove, advertising, safari, ipad

We remove the pop.Up window (banner) in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Hello! Banners A problem that is well familiar with computers with Windows operating system has reached iOS. Honestly, I learned about this “virus” more recently and was very surprised. Why? Yes, because I was sure that those who use the iPhone and iPad do not threaten any “misfortunes” in terms of software, but it was an erroneous opinion.

On the other hand, the problem is quite rare (judging by the number of Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this article, here I made a mistake. Such banners attack more and more often) and from all these pop.Up windows in Safari, as well as other unpleasant pieces settled on your iPhone and iPad. It will easily get rid of just a couple of minutes. Let’s find out how to remove this disgrace? Let’s go!:)

So, at one “wonderful” moment, when the browser is opened, you see such a banner and message:

Which clearly interferes, and in some cases (if a large banner is large) completely blocks the work of Safari on iOS device.

remove, advertising, safari, ipad

Naturally, the text of the message may be different, but the essence comes down to one-your gadget is blacklisted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (oh-oh) and to delete this “virus” you must pay for a certain fine. The amount of which depends on the impudence of the creator of the Locker program. You can catch such an infection when visiting various low.Quality sites and your guilt is not there.

The first thing to remember is of course not sending any SMS, not to replenish the QIWI wallet and not to conduct any financial transactions. This is a regular trick of scammers, transfer money. They won’t remove the pop.Up window (simply because they can’t do this in any way).

But this does not mean that you yourself cannot unlock your iPhone or iPad from an annoying banner.

    With iPhone and iPad. A radical way. We get a phone or tablet “like out of a box” and rejoice in life. The disadvantages are obvious. For a long time and lose information (if you do not use backup copying in the “cloud” or on a computer).

  • Clean the history of Safari (as well as other browsers, if installed) and most importantly. Delete cookies. The easiest and most painless option. How to do it?

We go to the main settings and find the Safari item. We scroll through the screen into the very bottom and find “Clean the history and data of sites”.

Feel free to press and confirm the action.

Yes, information will be lost about which websites you visited (bookmarks, passwords and data of the forms will remain), but an annoying banner will be removed with it, which we achieved and achieved.

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How to disable advertising in Safari using Adguard

The Internet was created as a clean environment to save and disseminate information. Network creators are fans who did not pursue any commercial goals. Years passed, the global network developed, and entrepreneurs came to replace the Fanatian programmers, for whom it was more important not to convey information to the reader, but to get commercial benefits. So advertising appeared on the Internet.

While there was little advertising, it was still possible to put up with this. But some site owners in pursuit of maximization arrived to post so much advertising on their sites that the information became unreadable. In pursuit of the purity of the Internet, Adguard has developed a series of programs intended to block advertising on any site. This is the Adguard application, as well as browser extensions, including Adblock Plus Safari. As the name implies, the expansion is intended for the Safari browser from Apple.

Safari is the fourth browser in popularity in the world, it is installed on all gadgets from the Cupertian company. In addition, there is a version of the observer intended for PC users with Windows.

Safari is distinguished by a high speed of work, a pleasant integer, and the TOP SITES tab of the most popular sites is made three.Dimensional. The web examiner and disadvantages have:

With an open one tab, there is no button to open the second tab (you can open it through the menu or using the Ctrlt key combination;

How to watch YouTube without advertising

Vinegar almost completely replaces YouTube Premium

However, visual changes in the video management elements of the expansion of Vinegar is not limited. Among other things, it also offers additional opportunities:

How to Block Ads in Any Browser on iOS — In Less Than a Minute!

  • Removes video rod;
  • Prohibits YouTube to track your actions;
  • Returns the function “Picture-in-picture” without subscription YouTube Premium;
  • Allows the video to play when switching to another browser tab;
  • Allows you to play an audio track of the video in the background, including after blocking the device.

In fact, Vinegar embodies almost all the advantages of the YouTube Premium subscription, allowing you to watch YouTube in the background without the need to pay money every month. In the end, the expansion does not offer only the loading function for subsequent reproduction in offline, but it is possible that in future updates the developer will offer something similar. Over, nothing is possible in this, most likely.

Vinegar is a cross-platform extension. Thus, you can use it on all your Apple devices right away. It supports the iPhone, and iPad, and Mac, so you can buy it only once. This is very profitable, because that there are quite a lot by the standards of the software of this category.

Calling one is definitely the best and perfect simply impossible. Because different brands offer their functions, capabilities, have some features. Nevertheless, you can advise three popular options that enjoy the well.Deserved respect of Runet users and the whole world.

Adblock for iOS

Adblock is slightly different from other applications that block advertising. He uses the proxy server of your iPhone or iPad to facilitate blocking advertising on the entire device, including applications, other web browsers and games. In Pro version for 450.99 you can use DNS proxy to appoint any IP address in the domain and block mobile trackers.

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If you want to block all ads, including those that appear in your favorite free games, Adblock will really help in this. By the way, you can synchronize advertising blocking settings between all iOS devices through iCloud.

Adguard for iOS

Adguard blocks dozens of different types of ads to accelerate Safari viewing on iPhone and iPad. You can configure the rules for certain websites and manually block ads from sites as they visit or use the finished lists of filters, such as Easylist and Easyprivacy. With the ADGUARD Pro version for 1.99, you can add the ability to use the local DNS proxy to block advertising outside Safari in other web browsers and applications.

It requires some kind of in the settings, but then it becomes very convenient.

Adblock Plus for iOS

Users have been waiting for this for a long time, but now this service is available for free use in Apple App Store. This is an opportunity to remove advertising in the Safari browser on iPhone and iPad. Effectively blocks all unnecessary, provides confidentiality and saves the battery, and also helps to spend less traffic.

Offers his Adblock Browser with excellent functionality, which is worth trying. It is quite fast and with the possibility of flexible setting. The service, of course, shows some “acceptable” ads, but this function can be disabled, although it does not interfere too much.

It is very difficult to describe all services, since there are quite a lot of them. But if you are only going to try to remove advertising on iOS 11, we recommend choosing one of these applications. Guaranteed effective, safe and convenient.

How to block pop.Up windows on the iPhone

Everything is quite simple on the smartphone. Only one setting turns on and disables the lock in Safari.

Go to the settings. Safari.

Find the section basic.

Activate the block switch. Popup windows.

After that, the irritating elements will not reach the sewn.

How to disable advertising lock

Few people know that in a similar way you can activate the full version of the site if it opens by default in a mobile. To do this, it is completely optional to move to the menu “share” and leaf through the list of available actions to find the activation button of the desktop version. Just press and hold your finger on the arrow in the address bar, and then select the “Full Version of the Site”.

Browser settings

In order to block advertising banners in Safari, you need to go into the settings of this browser. Here you can turn off the show of pop.Up windows. This type of advertising banners is the most annoying.

We go to the browser and call the menu. The button is in the upper right corner. In the list that appears, we are looking for the item “Block pop.Ups”.

Important: if this item is not detected, then do not be alarmed. It can be hidden on another list that can be found by crossing the path to “display the Safari Basic Cetaches menu”. “Settings”.

After you get into the menu you need, you need to find the Safety tab and we find a item in it with which you can block the pop.Up banners. Put a checkmark near him.

You can check the effect of the browser. Find a site on which there are pop.Up windows. They will no longer bother you.

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Ready for work without advertising?

I tried to describe all the possible ways to block advertising on iPhone and iPad. It is important to understand that the new IOS privacy policy prohibits applications and websites to track your actions on the Internet. This does not prevent them from showing advertising. For maximum convenience, you will have to install a third.Party application. I hope one of the five listed will meet your expectations.

Turning off the Pop-Up Blockers in iPad

Let me know what worked for you, or if you have any questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

How to block ads in YouTube

Turn it on and add the proposed configuration to the list of entrusted VPN;

Go to the “Settings”. “Profile Loaded” and install the downloaded profile on the device;

Open the “Basic” section. “On the device”. “Settings of certificate trust” and activate the profile Adblock Extense Root Certificate Authority.

After that, unload the YouTube application from the iPhone or iPad, enter it again and start any video. You will see that the progress of playback progress is completely pure and is spared the yellow scses, which are indicators for the time of advertising activation, and the video itself will no longer be interrupted by advertising inserts.

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You were finally got advertising in applications and games on iPhone and iPad? In this instructions, we talked about two ways that will allow you to turn off annoying advertising on Apple mobile devices.

How to disable advertising in games on iPhone and iPad. Method 1

The first way to turn off advertising in applications and games on the iPhone and iPad will not require you to install special locks. However, this method, unfortunately, cannot be called ideal.

In order to get rid of annoying advertising banners, it is enough to limit a mobile device for Internet access. This can be done manually by turning off Wi-Fi and the transmission of cell data, or by activating the Avia-Ramyami.

As we have already noted, this method has one serious drawback. Many applications and games need access to the Internet for full functioning. For them, shutdown Wi-Fi and transmission of cell data, of course, is not a solution to the problem with advertising.

How to disable advertising in games on iPhone and iPad. Method 2

The essence of the second method is to install a special advertising lock. Most of the solutions presented in the App Store block only banners in Internet browsers, but there are separate blockers who also cope with advertising in games and applications. From free advertising locks, you can distinguish Adblock Wi-Fi and Icarefone.

About how to activate the advertising lock on the iPhone and iPad is written in detail in this instructions.

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remove, advertising, safari, ipad
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